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Greenville Delta Democrat Times Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1968, Page 4

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Greenville Delta Democrat Times (Newspaper) - April 21, 1968, Greenville, MississippiF editorials of Greenville miss., april sunday were it left to me to decide whether we should have a govern ment without newspapers or newspapers without government i should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Jefferson Charles Kerg 1904-1968 Charlie Kerg sports editor of a hamburger Between two More this newspaper was More than a hamburgers fixture on the Delta Democrat times for fifty years. He was my Friend. He had no enemies. The Virtues which Charlie per he found time almost incredibly to be a Loving husband and father. His two children reflect his great decency and spirit of personified Are the greatest because vice that is exemplified too in his they Are the simplest and most Brave wife. The hearts of All of us elementary. I have never known on the Democrat times go out to them and his two beloved Sisters. I could Tell a Hundred stories about Charlie. I will Tell just one. When we came to Greenville in the past two years when he was thirty two years ago to establish a a sick Man and knew it neither we competing newspaper Charlie was nor his doctors could keep him the Only member of the opposition away from the Delta Democrat staff to fight Back. If the old news times though he knew that we paper could have counted three like would keep him on As Long As he him on its staff we would t have a Man As Loyal to a newspaper or a Community. He was dogged and devoted and nothing could Ever come Between him and whatever task he had set for himself. Even keep lived 7 whether another line. He Ever wrote won out in that bitter fight. Be cause he had fought Back he worried after our newspaper had _ w cai.n-1. In elsewhere succeeded in taking Over the demo in the was one of because he thought we those rare beings who become be keep Lim he expressed ends in their lifetime. One aspect Thig to a common Friend of that legend was his prodigious who told Usaj his fear very memory which made him a walking Day j told lie was the encyclopedia of Greenville and its Only staffer on this paper that we to the Marvel of. All of us were certain to keep from than on who worked with him. Another As ouf was never that of pet was his prodigious Energy Aser and empl0yee but of reflected in his output for All of his Friend and Friend. We Fici into the life on the Delta Democrat times habit calling other silly from his teen years when he be names his name for me was aloy came Trie newspaper s first and Sius Neithel. Ever knew Why. Only sports editor until the recent past another was his prodigious but Aloysius is thinking of you Hanoi appears More organized than us in approach to Washington the approach to talks on Vietnam Lias revealed a difference Between the two sides that goes far beyond rhetoric or propaganda. The difference is that Hanoi knows what it is doing while Washington is not sure. The other Side is conducting a even to disavow As mis takes the actions of subordinate officials. A similar control governs the Way has conveyed the impression of willingness to talk. It has been done by a series of cz2s3bseb. Monday in Hawaii to startled he state department with a Sharp statement calling on the other Side to come off what he called a propaganda part of tie direct exposure of the president of these Tricky is sues flows inevitably from this country s democratic system. Nicely timed tiny Steps. The original announcement that _ careful probe of american Inton Contact would be possible was but a Large part is also rooted in tons. In line with thai purpose followed in three Days by the avoidable circumstance. Suggestion of Olmom penh in Cambodia As a site for the talks. The probe by the Oiler Side Lias implicitly raised some Basic substantive issues regarding Tho Side us gelled Warsaw. Then of septic Nicot this country during a Dull stretch Hanoi kept up the momentum by an announcement that seemed to designate former foreign minis Ter Xuan Thuy As a negotiator. Johnson administration suffers a weakness for exaggeration it has conveyed the impression of interest in talks without i n any Way compromising the choices open to its top political leadership. This country is poorly organized to meet the probe because its Basic intentions in Vietnam re main unresolved. In Conse Quence the United Stales has found itself on the defensive with its lop political leadership implicated in a series of actions that Bear the Mark of quibbling or even bad Faith. T the Slud cd approach of the other Side is perhaps Best reflected in the role being played by president to Chi Minh o t North Vietnam. The most diverse authorities ranging from Iho american intelligence officials to the French Orienta list Paul mus Are satisfied Thul to is currently supervising the unfolding of vietnamese policy. The feeling is that without to deadlocks in the Hanoi leadership would have prevented the taking of so Many decisions so rapidly. But there has been no Public identification of to with any of the recent actions. On the contrary visitors to Hanoi Are Given the impression that he six Days later the is prepared to accept for South Vietnam and Allied countries in Asia. Optimists and hardliners in the administration in Saigon and in Allied countries have been the next Day Hanoi reverted to pushing Tho president to Lake a Warsaw. Position thai would clearly be negative reactions have been unacceptable to the other Side. Delivered in the Fame careful Way by unofficial organs or Low level sources. The refusal of the four Sites suggested by the United slates was made by w h a t Hanoi radio called a spokes Man of the foreign charges of bad Faith and quibbling have been confined to Hanoi radio and lie party paper nhan Dan. persons on the while House Slaff have become engaged in the debate to the Point where instead of protecting the preside no they Are taking up sides. In fact the president More than Ever needs Protection a t this juncture. Precisely because major substantive issues Are up for consid Calion the american John position needs to be expressed in larger ways that do not directly or in contrast president son has been out front than life As the Public exponent prematurely engage the top to of this country s position on nil Lotical leadership. Pretty much out of things. He is accordingly free to move As he were going Back and issues. He personally announced. In an ambiguous Way that threatened to inlets if the Issue of credibility the limited halt in bombing of North Viet Nam in a nationwide to address on March 31. Last week at Camp David he told reporters that messages Forth. Whatever the substantive rights or no matter whether meetings take place in Warsaw or elsewhere the probe by the other Side demands skill Ful and delicate handling. I n particular in requires far More meticulous direction than it is now getting from the White House staff. 196b York time Nevi str let Washington the John son administration is in trouble again because of its tendency to Promise More than it delivers. From the very first it has appetite in Trie realm of food As today Charlie in sorrow aim voc. Shown a weakness for cd niger Well As facts. I once proposed a god rest you gentleman of. The new Sandwich which would be press. Named a Ker Burger. It would be plodding Carter Alion and this has blurred its re Cord even when its achieve ments and purposes were admirable. Its record of social Justice is a failure Only when compared with its soaring rhetoric about Cre Ling a great society. Even on a budget limited by the War it has been a compassionate and despair and negativism have Hutton Plant manager at Atkin apparently become so fashionable saw. A relative newcomer to u v in our approach to Community Greenville he nevertheless sees problems that sometimes we tend clearly what must be done and is to forget that this is not the Way willing to give considerable time Greenville has gone about the Busi away from his daily work to help Ness of building a better City in the get it done. As he has told a num past there Are plenty of people Ber of employer groups lately project . Holds the key but its acts have never caught up with its words. Who have not forgotten however and some of them Are Busy Demon Greenville has always been a Little out of step by being just a Little Strating it project ., youth ahead. It has been Able to see that employment service a co opera what is needed tomorrow should be live venture Between the Cham done today. Today the need is to her of. Commerce and the missis take action action m the form of Sippi employment service is an summer employment example of their work. What project . Is seeking is the. Summer employment of As Many youths As local businesses and industries can possibly absorb. This has be come a matter of pressing National Many employers who have not concern because in the Wake of a done this. The sessions with the Tomasion on the one hand and As employers which project . A result of Well meaning wage has been conducting have been and hour regulations on the other drawing an average of Only one it has become virtually impossible eight of those invited. While some for More than a fraction of. Those responses have been Gratifying High school and College age Stu positive and few have been Down dents seeking summer jobs to find right negative the majority Lias them. Consequently in past sum shown its apathy by slaying away mers there have been thousands of Ray Smith chamber president has As he has also Lieen saying each one of is needs to look beyond our immediate needs Anil ask Flint we can do for he sadly there Are still far too youngsters locally with nothing to said thai we Are do and no Way to make the Money they need to help themselves. There have been Good reasons some already noted Why Many employers have not hired these potential workers. Today there Are Many More Good reasons Why pm asking for some sacrifice by the business Community hoping that for once we can come up with something that is not too Little or too we May Well see that Hope go into tiie Ash Heap. There is really nothing which is Loo Lille for the individual employer to do. Agro Ping in hire inc e in Iucci it no. A. Players should make the extra of for Tho sur Nfn. In fort and even the extra work if that is what it will take to find room for summer employees. The old truism that Idle hands Are the Devil s workshop nerds Little positive addition. Hii Iii two and working each one 20 hours i week instead of working one extra per son for 40 hours a Wool would be in some ways even better. Nor in am i l t. A i j . Translation to Presont Day Condi have ,0 to View. Tons. Thai there nor Lylerly hundreds of Young and women who need extra income in inc sum Mer to allow them to continue their schooling in the fall in they can become productive citizens later is also the chamber is addressing it de entirely As is ration is now searching for a formula that will end the present deadlock before it gets into More trouble with the electoral. One such formula under discussion is that Washington would agree to hold the preliminary talks i n provided Hanoi would agree that any subsequent no Foliations for a peace treaty should be held in Geneva. Failing that there is always the possibility of Paris. Repro fledgling Humphrey Campaign hampered by Money shortage j William today is sunday april 21, the sent Alives of. Hanoi have been Day of docs with 254 to follow a the Moon is Between its last Quarter and new phase. The morning Star is Venus. The evening stars Are Mars and Jupiter. On this Day in history in 1954 . Air Force planes began flying French troops from Paris to Indochina to reinforce the by seized bastion at Dieni Enshu. In 1967 the Creek army took Over control of the government. Hinting at that and Washington would probably agree. It would not like in rely on the Lender mercies of president de Gaulle and the Paris press but it can not let the Issue of place Block the talks much longer. Frank and said Disraeli that is the right line to talk when you wish to conceal your own mind and to confuse the mind.1 of but Washington has not mastered the arts of British understatement. It tends in the opposite diction. Why the delay Here is one version Money is at the Root of the matter. Hubert Humphrey has no Money and Only Lyndon Johnson can raise it for him and thus far Johnson has not greatly be stirred himself. I n order for or. Humphrey to enter the California primary vigor Gusly he needed lots and lots of the stuff that is so copiously available to his principal competitor or. Kennedy. If or. Mccarthy survives the Indiana primary he Loo will fight i n California but or. Mccarthy whose net Worth was recently revealed at approximately has available to him what one might Call the ideological Dollar the same Dollar that supported or. Goldwater. Or. Humphrey had Only five stay out of it. And in a Tough Pri Mary you have got to be pre pared to spend even More. It is thought Likely that if Mccarthy is still Strong one month from now Bobby Kennedy will spend five million dollars there a s much As or. Rockefeller spent in his Effort to beat Goldwater four years ago a painful expend iture inasmuch As it was not even tax deductible. That kind of Money is not available to or. Humphrey Ami his friends from their personal resources. It is available from the labor unions or from the friends of lie president. The labor unions most of which Are dominated by old line democrats who tend to prefer Ortho Dox democrats to the Bee top pers Are pro Humphrey but the Rise above such mundane questions As who should be their Suc Cessor. At any rate at the pre sent moment or. Given to visible sign to his sup porters. Perhaps they Are sup posed o infer his preference for Humphrey. But inferences Don t bring out the Money. And there Are Only five Days left to enter the final primary Jersey. One wonders whether Lyndon Johnson is demoralized. Surely lie in t so angry with the United Stales that lie will decline to interpose himself Between h i s country and Robert Kennedy could it to that the president is in fact so much the sadist hat he desires America to slew in a Kennedy administration have we dealt with him that unkindly Days after president Johnson s leadership is unwilling to make withdrawal in which. To declare his candidacy and meet the California filing deadline. It is speculated that he was anxious to work out in California. But the professionals Tell you that unless you Are prepared to spend to arid one half million dollars in that primary you May As Well major commitments in the absence of Clear indication from Lyndon Johnson that he will fight for his vice president. S o that As in so Many political mat ters the Trail leads once again to the president and the presid ent appears to be struck on the Absurdity that presidents a Tould family identification serves Frk left Well Anderson. . Obscured by his own poor mouthing and monolithic opposition from the slate s regular party Organiza Tion is the tremendous popular Ity sen. Robert f. Kennedy be gins with among Indiana s democratic masses two weeks be fore the May 7 primary hero. This is the obvious conclusion drawn from a full Day s House to House polling we engaged in with Lucy Sutherland inc experienced and highly competent Indiana pollster for the Oliver Quayle organization. The results of -13 interviews with democrats three fourths in a lower Middle income while working Man s neighbourhood in inc Industrial Community of Anderson a handful in a higher income Anderson neighbourhood and the balance in a Low income negro neighbourhood in nearby Indianapolis were startling. Kennedy received 2c1 sen. Mccarthy. C of. Kog to lie Avo Rise song vice president Hubert Humphrey 1 in. The remaining 10 democrats were undecided. T even conceding the absence of pro fran Ign Rural voters in this Sample these results Clif the determined under Dorsery spread by the Kennedy Camp. Among Boh while and negro Blue Collar workers Kennedy maintains a Light emotional hold. Using mrs. Sutherland s professional polling techno flues and a questionnaire constructed by Quayle we reached these niger conclusions Many contradict ing conventional political wis Dom Hert key ingredient in Ken Nedy s popularity is neither his Vietnam nor Domestic policies neither of which Are keenly perceived hut his family identification. Many volunteered that they were voting for Kennedy to bring Back what they regard As the John f. Kennedy Golden Era. Mccarthy is still unknown Here. More than half of those in Lervic Werl expressed no opinion Aliu his performance As a san Alor and most were foggy about his views a situation that could lie changed by thousands of or Oliell ringing College students for Branigin inscribed constantly to the press As an extremely popular governor by Kennedy aides Drew a relatively Low Job rating of 52 percent favor Able in our Sample lower than ratings for president John son Mccarthy and Kennedy our interviews showed Only a dim appreciation or accept Ance of lira Nigin s role As a favorite son to give Indiana bar gaining Power at the Chicago convention. About half the Sam ple simply did not regard bran Ign As a serious candidate and some supporters viewed him As a so anal in for Humphrey which definitely is not the governor s the massive crossover of re publican voters for Branigin expected by his political Counselor seems unlikely. Although As a fiscal conservative bin Ign enjoys an enormous Republican nol one of the More than 50 Republican voters e interviewed in addition to the 43 democrats indicated they would crossover to the demo cratic primary. Curiously inc Sample w a s quite hawkish about Vietnam with 17 of the 43 democrats urging unlimited but non nuclear War. These voters seemed Una Ware of Kennedy s Well publicized Dovis Ness some of his sup porters actually supposing he would a scale the War if Eccl cd. Thus a Young negro labourer in Indianapolis told us he favored Kennedy because he w o i 1 d itch up the War in Vietnam and win it sooner than by the same Token a few Volcks we interviewed apparently Felt Kennedy As president would use the Iron fist against negro riots. The wife of a Mach Inist in Andersen us that he would use Force to end this negro As for their attitudes toward Kennedy a vast majority of those interviewed dismissed charges that he is too political i do not endorse that explanation but i yearn for another. The conventional one. As we say. Is unconvincing that it is Infra dig for a president Loas Sert himself concerning his Suc Cessor. Eisenhower used to drive the gop around t h e Bend by declining to endorse Nix the critical moment. But Eisenhower As the non political Man was at least p audible Johnson As such is Focally. Implausible it is inconceivable i that he believes that. Duty re quires Hiat re stand in the Way of he nomination of a sen Ator who recently said that president Clinson has been appealing to the Darker Side o f the american the president appears f o have lost his capacity to fight riot Only in Vietnam but also within the democratic party. So what is or. Humphrey t o do his plight is rather like Rockefeller s a few months ago Back when he believed that his vote Lay in Nixon and Romney neutralising each other so As to make it possible for him to descend on the third ballot drawn Tough and ruthless opportunism winged chariots and save his tic or not to be Irusle. On the other hand 25 of the 43 agreed with the statement that Mccar thy is nol big enough to be president White indicating no recognition of Mccarthy As an intellectual or a Leader of the nation s youth. A concerted Effort by the re Gular organization for Branigin and the onslaught of Mccarthy s kiddie corps May Well drastically modify our findings Between now and the election. Nevertheless our poll suggests that Ken party and the country. Or. Humphrey bucking an Opportunity to Challenge or. Kennedy in the primaries must it this Point Hope that or. Mccarthy will act out the role of a successful rom nay successful enough 1 1 share the delegates at Chicago with Kennedy leaving enough in Reserve to await the Resolution of the contest in favor of Hubert Humphrey. Or. Rockefeller is meanwhile reduced to heading up a vast draft Rock Feller movement. Such a movement to draft Humphrey is bound t o Rudy begins the Indiana Cam emerge on a National scale. But pain with an extraordinary be if or. Kennedy . My vol of mass popularity Hough Carthy in Indiana for reasons wholly unconnected which i herewith a a with his policy positions and not tonal Day of then at All in the perilous underdog Humphrey s had it role his propagandists have and or. John Sowull look v e t y painted Lor him. Very foolish

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