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Greensburg Daily News Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 4

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Greensburg Daily News (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Greensburg, Indiana 4�?Greensburg daily news Friday May i is viewpoint guest View Public record from Shelbyville news during the Indiana general Assembly session earlier this year a Republican representative let it sup that the Republican House caucus had been tape recording House debate since the late 1970s. That is the Only known audio recording of House action since the legislature just prints a written record of those proceedings but has never tape recorded them. Now the Indiana civil liberties Union has asked a court to require the gop caucus to release those tapes arguing they Are recordings of a Public body. The Clu is taking that action because gop caucus officials will not voluntarily let that organization listen to the tapes. Those tapes ought to be made Public. They represent the actions of the legislative Branch of state government which the Public has a vested interest in. The incident raises the question of Why the House and Senate proceedings be taped recorded. The speeches and debate that occur in both Chambers have a direct Impact on All hoosiers. With the current written record remarks and speeches can be edited so the possible intent of legislation can be lost. But a tape recording would catch exactly what legislators said when they propose and pass Laws. This is most important when courts must Rule on what state Laws mean. With tape recordings judges could get a better understanding of what the Legislatures intent was in passing a specific Law. Obviously if the gop House caucus can afford to tape the House actions the Cost of taping the House and Senate would not be that great. This is something the legislature ought to do because the Public has to have an accurate record of what their representatives say in legislative sessions. Now you know the lutheran Church in America is the largest of three major lutheran bodies in the United states. The others Are the lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the american lutheran Church. Together they have More than 8 million members. All three belong to the new York based lutheran Council in the .a., which coordinates various joint activities. A condominium is a housing unit in a Multi family building or Complex owned by an individual who also owns a partial interest in the common areas of the building or compel. A cooperative is a non profit housing corporation in which individual households own shares entitling them to live in a particular unit in a Multi family building or Complex and to use its facilities. Color an electromagnetic wave phenomenon is a sensation produced through the excitation of the Retina of the Eye by rays of Light. The colors of the spectrum May be produced by viewing a Light beam refracted by passage through a prism which Breaks the Light into s world Greensburg daily news p o. Sox to us South Franklin St. Greensburg ind. 47240 of 443 3111. Cusps 2209-0000 published evenings. Monday through saturday except Christmas by Worrell newspapers of Indiana inc entered As second class matter at Greensburg ind Post office postmaster please Send address changes to the Greensburg daily news. P o Box 106, Greensburg in 47240 1906 Worrell newspapers of Indiana inc., All rights reserved Quot All property rights for the entire contents of this publication shall be the property of Worrell newspapers of Indiana inc no part Hereof May be reproduced without prior written consent Quot member audit Bureau of circulation. Hoosier state press association Indiana Republican editorial association United press International c. F. 6 publisher James m. James a. editor Norman d. Voiles advertising director Bernadine manager Kenneth supt. Charles i. Abrell supt Kimberly manager subscription rates by Carrier daily in cities and towns i Iowa by motor route one year 60 00 six months 30 00 three months 1500 one month 5 00 by mail one year 78.00 six months 41.50 three months 22.50 one month 10.00 mail subscriptions cannot be accepted in towns with Carrier delivery a a Tab a ass sub. Dc-3, Sun. In Quot we air after awl is time. Iranians protest treatment yesterday of dying Man by regime Washington civil unrest led by shiite clergymen is sweeping Iran As a result of the Ayatollah Khomeini a vengeful decision to keep a rival holy Man Forfi leaving the country for cancer treatment. The Mullah 85-year-old grand Ayatollah said Hazen Shariat Madari died painfully in an iranian Hospital and was then refused burial proper for one of his rank. So far Khomeini has responded to the riots and demonstrations with his usual ruthlessness throwing hundreds of mullahs in jail. He is clearly worried by this latest Challenge to his regime remembering the important role the moslem clergy played in the Shah a downfall and Khomeini a own Rise to Power seven years ago. In a country where executions of suspected opponents have become commonplace Why did the death and Disho Noring of one Man ignite unrest in cities across Iran state department sources explained to our associate Lucette Lagnado that Shariatmadar unlike Khomeini was a truly benevolent religious Leader widely beloved by iranians and especially the lower clergy. He even looked like a Saint one iranian expert observed. In fact it was his Devotion to his religion that made Shariatmadar the target of Khomeini a implacable Wrath. The two were among Only a half dozen grand ayatollahs and therefore of equal religious stature but Shariatmadar Jack Anderson syndicated columnist my criticized Khomeini for seizing temporal authority and setting up a supposedly a islamic Shariatmadar believed that ayatollahs should not Wield earthly Power and he viewed Khomeini As a cynical charlatan who used religion to further his personal ambitions. Khomeini implicated Shariatmadar in a coup attempt several years ago and had the old Man placed under House arrest. Then several months ago Shariatmadar was diagnosed As having either prostrate or kidney cancer. His doctors asked the regime for permission to take him to the West for treatment of his life threatening disease. Though granting of such permission is usually routine Khomeini rejected his rivals request. In Shariat Madariz a final agonizing Days visitors were not allowed to pay their respects. And Khomeini a vendetta continued even after his rival died. His body was spirited out the Back door of the Hospital sources told us and the regime permitted none of the funeral ceremony befitting toe death of an eminent spiritual Leader. A there we have the government of an islamic Republic going after a holy Man a said a disgusted state department source who described Khomeini a treatment of Shariatmadar As . Iranian experts Are particularly interested in the turmoil that followed Shariat Madariz a shameful treatment. Shiite mullahs have led riots in the streets of qom Tabriz and mos had. Bazaars closed Down in protest Over the governments actions. State department Cable traffic reported major disturbances As recently As last week. Another grand Ayatollah named Golpayegani has taken Shariat Madariz a place As an outspoken critic of Khomeini. Golpayegani sent a Telegram to Khomeini protesting the Lack of a proper funeral for Shariatmadar and his a burial in a hidden Golpayegani whom Khomeini has also placed under House arrest complained that the regimes actions a Are against islam and the footnote supporters of the late Ayatollah a amount to millions of people a sources estimate and discontent extends far beyond the moslem clergy. In addition royalist elements have become emboldened by the unrest and Are planning their own demonstrations against Khomeini. One year ago Mays 1985 Greensburg High schools girls Tennis team raised its record to 8-2 with a 3-2 win Over Columbus East with All three pirate singles players Marsh Moeller Stacey Wilkison and Cindy Heaton winning their matches to Lead to the win. Decatur county Law enforcement officers were honoured guests at the Optimist club meeting with special recognition and a specially engraved plaque to longtime Indiana state police officer first sgt Hugh Chambers of years ago May 9,1981 effective May 18, the trailways bus station would be moved to a new location at 1010 e. Main St. Although Kitchin realty had been in business in the Shelbyville area since 1972, it had just recently opened in Greensburg. Lynne Wells a Decatur county native was sales agent for Kitchins Greensburg Branch and Dick and sue Swango Kitchin were brokers for the firm. Ten years ago May 9,1978 Veteran scoutmaster Edgar Scheidler was presented the highest award in scouting the Silver Beaver award at ceremonies in the ramada inn Nashville. A Flash fire from a Furnace at the Mobile Home residence of Lester Fleener . 6, Greensburg resulted in Over $14,000 damage to the trailer and its contents. Twenty five years ago May 9,1981 Decatur county mopped up after six inches of rain during the past five Days while the Weatherman warned of possible Frost tonight. Slavery opposition debuted Early in county its always amazed me How a person seems to learn More about Home once he a left it. For example one College semester found me looking for a a a different class to Complete my history double major. My Choice was an Indiana history class taught by one of the campuses a a better professors. The rationale behind my decision was simple a i Hadnot studied Indiana history since fourth Grade. Surely i thought something new must have happened in the intervening years. Fortunately i discovered it had. Being a diligent student i tried to keep up with the assigned Reading. One night a sentence literally jumped from the Page a the first anti slavery society in the state of Indiana was organized in Decatur talk about a double take. At first i Wasny to sure if i had really read what i did. So i took off my glasses rubbed my tired eyes perched the glasses Back on my nose and reread toe sentence. It did not change. Days later in class the professor reiterated the text and i became a believer. After All when the words Are spoken by an american history expert named James Madison Well a student tends to take him at his word. With my curiosity thus piqued i set out to learn some More about this Decatur county first. According to the 1882 Atlas of Decatur county the a anti slavery sentiment took Root in this county the main reason died was Many Early settlers especially around Kingston and Melanie Maxwell daily news columnist Springhill were kentuckians who lived through that states intense constitutional debate. And when they moved to Decatur county they brought with them that a repugnance to by 1830, Many of these settlers organized the Decatur county colonization society. Their purpose echoed that of their National organization a to remove free persons of color to dissension however rapidly developed within this society. Some of the More Radical men Felt that the society a was being used in the interests of slavery rather than Freedom. They reasoned that the South regarded its free coloured population As a continuous threat against the safety of their property and employed the colonization society for removing from among them what they regarded As a Means to ultimate by 1836, these More Radical members withdrew from toe colonization society and formed the Decatur county antislavery society. Leaders of this movement included Samuel Donnell sr., John r it no imm him Flynn Alexander Mccoy and Cyrus Hamilton. Their Creed was simple a slavery is a sin a a sin for which the whole nation is responsible and for which there is but one solution a immediate one consequence of this was the development of a bitter fight Between members of both organizations. This created tensions Between neighbors friends relatives and led to a split in the churches. The greatest conflict seemed to rack the Kingston presbyterian Church. A Booklet published in 1896 to celebrate the churches 75th anniversary reprinted a portion of a history provided by Thomas Hamilton a Church member that shows some of the turmoil this time produced. A during the building of the Church the antislavery movement began to be agitated Here. A country society auxiliary to the american anti slavery society was organized. Few members of the Church manifested any hostility to the abolitionist movement. All joined in condemning slavery but Many refused Active cooperation. Abolitionists became zealous As opposition increased and pressed their arguments through lectures newspapers until it became toe absorbing topic of interest. The pastor seeing that a portion of toe Church were not abolitionists attempted to occupy Neutral ground. In the toe abolitionists being so convinced of toe truth and importance of their principle thought All Good and right minded men ought to embrace on March 13, 1837, Thomas Hammon presented a paper before the Church session that gave notice the undersigned 37 members withdrew their memberships. Most belonged to the Mccoy Hamilton or Donnell families. They formed a Church that became known As the new school. Both churches however emerged in the Early 1860�?Ts. According to the Atlas Many of the a fathers of Decatur county a antislavery cause died before a seeing the end of the great iniquity but most lived to see full Fruita Tion of their labors a Man made free and the nation redeemed from the curse of its not too surprising that with such a Strong anti slavery movement the underground Railroad was especially Strong in the county. In fact the Atlas said that the railroads main line was supposed to have run through the Eastern part of the county. Evidently the Railroad had three Crossings Over the Ohio River. One near Madison and the others at Vevay and rising Sun. The Madison route conducted parcels through new Marion and Zenas while the other two routes passed near Milan. All three converged at Mccoy a station just South of Greensburg. The route then travelled Northeast toward a Black settlement along the Decatur Frankyn county line into Ohio and eventually into Canada. The Railroad ceased operations in the Early 1800�?Ts. A participants were proud to claim not a single slave was Ever recovered by a a owners during the la decade of the lines operation

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