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Greensburg Daily News Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 4

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Greensburg Daily News (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Greensburg, Indiana 4�?Greensburg daily news wednesday May 16, 1990viewpoint guest Viergood Luck the Indianapolis Star the Long anticipated million Dollar lottery game began Bright and Early the morning of april 30, much to the Delight of Many hoosiers and the disapproval of others. About 2,000 business establishments throughout the state Are Selling the lotto Cash computerized game tickets. The states venture into the lottery and its varied life forms has been spectacularly successful to Date. At least that is what lottery officials report. During the next full fiscal year lotto Cash is expected to produce about $220 million in profits to the state to be used in special construction projects and to reduce the Auto excise tax and the unfunded liabilities in two state pension funds. Though unclaimed prize Money accumulates from week to week Indiana wont be Able to offer the kind of payoffs that have produced ticket frenzy elsewhere. Illinois for example has had jackpots of More than $40 million for a single Winner. Lotto Cash however is distinctive in that prizes will be paid in one Lump sum rather than spread Over 20 years. By comparison other states Purchase annuities or Treasury notes that generate enough interest to pay the annual instalment. The immediate payoff minus Federal income taxes of course is expected to attract out of state ticket buyers. There is also interest in having Indiana join a Multi state or regional lottery. But there can be no move in that direction until the new game is in operation for a year. For now Indiana guarantees that there will be a minimum of $1 million in the Jackpot each week. The Odds of taking it Home Are about one in 7 million. That Means one Winner a and 6,999,999 losers. Berry s world a 1990 by Nea. Inc pc it take that Bart Simpson mask off immedi a Tel a you scared your father and me half to death a Greensburg daily news . Box 106 135 South Franklin St. Greensburg ind. 47240 812 663-3111 Cusps 2289-8000 published evenings monday through saturday except Christmas by american publishing company Aba Greensburg daily news. Entered As second class matter at Greensburg in Post office. Postmaster please Send address changes to the Greensburg daily news . Box 106. Greensburg. In 47240. A copyright 1989. American publishing company. Aba Greensburg daily news. All rights reserved. All property rights for the entire Content of this publication shall be the property of american publishing company. No part Hereof May be reproduced without prior written consent member Hoosier state press association. Indiana Republican editorial association. United press International National newspaper association. Jeff Jesus. Publisher James a. Bonnie advertising mgr. Melissa Howard classified advertising mgr. Bernadine Ewing. Business manager Kenneth Luken. Production supt. Kevin mouser. Pressroom supt. Kathleen Berkemeier. Circulation mgr. Subscription rates by Carrier daily in cities and towns 1.50 we by motor route one year 82.80 six months 41.40 three months 20.70 one month 6.90 by mail one year 88.00 six months 47.50 three months 25.50 one month 12.50 mail subscriptions cannot be accepted in towns with Carrier delivery. A saved by letters to the editor violence to increase fast sir expect violence to increase in South Africa. Despite Calls for negotiations and significant government reforms aimed toward abolishing apartheid Many South african Blacks Are determined to intensify the wave of violence already sweeping the country. Ironically the violence is not aimed at the White minority government but instead at other Black individuals and organizations. Black against Black violence has reached an All time High in South Africa with no apparent end in sight. Nelson Mandela a plea for peace in Natal for example fell upon deaf ears because or. Mandela himself refuses to give up a the armed struggle. If Black South african leaders condone the use of violence As a Means by which to secure National Power How can they not expect their followers to use the same methods to establish regional or tribal dominance if peace is to finally come to South Africa it will be necessary for Black South african leaders to renounce All acts of violence and political intimidation. Unfortunately this is something they Are not yet willing or Able to do. Sincerely Dan Dwyer 25 Sorin Hall notre Dame in 46556morals being taken away sir i am writing about a store that has just been put in maybe a month ago Here in Greensburg. Its called Karma records and it seems like a harmless record store. I walked into the store and was shocked there were cassette tapes with what looked like the Devil himself on it and naked people on the records a picture of a Man taking drugs on the cover of a record a Smiley face picture with blood coming out of its forehead like it had been stabbed this sort of so called a a expression is unnecessary its demeaning immoral and Down right disgusting. Sure you May say Freedom of express son Freedom of speech but what about us christians these displays can be put in stores and its Fine but across the United states Christian morals Are being taken away what is wrong with this country better yet what is wrong with the people in this country i Challenge everyone who is against this sort of act to write to your government. If enough of us join together we May get something done Here in our own town Darla Greer Greensburg Beach ready for tourists sir thanks to your support and to our rapid Broad based renewal Effort Myrtle Beach the Hub of South Carolina s grand stand resort is better than Ever after Hurricane More than 50,000 room 10,000 campsites and 1,200 restaurants Are ready for the 1990 tourist season. Woman writes death threat to . Secretary of Commerce Washington a there is no question that the president of the United states needs to be protected by secret service agents. Death threats come with the territory. But who would want to kill the Secretary of agriculture or Interior we recently speculated in this column that Cabinet members surround themselves with a muscle bound entourage because they like the trappings of Nouveau Royalty. Commerce Secretary Robert mos Bacher has since Learned that those trappings can come in Handy. A woman has been in a Washington d.c., jail for a month awaiting trial on charges that she threatened Mosbacher s life. Nancy Crawford allegedly wrote Mosbacher a letter saying a there is your Choice marry me or die. Ill kill you before you Hurt me Mosbacher refused to answer our questions about the woman. An Fri agent who questioned her said that she spoke about her relationship with Mosbacher and blames him for some personal problems. A she stated that Secretary Mosbacher was destined to be her Mentor and in a mystical sense the father of two children she has seen in her dreams and has always hoped for a the Fri agent s affidavit said. Crawford moved to Washington from Brooklyn n.y., earlier this year. Jack Anderson syndicated columnist she is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is competent to stand trial. Crawford refused to Tell us whether she had actually met Mosbacher. A to not a threat to anyone a she said adding that she had tried for a year to get an appointment with Mosbacher. A i am in fact in jail because i wrote a letter to Robert then she added a a it a quite possible i should be married to Robert Mosbacher a but she said he was the a last person she would want to marry. A a he a a miserable its not Likely that Mosbacher would be killed for his stand on japanese Trade issues or Eastern bloc technology Transfer. But a political beef is not the Only motive for murder. President Reagan was shot by someone who cared More about Jodie Foster than reaganomics. The flamboyant Mosbacher is a More Likely target for threats from the lovelorn than the politically disillusioned. The handsome Silver haired millionaire and his stunning wife Georgette were hailed As a needed addition to the flagging Washington party circuit when president Bush appointed Mosbacher to the Commerce Post. Many top government officials Don t think their jobs Are controversial enough to warrant tight Security. Our associate Scott sleek polled the Cabinet and found that a few members have no Protection at All. Even those with Security like to keep it at a minimum. Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan Learned to press the flesh As a congressman from new Mexico and he has an aversion to Security As a Cabinet Secretary. But . Park police guard him when he travels. Once in California he waded into a crowd of angry environmentalists protesting offshore drilling. Security people there advised him to leave. Agriculture Secretary Clayton Yeut ter is no stranger to threats even though the nature of his work would tend to put him in touch with Only Salt of the Earth types. He and former agriculture secretaries have been threatened by eco terrorists displaced Farmers and even an occasional animal rights activist vegetarian. Sceptics debated whether a nine month refurbishing Effort could restore enough front porches and Golf courses to satisfy our usual 400,00$ weekly vacationers. Any Doubter need now Only play a round of Golf oar any one of our 68 courses or sip a Julep on any one of several thousand Ocean front balconies to see thai Myrtle Beach is not Only Back it 5 better than Ever. J everyone involved in this remark Able renewal worked night and Day with our visitors in mind. That a because despite those winds of change Hurricane a a Hugo built some thing new and permanent yet inv Isu Hie. A a Hugo built a Strong Bond Between Myrtle Beach and cities like yours. Z As we begin our new tourism sea son please accept our ongoing approx elation for your gift prayers and con Cern. We invite you to come see How Well your caring worked. Myrtle Beach is fresh sparkling and renewed sincerely j. Michael Pate. Chairman Myrtle Beach area. Hugo economic renewal i task Force yesterday one year ago May 16, 1989 Jeff Tetrick led the pirate boys by winning the 800 and 1,600 meter runs in the Eastern Indiana championship when Greensburg won the boys tide by 60% Points and the girls title by 28. Five years ago May 16, 1985 the Greensburg High Honor society officers Darren Burkhart Debbie Smith Wanda Blankman and Billie to Vire led the induction for the 18 new members. ? Greensburg s popular and Well known couple of Dale and Martha Davis were named recipients of the annual James e. Greiwe memorial Optimist of the year award. In Twenty five years ago May 16, 1965 a Carol Stewart daughter of or. And mrs. John Stewart was crowned Queen at the 1965 Junior senior prom at Greensburg Community High school. Put Steven Foster of fort Knox was the weekend guest of his parents or. And mrs. Gerald Foster and he had been chosen colonels orderly at a formal guard mount in the 3rd train ing brigade. \ fifty years ago May 16, 1940 or. And mrs. Brayton Deal and son had moved from the Erdmann apart ment on the South Side of the Square to Monfort Street it

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