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Greenville Delta Democrat Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Greenville, MississippiThe local observations 124-hour report preceding 7 a. M. 1 saturday tax mum temperature m minimum temperature 67 River gauge 1 tenth Rise 12.9 Delta Democrat times Greenville Mississippi weather forecast i Mississippi fair ii yet sunday partly Cloudy. Number 248 armistice signed Vav terms kept secret Congress to recess for convention sends appropriations Bills totalling four billion to White House tax Bill raises National debt limit excise tax increases affective immediately after president signs Washington june 22. A an extraordinary burst of activity Cong ass sent appropriations Bills totalling almost and a de sense tax measure to the White House today virtually Clearing is Calendar for a week s recess for the Republican notional Conven Tion. The Only item remaining n the leadership s list of things to he done before the recess was a deficiency Bill carrying for Trainin. Workers for National defense industries. Quick final action i this was in Prospect. The Senate completed congressional action on the tax measure which raised the notional Deb limit from to continued on Page 3 Heaters still operate on sunday on tentative basis unt new arrangement worked Olit with City the Paramount and a clan tors fire operating today despite t he made severe weeks ago that the last Sunti showings would by june 16. No new arrangements for Tributino to City Charity fun have been made mayor Milto Smith said yesterday but it expected that a mutually Satis factory Deal will be made. J. Muse manager of the Paramount confirmed this Assumption. The Paramount Richards Coin puny has protested that the per cent contribution from the of its sunday movies no caused the Paramount and Del Heaters to operate at a loss an said that rather than continue t make h contribution of this size it would close its Heaters Here sunday. June 16 was set Astl t Date but although the fit and the Heaters have not y c me to terms the Heaters w nevertheless operate until such an agreement is reached. Gop drafts platform of peace Home defense by w. B. Ragsdale Philadelphia june 22 a spite of internal arguments he Republican platform commit be headed today toward a policy declaration of peace and hemis Heric defense As rapidly shifting Elegate sentiment veiled the can Date Outlook. With the surge of arriving Dele ates the presidential candidates ame to town to take charge per orally of the struggle for the nomination that begins next week Herald Stassen worked on his keynote address which will be Leld tomorrow night. Frank Gannett the new York Tate publisher arrived thursday. Senator Bridges of new Hamp hire came last night. Senators Vandenberg of Michigan and Taft of Ohio arranged to come As soon the Senate recess. Thomas e. Dewey and Wendell Willkie of jew York Are expected Over the Ivecek end. Candidates there not in Many years has any convention brought All of the major candidates for the nomination to he Battle ground. Bridges added another touch of he unusual to his first press con Ference in Philadelphia. He said that he might accept the vice presidential nomination if it were offered he would not be a candidate. The vast number of uninstructed delegates in whose hands Wil rest the nomination flipped firs from one candidate to another from Many quarters came reports of a rising Willkie strength among delegations that earlier had been considered nailed Down for Dewey or Taft. Some delegates reported too there had been shifts to Taf Ince yesterday. Still wide open but men of Long experience in watching delegates said the convention was still wide open to the nomination of any candidate spite of the apparent Leader ship of Taft and Dewey the potential dark horse strength of Vandenberg and the pm nominal soap Box Derby set or july 25 be sponsored by Elta Democrat times and Lions club pen to boys tween 10 and 15 gov. Harold e. Stassen of Minnesota will deliver the keynote address tomorrow. Funds steady boost Relief fund More contributions to red Cross Tor refugees Are reported Winner will get All expense rip to Semi finals i Memphis Greenville s second annual soap of Derby will be held thursday afternoon july 25, at-3 o clock Ilas announced yesterday and ans Are being made for the greatest Tri states Derby Here. The Derby will be sponsored Fey in Lions club and the Delta Democrat times and is open to oys Between the Ages of 10 and 5 years who live in the Grech Ille Trade territory. The Winner of the Greenville Erby will be Given an All expense rip to Memphis by the Meadors Chevrolet company to compete in he regional Derby there. The our runners up will be award medals. The regional e held at Memphis August and in Winner there will be awarded n All expense trip to compete in in All american finals in Akron Ohio August 11. Scholarship the Winner of the sweepstakes t Akron will be the recipient of four year scholarship at by american University of his continued on Page 6 w 0. W. To Confer decrees on Twenty degrees of the order of Wood men of the world will be Confer red upon a class of 20 from Bel Zoni next Friday night by the team from Greenville Camp at Castle Hall on South Poplar Street m. P. Massey said last night. State manager Tidwell of Woodmen of the world requested j the Greenville Camp to Confer the degrees on the class from Belzoni. A Woodmen of the world Lodge is being organized in Belzoni. More contributors to Thi Washington county chapter american red Cross refugee re Lief fund were announced yester Day following a plea for addition Al Money to Relief the suffering of the dislocated French populace latest contributions latest donors to local red chapter Chicago Mill lumber company 50.0 mrs. Frank Mason 2.0 or. Cyrus c. Johnson. 2.c or. Martin Sievers 3.0 Circle 3 first Baptist Church mrs. George Pieree mrs. H. L. Rite Man 10.0 Home Garden Needle Craft club. 5.0 or. E. F. Butler 5.0 Hole Greenville employees or. Mrs. C. S. Jennings 10.0 Bill King .0 Irene Serio t. B. Mann 1.0 Evelyn Sam Serio 1.0 Sara 2.0 Ladell Roy 1.0 continued on Page 6 expect Large crowd to attend Flag ceremonies chairman j. G. Lusk of municipal committee arranging. Loi lied coition of the Community next wednesday after noon at the foot of Washington Avenue said yesterday pointed towards a crowd that vill equal the huge throng of thursday which gathered on the levee and the patriotic program was called off because of a Down pour of rain the program will begin at o clock and the stores of the City v ill close from to -1 p. M. Allot the features planned the thursday Celebration will be held on next with of the Parade. Battery a 114th Field artillery Greenville s Mississippi National guard unit will fire n Salute to the Flap Asil is raised on the flagpole erected under direction of chief of Polk i William Tafi a dirt. Chairman urged that the coloured people attend the pro Gram. Union prayer services ask guidance in crisis the churches of Greenv ing jointly Wilt sponsor prayer meeting from god a act i daily to seek guidance time of great Cri the services will be Heid daily at first presbyterian Church Between o clock and noon. The services will begin Mon Day and the monday service will be led by or. Fred Smith. Also in ill Landac simultaneously. Mayor j. V. Monday. Or. Frederick Smith tuesday the Rev. A. Mcllwain wednesday the re ii. O. Langston thursday Rab s. A. Rabinowitz Friday to Rev. Paul Tudor Jones saturday the Rev. J. E. Eubanks. Mayor Lee s Hollandale prod mation follows whereas there now exists u on the european continent state of War in which thou said of lives have perished and when i be of Hollandale proclaimed a it appears that solely in Onui Iliili period of prayer for thai the Wisdom and guidance of to City during the same hour. There i heavenly father that such will be no Public gatherings Lor May cease and thousands of 1 Hollandale. But planned Shtil a Bell will toll t mind Hollandale citizens daily to the period of individual prayer. We Are prompted by the that in any period of crisis for men and nations the most important fact air is to know the will of god. There arc in the Lorf last hut Twu Powers in the world one is brute Force and the other is i i presented by the Greenville services said. Schedule prayers for the the prayers for the week 1 the speakers will be mrs. Gal i Binning monday will be led la Paxton and h. P. Parish the following ministers thereby saved. Now therefore i. J. V. Or of the town of Washington county. Mississipp do hereby proclaim that the to of o clock a. In. On each a 1 Cie after commencing with to Day june 24th, 1940, shall be daily hour of prayer unto 1 lord for the cessation of Belli Crent hostilities Between Nat of Kurppe and throughout t world until such hostilities ccam1. Goven under my hand and i a official Seal of Spicl town of Landale. He Venlo affixed on 22nd Lay of him 1910. Seal j. A Lee mayor alarmed report says Britain has French Fleet officers say vessels have Only a negative value for England ships in process reported destroyed also Large part of air Force reported to have flown to Africa reports that Russia is colonizing big Diomede Island four Miles from Little Dio Mede on u. S. Territory have alarmed above Anthony Alaska s Diamond territorial representative in Congress. A russian air base is hinted. Continued on Page 3 naval committee to question Knox want to learn his views on keeping a s. Out of War Washington june 22. A the Senate naval affairs com 11 it tee voted unanimously today summon col. Frank pm a resident Roosevelt s new Navy dec re tary design ate to learn ins on the question of keep no the United states out of War. Chairman Walsh a mass said Knox would be asked to testify before the committee hearing probably july pub Walsh said the committee deter aed without dissent to postpone action until after Republican lumbers i Iii in turned from their k tonal convention opening in Philadelphia monday. All committee members Hau been receiving telegrams both protesting and commending the j ointment of Knox and of her y l. Stimson also a Republican Secretary of War Walsh said. The military committee decided yesterday to hold hearings in he naming of Stimson to be Secretary of War. Stimson also will be called testify. In last s years listed by Massey so called june rises not As High As april months m. P. Massey who succeeded f. L. Harbison As observer for the United states weather Bureau Here in july 1935. Yesterday Mode Public High and Low stages on the Mississippi River during january february March and april for the five year period. Observer Massey pointed out the so called june rises do not result in stages of the Mississippi that compared with those of the five months. The gauge the gauges for the period Fol Low Jan. 1, Low 12.7 feet i fish Jan. 16, 19.3 feel Jan. 31, 17.3 Washington june 22 a Britain has taken Over the bulk of the French Fleet in last authoritative sources in the capital heard today and with it the problem of servicing a Navy whose munitions plants and inn Chine shops Are largely in enemy hands Reserve value even As informed persons re ported thai this government had been advised of British acquisition of the French warships naval engineers expressed the opinion that most of the vessels would have Only a Short term or Reserve value to great Britain. To imme Sihto suggested would be limited by the amount of ammunition and spare parts abroad in accompanying auxiliaries or at French colonial bases. To make the French Fleet a per manent adjunct of the British Navy the engineers said it would be necessary for Britain to develop an entirely new Industry a costly and time consuming operation. British rejoice there was rejoicing among Al lied supporters nevertheless be cause had the French Fleet fal Len to the enemy the combined Gorman italian and French navies would have outnumbered the British in battleships and Many her categories. Not Only has the bulk of the French Navy been taken Over by great Britain it was reported reliable quarters Here but a Large i umber of French planes have been flown to England and North Africa. These sources also said thai France must fight on until Italy Stermmet delegates Fly to Italy at once to see Mussolini by the associated press France signed Adolf Hitler s dictated peace today. A joint broadcast received by the nation Al broadcasting company and the Colum Bia broadcasting system said the French delegation capitulated to the German terms at p. M. A. M. Cost the armistice calling a halt to the fight ing in France will become effective six hours after France and Italy reach an armistice. The four Man French delegation was reported leaving immediately for Rome to negotiate with Premier Mussolini. Until that time and possibly longer terms of the French German armistice will be withheld. Generals sign Ahe armistice was reported signed by col. Gen. Wilhelm pc incl chief of tic Germun High command for Germany and general Charles Hunting or for France head of the French delegation. Adolf Hitler wus not at comic no for the signing. . Keitel spoke for the German delegation and general Himl Ziger for the French. General Himl Ziger signed for the French in the two min Ute ceremony the report said. One of the French delegates feet. March 1. March 16, 1936, Low 2g.9 feet 1g.3 feel March 31, High 28.7 feet. April i 1930, Low feel april 16, 37.8 feet april 30, High 40.7 feet. May 1, May in 17.4 feet May 31, Low 10.0 feet. Continued on pane High 40.2 reel continued on Page i wept. Licenses on Sale for Leland Drivers Leland june stall Drivers licenses for Leland and Vicinity will go ale monday Juno 24, at the Eily Hall Here. Mrs. Carl Tutor will sell the to Ivers licenses. Britain s Fate hinges on control of French Navy by Dewitt Mac Kunzik ii Tii inspector finds wee viled potatoes d. W. . Inspector for inc state Plant Board said yesterday Sweet potatoes infested Vith the Sweet potato Weevil. Intercepted at Greco ill Leland yesterday arid destroyed. Grimes said the dealer a id Ling the Sweet potatoes is prosecuted and in addition bushels of potatoes were destroyed. Frequent inspections Are made of Sweet potatoes on Sale at grocery stores and grocery Man Are urged to get the names in l addresses of dealers each Sweet potatoes Art purchased. 40 8 meeting the and b will meet monday j i fit at 8 o clock at the Leffin for election of officers it annoy Wilc d All Mem hrs an or Tjioe to la present England s position on the eve of the German appears considerably bettered in new of the i word received in authoritative quarters in Washington that Bri Tain already has taken Over most of the frenc h Navy a matter of vast importance to the Allied cause. If the British Are Able to keep their hands on it. Irrespective of land in the acquirement of a i the armistice terms this most1 number of French . Certainly will have a vital bearing and Tiow she is going t of Ilion a s Possession. Thai Kives haitian a naval superiority Over both Luiey and Ger Many i perhaps better than two to one in tonnage. I Llis Means that Italy must be the possibly not comfortable Standard bearer of the Axis naval activities since the German Fleet has been heavily reduced by War operations. A second mice of cod Lorline understood to have fallen to pm ii he Job off Germany rat Suimei Jorj air Power find those French plane on the trend of this phase of tiie Blitz i ice. The Point is that Britain must depend greatly on her naval Arm Are Woith m to wage War Germany i this moment Possession of the French Navy i Only in Britain can withstand would give the Axis pal Tilers near the furious bombardment from the parity with the British Fleet the j air which undoubtedly will open world s increasing the the Gravity of England s . It would appear from the Washington Repolt that the Navy May not get much actual fighting value out of inc Licet hoi ail e she in he slime railway ill comp Agni France in which the allies dictated Perici terms to Germany in 1918, petitioners for peace today signer an armistice on Germany s terms. Clow. Hitler Center is shown with two of his in sited aides col

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