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Great Bend Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 3

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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Great Bend, Kansas Wreck scene Points up need for vehicle safety program on Page one of today s Tribune is a picture of a Barton county Man whose crumpled body lies in the seat of his wrecked car. Fig wins it did t really happen. The photograph is actually of a group of people who will to St Pintze i instrumental in conducting an extensive safety week a Kansas youth admits slaying Brandon Reed son of mrs. Mary elderly woman Reed Seward arrived Home wed Anthony car. A a 14-Vear-nesday from while Salida where he of Schoolboy admitted Friday octogenarian pays tribute to mothers in Ash newspaper fag 3 great Bend daily Tribune sunday. May it 1957 is stationed in the service. He will he killed mrs. Anna Shields. 86. Hospital news be instrumental in conducting Observance in great Bend this week at the left is chief of police Jim May. Whose department will work closely with civic organizations in safety promotion. Janice Colocott daughter of or. Great Bend St. Rose and mrs. Stacey Colocott. 1447 17th. Admissions May to mrs. Mil who is shown looking at the died Adams Lloyd Shafer mrs. A w Reck scene is great Bend s Doyle Tuxhorn. And Albert Clark poster girl for safety week. She Oil of great Bend a was the Lucky survivor of what Miller. Might have been a fatal Accident dismissals May to mrs. Hane Here in 1956 the 7-year-old girl Johnson. Mrs. Troy Means. Kathy w As struck by an automobile in the Ann go Alley behind Triangle drug at about and Debra i ., dec. 28, 1956 0 Janice was not Hurt seriously when she ran into the path of the car. She suffered a laceration on return on monday. Brandon sad a ter t to rape her in nearby dress is det. I 9577, Holleman air Harper april 25. County atty. Force base n v Bob h. Newton said. Alfred Leo King was taken from his eighth Grade classroom at Harper Newton said and admit editors note the following tribute to mothers was written by an 83-year-old patient of the Larned state Hospital for the Friday Issue of the weekly a a patients a press Quot put out by the patients. Refinancing of National debt Tough problem Washington up a the Treasury a latest Effort to refinance needlepoint studio. Yarns. Is Hobby to Macksville Gina Kay Ste Matte 6-week-old daughter of or. Turned Home Friday afternoon aft and mrs. Gary Ste Matte died at or spending two Days with her Dauber Home Here Friday after a Gater and family or. And mrs. Brief illness. She was born March James Barnhill and daughters. 28 in St. Joseph s Hospital Larned. Debra and Diana 2203 29th. Graveside services will be held at 2 sunday at Farmington going on vacation a k your tri mrs. R. L. Mccoy of Russell re Ltd the crime Atter being shown the evidence against him. Kings Billfold cig Aret lighter and comb were found in mrs. Shields House and handwriting on notes in the Billfold was further evidence. Newton said. The county attorney said the cemetery with the Rev Lloyd Cox tune Carrier boy or Call go 3-3521 boy would be prosecuted As $ for a vacation Oak. For this year a de and mrs John a a ulc in. Survivors include in addition to the parents a sister Lisa sue. A brother Ricky Joe and grand year a delinquent neglected and de round service no extra charge. -6-3 pendent Chiw because he is under 18. A hearing has been set Tenta mrs. Dorothy Pollock of Kansas i Sty. To. I visiting at the Home of Uvey for May 24 of cd a 0 her Chin and abrasions. Next is mayor r. E. Morri son who has proclaimed safety cd Ellinwood District admissions. May to mrs. Dora and Leonard week in great Bend on the right is la. Don Wilkinson. Safety education officer for the Ainger Bushton police department who is the co Moeder Ellinwood ordinates for safety week actin Hoisington la ther an ties. So to parents. Or. And mrs. Walter Stei or and mrs Robert Parrish >614v in Uricz. Mrs. James cod. J anal a a a a first degree murder. Attempted s,ft5rssi� Leonard a mrs Par atomic clock helps Chart missile flight Debra Doug Alfred Gross. Pawnee Rock Voylet Hoisington and mrs j. Fronk Lewis Quot we hog go ram Joseph or Meir. Otis. J Frank Lewis brother in Law of Quot sign birth May to or. And mrs. Mrs J Karr 1892 Holland. Doyle Tuxhorn great. Bend twin pied thursday morning in a Bax will Townsley and Paul Conrad. Girls 5 lbs. 6 Opsand 5 lbs14 ter Springs. Kas. Hospital. Services publisher and managing editor re and burial will be held in Caldwell spec Lively of the Tribune plan to where Lewus formerly lived. Attend the Spring associated press meeting being held sunday and Washington p a the air monday at Manhattan. Hal Boyle. Force is getting a atomic clocks Quot a and Tribune columnist will be with pinpoint accuracy to help principal speaker. Plot the course of Ocean spanning missiles. Visit foreign Era a liquor store at air Force officials in testimony mrs. Rhodo Vance Stafford a mrs. Rhoda admissions. May to Gloria Box Vance. 86 a former resident Here. The Quot body Quot is Jerry she. 2210 Herder it Quot a mrs. Morns Barada died Friday night in a Fairfax. M loth. Of the b and a Vuto wrecking both of Hoisington mrs. James Hospital she had been Mak 1310 Kayias or All popular brands. Be Oie a a House appropriations co. Which provided the props. Westbrook and Jimmy Zorn both my her Home with a Sonj Rvin at _ .12-20-0, sub comm uce Sald thit tw0 such safety week begins Here monday c l Claflin mrs. Jarmer. O. Inor and r a Morhart and devices Are being acquired at a anti continues through saturday. Mitt and Felix Schneider Otis. Years. Or. And . R. Ape Hart and 45000 part rho and continues throng., saturday., 10 m c or. Survivors include a son. Coy. A. Son. Rickie 1317 Broadway left a Cost 01 eco a lst1 dismissals. A. To. Mrs. Cla daughter mrs Noll sturday ortw0 weeks vacation my no was pubic saturday. An armed forces Day Parade will Climax the week s activities at 2 to Rubio and Juanit Emile. Us Tine _ saturday Sank and Jimmy Zorn Claflin. \ Ance. Stafford. A hrs to re a re Lune will births May to or. And mrs. Services will be held at awing into operation at Mon Morns Bravata. Hoisington boy. 8 p Sunday from the Peacock and Day and continue through Fri to lbs. I of. Day. It. Wilkinson said the Check or and mrs James Westbrook Points Are to be open from 8 a Claflin of t lbs 9 Oss. In Smackover Ark. They will be 2 30 visiting her parents. Soice Chapel. Burial will be in Sta take Mother to Ulanda s for Din-1 Ord cemetery. Ner on her Day. -12 a. J r la a a a a two members of the fort Larned Lloud Eugene Nin omon historical society will be interview Claude Eugene Hindman. 49. Faed by Barry Russell on the Sunder of mrs. Clark Stone and eur Day to . Newscast Over Kkt sum is used 10 measure ume Gene both of Pratt died As a re a. Quot i the a Omicron detects any Vari col. Harry r Page chief of the equipments program division said the gadgets Are not actually clocks but a at microns Quot with an accuracy of one to one billion factors. Page said the instruments Are Given the atomic Label because radiation of a substance called Beer. Either before or after birth and that Hope underlies the precious stones of life which Are built on the glorious foundation of True motherhood. Solomon in All of his glory stopped Long enough to visualize the Many Are the famous names that glory of a virtuous woman. He have been connected with famous portrayed in his Wisdom her events but the name of a Moth Home life of Devotion to duty Here the National debt finds the Rovner Quot is linked with god civilize concern for her family her Vigi Ern ment caught in the same tight lion nation and society. Lance her Early morning Devotion m0nev Pinch that has other Seg All that we have been or shall of task and her final concern in Menti of the Economy hollering be is from the creator and Moth the evening hour for those in her a Uncle or. She is that source of life which care. J Treasury saturday took a gives life purity manhood to no one in the world can Mea preliminary peek at the results of manhood citizenship Pride Faith sure a Mother s prayer life to offer last week to Exchange love and Grace. Ment by moment and Day by Day More than f0ur billion dollars in from the Day that Mother sex but her prayers together with her or cent notes sold in 1954 peeled so to be until the Day that sacrifice and Devotion have Given to and maturing next wednesday. She bathed Here precious feet in men and women the Power of life what it found Wasny to a expect death to bring Forth her life was that has formed a cosmopolitan de but it was t exactly what one of Devotion love sacrifice i and Rightous civilization. Was hoped for either. Faith prayer and duty that she she has lived in purity Sanctity although the proffered 11 might be the giver of a manhood and Grace and has passed these on months certificates at 3 per cent and a womanhood that should be to her off Spang. And the 57-month notes at 3\ per part of a great and True America. We Are grateful that our nation cent carry the highest govern durig her time prior to birth has glorified Mother by dedicate ment interest rates since the Bank her life was of pre Devotion Prem ing a Day of remembrance to her Holiday of 1933, the new Issue was aspiration pre aspiration pre Sac Worth and As we come to Moth Only 72 per cent subscribed Rifice and prayer that her life ers while we will give in other words. 28 per cent of might become a part of the life Flowers to those who live and place the holders of the 1954 notes did to come. She not Only bore the sex them on the Graves of those who not want to Exchange them for Prience of pre Mother food. But have gone on and entertain the ii new government securities a they was inspired moment by moment ing with a Day of rejoicing All of wanted Cah thu mean the re to visualize All the glories that which will be Gratifying let us re Treasury next week must dog Inu might come to her god Given Heri be gently give her that worthy its reserves and pay off about Tage. Praise that is hers and by our re s 1.167.000,000 of the maturing there is nothing that can Excell membrane thus glorify the am notes. The Hope in the breast of a Moth Encan want of life. Ever since the new Issue was what would our nation have announced last week Treasury of been had it not been for Mother i facials have been saying they sex bless her heart she is the inspire petted an attrition rate of about anon of life and All that is great 25 per cent with a Cash payoff in g.00 a an it True Mother is neighbourhood of one billion of a 1 r lasting dollars. They explained that most of the maturing notes Are held by corporations and that the Cor secret launch of satellites no is report Praise by Rennie Taylor a science reporter san Francisco a a there will be no secret launching of a 1957 mom stresses it a salvation of Home to noon and i to 5 pm. Each of Larned Gleason the five Days. Admission May to mrs. Bob e locations of the Points Are in the Boldman. Larned. 3000 and Hoo blocks on 10th Street Larned St. Joseph and on the 400 and 2200 bocks on admissions May to Charlotte us a heart attack thursday Dodge service we re fac amp tin in the frequency of trans main Street Here. Police officers. Miller and William s. Fred both in Santa Clara. Calif. Hindman a tory trained Call cd 3-8477. Mined signals measuring time auxiliary police and civilian work of Macksville mrs. Ralph stump trucker was sitting in the cab Crown motor co -12 and automatically corrects the Era will Man the safety Check and mrs. Daniel base both of Paw Wal e the truck was parked at the fluctuation. Lanes Nee Rock mrs. Mervin Taylor unloading Dock when the attack miss Ruth Smith and miss mar Dudley c. Sharp assistant Sec High schools Grade school and Belpre and mrs. Howard Ham occurred Jorie Bennett both of Scott City rotary of air said of the Long the local Junior High school Are co Mer. Pratt. Services will be held at 2 30 .left great Bend saturday noon of Yarige missile program that a Dur operating in the event. Dismissals May to Jessiah tuesday from the ayes Calbeck 1er visiting Friday and saturday eng preceding year we have about 60 boys from the senior Yount. Bazine Ralph Lupfer mrs. Chapel Pratt with the Rev. Doran with miss Cida Kenney 1620 to made significant Progress and High will assist in the safety Check Lorraine Couchman mrs. Roy Myers officiating. Burial will be Ier they returned Home. 1 appear to be on the threshold of this is part of the answer but Only a part. Another important new York p a mrs. Hazel Factor is that the demand for Tifi Cial satellites by the United Hempel Abel. American Mother of Money outruns the Supply in the states and this country expects 1957, says the a salvation of the lending Market. Banks Are not Russia to hold to a similar open Home is the watchfulness of the too interested in loaning to the government despite the Security get better rates policy in the International Scien Tiftic undertaking an american mrs. Abel. 68, of Lincoln. Neb. They can spokesman said last night. Yesterday was presented with i Sembere a we will not launch a satellite citation and a Diamond studded i. _ a a _ _ until the plans have been an pin emblematic of her selection 1s r a a Hio a bounced in Advance and until the As Mother of the year. She has u e gov Erum n 1 five children. Or interest rates to meet the com petition. That in turn Wall boost. A a a a the Price the government must lied or. Joseph0 Kaplan old Severance collection pay each Ivear a intern on the newsmen he head the u. S. Cooperation offered natl0n. Dot by right now w1,h committee for the Ign. Other nations cooperating in the International geophysical year lanes. They will help com 3 30 to Fry and mrs. Dean Querry. All of a Greenlawn cemetery Pratt. S p Monday through Friday a Larned and Gloria Jane Hogan cording to Jim Honaker student Macksville. Council president. Birth. May to or. And mrs Dan Between 50 and 70 Kaye tie girls in base Pawnee Rock boy 6 lbs a a a i Are slated to be located in numer la Ops. J ill. I vol Ous service stations around great Bend w Here they will Wash Motorist s car windshields. Sue Goodwin is president of the Kaye tie group the Fife a Windshield service Quot will be offered the entire five Days. All students participating will Wear Blue jeans and we Hite shirts. Hon visit great Bend greenhouses now for your Tomato and bedding plants. Greater achievements. 7f 2 billion dollars an -1 pair escapes injury members of the Community Chest in Arris Lunf Oard of directors will meet at the Liy woes of family John Arnold Brown / services for John Arnold end in tragedy services for John Arnold Brown 89. Who died Friday at Hoisington mothers Day. Will be held at 2 . Monday from Board Boulevard room of the Zarah hotel a great Bend woman and a monday at 4 . Heizer Mana escaped unhurt after their cars collided at 18th and Heiz enjoy dinner at Ulanda s on or at 9 37 . Saturday police 12 reported. Mrs. Nancy Dunbar. 20, 917 Kansas. Was charged with failing to Houston Tex Ufi a tavern Bryant fryberger Chapel Here. Of Charles j. Carroll visited this operator who said he had a family Rev Eicr a kin8 wil1 of a week with his Parente. Or. And yield the rights of Way and driving Aker said they will Wear great Troub Ltd so picked up a .22 Caliper he ale Bunal in great Bend mrs Charles l. Carroll. Iou mar we thou her Drivers License in pos National debt around 274 billion a pal. Hav nok., Topeka Ufir major Oil and Gas dollars the interest on it comes their Nave been nebulous companies have offered to Cooper-1 rumours that satellites already ate with the state in setting up Nuang May have been shot into the air the mechanics for collection of the that Russia May a jump the gun Quot one per cent Oil and Gas Severance and launch one or More ahead tax enacted by the 1957 Legisla of the Ign schedule and that Ture. Private interests have been toying John Kirchner stat Revenue with the idea of trying to get director met with 14 represent one into the skies independently j Tives of Oil and Gas firms yester Baltimore a Fountain none of these has yielded any Day and said he Hopes they will Hughes a quiet religious Man substantial tact. Aid in preparing regulations gov j passed his 109th birthday without however Navy scientists who earning collection of the tax. Will have official charge of the 109th birthday but no birthday cake a birthday cake. Launching have said test n Iii. V is of the Tinee stage rockets do six is Arter a Cut his Good Friend Thomas j. R Waxter director of the state de Bend school Pep club jackets if the Rifle yesterday and shot three Ceme Zeij weather is Chilly a., having uni women to death and injured Quot form appearance. Another Man before he was Cap mrs. Flood Rozelle bands from great Bend Junior ured by police and senior High along with the Otis Tommie headed or he a we Quot March a a the is vat Flore Lee Aboul 30 mrs suddenly thursday at her term pm re de saturday. Emily Jacquette. 70. And mrs. Home Fouth of Here were held 2 ton. He returned by plane Friday s�,fssl0n after her car crashed into to a Lake City where he is Sta a second vehicle operated by Don Uon cd at Hui air Force base. He a Puffer 32, Heizer. Patrol i i Swor the services for is member of the judge adv Man Gerge Gunn said mrs. Dun-36 killed i a a z Cate staff. He is an alumnus of bar was Traveline North on Heizer Fri Ger Lrudd Rozelle "h0 ded the University of notre Dame and a headed a t of Quot was admitted to the bar of Kan the Missouri Pacific railroads or Jejna Babin. 40. Heads wounded. ,.ag%a Mya k . Saturday from the Grubb baby Eagle will be an included mrs Jacquette s husband Taylor. Furra homr a Cre tile Rev James feature in the Parade. The baby 77 in head and . A a Eagle a Model of the actual mop and the people he shot Eagle is 65 feet in length and is negroes Over nine feet High. It seats 24 Chil Heads was picked up on a Street Ellsworth Dren. Corner after the shooting. He a %. Lucky winners of a colouring con patently was on his Way to l test to be held among All great mothers Home officers said he a fid to w j. Dosch the Bend first and second Grade Stu still had his Rifle with him which _ a a the plea use loaded brother of mrs. Everett Stocker regt of anyone connected with the i Highway As soon As they can when in the baby Eagle in Parade. Officers said witnesses told St. John will be held at 3 30 a. Vandalism inside mrs. L. E Elli ave or More vehicles Back up be my Mcmond fades win color them Heads shot his wife. Then sunday from the first methodist Thorpe s Home while she was away. I Hind. Dolls. Wilkinson mated went out the Back door of his Church in Liberal. A Winner will be selected from Home into the Jacquette Home. The Rev. Wayne Karlowski will each class. Great Bend Jaycees Are directly behind his own. Officiate with burial in Liberal sponsoring the contest. Officers said Heads shot the cemetery t civic and service organizations Jacquette couple then went to the Bozarth a Seward county far Here Are assisting the great Bend Babin Home about three blocks Mer died thursday night in a wich police department and Lions club away where he shot mrs. Babin Ita Hospital sponsors. In addition to the schools mrs Babin was the daughter of participating. Boy and girl scouts the Jacquette. Alfred Babin the and members of the great Bend dead woman s husband. Said boys club Are cooperating in safety Heads burst in the House and a promotion activities. Cased him of trying to break up the first infantry division drum his family and Bugle corps from fort Riley i Sas before entering service. Chrysler service a Hoy. 18th. Peiffer a 1954 Model Sedan received Over $50 damage and mrs. U. S firings it uie Unee Siage a of a a. Designed to carry the satellite Vera Feist. 1311 Holland re apartment of Publ Etc would be made within six months signed saturday from her Post As usually brings the cake nut Wax the Ign program in which 58 a great Bend police department to a is a Europe nations Are participating gets f dispatcher according to chief Hughes one of 13 children under Way july i and will last James May. Was bom in slavery in Charlottes through 1958. The Only time Given miss Fiest has worked in clerical Ville a so far for the american launch and radio dispatching capacities for his secret of Long life a i am Ings is that they will take place the past year. She said her future a quiet Man and go to bed every some time after july i. Plans include a trip to Dallas at Steven. A Hughes said. L. Andrews officiated with burial \ u said it Callol 3-8477 j a a so pm Crown motor co -1g with on silent damage. Arc m Ellsworth memorial cemetery. Survivors include a son Bort posts Reward turn off sooner Sacramento. Calif. Gov. Russell a sheriff Harry mor Goodwin Knight has signed a Bill Gen Stern has posted a s25 Reward directing Drivers of slow moving services for Andrew j. Bozarth or information leading to the a vehicles to turn off a two Lane Gutter drink too Strong for pigeons Portland. Maine thirsty Portland pigeons spotted a brimful City Gutter and converged to delicately dip their Bills. Within minutes nearly All were and the u. S. Marme corps color severed gasoline line guard rom the Kansas City recruit Verea oos Wiilie line my office will be added Parade Tea courses fire saturday a ures firemen were called to the Wes staggering blindly about. Some Drivers who wish to establish Tern manufacturing co., 1310 10th, one it appears emptied a Radia their reaction time. Visual Width at 11 56 , saturday after a Gas Tor filled with alcoholic anti and depth and color blindness May olme line on a truck broke while freeze into the Gutter Only to x Iii the cities service Porto Clin workmen were a Cldgg on the be ments before. In. Which will be visiting Here All hide. A quote Ltd fir chief Clarence Myers said a a ii cd. Gasoline caught fire after the line a completions a it How oldster is enia Vinn the vehicle Only decrease Canada up Wiener ii enjoy my alg he damage. Well completions for in sleek too Broadway show q ,. C a ended my it. Fell to �1�. Dropping a Panr a a a a a baccalaureate speaker the years total to 18,055 compared new York of Vic Birchman l0 in 4e, Al ims Amie Iasi year of Lacrosse. Is is 90 years old named Tor Kun ceremony the of and Gas journal reports. But be t mind standing in Lawrence up a or. Emerson Wildcat completions totalled 199 <26 line four hours to buy a ticket g. Hangen. Pastor of the first Oil 3 distillate. 6 Gas. And 164 j,0t Bio Adhav hit i fan congregational Church in Long dry it. So far this year there have Ead Beach Calif will deliver the Bac been 473 Oil discoveries 40 Dis Bushman got his Ducat for last Ca laureate Sermon june 2 during ullage 163 Gas and 3 433 dry wild night s performance a standing the 85th commenced room ticket. Head of a Large printing con his will be the principal and holes at this Date last year a run Buschman 4s Here on his dress of the june 1-3 program. Western Canada completions to Annua visit. He said be As there will be no main speaker Tai 851 for the year compared to to go to the theatre every night for the commencement exercises 803 last year. There have been and on Ever is. proper the night of june 3 for the 21 new Oil pools and 17 new Gas i c two week sojourn. Approximately i 200 candidates for pools ode cd North of the Border degrees and certificates a standing the 85th commencement program cats drilled compared to 530 Oil of the University of Kansas 59 distillate 121 Gas and 3,528 dry Cota Lucky Buck wring Ting neck of rooster Happy task Oklahoma City an Oklahoma City Man thanked municipal judge James Demopolis yesterday for his suggestion concerning a rooster that crowed at 4 a in. Each Day. Demopolis had told the irate caller since there is no Law against roosters the Best bet was to buy the crowing creature and wring its neck. A that s the Best suggestion in be Ever the caller told Demopolis. A i bought that rooster for 50 cents and will get $10 Worth of pleasure wringing its neck and sleeping late pools opened North of the Border his year. I research Hospital school of nursing if you Are 17 3 years of age in upper half of your class great opportunities await scholarships loan funds available. This school is affiliated with the University of Kansas City and has a three year diploma program. If you have decided on professional nursing As a career feel free to come in for consultation and a trip through the Hospital and residence. Classes Are admitted once a year in september. Consult Mary Eula wander. Director of nurses school of nursing research Hospital. 2300 Holmes St., Kansas City to. In Case of an emergency your loved ones look to you to Sec them through All of life a emergencies. You May not be Able to predict the future but you can be prepared for it Best Way is to open a savings account at Prudential building amp loan now and add to it regularly. 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