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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1899, Page 6

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 4, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Tub of men Al Ltd p i plan Ltd Rolf i sortie things 1 dared 1 Learned another to 1 Leaf nerl to he atom Tiffny fico Rel ii rap it vhf t played Wplf 1 Lens Tirol to an most the dirt t Learned Reft t plan Cpd proof r Learned to steal the Halls the other players 1 Learned to spend my nil and feel twos wrong to Stop and count t fit yet Golf my great concern was i any it to my Only thins i did not learn was How to Piny the cussed r Toms Tom Hunt spy was a that to he was generally accredited with having less sense than his Fel Low certainly he had abilities a fair hut they were not of the kind adapted to carry him through tie Ordinary affairs Osife without some Blunder hero and Tom fell in not that this might lie considered As the natural result at his but led him to the Blunder Here when Tom first met miss Amanda Smith to was acting As private to retired about the time Toms heart in do him unburden himself at Tho feet of miss his employer went Ink intr his Sec Flary with it did not propose to her by i riot know nor was it any of my business i record simply the a year passed by before Toms employer was disposed to and then tils return was else Tom would hardly have had the Chance to Trail in mils to was a Buntt Alful May after a Good nights Tom had strolled Down town to attend to some Busi in order that his mind might to freed from All preliminary to n Call upon miss toward ills business he i tiered a which to Replete with memories of Lippy in company with her for whom he had Coen languishing a whole Tho took gave to nose ton he might Admire Hla own at in length French Aud also Oil serve Tho other before to avas half through the Mirror made known to him the presence of a very striking she Beautiful Amnnda Smith Tom did not know but with paling i hint Tho two were very much i devoted to each finally he no alced a startling miss with feminine was just in the act of passing a Beautiful White hand her Tom watched in nil the of Lover until Hud Dunjy his Liepart began to on third linger of miss Smith left lined Wasa wedding ring great Shes poor Tom the next minute lie was off ilk n i i know nothing of All this Nome time after in not until a letter from in which j lie upbraided to for a Lack of Friendly in not having acquainted him the news of miss Smiths mar he Sci hulled the scene in the and told to hint his life was i tul tied that to never cared to return i Ngann to his native he was now holding a Good position in new j and a mild slay i was n Little perplexed by this turn of yet i correctly guessed Tho affair to by complicated by his stupid i resolved to see miss if possible ferret out the a one Fine i called upon in the Hope that Clr Tim bin cps would bring about some Solu Tion of Toms the first thing i when we seated for a was her left neither nor on the Otylior could 1 see in Apponi since approaching a wedding i resolved upon a bold i miss the Plain Gold ring you some jul pcs i i was her Kex Tiso for a and 1 will get i there is n very sad Story connected with Kauri cd and handed to me what was unmistakably a wed Ding while i was examining it Khe related to me the Story of n dear after wearing it one Short and died in far off miss i with Ilia free Homi of n arc you not nor old to Wear this in such a Way that it might mislead people i never she j make it a Point of wearing it always on my right this was All the More i Vuew Lur to to precise and careful i knew Tom was not Yueh a fool that lie could not Tell the right hand from the it was certainly and for n few minutes to dropped tie mat t an i Iii having struck 1 sed miss Smith to put the ring where she usually wore Tho Ihl Ril Mirer of tie right then gently turned her to n held Iii and asked what tie Mii Jor astonishment Sii rond Over act As she it seems to be on my left i Rover thought of i id not explain to her my reason nil Iii i sat i Lilter to 1 i and Folly would ult int Kiev to Vii untold trouble upon him if lu1 nut my did not pre Foiw three months the Man at tows comm View snakes also handle f hem in a Way at the Rimler Tat lid Jint in troyed Liy lfovl1s1 by the new York Snake show n rival of the Livorse made a record for it was about the Well dust thing new York tins seen in Tunny a tie snakes themselves were not plenty now who have occasional Little Synko shows of their have soon funnier but the exhibition it the grand Central Palace didst have to depend entirely on its women into snakes and love but they helped the Sunku show along with the some Fervour they devoted to Tho horse As before have pc Roan so it cd to seeing queer snaked that ii lain common with no appendages excepting bore less spicy than a Green and Violet specimen with a flibbertigibbet Sapphire wings ant a run Tell seems lame to their jaded a these eccentric specimens Are not uncommon in new but while plenty of men know a Snake when they see it and even when they dont not one Man in a million has Ever beheld his wife amiably Jug gling with the serpents he saw or with Thok he thought lie he had to go to tie Snizko show in order to realize this vision after he Imd seen his wife tickle Hie Boa tinder the Chin and Lienol her talk baby talk to the Cannibal to wanted to ask some body to introduce him to her so that be could get acquainted nil Over the Hall whore the exhibition was held suggested a warm summer Day in thermometers were not pro but any one especially anxious to lie on the Safe Side Woultz have guessed that the Mercury would Hustle up to 90 degrees without loss of the snakes liked the run Leah stood on their tip tails and Hettick out their tongues in the Riskiest kind of in the Middle of the afternoon the big snakes got a five rat it place and testified their appreciation of the favor by acting their hut the most interesting exhibit qua the at first the men and women peered into the boxes saying ugh and my and tapping on the Glass to Rouse the snakes pretty soon some woman says to Higby what kind of a Snake is that big Tiev a Boa my How Long is he to i getting ready to shod Bis that the reason lies so my How can you Tell when he is going to shed by his and Higby calmly opens Tai which contains the Boa with four smaller slaps the others lightly in the face to make them keep and hauls out the great Colls of the the crowd stares and when Higby lays the big Snake on Tho floor the people Edge respectfully the other Day who the Boa was put on the floor mini was standing at an Oiler Case with Bis Back to the the movement of the people Back of him As they edged away in Circle made him turn around and brought him face to face with the which was perfectly the Man didst make a but plunged madly through the almost up setting two or Throe men who happened to be in his of everybody laughed and the Man Camo Back rather an incident like this generally started Tho real and from that time some of the snakes were scarcely in Side of Thor men find women walked about in the crowd with the Soi cuts twined about their arms Aud or holding one in a mass of knots among the lingers of Ono was Iho commonest thing to see a Well dressed woman go up to a Snake which some 0110 was holding and stroke it with her Bare did you Ever touch a Snake before now the reporter asked such a to Why do you now if it wont Hurt this Man it wont Hurt hut How about the Niou Are supposed to have for snakes1 i was curious to know How and i suppose my curl sulty overvalue my Meally it int unpleasant to touch dosing Ler lingers around Tho Muziko and passing her hand up and its but it is perfectly i always bad an idea they were a Iksuh that Bent All a Man said As to woman turned what gets into anyway i brought wife and my Little four Carold boy Here yesterday afternoon and uis Tiu of half an hour my Wilfo was patting the Boa on Hoad while my buy was pulling its the manager of the show stood around he airing this is Trio easiest show i Ever Hart to he it just runs some of the a Oizumi play with Tho snakes mini the men am the rest of Tinwai Iliin stand around and and its nil they i haunt any More idea that this was going to turn into a sort of few Futrall than j bad that Tho snakes would grow foot and walk around the Only trouble is to keep enough of the snakes in the in Joes to have a few for people to Loo i it that Ive had to Label the rattlers and it i people would coroners inquest b Toj Rufii be Fcker Rattler off the tails of i have one other that you Liaf the snakes live Rau to iad people raised a howl h ii Dud of pitiful to Fellows crouched Down in his liner just standing on waiting to e made n inert you in Between two Ive got to let the rats be killed and oaten by the or Ive got to let the snakes starve to death for Lack of the ail to tire you the department store Hook Jtimo to he driven out off Mlo in Trio the Groat revolution which the department store has in the dry foods Trade is indicated by the to Iblis cation by Ono of the largest dry Good houses la new York of a Bulky Cata Logue of books which it offers to this As is Well has Long been Foremost among the great wholesale dry goods houses of the a fronts Niece in the Octavo pamphlet is a photolithography of the company publishing or Book Sec and it depicts a wardroom which in fhe Sixo and the magnitude Ami multiplicity of its contents is exceeded by those few of the greatest publish ing houses of the the pro face to the catalogue announces that this Only lately confined to the dry goods will Supply every Book issued by any this is a revolution which affects not merely tie dry goods but also and seriously the Trade of the re tall bookseller in All parts of the it is practically driving him out of for tie department with Many varieties of goods from which to make a Lias advantages Over him with which to can not he complains that Tho department purchasers of great quantities of get special discounts from that is such Large buyers obtain them in every the Man fact always eager to sell his is ready to make concessions on Pur chases of so great n in in it More especially As is so often the Case with the department they Are for Cash the margin of profit a Small and special dealer must charge in order to keep his head above water is not required by the and miscellaneous this gives department store Peculiar advantages in the matter of for in their wholesale prices the Dis count front the nominal retail Price is unusually if tie Large buyer obtains a further discount be cause of the magnitude of his orders to can get his full average of profit even after cutting prices considerably below the list prices advertised Bytho that a great dry goods House of wholesale Supply should have made the distribution of books one of most important suggests that the rot Nill bookseller is Likely to be utterly driven to the Wall by this Revo Lution and evolution of it suggests also the fact because of the Small profits now obtainable from dry goods Tho Large variety of wares offered by the department store has been made necessary for a dealer seek ing anything approaching a Large aggregate of a most Birds Are very and when the Young Birds Are threatened with the old Birds will do All in their Power to Aid and protect a lady who takes a great interest in Birds and their relates a touch ing which Well illustrates this Marly she i was called to Tho window by a great noise among Tho Bird Folk of the Gar and saw the following scene a Young Blackbird was fascinated by a who was crouched under a Bush ready to Spring on an old on a Maple tree close was uttering loud and agitated and there was a general chirp ing of Nuger and sympathy from other Birds All after a few seconds the cat sprang on the Young at that instant Tho old Bird came Down on Tho there was a moments the Bird beating her wings violently in Tho cats face and packing at her then Tho cat jumped Back to her Tho Young Bird made off with Long and thu old one flew up to the amid a chorus of which lasted some i never saw this though i have seen a Robin come quite close to n cat stalk ing another and scold and Flap Hla wings in her Macly mutter of lads Trio Imd such a Good Mem Ory himself that to was inclined to to impatient with those who had at a dlnmi1 in London a few years ago he was to the Delight of the a stirring scene in Luhouse of commons in the Early lord Granville was u guest at thu and was in the commons at the time of Tho events to which glad Stone re Phi you take part in Tho do vision asked of lord in sure i dont replied lord cant r member Wheiler 1 did or not fairly shouted ii was forty eight is the Syret of Success in Wall ill give you 000 if youll teach to your of an fill cow pro Monlon of in Ledly inter on ing clip regulations keep out coaches All heavy vehicles there is Only Otic vehicle seen Ott ui8 new York and that is the watering with Thor Broad rimmed and moving lube nicely Trio watering certainly do look Odd and orig All the Light but while Only lighter vehicles Are those really include it very great the Fly arc Skeleton spider and so besides the i Viust number of runabouts and Light wagons of one sort and and while there is some restriction As to the kind of there is no restriction on the horses the variety of horses seen is very tie ton is fixed at once by the number of vehicles with Preun Wilc the spectators line up on the walks on either Side of the Speedway close to tie Toad the people who arc driving More slowly keep to the right and leave the Middle of the Road to those who Are driving there la an endless procession along the outer edges of the and the people Here include a great number of leisurely Drivers who have come out not to drive but to go Over the Beautiful and picturesque to got into the current of life bore and to see the people that do drive fast everybody likes to look at it is not unusual to see Farlly parties in driving nor is in unusual to Soo a child carried la a Light i saw Ono Little girl sit Ting Between her Faither and Mother holding a the family parties All stay in the slow going prices however occasionally they go out and take a Hack at it with the Quick and they Are not Al ways tie slowest among there was Twose Aitch or three seat de Carriage that came pretty near be ing a Carryall or a Roc Karony or some thing of sort on the Speedway last sum Lay drawn by pair of big Bay big Teann Tonat could holds end Wirf in Tho Middle of the Road in very Good new York the Vagabond Tokio a111 Mill kingdom Flint Trio pick in to the Coyote is the Vagabond of the four footed lie is the prototype of the Bath his looks and his actions show he is of an Uncertain in stay time his hair seems to be of the color of the Sands of the at Twilight it with the gloom of the dying at if the Moon is it seen is be a Light and if the Moon is obscured is Black Black that All that is visible of Irlin Are two Small fiery which come into View is he prowls around the cowboys he is Ever ready to raid night if to be Cleves to can escape a whole if the Opportunity is offered he will Rush in and snatch a piece of broiling Moat from off the Over turn Coffee scatter the scare the and make off it the Speed of an express he is Al ways followed by a few Rifle balls and a Ulusc coated Stream of but generally manages to escape the Coyote can Iii like greased to can run circles around in Ordinary horse and not half to just hangs his tongues out of the Northeast Corner of his shuts Ono Eye and slides off sideways Over the to dont he his is easier than that of a Pac ing ills Back scorns perfectly and his Hill Sticks out straight you can play checkers on his Init with his Fritt ering Little Salt to up the Long Miles like and scorns columns non columns been written about the coyotes As much More space might to easily filled with entertaining mutter on this sub Ono Little Coyote can make As much noise As three full fledged Ever constantly on the Alert is the Only guarantee of the when we hear of a burglary in our neigh we always Lake the most careful precaution to fasten and lock up our Prem when we read a Clanger we need its none but the reckless Rush into dangerous places unless compelled by necessity nud still thousands upon thou Sands receive a note of warning n danger signal of deep Imper to and do not give it a passing a Little a a or pains in the afe not very hard to Bear at but there a a danger signal of whats most backache pains Are due to kidney disorders pass them by in and the kidneys become More in time urinary rights Ami death lie Ever watchful of n a few doses of Zofins kidney pills taken at the proper time 1 will save future perhaps life James of 15 a Hillside says j used Loans kidney 1ills in the summer of was interviewed by a representative and allowed my opinion to be expressed in the Franklin at that time they relieved me of backache and lameness and corrected the kidney in i sprained my Back and a lame Ness just in spot was painfully i procured Loans kidney pills a second and from my experience and the Reuhs i can conscientiously recommend them to the people of Franklin or anywhere else a preparation up to their represent kidney for Sale by All hailed by co agents for the remember no Sun no f Ramft w4h South la i in a tftttlbj6 Point i belonging to Tajii of found his from South Carolina to Tola Home ii that City because he a Ftp a few months ago it Tanily who lived Twat the Sui Vila on Ken Ami who had brei friends of the Sullivan fled Tihel intention of moving to Carol Itoi to a Large White owned by the ape much of has time Between the twi sometimes staying for Days n a time with one of Wie families aug Leavil tag the other House suit Wilt Hout Lap Pairett reason for i the bunns moved to so Tiu Carolina asked the sullivans i give up their interest in the a that they could my with which was agreed one Day rec Jaitly the Sullivan fart Fly heard strange noise Ait the door Wiley opened it and were astonished to see the clog which they bad Given t the Burai family several months a and Wilda they supposed was mile the Joy of the animal to Flora himself among his friends again Kihei no he was so weak from hunger from the Long journey Tia it was at first thought he would no the aug mods feet were so Bill tired and swollen thelit after he Hal been Home an hour or two he Coul not what route the animal or Long he Imd been on the a Home is not advert ii Fredericks of human Burdock blood bitters cures it regulates and tones the what is nicer than an Iron Fence it makes Hoth the House and Yard and adds to the value of the for Iron Fetic Tift of every variety and wire screens for windmills and threshing see Taylor put Diiura inn and win 201205 Market Send us Ohe Dollar Pattni Coal Aud Wuhu Cook by freight subject to examine it at your freight depot and it found perfectly Batt factory us Gre Tiloute Dak Uain you Over saw or heard Trio Vult Hullt aunt our 81kvial less the pent Wither and freight this stove is size even is topis42x23i made from Best pig extra Largo heavy heavy linings Anil Large oven heavy tin lined oven handsome Nickel plated ornamentation and extra Large genuine Banduh Pora Euin Llotd hand Peonio Lari re ornamented Cust col Burner Anu to fur Nesli Kiib an extra Wood matting it a Par feet Hood or Issue a Wui Ustik with every stove and guarantee file delivery to your rail Road your local dealer would Cuba rare you for such a the freight is Only about for once goo no to you legit Roebuck a Obuek it an thoroughly write for our dig free stove Humphreys w1tcm Oil u wounds boils eczema Salt Rheum e chapped fever sore lips o corns bunion is stings bites of three and sold by or sent postpaid on receipt of Palco ill 111 for Sale by a Nullo i clan Ami All for roues Moth get our Tan we Coon and Galloway fur Coats mid if your dealer dont keep them cot Cut Logue from i we also do taxed army Aud head i Crosby frisian fur 210 Bull her health restored misery of sleeplessness can Only be realized by those who have experienced neuralgia and that miserable feeling of can surely to cured by Miles so certain is Miles of this fact that All druggists Are authorized to refund Price paid for the first bottle providing it does not Heury wife of the Well Blacksmith at grand says i was troubled with nervous headache and irregular menstruation suffering untold misery i used various advertised remedies for female com plaints besides being under the care of local without i noticed in Miles advertisement Tho testimonial of lady cured of ailments similar to and i shall never cease to tink that her testimonial induced to to use Miles Nervine and nerve and liver which restored me to i cannot say enough for Miles remedies Are sold by All druggists under a positive first bottle benefits or Money re Book on Dis eases of the heart and nerves Miles maj Idiola Miles Nervine i restores health wedding inv furnished on Short leave your order at the news Stop forever nil weak Pius feed th9 replace wasted Sid Send flesh building blood bounding through Organ to lets euro Quick Jay spew for Sale by George k a the item York weekly the great National family for Farmers and and your favorite Homo the both papers Uhl year the weekly 1hibtoe of Trio nation and comprehensive and reliable Market Iblis interest ing Short scientific aim Meeli Nureal illustrated fashion humorous and in instructive and entertaining to Evory member of every gives you All Trio local political and soc keeps you in close touch i Ujj in j j v v w with your neighbors and on Trio it vim and in Tho informs you As to local prices for 1arm tie condition of crops Imd i for Trio is a Welcome and indispensable weekly visitor it your Homo and Send All subscriptions to the news publishing 4pound catalogue free i lowest tit Lottie Ever up Mes the on urn Sulla cd cd Ulm just what your storekeeper at Home must pay forever a Tang be win prevent Bira from overcharging you of anything you buy a on lev h t0 order How much too or will to big forms Onu their Cost rogue ii a Dep our Stamps to help pay Tho 80 and the big Woolf will be cent to you i Mill and if you dont Fay it Worth times the 15 cents you m a to the lowest wholesale of every say Aud we Atluri is piece of notional Tho catalogue a later truest Ujj Oppio could Powl Bly Wisent into t Roebuck pc Chic

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