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Greensburg Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 1

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Greensburg Daily News (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Greensburg, Indiana Greensburg daily news saturday april 5, 1986 joint meeting the Decatur county commissioners and Council will meet in joint session monday to discuss How the county will pay its employees overtime. Under a . Supreme court ruling local governments can opt to give compensatory time off rather than Cash for overtime work. However limits allow regular employees to accumulate 240 hours of time off and Law enforcement officers 480 hours. Local governments must decide by april 15. Gilman Stewart president of the commissioners said a decision on the policy will be made at mondays meeting. The Council was invited because they Are responsible for the budgetary process. Meetings monday april 7 Decatur county commissioners a 8 30 a.m., commissioners room Decatur county courthouse. Greensburg Board of works a 7 ., Council Chambers City Hall. Greensburg City Council a 7 30 ., Council Chambers City Hall. New Point town Board a 7 ., Florence Meyer residence. Milford town Board a 7 ., town Hall. Millhousen town Board a 7 30 ., fire station. Jac Cen Del school Board a 6 30 ., executive session Board room 7 ., Public session High school cafeteria. Tuesday april 8 congressman Phil Sharps Mobile office a 1-2 ., South Side of the Decatur county courthouse Square. Decatur county memorial Hospital Board a 5 ., executive session executive directors office. Greensburg retail merchants association a 7 ., Koffee Kup restaurant. St. Paul town Board a 7 30 ., civic Center. Greensburg Community school Board a 7 30 ., administration building 504 e. Central ave. Tree county players a 7 30 ., top office. Wednesday april 9 Decatur county alcoholic beverages commission a to a.m., Decatur county clerks office. Decatur county area rehabilitation Center inc., a 7 ., developmental industries. Decatur county Community school Board a 8 ., administrative office state Road 46 West. Inside to pages classifieds.8,9 neighbors.6,7 sports.5 viewpoint.4southeastern Indiana a Foremost newspaper Greensburg ind. 47240 scientists Hope to sidetrack weapons Washington up a group of scientists say they Hope to persuade Congress to sidetrack development of two of four nuclear weapons systems they believe Are guiding the country toward a destabilizing first strike position. . Nuclear policy a should be designed to alleviate . Vulnerabilities to make the . Deterrent More secure but without adding to soviet vulnerability a a the Union of concerned scientists said in a report made Public Friday. The four weapons systems that concern the group Are the new Trident d-5 missile which when launched from a Trident submarine can put a warhead within too Yards of a target in six to to minutes the nuclear tipped sea launched cruise missile the single warhead Mobile a midget Many missile and the a a stealth bomber which earns its nickname from its near invisibility to radar. The movement toward greater emphasis on so called hard target kill capability a the ability to destroy soviet missile silos and command posts quickly a will weaken american Security by intensifying pressure on the soviets to attack first in a time of crisis said Allan Krass one of three us authors of a report titled a in search of stability an assessment of new . Nuclear forces. A a i done to have any illusions about convincing the Reagan administration that we re right and they re wrong a he said. A we Are hoping to raise the Trident d-5 missile As a Public Issue. It just simply has not been debated. The same with the sea launched cruise missile a he said. Krass said the group in particular Hopes to persuade Congress to sidetrack the d-5 and sea launched cruise missile. The rising race emphasis on the lethality of missiles both with better accuracies and higher yields is a a Treadmill which Only makes things More dangerous As time goes on a said Krass. Scuba not limited to coast local y offers training classes by Jim Ludeman staff writer scuba diving is not limited to just the coasts anymore. There Are plenty of places in the Midwest and the Decatur county Myca offers classes for those who want to learn to dive. Paula Robinson Decatur county Myca executive director said the local y offers certification through three National agencies the National Myca the National association of underwater instructors Naud and the professional association of diving instructors Padi. A Basic class in diving is eight weeks Long. The class meets one night a week for four hours. Two hours Are spent in classrooms the other two in the Pool. Cost for the class is $105 for y members said Robinson including the use of equipment except snorkel masks and fins. A we provide the snorkel mask and fins the first two classes a said Robinson. A the students provide their own after it is a lot easier on the students to provide their equipment Robinson said to avoid adjusting equipment when class starts. The y provides air tanks regulators backpacks and buoyancy vests she added. At the conclusion of the class members go to local quarries for open water dives. Robinson said each student paid the rental fees on equipment for these dives. The Myca offers two kinds of certificates permanent and those which Are renewable every three years. If a renewable certificate is Given Robinson said the diver has to log 12 dives Over three years. Permanent cards require More training in the beginning and Are never renewed. In addition to the Basic classes the Myca offers advanced diving courses on handling diving a daily news photo by Jim Ludeman two members of the Paradise divers dive club clearly enjoyed the recent scuba Thon at the Decatur county Myca. A dents Basic Compass skills underwater boat handling techniques and More advanced classes and certification to train the diver to dive to deeper water Depths. And As if the classes were not enough a local dive club celled the Paradise divers was formed last fall. One purpose of the club is to provide a Means for area divers to get together said Robinson. A it is to provide a camaraderie for the divers a said Robinson. The club meets at the y next meeting is april la at 7 And is open to anyone whether they Are a certified diver or interested in please see scuba Page 2 35 cents 92nd year a no. 82 dream fulfilled St. Paul native hosting program by Jim Morrison managing editor As a youngster Dave Bowman used to hang around a garage in St. Paul watching Paul Leffler tinker with cars. Cars Leffler built were among the Best on the United states Auto club sprint car circuit but Bowman noticed it was the Drivers not the mechanics who captured All the attention. Sunday Bowman hosts the first episode of a the hidden heroes a a new television program airing on the Nashville network a Cable television station about the mechanics and Crews behind the successful Drivers in today a racing scene. A most motor sports shows usually focus on the event and any acknowledgement goes to the Driver a Bowman said. A very few people really know about the life of a race team or a race a we Are taking the audience and making them a Fly speck on the Wall and let them know who the people Are that make up the Crew what kinds of lives they Lead their personalities All the work that is involved with building a race car and preparing it for the track. A virtually everything that is involved with performing this function is covered in this show. It is More of a human interest Story than a sports show. We crossed the line. You done to have to be a racing enthusiast to enjoy this kind of this kind of show was the brainstorm of Bowman and Frank Mcgonagle advertising manager for Allied automotive aftermarket. They were looking for an Avenue to Market their company which Sells automotive parts. Sundays program features the wrangler Crew of the Richard Childress Lascar team with Dale Earnhardt driving. Film was taped at the final 1985 Lascar event at Riverside Calif. Viewers will meet Kirk Shelmerdine the teams Crew chief during the program sup Dave Bowman Plemen Ted with film shot in conjunction with the american sports Calva Cade program. Future segments include other Lascar teams such As Harry Gant and Bill Elliott 1984 world top fuel drag racing Champion Joe Amato and Karl and Steve Rinser from Bloomington. Steve Rinser won five world of outlaw sprint car championships driving cars built by his Uncle Karl. Unlike some television programs on Auto racing. Bowman said the show will not get stale because it is taped during a race with cameramen following the action As it develops. A we done to go out with a Story and try to fill the holes a said Bowman. A it is a documentary of the Crew at a particular event. Whatever unfolds is what we capture and develop a Story out of that. A by doing it that Way a he added a no two shows Are alike. There Are similarities in the sport but no two Crews Are alike. They All have a different Bowman has been around racing All his life a a bugging Leffler when he became old enough to ride a bicycle and his parents Doyle and Dorris Bowman of St. Paul would let him go Over to the if fiery a racing shop. As he got older he worked on cars himself and ultimately served on Crews at the Indianapolis 500 in the late 1960s and Early 1970s. A it is something i always wanted to do for a Long time a Bowman said about the program. A i always Felt racing shows Are one sided or never portray racing for what it really is. A it is a business but it is also a life style and not everyone realizes what you have to give up to be successful in it a he cuts affect Little on local level by Jim Ludeman staff writer proposed Federal budget cuts for 1987 w ill not have a severe Impact on most Decatur county programs w Ith most being administrative in nature and some agencies facing staff reductions. One of the bigger budget cuts is 48 percent for county Extension services in 1987. Ron Bauerle Decatur county Extension sender agricultural agent said the local office expected to lose an agent by the Start of 1987. A there is a plan by the state administration for downsizing to stay w within the budget a said Bauerle. The Extension Board is checking several different options. One alternative is for the Decatur county Council to fund the position said Bauerle. Another is to split the full time agent Cost with another county. The final option is to Cut Back to two agents. One thing could help the county said Bauerle. The state administration prioritized the serv ices by numbering them from one to 60. Decatur county is ranked 28th. According to Bauerle vacancies could occur ahead of Decatur county and save enough Money to prevent loss of an agent. Bauerle said the cuts Are causing an even bigger effect at the state level. The state frequently sends specialists to the county to assist Farmers but their services will be limited because travel expenses w ill get Cut. The Extension office also might charge for printed materials previously offered at no Cost. David Baker Decatur county welfare department director said the proposed cuts in his programs Are administrative. The cuts to the welfare department Are in Aid for families with dependent children 14 percent. Medicare 8.6 percent child nutrition it 16 percent and food Stamps six percent. The state could pick up the lost revenues however. Baker said he heard several legislators say the state cannot assume the cuts Dollar for Dollar. A the administrative cuts Are going to have to come from someplace a said Baker. A a we la be a Little better off in Indiana because w e Are going to More automation anyway and the Money is already appropriated for the very Little changes would be made in the actual pro Grams themselves he said. One area not effected is the Greensburg housing authority. The Reagan administration proposed a 16 percent Cut for 1987. Jane i Diudick gha executive director said most agencies signed contracts with the Federal government for specified and cuts would be in additional funds. Don Richardson Ohio Valley occupational development Center employment training director said the proposed seven percent Cut in Job training funds does not effect Doc programs which include Decatur county. Under Gramm Rudman the programs could eventually be Cut by 25 percent said Richardson. Another proposed reduction is 42 percent from Federal Aid to libraries. Alice rust Greensburg Decatur county Public Library director said the local Library would not be affected much. However it is part of the Southeastern Indiana area Library services authority which receives about half its funding from the Federal government. If the funds were Cut the sen ices the local Library such As inter Library Loans w Ould also be Cut. Mary Meredith executive director of human ser vices inc., in Columbus said they received funds through the Indiana department of aging and Community senders and the total cuts were Only four percent. Some programs such As the summer youth program were Cut slightly. Solomon said Reagan was wanting to raise defense spending by 12 percent and he was not certain if Congress would approve the presidents proposals. Sharp wants to focus on decreasing defense and not make Devastino cuts to Domestic programs. A a we la be cutting Back primarily on administrative costs a said Meredith. Other cuts include Community development Block Grants. Steve thrash. Indiana department of Commerce program manager said it was difficult to it pinpoint w hat the effects w Ould be. Because Money is spent slowly. Thrash said. The department should make cuts in administrative costs the first year w without affecting much. John Solomon from . Rep. Fhil Sharps a second District office explained the cuts were Money was spent in 1986

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