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Great Bend Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Great Bend, KansasFirst paper a regt Bend sports society full up wire a area news 92nd year no. 902 great Bend Kansas sunday july 28, 1968 Issue 44 pages two sections Summit showdown is near rebels take state title at Salina the Argonne rebels of great Bend saturday night captured the Kansas state american leg Ion drum and Bugle corps state championship at Salina. The rebels won their fourth straight state legion title according to Glenn Opie director. In whining the state title last night the rebels will return to great Bend to Start rehearsing for the National Competition. The scoring saturday night put the rebels first with 70.63 Pointis Hutchinson sky riders second with 69.53 Sal a Sil ver sabers third with 56.73 Wichita Scarlet lancers fourth j their own Fate in a Sovereign with 45.63 Overland Park czech s determined to decide their own course Prague Reading from a prepared our frontiers the most Rel Awe rust party Leader Alexander text glancing up at the camera Dubcek told the nation saturday Only occasionally sticking to his frontiers of socialism. We Are duty to night that he will permit no one usual Une cited tone of voice depart by a single step from tiie and nothing to drag him from j Dubcek said the reformist and democratic j we Are going firmly on our started Road on which we have Pato he has chosen. I own Way. Deputy Premier Ott sole the first Secretary pledged j leaning on the International l economic Prophet of the new anew his loyalty to coed Roslova conic unit movement we Wel-1 regime earlier warned the Kia s political economic and j come the Aid of those who russians that it was hopeless military alliances with the sonet Union. But he said that within tote framework the czech and slovak Peoples want to decide understand and advise us and few them to attempt to mobilize we patiently explain our stand j stalinist remaining in the to those who have understood us. Not yet i administration i they represent no Sik blazers. 41.38 Emporia Plains-1 about an hour before his men 31.88 and Wichita Phan-1 televised address. However Toms 31.02. Dubcek repudiated an army the results of the color Gaurd general who had criticized nearest was not available at press time. J russian domination of the j . But we shall never allow i ourselves to be dragged from this path by anything and especially not by those who would like to see us in conflict and disagreement with our whatever their construction construction is underway on the first phase development of girl scout Camp Aldrich located 17 Miles Northeast of great Bend near Claflin. When completed the Camp will serve the girl members of the Central Kansas Council with Complete established Camp facilities Day Camp and winterized troop Camp facilities. Included in the first phase construction is the Camp Ranger s Home shown above a shop six permanent shelters and latrine and Wash facilities for the Day Camp area. Photo Bykens Slyhoff sen. Mcgovey s daughter held on drug charges Warsaw pact military Alliance program Success country. The czech news Agency ctr Tives and moods in country. Dubcek said the the important fact was that his both Blacks and Whites Are bitter in Cleveland Cleveland up the i were honouring their dead j three policemen. 10 last National guardsmen were withdrawn from Cleveland s East Side negro Section Satur Day while downtown City officials and 400 policemen paid their respects to Ottoree police victims of the past week s racial disorders in persons died. Mayor Carl b. Stokes said National guard troops called to Active duty wednesday were ordered to remain inthe City on a standby basis but would be pulled out Oscle Velati entirely sunday if the City remained Calm. Before attending the memorial service for the policemen Stokes toured 1ihe East Side. He came upon a group of 13 youths lined against a Wall by police who were questioning them for violation of the curfew. The mayor talked to the youths and then ordered police to take them Home. Memorial service the memorial service in St. John s Cathedral was attended by City officials and policemen some of whom came from Boston new York St. Lou a and Birmingham Ala. The service was preceded by a Parade led by nine mounted police and two drummers. While toe services were in Progress the Man accused by police of firing the first shot in tuesday night s incident appeared at a hearing on three charges of murder. The suspect Fred Evans pleaded innocent. His Case was continued to aug. 7. While National guardsmen were pulling Back and the police weather Golden Belt area to partly Cloudy with temperatures near 90. Low at night in the mid 60s. Precipitation probability five per cent. Ordinary citizens Black and White were asking Tuftie question Why Cleveland asked a Young if you re Hun Why Leader. You re hungry and it does t make any difference what color the mayor is. Our people Are when Carl Burton Stokes negro took office As mayor of the nation s eighth largest City last fall there were those who said with optimism born of desperation that Cleveland had gotten itself an insurance policy disturbingly quiet downtown Cleveland was disturbingly quiet saturday mailing like an empty stadium. Most of the people who work in its drab office buildings monday through Friday were tucked away in suburban Homes possibly planning a Quick trip into the City to watch Tihe indians play uie Yankees. Driving East on Superior Avenue the change was Subtle imperceptible unless you were looking for it. The buses became Dinger the bars million mile Safe driving record broken rapid City. . J said it was entitled to state i program Teresa Mcgovern. 19-year-old that la Gen. Vaclav More people to to daughter of sen. George me-1 was incl authorized by anybody party than Ever before. Govern. D-s.d., was arrested to make such statements and he continued Friday night and charged with j that his stamens do not cobvinc6d illegal Possession of narcotics express the official View pour. Leader stand is winning tiie Only apparent Concession Dubcek and the liberals who ousted the stalinist six Mouths ago were making to 1ibe russians was the disowning of Gen. Prchlik. Ass election boundaries set for Baton the agricultural stabilization and county com Mittee have designated the boundaries of each Community within Barton county for the our elections of ask Community even i committees. The elections a raid at a local Motel by May Meei Sorn though this will not necessarily be held by mail in Early sept state agents. Dubcek s television appear be at Trail re Genera Ember. Also arrested at the Motel Ranee and toe Crest no of a on the record As Well As the tractor Shanley. 24. Of Evanston Iii czech soviet meeting j Way trailer Rig he was driving is was arrested later. I was near. Caped wih. Hardly a scratch. It is the make our j Republic into a really firm part each was released saturday thousands of persons signed of the socialist system to make Sherfi s Deputy Tom Shelby j morning on Bond after an open letter to Dubcek and said Silas a. Wood 47, 4332 arraignment on the charge. J the party presidium calling on i Kansas City mo., driving a san authorities said a Quantity j them to defend the path we tafe tractor trailor Rig was of marijuana and other narcotic Nave entered and which we do on Highway 56 about paraphernalia were found in intend to leave alive three fourths mile East of great Tjie room where miss Mcgovern i Matacek promised Toat he against further racial disorders More numerous the White j the trailer Bend when he apparently suffered a fainting spell. Shelby said the Rig went off the right Side of the Highway and into the bar Row pit Willi the tractor going Over the Railroad tracks and the trailer by pelting the tracks. Stiel was very minor damage to both the tractor or was arrested. Would unyielding. Go youth is killed in Stokes himself had no such the Bubble burst last tuesday night in a Hail of gunfire that left -10 persons dead including people less numerous. This was the Deputy said that Wood had wheat payments Here head on crash reach million wheat Farmers participating Glenville in the City s was Side. J in the 1968 wheat program Roll you drive slowly Hijii i Occam orally asking a Rural great Bend youth James j. Wirtz 20, was killed about . Saturday in a i head on crash of two Auto Niento under this 1968 program i mobiles about cur Miles East will be made to producers on of Greal Bend. The Accident the ass county office. The elections will choose three committeemen and two alter nates for each Community. The chairman vice chairman and third regular member of the elected ask committee will Al so serve As delegates to the county convention. Alternate committeemen serve at alter Nate delegates to the convention. Farmers eligible to Oast bal lots in the Community commit tee election will be ajl those who Are eligible to program pay approximately 837000 Partid occurred during a heavy rain in one or More of the Nash Oral farm programs which the committeemen help to administer locally. The Farmer May be an owner tenant or sharecropper. Persons not of Legal voting age who Are in charge of the farm see both Black on Page two t evening. Ili i a Ting arms and will total about Shower in the area Ait the time operations on an entire Ity million. I according to the Kansas High farm Are also eligible to vote committee said today. The pay when related to the total pro Way Patroi. Wirtz was Ray s attorney claims 1a giant conspiracy meat in Barton county will on the 49.2 Ini Ulion Al made to producers about j Loument acres on Panci waiting farms and will Tot Al around farms about 85 pea cent of the 1968 National the Willie ends up on Bench qu1ncy, mass. Up Wil-1 by Law program Milli Ai in certificate pay guaranteed 100 percent of Mea s reflects and additional in share of t h a come of 55 cents on each 2000 a 20-ten Humpback whale Are who has Cavor Ted along the Ariev for Shore coastline for the i wheal used for Domestic food j Bushel produced by Memphis Tenn. Attorney for accused Assassin James Eari Ray charged saturday that tiie slaying of or. Martin Luther King was part of a nationwide. Communist conspiracy that now threatens his own life. There is a giant conspiracy Here and my client is being used by the declared attorney Arthur Hames. Ray is housed in a third floor a four cell Complex that normally houses several prison past week was found dead to tag certificates for 1968 crop wheat will be valued at unknown the 3-year-old mammal was y Sci cow and dry among the windows have been m has a per Bushel compared with s1.36 a Bushel for the 1967 wheat represents the differ latin and i some pilings at Moon head. The crop 1 coast guard planned to Tow the Between parity for the 1968 i an been ----------1 ,.4_u 4jj. The total average return per Bushel will depend on the Price received in the Market ii rom a their 1968 crop. The committee explained thai bound on us-36 when his 1965 Model automobile collided head on with a 1967 Model easer bound vehicle driven by Carl e. Stacey. 48, of 510 e. Ave. In the elections. Eligibility to vote or to hold office As a is not restricted by reason of sex race color religion or National origin a Hutchinson. Both vehicles j were demolished. Circuit television monitoring system. Ray also Lias an around the clock human guard. Nickname National average loan whale by the thousands who rate of per Bushel. The flocked to him the sprightly i certificate pay Menle to Farmers he characterized it As a left Hanes the idea of cameras focused on him 24 hours a i like mammal appeared regularly off based on Proie eted pro being Post Guerton in Hull and j auction of the being became a thu dirt Attl a. J up 4q Perce flt o Carmichael Leaff Posi t a just am set Well cards Wing conspiracy which he said he believes is responsible for civil disturbances throughout the nation. Sats life endangered Hanes said he believes his close association Witti Hay had placed his life and the lives of his family and employees in danger. The former Birmingham May or interviewed at the Airport before returning to Alabama said his statement about a conspiracy was based on information he received from what i believe to be a reliable source and this will All be brought out in becoming visibly angry Hanes said we Are playing in the major leagues with this one. My son and i Are the Only people who have this Man. My neck is out on Hanes said the threats which he first revealed when he was Here for Ray t arraignment july 22, have become More serious and Are mostly in the form of Telephone Calk to by Home. My wife answers the phone and a voice death death death or you will die1 but he declared nobody is going to Chase me out of my Home. If anybody comes on my property trying to harm me they Are trespassing and Are fair game critical of Security Hanes arrived Here Friday for a conference with Ray 1hat tasted nearly three he was critical of Security Mea imposed by Shelby county sheriff William Morm which be said bad violated Ray s right to privacy. Wirtz was dead on arrival at the Central Kansas medical Center. Stacey was taken to the med ical Center with multiple cuts and bruises but the seriousness tag in the wheat program can his injuries were not known tion. 11968 wheat acreage allotment. When Willie swam near Shore certificate payments add sub j determine his total turn per j at press time. Bushel for wheat by dividing his certificate payment by his total production to get an aver age per Bushel payment. By add ing this to the Price he receives in the Market he can find his i St. Louis up a Monkey Ait the St. Louis zoo snatched the shoe of a 14-year old boy the boy reportedly grabbed a pipe and threatened tiie Monkey. The Monkey won. Police arrested the youth on grounds that he was teasing Hie key with a wet sock. To the income Farmers i captured n London Jurae Che whale surrounded by me income or own. I 8 after a search by world police the Mast sir Ambau uie Affa thai la Start for two Cuno s boaters am tie coast receive from marketing agencies that lasted for two g d had t in the control i Ner Mittin a sup to Niles and four Days following a q b t t to Fop while Peanut tug sup. The i dual us t Ixia Tiizae at i loints e Art Ramftl a it a i c if a Lucil my 1l.ca iving s Aea in on i r r brought to the Shelby county jail in the pre Dawn hours of july 19. Pope s decision on birth control monday the Ocean. Occupants Purchase certificates at per qty up1 i practice the event in j ecumenical Council by will be heartened. Vatican Tive in world Trade channels. Ment is made up by the govern sati Nauy the certificate pay-1 ment. Philmont or Phil not or bust is the slogan Many boy scouts from several troops in the area adopted As they planned a trip to Camp Philmont in new Mexico. The scouts left at about am this morn ing in private cars for the Camp. Members of the group Are 1st Row left to right Haile Maui Jay Jerry frees Steve Rugan James Rogers Tom Curzon 2nd Row Carl Beadles. Jim Briel Kim Koeing Tom Shelby George Fanatia c. L. Weeke David Welch. The pontificate of Paul i is at land. It is the papal decision on birth control under consideration five years few papal documents in modern times have been so Long in the making so anxiously awaited or so directly important in the daily lives of millions of people throughout the world. Nature withheld the Vatican said Friday a new pontifical document would be announced at a news conference . . Edt monday. Its nature s not officially disclosed but Vatican sources said it was in fact the papal pronouncement on birth control. According to sources the 70-year old Pope completed work on his document before taking up summer residence at nearby Castel Gandolfo july 17. They said the Pope s decision is no to the Pill and other forms of contraception. He has decided they said to maintain the traditional position of the Ca Fiolic Church Down through the centuries that artificial Birtir control is prohibited to Catholic couples w inherently evil. This decision is certain to be a major blow to Liberal forces in hip Church including a majority of the Pope s own

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