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Greensburg Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1990, Page 4

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Greensburg Daily News (Newspaper) - April 5, 1990, Greensburg, Indiana 4a�?Greensburg daily news thursday april 5, 1990viewpoint editorial trash Indiana gov. Evan Bayh has a fight on his hands a How to keep out of state trash out of the Hoosier state. Earlier this year the state general Assembly adopted a Law requiring a certificate from those hauling trash from outside Indiana that the material is free of hazardous and infectious waste. Wednesday a Federal court judge temporarily blocked enforcement of the new Law. Two trash haulers from Pennsylvania have filed lawsuits contending the measure is unconstitutional. Bayh says the dispute centers around whether the constitutionally guaranteed right for unrestricted Commerce Between states takes precedence Over a states right to protect the health of its citizens. Bayh swears he will fight for safety of Indiana residents. Unfortunately it will probably do Little Good. It would not be a constitutional problem if Hoosier trash haulers were certified not to carry hazardous and infectious materials within the state. The real Point of Contention is not the right to unrestricted Commerce but of discrimination. What the trash Law does is create one Standard for haulers of out of state trash while having another for trash generated by hoosiers. That will never pass the constitutional test a irregardless of ones feelings. Arent you tue least Iff coh Cernek about reunification v not really. In be thought All along it was inevitable. Just Natter of time. V i suppose we of have to give them the Benefit of the Foust. Granted there were times in the fast when they would get it together and then become obnoxious arrogant and . P uhf to have some Assurance that they intend to shape a and play fair. This time. / you really think we can count on a reunified Germany to to the rv6ht thing reunified 0 Jermany i m talking about reunified baseball or Etta Fofar worm now you know going to Church brought Blessing twelve new Golf holes Are constructed on an average Day. Berry s world v a 1990 by Nea. Inc. 3-6 a they Man you re right standing on your head is a piece of cake with this hair style. A my Friend june Reed says a if you Don t feel like going to Church go anyway you la get a june is generally right about things and she a right about that statement too. In be never known it to fail before today. I was sitting in die Back of the Church and father Henry Brown was giving the homily. Sermon to you of the protestant persuasion. I done to know Why we catholics Call it a a a homily nowadays. It s probably a fad word like a a networking anyway there i was on a sunday morning with a dress on squeezed in amongst a Pride of pious parishioners listening to father Browne swords. That is i was trying to listen. But two babies were squalling their tiny lungs out they weren to attending to the homily since they had not yet Learned the English language. I suppose father Brown was speaking English. He May have been speaking swahili for All i know were the parents of these babies listening i hardly think so. They being right at the sources of the disturbances must have been deafened. But did they react in any Way Why yes. They jiggled the babies. This had the effect of causing the Mary Gaynor Bryan daily news columnist sound to come in Waves As it were. However the volume did not diminish the babies continued to Squall and father Brown was moving his Mouth up there but what sounds he made were no More than a mumble. The microphone was turned on but his words even magnified Hope to compete. Why did no to the parents take those babies to the a cry room perhaps they did no to know about the Handy Little room at the Back of the Church which contains a window so you can see the service and a speaker so you can hear it. It is intended for babies and their parents to sit in so that the rest of us can Pray in peace. It is usually used by courting couples instead of parents with babies. The babies kept exercising their lungs and father Brown kept gamely talking until he came to the end of his homily. Then the kids quit. There was dead silence. Were the babies hungry were they bored were the parents ill mannered yep. I went Home in a Fine fury and hollered at de. His mild rejoinder was intended to Calm me Down in a sure. He said a i done to recall any place in the Bible where Jesus objected to seaming babies. He said Buffer the Siule children to come unto me a a the reason he did no to i retorted a was that he was giving the Sermon not trying to listen to it. Ill bet Saint Peter did t enjoy hearing babies scream when he was trying to listen to the words of Jesus. So Peter had a bit of a temper you remember and he was a married Man. He May have even had some kids of his own. And if they were Yelling their lungs out while Church was going on St. Peter would probably have told his wife to take those kids out de gave me a pained look and went Back to his computer. Of Well easter is coming. The Robins Are chirping the bunnies Are galloping around the Back Yard and Greensburg daily news . Box 106 135 South Franklin St. Greensburg ind. 47240 812 663-3111 Cusps 2289-8000 published evenings monday through saturday except Christmas by american publishing company Aba Greensburg daily news. Entered As second class matter at Greensburg in Post office. Postmaster please Send address changes to the Greensburg daily news. . Box 106. Greensburg. In 47240. A copyright 1989. American publishing company. Aba Greensburg daily news. All rights reserved. All property rights for the entire Content of this publication shall be the property of american publishing company. No part Hereof May be reproduced without prior written consent member Hoosier state press association Indiana Republican editorial association. United press International. National newspaper association. Jeff Jeffus. Publisher James a. Bonnie advertising mgr. Melissa Howard classified advertising mgr. Bernadine Ewing. Business manager Kenneth Luken. Production supt. Kevin mouser. Pressroom supt. Kathleen Berkemeier. Circulation mgr. Subscription rates by Carrier Dally in cities and towns 1.50 we by motor route one year 82.80 six months 41.40 three months 20.70 one month 6.90 by mail one year it 88.00 six months 47.50 three months 25.50 one month 12.50 mail subscriptions cannot be accepted in towns with Carrier delivery. I hid Viau Iii Viivi i causing my Wiki a pics. , Many top officers worry More of appearances than strengths Washington a the defense _ when a hirin8 freeze was in Washington a the defense department suffers from a bad Case of vanity. Some top officers worry More about appearances than they do about weapons strength. They have no qualms about wasting Money on fancy cars doodads on uniforms and Flowers around military bases. Andrews air Force base outside Washington d.c., is a perfect place for squandering Money on frills. It is the base where the presidents plane is kept and where members of Congress begin and end their junkets. Andrews is also the port of entry for visiting Heads of state. And it simply do to have the place look austere. Top officials at Andrews want to spend $9.5 million for a makeover. In addition to expanding facilities the Money will pay to Spruce up the route travelled by visiting dignitaries. The Messy overhead Utility lines on the base Are passe and the sidewalks and parking lots Are Ordinary. Andrews wants a visitors Center and officials there Are worried that the hangars Telephone poles and parking lots Aren t dignified enough for visiting dignitaries. Andrews a enjoys a responsibility As the most visible of any military installation a a base spokesman told our associate Scott sleek. A leaders from around the world gain their initial impressions of the United states air Force and our nation As they transit with Andrews dressed up those dignitaries can now get4 a first impression of a wealthy country that spends Money on frills. Then their second impression will come on the drive Between Andrews and downtown Washington where they will see How the taxpayers of that wealthy country live a some in poverty some Jack Anderson syndicated columnist \ victimized by crime some sleeping on steam grates. Burying a few Utility lines wont change that. This Isnit the first time that big spenders at the Pentagon have favored aesthetics Over fiscal prudence. One air Force general once spent $75,000 for an Avenue of 50 flagpoles on his base. When someone complained a member of the very unit that installed the flagpoles was assigned to investigate them. Surprise. He concluded that the charges of wasteful spending were unsubstantiated because the flags were top of the line. Andrews used to have a Glossy 1981 Mercedes 240d for the use of visiting brass. The car was paid for out of the bases morale recreation and welfare fund. That Money is supposed to be used to maintain libraries and recreational facilities for All personnel on the base. But the Mercedes was t available for an Ordinary i to Check out for the evening. When the army Roto decided to create a new image by changing its name to army Roto command it spent $300,000 on the promotion. About 60,000 cadets and 5,000 officers got new shoulder patches and a regimental Crest. The army Post at fort Jackson n.c., recently spent More than $235,000 to beautify the grounds when a hiring freeze was in effect because of budget cuts. When the nation celebrated the 100th birthday of the statue of Liberty three years ago the extravaganza was supposed to pay for itself. At least that was the official line. In reality the Navy spent More than $1.6 million of your Money to show off its ships and the Blue Angels aerobatic team. With the evil Empire now on the Wane Congress is agonizing Over troop and weapons reductions. It would be a shame to see valuable people and hardware lost while the daily waste at the Pentagon goes unchecked. The next Domino a with Only a handful of hard line communist dictatorships left in the world the pressure is intense on them to knuckle under to the wave of democratization. The most Likely to fall next is Albania whose leaders Are doing their Best to stand up against the tide. After Albania the next nation Ripe to shuck communism is Vietnam which is strapped by a bankrupt Economy and badly needs Western Aid. The most heated debates in the intelligence Community Center on Cuba. But done to expect Fidel Castro to get religion any time soon. Cuba is Likely to stay a communist country until he Dies. Mini editorial a the Bush administration reacted with a predictable Dodge recently when confronted with evidence that drug addicts who want help have to wait in line for treatment a coalition of state drug experts issued the figures about waiting times. The health and human services department countered by saying the state agencies have unspent Money for drug treatment programs. The states fired Back that the Money was tied up in Federal paperwork. Flowers Are Blooming. St Mary s Church will be decorated with real Trees Bushes and Flowers As usual. Sometimes Birds Fly in the windows thinking they Are still outside. They flutter up into the Arches singing. Little girls will Wear ruffled dress and Straw easter bonnets and Little boys will be secretly sucking Candy. The choir will sing a the is risen a and the whole congregation will join in. The world is renewed once More with the Miracle of Spring and i am in a better mood already. You can to be in a sour mood with All this rebirth of Flowers and Trees and baby rabbits going on. We Veall had too much Winter that s the trouble. We need Beauty warm weather and Sunshine. We live in a pretty severe climate Here. There is too much cold weather in the Winter and hot weather in the summer. To say nothing of tornadoes and other annoyances. Which is Why hoosiers Gripe constantly about the weather. It s our main topic of discussion. After we be talked about it we move on to basketball and then we discuss our kids. Hoosiers like kids even screaming babies in Church we consider them a Blessing. So june was right As usual. Yesterday one year ago april 5, 1989 Kevin Muckerheide was named to the Dean s list at Rose Hulman for the Winter Quarter. Those who attended the Art show at the senior Center chose a geese portrait by Beulah of Banion to receive the a people s Choice five years ago april 5, 1985 High winds picked up portions of the roof on the Don Meyer Auto Dealership and debris blowing from the roof also damaged two cals on the lot. Police received reports of eggs being thrown at cars at two widely separated areas in town. Twenty five years ago april 5, 1965 the fourscore class of the presbyterian Church had the quarterly meeting and prizes were won by Stanley Jenkinson and mrs. George blare. Mrs. . Couch was hostess for Tri Kappa and mrs. John Batterton presided As president. Fifty years ago april 5, 1940 water would be dispensed through stainless steel when workmen completed the installation of a new water Fountain at each Comer of the Public Square replacing the older porcelain ones. Or. And mrs. Burnie Wilhoit and children spent sunday at Milan ind., with her father will Cook. Letters policy the Greensburg daily news regularly publishes letters to the editor from its readers a As space permits. Subjects of the letters Are the decisions of the letter writer

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