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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 4, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Devoted to the interests of tie people of Mercer county to Peoples tells the truth and gives volume our Mercer cases for feb deeds special Lofreso Ononce to this monday was the regular License court when the bartenders and proprietors of the several hotel and liquor stores were examined by the court to ascertain if their houses had been complying with the Law and regulations of the court in respect to this nothing sensational the applications of hotel Green and Carver were continued until the cases Down for argument for the first monday of february Are As follows Fannie Pickering exe motion for a new trial the Bor Ough of Sandy Lake the Sandy Lake Stoneboro Gas Case in equity Henry Swogger James motion for a new Derrick use petition to open judgment guardian of Isabella Mitchell Plant and petition to open judgment and execution Alexander lament James motion for a new trial Long Offutt and John of petition to open at present sheriff Riddle has but four occupants in the the following notary Public commis Sions have been received at the record ers office Mary Sharon John Sharon Greenville Greenville John Greenville John Mercer Claud and Grove deeds Edward Power it to Milton Laud in Jane Kelley to Mary Hender property in Grove Foster Marshall to John land in Kimberly to first National Bank of Moses Beil it to Marietta Tay property in Sharon building and loan association to property in Sadie Axtell to Eva land in Sandy Thompson it to Arrilla land in Marsteller it it to land in Caldwell it to Sherman Caldwell it land in Mccracken it to Sherman land in John North to Lois Laud in James Gilmore to Laud in Margaret Black to property in Grove we Martou to Alfred land in Duncan it to Ashton it Laud in Sim ii Doriner to and property in Hilos it to Laud in Mcdermott to property in Samuel Hogg to Laud in James Pierce to Railroad James Hoffman to Frank Henry la Salle to Henry West John Cook to Victoria no Kirk to Thomas Wal West Thomas Bestwick to Fannie my James Bolo to James Sarah s Brockway to Brock Thomas Porter to Margaret Elizabeth Rose to Deer Effie Bowel to Deer Mary Hall it to Simou t Bowel to Simon John Foulk to Mary Spears it to Mccurl James Shaeffer it to Samuel Shaffer sheriff Riddle to Pooh Sandy Gochran to Edwin Jum Daub Thomas Grovo Mary Grove Flora Freanor bin a Bert Ellen William Hallis Hannah Cole sugar Grovo hem Fiew Robert Adams Mercer additional Baltor county will be 100 years of that Day in 1800 the state legislature passed a Bill creating out of part of Allegheny county 1 lie counties of Crawford and relax advertising when Trade is Slack would be like a physician desert ing a patient who has Token a it is the advertiser who does a steady and profit Able while the spasmodic advertiser coup Linus of hard keep ing everlastingly at it brings Akron Breeze says a lady called on a photographer in that town the other i want to got my childrens picture what do you charge she three dollars a responded the genial ill have to wait a few years explained the i have Only nine children publishers receive subscriptions now and then from City firms who can have no interest in the local news of the this paragraph in the York times May explain the reason for these foreign subscriptions a wholesale grocer in this who has become Rich at the says his Rule is he Sells a Bill of goods on to immediately subscribe for the local paper of his so Long As his customer advertises he but As soon As he began to contract his advertising he took the fact As evidence there was trouble ahead and invariably went after the said he the Man who is too poor to make his business known is too poor to do the withdrawal of an advertisement is evidence of weakness men Are not slow to act theres Noth ing like new Miller physicians Aud of have opened a Branch office in new Hamburg at or George Layman either drs Miller or Schoopover will meet patients in this office each tuesday Between the hours of 9 and 4 Oclock i leave Calls at new Hamburg that was no soft snap was it old Mercury Aud Zero must have entered into misses Olive Gamble and Carrie Rei of visited their respective Homes last we Are glad to report that some of the sick in our Community Are convalescing Lester Harpst went to Sharou Mon Day where to has found employ hum and Richard filled their ice House this the Washington literary society Reu dared their last program last Friday the society riot because it wanted to but because it had a number of its members who should be interested in literary work Aud who promised their nearly support when it was organized failed to put in a appearance at our but this is to thing new for new a class of people who intend to gossip certainly have no time for anything there were Somo faithful members in the Washington literary Aud these with a few others have organized what shall be known As the now Hamburg dramatic a entertaining program has been posted for Friday february and will to carried if you appreciate our efforts along this come if please do not try to discourage us by telling others not to dont forget the entertainment and supper at the town Hall next tuesday Tho Small sum of 10 cents will admit you to the entertainment and eur title you to your d v for Trio Hoy who fining u Thule in the february ladies Homes Jour Ual Barton of buoy Whites to Tho boy who wants to learn a Trade with simple Aud in a Way that shows a Broad of the sub he tolls the boys the benefits of having a where Best to learn the right ago at which to Tho wages of an apprentice in the various branches of skilled Tho wages of a the average duration of work in the Aud Tho possibilities of the skilled workers starting in Busi less of his own account with Small the information contained in Tho article is Aud in enough de As every lad who is about to take up a vocation should have at advertisement of special cloak Sale at Keck to cure 4 cold one Toko laxative Broino quinine Tab All druggists refund Money if it fails to cure 25 the genuine has of each mwrrwit8 Al Elf will make a limited season uary i As follows single return 60 cents Call Washington a weekly it flow at interest Luff from the Natl nil special corresponds acc to to Tow Dent Mckinley will not receive the Situu ing of the Eagar court martial for several Days As it is customary for the Secretary of War to refer the finding of the court martial to the judge advocate general for a Legal review before forwarding it to the there is no doubt that the finding was guilty of both this finding be Sot or mitigated in the judgment of the Aud the general impression is that it will be while the opinion that Eagar deserves punishment is there Are a few who in View of his Long and honorable that it should Boas severe As dismissal from the there has been a decided change in the attitude of the Ami ties since Tho Senate agreed to vote on the treaty february la stored of talking of expecting to reject Tho treaty of As they were doing a week they Are now begging the supporters of Tho treaty to lot them Down by having Tho Senate adopt a meaningless Resolution declaring that the treaty does not bid the unit Cal states to Permaul omit retention of Tho something that everybody already there would to just As much souse in adopt ing a Resolution declaring that the treaty did not bind us to lick Spain the treaty will be thai is now considered to to an absolute cer there is not Tho slightest foundation for the sensational reports sent from Washington about Tho administration being worried Over the antics of Agou the agent of in Wash who has been doing Somo fool talk ugh in Tho newspapers Aud else Secretary Hay is authority for the statement that a Ocillos name had never been Cal Lecont a Cabinet and that president Mckinley has never even had his attention called to Tho presence of the Little filipino in Wash except by the representative of in a speech in favor of the Hull army which will be voted upon and by the paid his respects to those who have expressed so much fear of the necessary increase in the regular he said Havo not lived Long enough to learn of any thing in Tho history of the exploits of american soldiery or of their to justify that suspicion which is cast upon the institution known As the regular army of the United by the imputation that it could Ever to used As a Melanco to the liberties of american docs the history of valor and glory in Tho revolution prompt the gentlemen of the minority and of the opposition to warn America against american does the record of the led by it new fill Tho hearts of the gentlemen with fear or apprehension for Tho safety of our citizens does Chepultepec Send warning even into modern Washington did there Ever Issue from Tho now close in Over lasting Lovo and Fame in that silent mausoleum by Tho any word of menace to a future any thought save any Oracle save Liberty Aud Union god Spiro a grateful country and a admiring world from any doubt about the matchless magnanimity of Iii All the years of toil Aud strife and Victory that Mako Tho history of our Republic the regular army has Boon its shield and no speech made on Tho philippine question has contained Moro common sous or a plainer statement of Tho actual situation than that made by senator of now the first to has made during his present term in Tho his arraignment of the senators who Are largely responsible for Waguiu Aldos Bumpious position follows there arc reasons Why the natives of those after their experience with Spanish should misunderstand Tho presence at Manila of a american but there is to reason Why an american senator should misunderstand and no justification of his course in he knows that close in the Wako of american Thoro would come to Tho Philippines a Liberty that they Havo never Aud a fur greater Liberty than they could Over Havo under Tho arrogant Rule of a native there juts been much talk about Tho Plain intimation on the floor of the sen ate that Audrew Carnegie was paying regular advertising rates to got anti expansion furnished by his inserted in the agricultural a marked copies of which Are now flooding tie mail of Tho Dis position of the senators appears to be to regard it As a joke on which has helped the finances of numerous agricultural editors and ha4 no in senator Hoar was at first inclined to defend tie Purchase of space in newspapers to affect Public but sep for Chandler compelled him to that phase of editorial was act in february among our caucus catechetical class in the Litho rain Church Wilt meet this saturday after pkg Kaii in noon at 0 Ferris left monday for for Philadelphia Aud new no services at Clements Church the next two preaching at the Church to Morrow by the Hamilton at 11 and 7 pm sunday school at 0 the Northern conference of Pittsburg Synod in Johns lutheran tuesday and of was elected president of Secretary services in Tho United presbyterian Church tomorrow by Tho Tho subject of Tho morning Sermon will to True Wor Tho second of a series of sermons our its moaning and Thoro will to a Ziec Tio social by Tho Keystone Long to of Christian Endeavor society of the Weikal Church of wednesday february at Tho Homo of Cyrus Eartho old Salem of the Greenville and Mercer a lunch will to served after Tho Sale of everybody is cordially invited to services in Tho reformed Church on february As follows at sunday subject of the Nobleman Sou John 4 4354 to Ruig service at 11 subject of Tho Power of thought Christian Endeavor at 0 Idle in the Market so 110 evening service at 7 of a mans Worth Keif the program for the dedication of Tho Jerusalem reformed Church next will Boas follows monday february Sermon by Kifor tuesday Christian Endeavor Sermon by wednesday sunday school Sor Guiou by Grove thursday Sermou by Crow Friday Ger Man Sermon by Friday Sermou by saturday German Sermon by after this an autograph quilt will to offered for Sale by Tho and Tho old Church by Tho sunday Syrmou by financial address by dedication Soru Ion by the Sun Day Sermou by no curfew Tor prom Tho Bradford Tho proposition was Somo time ago made in this City to enact Aud ouf Orco a curfew Tho proposed ordinance was allowed to drop out of Aud of Lato it is scarcely Ever judg ing from Tho experience of towns where the idea has Bacou adopted Bradford has lost considerable excitement by its failure to Tako a favourable View of Tho our Fow at such a Law is Boug tried Aud is mooting with vigorous opposition of Tho part of a Largo number of Tho ordinance requires that Tho fro alarm Boll shall ring every night at 0 so As to notify children that it is time for them to run Tho fro department officials refuse to permit the Boll to to and High Jinks Aro to pay a proposition has Boon Mado to tie a cow Boll to Tho Nock of the town marshal and to compel that official to walk about Tho streets and thus remind Tho Public that Tho curfew Law is a thing to to who hereto fore wore in Bod at 0 now stay up to Seo the indignant fathers say they will Tako their offspring with them on Tho streets at night Ovon if they Havo to attach to the Lillo ones necks dog chains and Tho town Council that adopted Tho ordinance is Tho most detested body of Moil that Over lived in that and intense factional bitterness has Bacou engendered Between those who Aro for and those who Aro against Tho curfew Soo what Bradford has missed the Luigi Ives of that modern the Poi sons Tho air with its fatal so that no Homo is Safe from its but multitudes Havo found a Suro Protection Itra inst this dangerous malady in Kings Nosy when you fool soreness in your Bones and shilla and with sore pain in Tho Back of the catarrhal officers str turd in nomination for i ii Fol of try Tho republicans and democrats hold their Ward and general Coji Cusp last saturday evening and nominated offi cers for the february Tho Ward caucuses of the republicans took Placo it 7 and Tho gooral Cau ens in armory Hill at 8 Oclock the general caucus was called to order by Carl Beatty was elected Aud Buchanan and John of Tho West was nominated by acclamation to succeed himself As school Miller was nominated to succeed him self for the same office from Tho Middle of Tho first of Tho second Aud of Tho third wore nominated for Tho City Plimp Leech and John Cutler were nominated by acclamation for Tho offices of Constable and auditor the nominations at Tho Republican Ward caucuses resulted As follows first judge of election inspector assistant second judge of election inspector Harry assistant third judge of election inspector Edwin assistant Tho democrats held their caucus in the Progress office Aud nominated Tho following school first Ward second first Ward second Ward third township Borough a Weriga in the crack in a Aud hit a mighty and Tho log will to split or Tho crack if you keep striking the Tho log will finally fall is so with you have a horse or cow for you Placo a adv in Tun news for Ono it May sell Tho animal with one or it May not but if you leave that adv there for some the Lorao or cow will ultimately find a that Tho Way to look at its like a entering you dont know How far Tho split travel at each but you do know that you must Havo a firm that Tho kind of a Worgo Tun news it will bring business to any store if you hit it every Tho larger Tho adv Tho quicker Tho Tho Attu Tiomi of our Farmers is called to the list of institutes to to hold in thin county this Winter by Tho Stalo depart ment of assisted by Tho local Board of Institute for Tho Tho meetings Aro in Tho in Toront of All our and open to Tho expenses of conducting Thorn in Boru by Tho no collections Aro allowed or Tho advertising of any Bisl the discussions Aro upon farm topics for Tho Benefit of arrange your business so As to attend and Tako part in Tho All classes of citizens Are and programs Havo been Tho county chair Inu is of Indian who will to glad to Soud the or information fax any Ono who will Mako Tho Tho Tato sneakers who will to pros out at Tho Mercer county meeting Aro William Martin and Tho institutes will to hold Tho Date sind places february 15 acid 17 and 18 Sandy March 1 and come out to these meetings and bring your families and list of letters remaining uncalled for in the Pohlin Fulco at january 0 Al Bohr Low Iii he div old Allf Oro Dun if serf it co Wilmon Mph hurry Wright a Job nit Nio persons calling pc r above letters will Polaso give Dato of jew Iron it Ull Kurly boy Ink Lii win Vic Lowil jail inn my Llillie Thirl Coll Rufo and of now Aro visiting friends at Thiel several Days last week with his Daugh College and a Eiziko and of were among Tho members of Tho Board of directors who visited Tho institution president Roth is working in Tho interests of the Frank of a graduate of and a student in the Southern spent sat urday and sunday with Thiol he also filled Tho in Tho lutheran Church sunday and Roth Tho ladies of daily at their Homo on College last Friday Kouji sikhs thursday was founders and is it has been Tho custom for number of Tho regular order of exercises were Laid and a special Sonvico was hold in Tho College after Tho Matin service was who occupies the he a if of gave the address of Tho to began with a Short introduction in which to one motto of now eng land was god Send us no into which Plymouth Rock cannot Boho interpreted it into which institutions of learning cannot to Tho Bible has to to built into Tho foundations of he suite to was in favor of f on tiding a Santons it would prove Liko All woo to to our Young Puoplo of tomorrow if to mind Thorn to state no Man Cau do a grander work than col Leges cannot to they to said Thiol was growing and mint if would Havo a music Hill Aud All it needs is Nomo Ohio to Tako up Tho work of its fore Compi Iny k very Little has Beon Doug toward final arrangements for Tho reception mid ban Quet to to tendered Tho members of company k on february Asido from Tho general plan Given in last weeks Issue of this the executive composed of Burgess Vaughn and Harry Mot wednesday they of toured a invitation to Mil of president judge of mor Cor and Shouk of this to give it was decided to give Tho banquet in Tho opera House immediately after Tho All Tho seats on Tho lower floor will to taken out for this Tho program is now being Aud will to Givon As soon As Tho fifteenth regiment was mustered out on As por several companies returned to their Homos in to but company k started in detach among Tho members who Havo in Rived Homo Aro the following i Ulm Mill Hurt Enfil Hun flu Piton Troy Hui her Dikiy Moorat Buck Livix uni Ikirt hindi of Wiiki Iridill unhurt Liiri Lnor hum humor Tito i oink club Liakim Wlinich slow not hurry Len deny Miller Andrei Kuti Vujih join Accuu if drink Graino a lady writes with von Mado from pure the first time not Liko it but symptoms Aud a stubborn you 1 1 Mado Graino i did May know you have the and that after using it for our week nothing Yon need Kings new would induce me to go Back to t will promptly cure the or Post it nourishes and feeds Tho Tho Teal tie inflamed a Elj the i children can drink it freely with great disease and prevent the dreaded i it is the strengthening sub effects of the 50 stance of pure get a package 4 and f Money Back if not j free at today from your and 25 fifteen couts have your Sale Bills printed at the a fuss a Flo that remarkably Ofle Olivo and Finui Ful series of pictures representing now York slum entitled the Sunshine of Paradise is now in Tho third season of its will Havo Ith first presentation hero at the opera House thursday february it it by Tho same de Maii Thomp son and who gave us that dramatic Idyl of now England Tho old Tho piece in divided into four acts or pictures and re presents an East rive Dock Tho apartments of widow Para Dise Alloy and a Beautiful autumnal scoria in Bronx it is series of vivid and natural scenes of life among the poorer Classon of Tom in Sec Sido of the Groat presented with every possible adjunct in Tho Way of Scenic electrical elaborate a splendid cast of and with Tho famous Verdi ladies in argot and Tho Acme Yumlu Uulu Tiik 1ou 1ur desirable easy monthly pay no Money furnished to inquire of is Tho Best Placo in Mer cer county for Tho Farmers to do their it is Tho Central place in Tho most easily of our merchants pay hid highest Market Price for country and Well their goods As Low As any other place in Tho Farni ors who Como to Green Ville to do their trading always Homo Aro Selling in Thoo Levo 1 Laud markets at 75 cents por capes and a Odets now 00 at Keck sons for a Short i

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