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Great Bend Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 4

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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Great Bend, Kansas Page 4 great Bend daily Tribune sunday May 12, ifs Quot George you got your raise it great Bend daily Tribune pounded Uto c f Townley Cund Rac pull her a a i Ria ism will l towns tar editor Qutob her .--1s07-1s.t published a Day a week us great Bend. Kansas by the Tribune publishing co Hwu l Townley or. Rosa t. I was key i Coo san entered a second Clasa matter at the a St office great Bend. Ear editor will l. Townsley. Or. Ben 9. Emerson general manager Jim Barnhill advertising manager Chris Hildenbrand or. Circulation manager r Al pm Wesley mechanical superintendent telephones new it society circulation it advertising. Lou siness office a official Gutt and county paper yes �?�h1 a a aul r Conrad manage or editor Mort Glassner City editor Evereti blow n area new editor i d fyn old Sporta editor us mall of 3-3321 of 3-7�#4 atm Fer a it Socia tee pre subscription Bate by Carrier in great 3#e per week si.30 per month til a Par year. Elsewhere 23c per week. per month $13.00 per year by mall in Kansas Carder aerate to maintained Man a unaccepted on to at regular earner rate As stated above a elsewhere in Kansas three months $3 00 is month is of per tear a of by Hail oat Al state three month s3 so. Six month is so. On year Sij of flu town where a captions aria Toper month is 22 on months 30 vital statistics one out of every eight persons in the United states will enter a Hospital for treatment this year and will stay there an average of 7.8 Days. While there they will comprise the 2 360.000 persons in addition to the 49.000 Newborn infants being treated in the nation a hospitals on any Given Day during the year. There Are about 7,000 hospitals in the United states which last year cared for More than 21 million patients a the greatest number in any year of our history. These hospitals were staffed by More than 1.300.000 full time workers who received an annual payroll of More than 3 5 billion. During the past decade the number of Hospital Beds increased 12 percent but admissions increased 34 percent and total personnel increased 57 percent. Among the Hospital personnel reported by . Hospitals last year were 260.900 nurses 9.700 dieticians. 6,800 medical record librarians 30.600 medical technologists. 15.400 a Ray technicians 5.530 pharmacists. 5 660 medical social workers 4,750 occupational therapists and 5.800 physical therapists. In the largest hospitals there May be As Many As 200 Job classifications. Hospitalisation Costa in the nations non profit Short term general hospitals increased 141 percent in the past ten years. The average daily Cost per Day last year to care for each patient was 824,15. More than 3,475,000 children were bom in . Hospitals last year. In the nation s hospitals Are More thin i 600.-000 Beds and the total assets of these institutions amount to almost 312 billion. To bring the facts a Little closer to Home. St. Rose Hospital in great Bend recorded 4.273 admissions last year in its 128 Beds. In addition a total of to 053 out patients were treated and the Kitchen prepared a total of 100,375 meals. The average daily patient census for the year was 94 persons who were taken care of by a guff of 161 persons exclusive of student nurses. In great Bend As in Many other communities across the nation the growing population and the excellence of the Hospital has created highly overcrowded conditions. Frequently the staff must set up Beds in the Hospital Halls in order to Uke care of the patients. If the to spill needs of this Community Are to be properly taken care of in the immediate future it will be necessary for a new to spill to be built that can be equipped with additional specialized facilities and More Beds than Are now available in the present Over crowded building. National to spill week begins today providing a with an Opportunity to assess the importance of our to spills. As we continue to grow we will expect our Hospital to meet the increasing demand for its vital services. Without hesitation we admit our need for the Hospital but have we taken time to consider How much the Hospital needs us \ hitch in the Belt pc As we drove along the 3000 Block on Broadway be Day this week we noted two ladies intently Orkmon their hands and Knees weeding the Boulevard strip. We stopped to learn w to is so untested in City beautification As to care for the Ity s strip Down the Middle of Broadway. The Moses Sisters miss Alice and miss Cle i in Tine were just extracting the last three eeds from the Green carpet that they tend in out of their Home. They take the same interest t the Island As in their own property which is Mac lately kept. They have installed an underground watering system on the Island As have a Vert other Broadway residents assuring the growth of the Trees they planted there several ears ago. Their red Bud Trees and along the ill length of the Boulevard for that matter Are nourish my. However. Miss Alice and miss Clementine in tired of us Why it is that motorists will toss apers and Beer a is onto the Boulevard grass. He ladies feel that civic Pride should preclude sch littering of Public parkways. We say Bravo it a the civic Pride of the Moses Sisters and come to folks let s All follow their example. Something that in the past has been treated Quot Inta same in ii a ?. Almost As a prank is no longer a matter to be treated lightly. The theft of Hub Caps can now be the basis for a felony conviction. Down at Pratt recently Law enforcement officers warned youths that they were toying with felony convictions when they lifted Hub Caps from cars. The reason for the new attitude is simply that Hub Caps nowadays ire Worth much More than they used to be. A set of big Chrome disks can now Cost $100, when the old Model a Hub cups were no bigger than a tin cup. Not owning any severed Mineral rights we knew nothing of the following tax problem until someone recently brought it to our attention in Barton county and presumably in other Kansas Oil producing counties All Mineral rights that have been severed from the land Are assessed for tax purposes at $10 an acre. That a whether they Are producing Oil Revenue or not. Suppose you own land and the Mineral rights with it a there is no special assessment for the Mineral rights. But if you deed part of your Mineral rights to a son and Laugher let s say a fourth interest to each then both of them Are assessed $10 an acre each on those rights. If the land is producing Oil. That production is taxed too a in addition of course. % the theory so the county commissioners say is that the Mineral right must have a value or they have been deeded separately. And if they have value they should be taxed As real property. The state statutes Bear this out. It was Only last year however that the commissioners set the arbitrary $10 minimum. Theory Here is that any less makes the tax income too Small to bother with. And prior to last Yeai. The real estate tax was t collected on producing leases a Only non producing. In 1955 the assessed county was $51,440. In 1956 the assessed valuation jumped to $163,920, under the new $l0-on-every-thing Rule. Both the commissioner and county clerk Ruth Painter admit that the new ruling a occasioned Many complaints from holders of rights that had t previously been taxed. In fact. The new taxes have in some cases prompted families to deed All Mineral rights Back to the person or persons holding title to the land thereby avoiding the assessment on severed Mineral rights entirely. Drew Pearson Washington Merkt go round Washington a Ezra Taft Benson has run into trouble on his somersault on tree growing. First he killed All government nurseries now he is urging More Money for nurseries. The trouble comes primarily from his fellow republicans. Shortly after he became Secretary of agriculture Ezra junked All department of agriculture nurseries. He claimed it was not the Job of the government to grow Trees and he turned the nurseries Over to the states a even of the states did no to want them. At Winona Mumberson gave a thriving . Nursery to the state on Minnesota. The state pro out our Way by j. R. Williams. Coop mighty a fells cart even sleep a if Little late on 5atocav i morwikk3 without his v sister. Having to be a a Wise Cuy a Little late. He says a cell. It s almost noon amp i have to Mother with the washing i coax you out of your Den route by so out you born Van Winkle a a what revision occurred in chinese newspapers in 1956? a after China adopted a new 30-letter alphabet the newspapers began printing sentences horizontally instead of vertically. Quis there a particular time of Day when tornadoes Are most frequent a although tornadoes have occurred at All times of Day and night most of them strike Between 3 and 6 a a when was the first National political convention held in this country a it was the convention called by the democrats in 1832. On the initiation of Jackson for the sole purpose of nominating Martin Van Buren As vice president. A a where do earthworms grow to feet Long a in Australia although the average specimen is Only three or four feet Long. Needed to remove All trucks tools tractors the overhead irrigation system and some of the Choice Nursery Stock. Then Minnesota abandoned the site. The site is now owned by the Wenona Sand and gravel co., which purchased the once thriving . Government Nursery for the bargain Price of $3,000. The Price included a Butler building valued at $12,000, plus All irrigation equipment that could not be moved including a pump motor etc., plus other minor buildings. In Brief the Nursery which once grew thousands of Trees is now a gravel pit. But three years later when Secretary Benson started his soil Bank plan he suddenly discovered he would need Trees republicans object so. Because ifs too late to Start . Nurseries and because he does no to want to reverse himself that much Benson is now pumping $6,000,000 of Federal funds into state nurseries whether the states want the Money or not. Benson is giving Ahe $6,000,000 in direct Grants to the states without any Matching funds a policy directly contrary to the Eisenhower policy of making the states put up Matching Money for Federal Aid. The House appropriations subcommittee discovering what Benson was doing objected. They found that the Grants were made by the Secretary of agriculture himself. A a Why did you oppose such subsidies in 1955,�?� asked congressman Budge of Idaho a a yet now you have them in the budget a congressman Jenson of Iowa also objected he doubted whether the agriculture department had Legal authority to subsidize state nurseries to sell Trees at below Cost to Farmers. The plan for . Fund for state nurseries is going ahead anyway with the expectation that Farmers will Plant 5.000,000 acres in Trees under the soil Bank plan. Actually Farmers have signed contracts to Plant Only 7 percent of that number in 1956-57. Since 1940 Farmers have planted Only 10.000.000 acres of Trees and their rate of planting prior to the soil Bank had reached about 1.000 000 acres per year. So they will have to do a lot of planting to hit 5.000,000 acres per year any time in the near future. Mayors get the run around eleven . Mayors who oppose a new natural Gas Bill have been getting the silent run around from rep. Oren hams dark chairman of the House Commerce committee which is now hearing testimony on the 1957 natural Gas Bill. The new version of the Bill endorsed by president Eisenhower at a recent press conference is basically the same a the Harris Bill the president vetoed a year ago. Southwestern natural Gas producers who seek greater Freedom in raising prices had their Day in court this week before lie Harris committee. Next week opponents of the Bill Are slated to appear. However Harris has been reluctant to schedule the . Mayors committee on natural Gas legislation a which wields the weight est influence against the Harris Bill. Headed by new York City a mayor Robert Wagner it Speaks for 12.-000.000 Gas Consumers most of whom Don t want their monthly Gas payments raised. Chairman Harris has delayed granting the mayors a specific time to testify next week simply saying he a too Busy to consider the matter. On May 2 mayor Richardson Dilworth of Philadelphia wrote to Harris to request a Chance for the mayors to testify. He was told to submit a list of their names and replied on May 3 a when All requests have been received a wrote Dilworth Quot we believe the total will be some 15 to 20. And their statements will not exceed is minutes each. A i am sure you realize however that no list can be provided to you with any finality As it is not possible for us to arrange the trips of these gentlemen from All Over the country burdened As they Are with heavy municipal duties unless the Days on we hich they May appear Are made known to them in Advance. A the views of these mayors representing As they do millions of Gas customers should be of great interest to your committee and i am con indent we will receive your full cooperation in arranging a suitable schedule for their appearance a unfortunately mayor Dilworth Confidence was not justified. Harris continued to stall explaining that his week s hearings have taken ail his time. Ike and labor president Eisenhower is holding up a special labor message he intended to Send Congress until his advisers can make up their minds what to do about the Senate revelations on labor racketeering. Ike is impatient to recommend Strong legislation and has complained to the Palace guard that the democrats Are getting All the credit for cleaning up toe unions. However Secretary of labor Mitchell has warned him not to recommend legislation that might be too drastic. Ike still wants to senti up a Strong labor message condemning corruption and has ordered attorney general Brownell to come up with some positive proposals. Note a a senator Ives of new York has privately recommended that the Senate rackets committee turn its labor investigation Over to a Spe Elal commission. Otherwise the Senate will spend years digging into 30,000 leads from labor unions which have poured in to the committee. The Senate a Job Ives claims is to pass legislation to Correct labor racketeering then let a special commission handle the cleanup. Minnesota has 8,287 Miles of rail tile average u. S. Dentist has i Road _ net income of $11,000 a year. Washington notebook by Frederick Othman Mclean. A. A if you need a Chicken Brooder de luxe you might Check with my Bride. Just done task too Many questions is All and you la probably get a bargain. Chickens i mean to say Are a Touchy subject on our beaten up acres. So Are Brooder. It Wasny to the financial lass so much that took mrs. O. Out of the Chicken business As it was the emotional upset. She stand to see her Beautiful Birds meet their inevitable Fate. The Brooder she has for Sale is an amazing apparatus a a kind of apartment House five stories tall for baby Chicks. It gives pm water and it passes out feed but it also takes care of the fact that no matter How cuddly an infant Chicken May be it is stupid. Leave it to itself and it can freeze to death. So this steel Mother for Small Birds has an electrically heated apartment in the Back of each floor. Let the chickens gather too close together under the heating element and they could smother to death because each individual Chicken generates heat of its own. Mrs. O s Brooder consequently has five thermostats one on each level to regulate the heat depending upon How Many chickens Are in residence. Each one of these thermostats is equipped with a red Light that glows softly behind a Canvas Flap. The chickens Arentt smart enough to seek the heat but the red Light lures them inside and. In spite of themselves they get what a Good for them. So my Bride established 250 Hampshire reds in this super Brooder. They thrived and soon she had pm in a sunny House where they ate their Little Heads off. She put in another 250 babies and by trying this scheme just once again she figured she d have at All times 250 Chicks 250 half grown ones and 25a about ready to sell. She fed them the Best possible food which seemed to me to be almost As expensive As Corn flakes. When they took sick she dosed them with a wide variety of medicines and she Seldom lost a Bird. When finally they were ready for the pan they w Ere the brightest eyed reddest combed shiniest feathered chickens in Fairfax county. The Cost of raising them was so High that my Bride somehow misplaced her account books. She discovered later that the Only fellow hereabouts who made Money on his chickens was the dealer from whom she bought her feed. He had a Chicken establishment too but All the meals his Birds ate he bought wholesale. This still did no to bother mrs. O. Nothing much worried tier until time to take her pets to the Chicken Deal in Forestville who had an ultramodern Chicken dressing Plant. Every time my Bride took a Load of her magnificent chickens to him she came Home looking like she d lost her Best friends. She said she had too. She said when you be nursed a Chick and raised him to strutting lobster Hood you Are inclined to regard him As a pal. The lives and deaths of mrs of Chicken repeated for several generations got harder for her to take. When she delivered her final Load she found the Man proudly waiting to show off his new Chicken dispatching apparatus. Mrs. O. Watched some of her own chickens meet their doom and she was horrified. She came Home in tears. All the dressed chickens m our Freezer she gave to the neighbors. We Haven t raised a Chicken since neither have we eaten one. The Brooder with the automatic machinery has been washed and polished. If you want to buy it make mrs. O. An ofter. Just Don t ask her any questions about chickens. Her memories Are too vivid. Try and Stop me by Bennitt Cerf How s this for a perfect a Short Short a it was torn from the typewriter of a precocious 10-year-old by h. Allen Smith a once upon a time there was a Little girl named Clarise Nancy Imogene Ingrid la Rose. She had no hair and rather Large feet. But she was extremely Rich and the rest was Charles Preston tells about a recalcitrant horse who instead of training for the Kentucky Derby stomped around his stall telling atrocious stones and reciting questionable Limericks. His Trainer of course referred to him As a the bad Florist add your Flowers die with their roots fruit dealers sign a was our peaches said to our plums stick to us folks and you la be wearing fuzz a notice on auctioneers door a going going gone to lunch a at , they Tell of a Windy old Mossback who lectured once at Yale a every letter in your University a name stands for something a he boomed. A the by is four a youth the a a is for a ambition the a la is for a loyalty and the a is for Endeavor a and i mean to say a few words about each of these two hours later he droned to an end and most of his audience had sneaked out or fallen asleep. A does anybody wish to add anything to what i have said a he inquired rashly. A i do a proclaimed a student in the front Row. A let us just give thanks you Arentt speaking at the Massachusetts Institute of technology a at Dartmouth College in Hanover n.h., drama director Walter Roach bit into a slice of Juicy Cherry pie almost broke a tooth on a pit therein. He rallied sufficiently to observe a this pie is More to be pitted than ventured a a Kipling was right a proclaimed a cynical Sophomore. A woman is nothing but a re a Bone and a Hank of a they hey a mocked his Roommate. A shake Banda with a Busy Young Juni dealer a in farming it s Butler buildings. A Dastyn it in any purpose a win a h to any Toffee of Beauty a pita Btl a Yoe l a Schartz building co. West loth pm. Cd 3-4051 truck chains Axle shafts Tulsa winches parts and service Western manufacturing co. Phone go 3-8464 1310 10th St. Great Bend my coat Nunt s Philgam Farmer users All declare it has a punch that always there a local trademarks in Shim in Miron lift mid continent ism in rom in. Main met term great Bend my liw phone go 3-8171 direct erei6ht service from Kansas City to great Bend also interline connections at Kansas City from Oil Points a great Bend a Larned a Kinsley a Dodge City Felten truck line Mew terminal facilities 910 Mckinley be Quot Channel guard Quot reduces interference in 2-Way radios a new device which reduces interference problems in two Way radio sets has been developed by Genero electric company and is now available in this area. Known As Quot Channel guard Quot the new be unit uses sub audible tones for squelch purposes and relieves two Way radio users of the necessity of listening to transmissions of other operators sharing the same Channel. The unit is described As a significant advancement in the communications Industry in enabling two or More radio users in the same geographical area to Shore a Channel without having to listen to messages other than their own. See George Robson a local manufacturer s representative for general electric communications products dept. 2411 Williams great Bend phone go 3-5291 free carnations sunday May 12 give mom an unusual treat sunday a try one of Shepherd s Hickory charcoal broiled steaks _ re to 3�?o a served after 5 . A a Lovely sunday dinners served at noon sunday formerly Meranda s across from Ellinwood theatre open daily until 10 . And after to . By appointment closed monday shepherds restaurant Ellinwood

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