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Greensburg Daily News Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 4

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Greensburg Daily News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Greensburg, Indiana 4�?Greensburg daily news saturday March 31, 1990viewpoint guest View oversight from the fort Wayne news Sentinel mayor Paul Helmke says optimistically that the Indiana supreme courts new guidelines for annexation wont slow the City a efforts to take in More territory. The City will merely have to a throw an extra paragraph a in its annexation proposals. But its not hard to imagine the new guidelines causing a lot More trouble than that. The supreme court did no to set any Concrete specific guidelines. It merely upheld on a 2-2 tie an Indiana court of appeals ruling forbidding the method Hoosier cities have historically used to Annex. A a a citywide a Standard of service has been used to determine what services an annexed area must get. If it takes say an average of three minutes for police to respond in a Given City then any annexed area must also get a police response time of three minutes. Not Good enough the court said. Cities must instead provide a new area with services equal to those received in a like neighbourhood so a a those of similar Topography land use and population density. When exactly is one neighbourhood like another that a not easy to say and the disputes Over definitions can easily be the subject of countless lawsuits annexation foes Are always on the Lookout for new delaying tactics. But that a the nature of the game. Cities will naturally try to grow a they must if they Are to Prosper. And residents who live near corporate limits will continue to resist annexation. Why they if you re already getting most of the benefits of living near an Urban area Why pay More taxes if you done to have to what is unfortunate is that the game is being refereed by the courts. Our lives Are already governed too much by judicial Fiat any addition is to be lamented. What a needed Here is some legislative oversight. Annexation involves disputes about the relationship of Hoosier citizens to their government and the relationships of units of government have with each other. The proper Way to sort that out is through Clear precise logical Laws and that a the general Assembly a Job. Now you know the Federal Bureau of investigation offers a free pamphlet introducing kids to the ins and outs of espionage titled a i spy at the on a typical Day 548 people successfully penetrate the Border to reach the United states illegally but 4,637 Are caught by guards and sent Home. It took Michelangelo four years to paint the Sis tine Chapel frescoes at the Vatican. It has taken to years to clean them in a restoration project for the Chapel that started in 1980 and still has four More years to go. Greensburg daily news . Box 106 135 South Franklin St. Greensburg ind. 47240 <612 663-3111 Cusps 2289-8000 published evenings. Monday through saturday except Christmas by american publishing company Aba Greensburg daily news. Entered As second class matter at Greensburg. In Post office. Postmaster please Send address changes to the Greensburg daily news. . Box 106. Greensburg. In 47240. A copyright 1989. American publishing company. Aba Greensburg daily news. All rights reserved. A All property rights for the entire Content of this publication shall be the property of american publishing company. No part Hereof May be reproduced without prior written consent member Hoosier state press association. Indiana Republican editorial association United press International. National newspaper association. Jeff Jeffus. Publisher James a. Morrison. Editor Bonnie advertising mgr. Melissa Howard classified advertising mgr. Bernadine Ewing. Business manager Kenneth Luken. Production supt. Kevin mouser. Pressroom supt. Kathleen Berkemeier. Circulation mgr. Subscription rates by Carrier daily in cities and towns 1.60 we by motor route one year 82.80 six months 41.40 three months 20.70 one month 6.90 by mail one year 88.00 six months 47.50 three months 25.50 one month 12.50 mail subscriptions cannot be accepted in towns with Carrier delivery. est Fife Shoop Jows colors pumps a mid Cut is vein up straps a sati wants hav oust a Rasic sneaker. You Kimm stripped Down vs0r&ion? record year for mass mailings Washington a our readers have had it with junk mail. They could complain to Congress if it weren to for one Small problem. The junk mail they re sick of comes from Congress. This will be a record year for mass mailings the self congratulatory letters members of Congress Send to their constituents in the Guise of news from Washington. The mail goes out under the congressional franking privilege which is a quaint colonial Way of saying you buy the Stamps. About $124 million was spent on taxpayer financed mass mailings by Congress last year but the Bill will be higher this year because members of Congress always seem to have More to say during an election year. The newsletters become thinly disguised Campaign material. We recently reported on the biggest mailers on Capitol Hill and asked our readers to Send us their junk mail. There is no shortage of it out there. One Reader said he wrote his congressman rep. Tommy Robinson r-ark., and asked him to Stop sending franked newsletters. But he still got them. The Reader sent us one of the offending pieces of mail in which Robinson noted his High voting attendance record his responses to 11,000 constituent inquiries and his efforts to help More than 5,000 people Cut through government red tape. That Wasny to much Consolation to one lowly constituent who simply wanted to be Cut off the mailing list. Rep. Ronnie Flippo d-ala., who is running for governor is getting a boost for his gubernatorial Campaign with the free congressional mailing privilege. He sent out a newsletter touting statewide concerns beyond those of his District he boasted of a 90 percent voting attendance record Jack Anderson syndicated columnist and included a picture of himself with George and Barbara Bush at a White House Soiree. A Minnesota Reader wrote us to complain about mail from sen. Rudy Boschwitz a Minn. Boschwitz was among the biggest spenders on mass mailings last year spending $1.7 million. He draws a Happy face next to the signature on his letters. A my husband has been dead for five years and is still receiving regularly Rudy a correspondence a the minnesotan said. A i can to Tell you if he draws a Happy face on the brochures As i done to bother to open them. They Are filed in the a Pennsylvania writer gets More mail than she needs from rep. Joseph Mcdade a a. A the offensive thing about getting this piece of junk mail was not the newsletter itself but the fact that we received four a one for myself my husband my 8-year-old son and How they remembered the dog ill never race to East Germany a while Many economists have assumed that West Germany a aggressive business people will make a captive out of East Germany a Industry Japan is not yet ready to be counted out of the race. Japanese company representatives Are already working busily in newly free East Germany tying Down Mark ets for everything from tiny electronic consumer goods to heavy Industrial equipment. One prominent West German Industrial consultant told us that the japanese Are already lining up deals in the heavy electrical Field that will Cut into projected West German sales. The japanese Appeal is first lower prices then service without any of the heavy handedness that West German companies have shown to their disorganized counterparts in the East. At a meeting last month in Mannheim West Germany prominent labor Leader Frank Steinkuller said bluntly of his country a industrialists a they want to conquer markets. They want to conquer East that a hardly the rhetoric to win friends and business partners. Where does the United states fit into the competitive picture a West German representative of a major american company told us he is putting up a fight to get contracts in East Germany but added glumly that he is not hopeful of beating out the West germans or the japanese. Corys downfall a . Policy makers Are bracing for the overthrow of Philippines president Corazon Aquino. She has survived six coup attempts. The next one May Woik. Aquino a Rule began with High expectations but her administration has been plagued by corruption and cronyism. The people Are complaining but the real threat will come from the army. Morale there is Low and the troops Are in a rebellious mood. In coup after coup Aquino has barely managed to keep the army on her Side. The Leader of the latest coup attempt col. Gregorio Onasan is still at Large and can be expected to strike again. Take the Money and run a Washington is a City fuelled by the lust for Power but at least one powerful Democrat is on the verge of giving up the Power for Money. Rep. Dan Ros Tenkowski d-ill., has More than $1 million in unspent Campaign donations from past elections. After 1992, it will become illegal for a member of Congress to keep that Money. Rostenkowski could stay in the seat of Power and say goodbye to his Money or he could retire a millionaire. We predict he will opt for the Money. Mini editorial a one terrorist group holding Western hostages announced last week that it release them until the United states complied with the groups demands except the half wit terrorists forgot to say what those demands were. This Keystone cops approach would be laughable if it Wasny to so vile. Mini editorial a Fidel Castro has his enemies mixed up. He recently vowed that Cuba will cling to communism come what May. A the Yankees done to have what they need to make the people of Cuba Castro is confused. It Isnit the Yankees who will Force Cuba to change. It is the soviets who can no longer afford the luxury of subsidizing Castro a failed Experiment mini editorial a researchers at the University of Florida Are bombarding pregnant horses with the simulated sound of Jet noise and you re paying the Bill. The air Force figures its Worth $100,000 of your Money to determine the effect of f-4 phantom fighter jets on pregnant horses. Nobody has asked the horses but we have to assume they would rather forego the Honor. Nobody asked the taxpayers either and we re sure they a just As soon keep the Money. A what did you do Over Spring break a Jacob Robinson student to Greensburg a i sat around and watched to and played basketball with my Mark Bower student 17 Greensburg a i stayed in town basketball and watched Mike Shrader student 18 Burney a i went to North Carolina and bought a horse i worked the rest of the Larry Weber bus operator 37 Greensburg a i went to Jacksonville fla., and did no to even wonder what the weather was like photos and text by Tracy Glantz

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