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Greenville Delta Democrat Times Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Greenville Delta Democrat Times (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Greenville, MississippiReport More slate negroes Are in school by John herders Jackson miss. Sippi s recent move toward giving Ler negroes an education equal to that of Whites is begging o Ake hold Tim Parker s under the Capitol dome House constitutional committee head to fight Coleman s plan to leave monday pretty Sandra Lee Ramphrey of Greenville recent miss Starlet selected in a Widt Paramount theater contest. Leaves monday for Jackson where she will enter the state miss Starlet contest. Photo by Harry Marsh the negro who never got past he primer before has now at least reached the third Grade. This is brought out in figures released this week by the depart ment of education. Finance direct or g. J. Cain reported the numer of negroes in average daily attendance in common schools for he school year just ended was an increase of 3810 Over the previous year. By Way of comparison the Ada for White children was an increase of Only 1543. Negro schools improve Cain attributed the Overall bet term ant of negro schools under by Tim Parker Jackson miss. Iriv the chair Nan of the House Constitution committee says he will Iise every advantage that Job gives him to keep gov. J. P. Coleman from letting a constitutional Cove lion. The chairman is rep. Thomp on Mcclellan of Clay county no opponent in any legislative s. And on the Constitution question the 58-year-old West changes that Are needed can be had not As of thursday morning Houi made by i not definite a source close to the governor called attention this week to the fact Coleman has not said definitely he will Call the special session. The governor s recent person Al memorandum said of am giving Strong consider Tion to the idea of convening a decided on a Date session is proved. But if i Don t Ca Point lawyer bristles with oppose special session of the legislate Tion. About nov. 1." he i m opposed to a constitutional Coleman is not on record As convention in any circumstances. Committing himself beyond that. He said in an interview. Any Jet was Learned this week that he Stith tonal incur slay itself will determine governor s apparent has indicated he might la Date if a try for an Early really Don t think a on legalized liquor on s chairman of the House wants a option basis with Dequa Smittee could Don t think the governor will organized opposition to machinery for strict enforce Lis committee special session unless he liquor in any for areas that vote dry. Report out a has a majority behind him. Opposition to of the first churches n Bill if one is think he will Call a of the legislature which into action was first a says will be included of Picayune which petition to said that As chairman of convention Call. To Back away from a Call the commit in House can committee. I will be fair but that does t mean i also True that simple opposition to change is a to legalize liquor. A be Days later rep. Delos Burks n five Days every advantage of my was Learned reliably River county announced 1 qty lawmaker Ade a majority of just As the opposition will use its every Baptist Headquarters has blanketed the state recently oppose any change to Legal liquor. Pressure locally applied opposed to a two handicaps appeals that Baptist churches one of the dominant Chun mention but Points especially changes in liquor Laws. Is very effective. 100 people stricken to probe ailment in Glen Allan monday by the wire services j veritable disease division of the a thorough investigation will state health department to Issue sunday. With scattered Thunder in the South portion highest 84-92 sunday. Sunday edition 62nd year associated press a United press Greenville. Mississippi sunday Augusto 1957" Price 15c no. 83. New equalization program As expect important address at s Tate meet the he chief reason. The figures have More significance when it is considered that Mississippi is supposed to be los no population. Negroes it seems Are moving from the Cotton ields to the classrooms. Cain said a Good part of the in crease is in the higher trades but he Grade which took the biggest ump was the third. F execs governor Olenn Here Friday governor j. P. Coleman is exp Day afternoon session include ipe cled to make an Industrial Davis manager of the open in the Glen Allan area Mon Day to determine the nature of an ailment that struck 100 persons. Or. A. L. Gray director of preventable disease said the study would be made under direction of j. C. Register and mrs. Dorothy Calagione. Gray said Friday the information would be used As a guide to further Steps. Or. R. W. Williams health officer for Washington county said the department believed the ail ment was caused by a virus. But he did not Rule out the possibility the ailment was caused by a sol vent used in phosphate insecticides. An injunction against use of a certain Type of insecticide. She believes some substance in the base is causing the epidemic. She said a number of cases turned into pneumonia. He said the Only explanation he Addre could find for that is that negroes m rec traditionally have attended school he Speaks to Chanbler chamber Bill Walker past presi in Good numbers in the first from Dent of the Columbia chamber of major in Greenville Friday Jackson chamber c. E. Land rum manager of the Cleveland he is convinced it is an Ordinary illness with a scare on top of it and has nothing to do with the insecticide. J the illness is confined to an area around Lake Washington with no other reports in the whole find unhealthy manipulation of mock in stale Jackson legislative committee said sat. It had uncovered an unhealthy Stock manipulation in a Mississippi insurance company and warned the Public to investigate thoroughly before buying Stock in new companies them segregated. Bui the that of Whites largely to keep or. Mary Hogan has treated More than 100 persons for High fever coughing of blood and severe Chest pains believes it is caused by something in a code of the recess insurance study com have complications insecticide. But or. Williams said that second trades but tend to fall out after that. Last year a Large number moved up to the third certainly part of this increase is because they Are s taking Cain said. The state educational finance commission reports that of almost 20 million dollars allocated for school construction under the new program is for negro schools and Only for White schools. Equal facilities it has now become official pol icy in Mississippi to make negro the slate. The event is the annual meet ing of the Mississippi association Sally wiggers manager of the Indianola chamber and rus sell Nobles past president of the of chamber of Commerce chamber. Tives. The conference begins thursday and ends saturday. Hodding Carter editor and pub Iii her of the Democrat times is the other principal speaker the two Day program. He will saturday speakers in addition to Carter s luncheon address in clude Robert Wheeler y a z o o icily Foster Barr of birding Jham District manager of the u. Chamber Ridgway Sidney ouse Jeffers Delta Council Industrial dress the group at a luncheon c r a development department Mana saturday. Governor Coleman s address will be at Eon. A Friday lunch opens Friday registration will begin at 4 p. Ger. The business session will begin at 2 p. M. Saturday. Several resolutions concerning state Legisla Tion in regard to municipalities educational opportunities equal Tolm thursday in the lobby of the Are expected to be considered at Mittee headed by rep. Charles state of people suffering from in difference sect Clde poisoning in such Quan he said. The health department will bring additional personnel into the area to make a thorough study of the Jacobs of Bolivar county did not name the company but it was one of the Many Small ones organized in the state recently. The committee said the Stock was optioned to a company official for 25 cents a share for 51.25 and and pocketed the corporation connected with an in but or. Hogan said she had Durance Jacobs asked or. A. L. Grav of the pre is the educated negro going to to satisfied with the lot of his Greenville hotel. The opening time gov. Coleman to receive bids on new jail and sewer line Here bids from Money lenders Greenville s Bond Issue to by Betty Pryor Washington aug 17 j democratic leaders figured today they finally had corralled enough1 votes to shove the Senate s amended civil rights Bill through the House and to passage. But they conceded it could be the end of next week or even they can Force a showdown. They originally had hoped this could come in the House next wednesday. Republicans with fresh backing from president Eisenhower fought to Reform their wavering ranks in opposition to passage of what they called a weakened version of the Bill. Want it stronger Republican Leader Joseph w. Martin or. Mass said after a White House conference that the Sion will be held Friday morning inc c of c executives will be r in the Mississippi Power a n d entertained Al a continue to insist that he and jail building and a Bill s Nghil to vote provisions in outfall sewer line will be receive Allbe Cornfield ancestor gov. J. P. Coleman and other leaders have told the nation that negroes Are not prevented from voting in Mississippi because the Light company auditorium. Boyd Ridgway manager of the Jay Nign Greenville chamber will Intro Duce the speakers for the open dance at the country club Are Coleman maintains most of them Are not ready. Some farsighted officials Are be a very unhealthy situation to wonder what will Hap developed with reference to the pen when they Are ready. While Sale of Stock and management of negro education has improved affairs of a Mississippi investment since the 1954, supreme court of the , ing session. Mayor George Arch will officially Welcome the group and Albert like City at Torney Wal give and sen. Fulbright Elor dress. A discussion of common prob lems facing Chambers in t h e state will be moderated by m. Warren improved Swaze of Jackson general Man j Washington. Aug. 17 p by the City Council tuesday at p. M. The Bond in a Gion i lid dropped. Rations in Many areas Hasl Council. Suit filed against Arkansas Laws on segregation Little Rock a k. First Legal resistance to Arkansas four new segregation Laws devel a oped Friday when 10 negro ministers filed a court suit asking that the acts be declared unconstitutional. Gov. Orval Faub is was one of the defendants named in the suit which was filed in u. S. District court. The president and Secretary of the corporation were asked to re sign by the Board of directors Fol lowing the Stock transaction he said. Weather and River for Greenville and Vicinity he Mississippi feel Coleman to talk to citizens Council in Alabama Montgomery Aja. Us gov. J. P. Coleman is scheduled to address a meeting of the Wilcox . Saturday 1.18 u. Die Crump i jfe7-i county Offil cilia cons Couric Tat Dign them Hii Obs rec cd Alrh saturday Pera Iurco of degrees. Tempora Lur at . Saturday. A a Prtrt by Ali Judy Chance of Thunder show hrs. A Illus cooler Mph winds gentle to moderate variable Mound by. Partly Cloudy Chance of thundershowers Low 70-71, High 00-d1. Camden ala., aug. 27 a citizens Council Leader said yesterday. Executive Secretary of the Ala Bama Assn. Of citizens councils state sen. Sam , noun cd the speaking Date. I the governor will he trod us a. Chat the today president 1 take the blame luncheon meeting at because hotel by Owen Cath fellas it All the Way j Fern uni Greenville cry president of Macce. Speakers listed speakers scheduled for the Fri City county joint zoning from Mission a to be discussed through. The Arkansas Democrat a i Ber of the Senate foreign relat by City voters last november with included for the new jail and for the out Fol. Line. Both projects were declared necessities by the City Council. The old City jail and police building has been condemned by every county grand jury since 1949. It has sleeping space for Only about 35 prisoners although 50 and 60 of ten had to be packed in. The new outfall line to take lengthened. The Bill s democratic managers who so far have not been in approved hurry to reach a test now believe the House is ready to approve with one amendment to he Senate Senate amendments o the Bill of it originally was passed by the House nature girl Here is Dorothy Brown the much publicized d d nature girl of the North Carolina Backwoods. United press Dis the rules chairman is rep. Ached Abov i Homo ,0 he Meta for those toward w. Smith an a Lent opponent of civil rights legis Alion in any form and a wily parliamentarian not easily out mane Vered. Smith s 12-Man com Mittee must recommend in and Vance the procedure to be follow this area who have been curious about How the real life Long looks. To be on to sunday City sewage to the River to a pointed in a House vote on the Issue. Below the Bridge is needed be ions committee nid he Lac present line is already vote to restore some of the City but i m not going to Knock my self to added that he Wasj b be a fellow who won t fight for him the establishment of a j o i n to he assorted no has City county zoning commission fought for his Abc discussed with ton county monday minute and than pro Pilot Hurt Smith so far has declined to Ca the committee into sessions. In the absence of action by Smith other members Are expected to Crank up monday machinery for calling the meeting despite in crash moved to Memphis Hospital John h. Anistis 20, of Atlanta gets look at big City by Claire Cox luxury in a hotel on Park new York aug. 17 him. At Best however they Saudjie year old nature girl from this can t produce a meeting be North Carolina s Moonshine Moun fore Friday. She came to new York to be on a television show but she did j gains took a Good look at Park khat comes naturally to any Fem Coleman is scheduled to address committee f r o he said referring to i Serhis plane crashed Turc democratic plan is to a Avenue today and said it looks nine tourist in the big City. She lastjga., air plane dusting plane " e Sena e s trial like any other a want shopping. Big ugly injured aug. A. And the first thing she bought joint session of the Alabama legislature earlier that Day. S p Cha Mhz sudden warning that Heimas at Metcalfe August 31 is deadline urge Mew Greenville students to Register with principals Merce and City Council. I might purpose of the mint session Sion which has been set up in is Cut to much several other counties in the state to cases Only. To voting rights Dorothy May Brown who has Martin said this in t enough. He Lone a any student who out of school or students who have never at Pupil when the school tended a Greenville school before Solomon warned and who will enter either Junior pupils from out of or senior High this fall Are org Ovate or parochial schools must to re enter should cd to report immediately to the report to the principals offices. Iat this time respective principals offices High school grades transferred from general Hospital Here to Kennedy Hospi Tiivi Ivl Ulii him i u Tal at Memphis saturday in a a statute amendments the while House plans to to divulge. Would be of better control f state Loh f f area development. Am of her o we let govenor growth developments trolled inside the City limits for Restora. Ordinances officials Point of ss0gi0n0t000 by but fringe area growth often is House from the Imi we in Hapl Lazard plan for the program and asked was future City 1 although the administration pin i Ned its Hopes on the Senate for lived her entire life until now in was a pair of shoes. Not just any shoes. Comfortable Flat heeled moved town Greenville and who wishes Secretary found of Victor j registration h. W. Solomon said w. B. Thompson room 120.1 a students both first graders mentally unable to face trial Baptist launch Campaign to Coleman s wet plans Token Down Mountain shanty1 to _ to l c v7 walking shoes. Her sunday to to Tirui ung Sun Jauer another m a part of thei which he de world where there Are no 8 spl1? pumps at All. Spent the weekend has before were killing her. Dorothy May As the pretty tall Brunette prefers to be called came to the big City Friday As a result of a series of experiences that would befuddle even a Cind Erella. Discovered at Well saturday. Failure to enrol before a or e. Grades e. Bass h. Junior High w. Solomon City Delta she was discovered at a Well Jackson. Miss. Aug. 16 source close to the governor to possible local option rw00.ds Gatling Buck at least part of the Mississippi baptists h a v c admitted today he has received Tion of whisky. We feel that car Luji t i y Cut prospects still were a Campa 8n several letters As a result of this lain slops Sli uld be taken to it it a weekly today. Key republicans a Nur Aln Lurie be known if t e i a c be Washington Fly Keith Louise the program faces Stormy i see Baptist in t Imp 0" in Hough. A .0-year-old earlier sen. B Russell of the stale s i.3s5 Bap-1 j u Page 3 the Greenville Public school sys has been found mentally an influential member Fuist ministers has received a let a would i three lop a e v e Legi Slafca Askir that Oun and new students who will registering for the first time gust 31 May cause a prolonged room 100. Office hours Are delay and inconvenience for daily and 9-12 on m should present a birth car intent to stand trial for the my the appropriations committee signed by and a certificate showing Morial Day slaying of a would support the House cuts Church officials that they have been successfully translator for the voice of oppose any move to restore write gov. J. P. Coleman. Vaccinated Solomon said. Small Moxica. Them. State inside Democrat times Dis an Dat on tourists p 8 to schedule and music column p 12 Jake Stein reports on european trip county agent tells of Weevil worm poisons p 5 out of circulation on inflation dec students take Low budget vacation Eudora High faculty named masons Honor Orval Colvin p 16. Maureen o Hara eager to deny confidential yarn about love scene in Hollywood theater Hollywood aug 17 up theater Afler he had seats Over his Lap her Bio bring reports new students should also bring their reports from the school they most recently attended he further pointed out. Ii it was Ai Mississippi school they must o Hora is discovered them so have a Book receipt showing a mrs to a claim Jem races. Coleman is understood to favor a new stale Agency to enforce liquor Laws in counties which vote dry. Onute Ole Man River Road for tourists her Moose set fish Fry sunday lacking such a report the in the the Royal order of the Moose will hold a fish Fry at then pit will he temporarily Lake Ferguson Lodge sunday afternoon at 5. Jln a Grade until the report has y been received according to summer playground program ends Inion. The supervised program on the Greenville playgrounds closed pupils entering m is they have turned in their slate she in 1 such owned texts. Lov e scene with a Lover in Tiara the Hack Row of Grauman s Chi the March 13j7 confidential under atle lion the title. When Maureen cuddled in Row .15. The letters vent out a Campaign to a two month period to assist tha raise in promote Addi local chairmen in organizing tonal tourist business along their financial campaigns. Wells i liquor is illegal throughout mis s. Lil Ami Mississippi Highway Iris a former manager of tha Psi Sippi Ami Beer is sold in a few Between Memphis and new county chamber of com to undies on a local option basis. Will be conducted during Merce. Her Blouse As a matter of practice the Coas to next sixty Days according one of the first promotional of m undone and she was very counties ind several along the i i Innelli or. Presi forts of tile Mississippi nil of them of the Mississippi Story which miss he said he turned his Wel sell in ill Highway association has in on the pair and they jumped to and Beer openly and resumed their new Highway Asso River citation has been the erection of illuminated signboards to in tin first in a series of fund Lou risks to travel on who efforts in each Man re Var Road in signers Craig said he returned the Over sled k u eve the hoards i he Man who said he saw am flyer and later the usher came Carv Al conducted Solo ally. Guy Ward said he 1il Lau r Slier came Carv i lived he would be Able to s and him they re at Man of the 1 inducer James lung he flew Init n i i Kihei i of. Hran Doii. Who is Temperance commit on thursday. Mayor Are located North of Memphis on u. S. 61, u. S. 51, and South of the Junction of . 81-51

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