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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Great Bend, Kansas J3 great Bend so cuu Tribune a i 82nd Vear no. 144great Bend Kansas sunday january 26, 1958 this Issue 22 pages Natl i Riband staff a by la Honoreen sunday three Young members of the first congregational Church Here says some veterans fund drives Are fraud Washington Jan. 25 it a chairman Teague Ltd Tex said today House veterans committee investigators have found cases where Only 5-10 percent of funds raised in the name of veterans actually went to needy a servicemen Teague called a committee meeting next monday to Char a Public inquiry into veterans fund drives he voiced concern Quot lest the shocking activities of some professional fund raisers Hurt the organizations which Deal with them and also mislead the Public which makes the ultimate contribution Quot who have decided to enter the ministry will be honoured during services sunday morning. Ixe ague mentioned they Are left to right David Felton Phil Friedeman and Doug Gunn. No names. Church proud of 3 Young men by Mort Glassner Quot go therefore and make disciples of All nations baptizing them in tire name of the father and of the son and of the holy 28 19. Three Young members of the first congregational Church Here two of them students at grate colleges Are turning those words into action. During a special service Sun Friedemari. Ana Doug Gunn 18. Will be honoured. The youths will make statements of Faith at the morning worship service with a Coffee hour scheduled in the Church sub Story following the rites. At that time members of the congregation will vote to recommend to the Western association that the Bays be taken Quot in care of the association the Rev. Edward h. Brants Pas Tor of the Church said saturday. An advisor to guide the youth through their preparation for the ministry also will of named. Welcome and statement will be Given by h. P. Tines during he sunday service. Janet Mil Berger will give the invocation and response and Don Reynolds will read the scripture Friedeman son of or. And mrs. E. L. Friedeman 1621 Tyler is a Junior majoring in history at the University of Kansas. In Lawrence Friede Man is president of the United student Fellowship of the congregational Church. At High school Here Friedeman was president of the churches High school youth group. Felton son of or. And mrs. Phillip Felton 2100 Jefferson is president of the youth group of the Western association of Rock n Roll now congregational churches which Iii a a n includes All of Western Kansas. Undermining Russo about 25 churches Are included Moscow Jan. 25 Ute the news within Felton a jurisdiction. A paper soviet culture said today High school senior Felton plans Rock a no Roll is knocking pure Soto major in history but is in Viet melodies off Russia s variety decided As to where he will stages. Venezuela rejoices in Freedom Caracas. Venezuela Jan. 25 apr some clashes Between forces of Venezuela s governing Junta and diehard adherents of deposed dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez continued up until Early tonight. But generally Venezuela rejoiced in its newfound Freedom and a Promise of new elections As soon As possible. In Caracas the Din of a thousand honking automobile horns signalled peaceful traffic jams. All stores and business establishments were open and doing Rush Trade. Movies reopened for afternoon showings. School children trooped Back to classes. Lottery ticket Sellers hawked their Lucky number wares. Thousands of venezuelans jammed overseas Telephone and Cable offices to Send messages to relatives and friends often reporting the loss of some member of the family in the bloody Street fighting of the last week. An estimated 300 persons killed and More than 1.000 wounded was the toll in the Savage revolt set off last tuesday by a general strike called by a civilian rebel group. Scores of venezuelans Long exiled by the dictatorship streamed Back from the United states or neighbouring latin american countries in commercial airliners that had resumed schedules. They heaved their Luggage onto venezuelan soil and rushed to the a it a morning. Phil embraces of friends wives and Dave Felton ii sweethearts. The governing Council headed by rear adm. Wolfgang Larraz Abal appeared for the moment to have restored order and to have won the support of a Young officer faction in the armed forces As Well As the civilian leaders. The ousting of two military men from the Junta a because they were deemed too close to the old regime and the swearing in of two civilians to the Junta added to the sense of Freedom. The civilians Are industrialist Eugenio Mendoza who returned from new York to take the Post and Engineer Blas Lamberti. The Junta now comprises three military men and two civilians. Larrazabal told reporters after the ceremonies that free elections Vil be held is soon As possible Washington. Jan. Or Topeka gov. George Dock school Aid. But could not set the Date until president Eisenhower t00k a per my said today he is making a he wants the Money taken from critical condition conditions permitted. Sonal hand today in a ves j0 re Unal att i Quot it let it mock a sales tax the sales tax fund or to have the Marysville Kan. Jan. 25 it he insisted he is not a Poniti organize the Desense department. Increase by inviting four a club two funds combined. _ Hospital authorities said late clan and wants to step Down Quick paid an unu5a i Alcan leaders to a conference unless this is done Docking today that Lynn r. Brodrick. Did by and let civilian political Lead a monday. Said the stau win be in such Ector of the Kansas state highers run the constitutional govern civilian and military leaders obviously in Low spirits and and Quot a mess it can to operate without a Vevay commission is still in a Crimea. There w As immediate bipartisan Nutting in a pretty discouraged Quot sales tax increase. It is my final tical condition from a heart at the abolition of the dread be applause from members of con Docking said the conference is a attempt to Block the sales tack suffered earlier today Cret police and the jailing of 196 Gress for the presidents dramatic last dutch on his part to contends a withdrawal from the 63-year-old official was of Ita chief agents also added to action to Speed a promised Over prevent 12850.000 from being general fund will so seriously taken to Randell Hospital after atmosphere of Freedom. The haul of the nations military set taken of the general fund to d Lyle that fund that the stat suffering the heart attack this agents Are to be tried on charges up to meet the Challenge of rus meet a deficiency in elementary we Haye hard time meeting morning. Of torturing or ill treating prison Sian sputnik and missiles. Ers. Eisenhower conferred for More one of the agents is Luis of Jihan two hours with Secretary of Fael Castro former secret police offence Mcelroy and 14 other inspector general w to was Cap-1 civilian and military officials. Tired while driving toward an included reorganization ad-1 embassy to seek Asylum. Prison vesers whom Mcelroy named re ers who had been jailed by these a Niy. There was no announce Cret police accused Castro of ment whether any decisions had presiding in formal dinner jacket reached. Khrushchev would ban icbms on his terms Railroad Titan Robert Young commits suicide urges Summit conference Palm Beach. Fla., Jan. 25 apr Robert r. Young chairman of the Board of the new York Central Railroad committed suicide in the top floor billiard room of his mansion Here today with two shots from a double barrelled Shotgun. The death was called a suicide by it. Fred the Palm Beach police department who said friends told him the 60-year-old in new York a joint statement issued by Central president Alfred e Perlman and Allen p. My company the Alleghany corp an american lion official executive had been despondent a Dye pies dem of Oung s Riold said his organization Quot definitely lately. Feels it in the Best interest of veterans and the american people to 25 room Home and from its Quot neither the financial affairs of the Fly by night illicit or illegal reporters were barred from the Quot Ald in part what is worst it said in a four column article some official soviet critics Are actually encouraging the infiltration of these Quot Bourgeois influences Quot into the soviet Way of life. Soviet culture spoke of Quot Boogie Boogie Rock no Roll of half nude ingers performing banal senseless songs to the accompaniment of syncopated musical air Force s worst study the ministry. Gunn son of or. And mrs. Charles Gunn 3009 16th, is a freshman at Kansas state College majoring in history. He is a member of the United student foundation at Manhattan and was Active in the Pilgrim fellow ship Here. Still another great Bend Man. Jack Waugh. 25, is studying for the ministry at the san Francisco theological Seminary the Rev. Robert k. Foster pastor of the presbyterian Church. Blunder comes to Light Cai 4 co Sivri Tiff tar in in a sur i Washington. Jan. 25 a a sen said saturday. Jack is the son of or. And mrs. Waugh 2621 pase drive. Ike in unusual personal visit to Pentagon Washington Jan. 25 it a governor to meet with cop leaders in Parley Margaret Chase Smith Ltd Maine it demanded to know today Why the air Force is using Idaho spuds at a base Quot in the heart of the Maine potato the Only woman senator called for Quot a prompt and full report Quot on i Why Idaho potatoes Are be shipped into Loring air Force base. Highway director in Donnelly Heads concert group he had returned Here some of its Bills by april i. Thursday after his father h. M. The legislature has overwhelm Brodrick. 89. Died Ingle passed a Bill now on Dock-1 funeral services for the elder ing s desk to take the Money from Brodrick were held this after the general fund. In the process noon ment for the sales tax fund to r ii c ii. C provide the Money. Says u.5. Must Speno Republican House leaders con a qaid nato tend there will be a shortage in w a boy s answer to polio 56 lathes of dimes Clifford Donnelly will head the either fund unles5 the sales lax is Washington. Jan. 25 Mer electric Shock and beating among those 81tting in on he Barton county Community con raised g0p leaders favor a sales sen or Ltd Quot Dri it a a Toni sessions. Conference were Gem Nathan f. Cert association for 1958 succeed tax hike the United states must face up Twining chairman of the joint a Hugh Brogan who As been la nothing that can be 10 the necessity for costlier in n chiefs of staff and two previous president of the association for done Aboul Chang my the Bill a1 Lary assistance to North Atlantic pcs chairmen adm. Arthur w. Past 4 years. Ready passed. Treaty organization nato Radford and Gen. Omar Bradley. Donnelly 310 Hubbard is him but Docking said he would sign countries White House press Secretary self a former concert Tenor. It if the republicans give him their Green chairman of the Senate guard s vehicles to Ellsworth lot officers and men of the great Brand National guard urn will con a tto Umer oui cars i wit woe to. By d nato s military forces Are nov to of their vehicles to Ells Eisenh a had gone n the pen Jim Mcwilliams first vice presi Transfer out of the sales a fund Worth monday night suitable storage place Here cwt Charles Russell said sat Quot the president said he was vict president Jim Heaton third James c. Hagerty was asked Why 0lher officers elected were mrs. A a a word Quot they will make a later it for want of a Taron in5,.ead.of Mcelroy Dent and membership chairman to the general fund or Combine dangerously for 1958 Everett Brown second Tae two funds. Come to the White House. Otherwise below Quot desirable Levels. Necessary new weapons he said he would not Only Are m0,c expensive but urday that the move follows a re going to take a personal interest vice president Leola Scheineman Ca v Oul quests to the guard by mayor r in ta15 a a went Over treasurer and Edith Sagerty Sec Bis previously an a a their complexity will require noynccd1 intention to Quot veto 7hy Tonger said. E. Morrison to vacate the Airport Hagerty said. Quot it was his idea Quot Reazy. All Are of great Bend. Measure but admitted that appear a might Quot Well face the fact hangar where the vehicles have Hagerty said this was just one reelected to the association int defections among House dem military assistance pro a been stored. The guard unit mow of a series of conferences Eisen Board for f0ur year terms in and of crafts indicate the veto could not nato countries is going edits armory to the old elks build Bower will have with Mcelroy djll0n to Brown and Heaton Are sustained a a Green my last year but had no space to prior to the presidents decision mrs. Irene Finch. Hoisington letter went to Sens Paul a Park the unit s motor vehicles on defense reorganization mrs George Maddy Lloyd wit Munach. One of the school Aid Bill s now cite wants be hangar Eisenhower was so intent on his Rock. Miss Marcelin Tubbs and sponsors and August Lair Erbach yell c a be Flomp for exclusive aircraft use Mission he declined to pose for mrs. A. N. Eliot All of great and rep room Anderson and Nice . R a Quot is d that the Convoy will news photographers at the Penta Bend. Miles Henry great Bend House speaker Jess Raylor. Out crash in Japan include three tracked vehicles gon. Junior High music instructor was Wunsch is Senate president Pio Puchun. Japan. Sunday Jan. Three cups and Jour trucks. They ,.j m 50rry ?0 disappoint chosen to serve out the one year pm Raulf Bach and 26 of a three u. S. Air Force Jet will be parked in the fenced Jot a of it told the Carn ramen but i term of mrs. Glen Erickson who head the Tuo 5 the Ellsworth guard armory. The am Here on bus mess. Remainder of the great Bend unit s vehicles will be parked at the West Side of the present armory tile guard was unable to arrange storage space Here at a suitable rental Price. Resigned. Fails to make Bond on 4 forgery counts new brain stimulant seen As Boon to Normal mentally Iii committees. Wunsch reached at his Home received Docking a letter and would have no comment. Anderson and trainers clashed into the sea off Western Japan yesterday aft . Their flamed out or failed Kingman said he had not yet re . Search parties continued despite. In Ain 10 comb the sea off the . Taylor hey would act it so ,. Iwakuni for cent the Mvi tation Lauterbach the i Huff f8<g Jet to users and also Nas of. O eco their pilots from the 418th fighter republicans contend the sales Squadron base at Misa tax fund would run Short if the Japan men were on a routine training flight. Heir names were withheld. Aviation experts in Washington described such simultaneous flame outs As rare. They May be caused sudden said. By John a. Barbour a persons May Lack enough of this associated press science reporter dmae. New York Jan 25 a a a in a test of Normal men. Medi school Aid deficiency brain stimulant to make Normal Cal students at the University dr.1 from that fund unless the sales w Cagle. 29. Of Amarillo people sharper and help pull Many Pfeiffer reported these results tax is increased. Texas failed to make the 81.500 mentally ill Back to reality was from use of dmae several democratic leaders rebound set saturday at his arraign reported by Georgia doctor to Many said they needed less port edit tried to get Docking to ment on four counts of forgery. He Day. Sleep. Some said they slept sound sign the school Aid Bill and a ski d f remains in county jail pending a it May be available by prescriber. Woke earlier and More Clear pressed doubt they had strength do p001 or preliminary hearing feb 5 Tion in about Bree month minded to sustain a veto sudden Long or sabotage they Cagle was brought to great Bend the stimulant is Kin to a Chemi the tone of their Muscles in Docking also has said he would f Ida from Hutchinson where he Cal called choline found in fishy proved. Sign the Bill if the general Revenue _. Had u completed a jail term on foods and fish egg preparations they were better Able to con and sales tax funds Are combined i up put Lipf a chafes there like caviar centrals. As he has proposed. A Bill to do a 11w a a Cui Sci county at or Nev Loyd Phillips it was reported by or. Carl c. The rest was continued with that has been introduced. Golden Belt area a fair pointed out that one of the checks Pfeiffer 49. A conference of the these results both houses Are in weekend and to partly Cloudy. High in upper in question in the Eagle Case was brain research foundation. Many of the students noted Defi Journ ment. 40s. To d c e despite t in tact that effective against schizophrenics. Nile brain stimulation. They also another new major Revenue pro local weather data the writer put Down an address the stimulant May also help Bor reported greater daytime Energy postal. Increased income tax rates saturday s High 51, Low 30. 12109 Kau a Quot. Street numbers Durline mental or anxiety cases attentiveness at lectures but is scheduled to be introduced in a year ago today High 12, Low l r e Only up to 2900 on North such As disturbed or delinquent greater intolerance of poor Lee the House monday. 4. South Siree a. And about 5500 on children he said. Lures less apprehension. It would raise corporation my precipitation 36 hours ending a i a i greets. Or. Pfeiffer believes the Stimus two said they were Able to quit come tax rates from three to four Midnight none. The county jail houses to prison Lant called smoking without difficulty and per cent and the top individual humidity at 8 30 . 75 per or in weekend All of them Chart or dmae. Exists naturally in nor a Many claimed they were a a re of income tax rate from five to seven cent. C4 by on Choca charges Mal brains. But some mentally Lif table and outgoing than before. Per cent. Barometer 29 52, rising slowly. Moscow sunday Jan 26 apr soviet communist a party chief Nikita Khrushchev said in a speech published today the soviet Union is ready to discuss a ban on intercontinental ballistic missiles but Only As part of a disarmament package Deal. He made Clear he was not proposing such a ban outside an agreement that would include disarmament proposals the soviet Union has been trying to sell without Success in the past. The conditions Khrushchev Laid Down called for the West to agree to dismantle military bases with which he said the United states has surrounded the soviet Union and the communist Camp. He called for a Summit conference to discuss these issues but said they would have to be part of an agreement on the reduction of foreign forces in Germany and other european states. The package Deal he said also would have to include standing soviet proposals for the immediate Banning of atomic and Hydrogen weapons and their tests and the creation of an atomic free zone in Central Europe. Khrushchev charged president Eisenhower s recent proposals for an International agreement on the use of outer space was a one sided proposition. He said it was aimed at Banning weapons that could threaten american territory and which the United states does not possess Wilile retaining the use of weapons with which the United states can Quot hold the world in a state of Quot imperialist circles of the United states wish to retain military bases and set up rocket launching bases on territories surrounding the soviet Union As a constant threat to the soviet Union whose cities they claim they can wipe from the face of the Khrushchev asserted. He charged the Western Powers have proposed discussion of problems Quot on which it is difficult or even impossible to reach agreement Quot at an International disarmament conference. These proposals he said were advanced in the form of Quot an the communist party Secretary boasted that the soviet Union already possesses missiles that can devastate Quot any Corner of the he said it has Quot a tested and highly efficient weapon Quot capable for the Barton county chapter of of destroying not Only . Bases the March of dimes saturday in Europe but also More Distant and each one of the 50 dimes rep objectives. Resented Money he had earned. Soviet unions first Satel Sammy Hickerson son of or. J Lites he said Quot Are not the last and mrs. E. L. Hickerson 1320 word in soviet science and in Frey saved enough dimes from Gine ering. The Money he has earned during we can double and treble the the past several weeks that when weight of our sputnik because taped together they formed a the soviet intercontinental rocket string a Long As Sammy is tall is very powerful and can launch a Sammy is 56 inces tall. He s a much heavier sputnik to a much fourth grader at Riley school and greater height a he said. Quot and we will be to years old next month May possibly do the lad presented his string of dimes to Jerry Wille chairman of the 1958 fund for the March of dimes in this county saturday. Because he Quot likes to help other people Quot Sammy saved his Money All of Winch is earned by working around his Home to donate to the Polo organization. His chores include washing the dishes sweep grounds but Learned Young w As the Alleghany corp. Nor the new found in a chair dressed in Street York Centra which he led so ably clothes with the Shotgun Between should in any Way be related to his Knees. J this tragedy. The facts would be a Deputy sheriff who took pie and such interpretation tules of the body emerged shaken Daniel e. Taylor the and said Quot it s the worst one in be Palm Beach Biltmore hotel and Mead said the right half the West India fruit and steam of Youngs head was shot away. Ship co., and a director of the state atty. Phil d. O Connell new York Central is believed to said he plans no inquest. Have been one of the last persons Quot i am involved Only in cases to talk to Young. Where a crime has been commit Taylor said Young Quot seemed to he said. Be personally Okay and gave no the body will be placed aboard inkling of undue distress Quot during a private Railroad car tomorrow mondays meeting of the nyc morning to be taken to Newport Board and during a Telephone con r i., for services and burial. The versa Tion yesterday car will be attached to the Florida a son of a country banker. East coast Champion. Young resigned a $35.000-a-Job As survivors in addition to mrs. Assistant treasurer of general to Young. Include two Brothers tors in 1928 and founded a Fortune Kenneth Young of California and in the Wall Street crash in 1929. John Young of Morristown n, he had predicted the crash and the Youngs had a social in had sold Short gag ement with friends this after with his newly won assets he noon. Mead who reported the turned to his railroading career shooting occurred about to a m. Of Small stature. 5 feet 6, and said the body probably would not weighing 135 pounds. Young some have been found for some time times was dubbed Quot the smallest had it not been that Young was texan in the world Quot sought about noon to keep the in in his famous Battle to gain con gag ement. Tool of the new York Central Mead said no one in the big Young had the help of two other House heard the shots. The Home fabulously wealthy texans a Sid has winding stairways which tend Williams Richardson and Clint to muffle sound. W. Murchison or. This was in there was no information on 1954. What might have caused Youngs Richardson and Murchison life despondency. He attended a meet Long cronies bought 800,000 shares ing of the new York Central of Central Stock for 20 million Dol Board of directors Here Only a few liars in order to vote the proxies Daj s ago at which it was decided for Young. And they did it with not to declare a dividend at this borrowed Money not using a cent time. Of their own. A nine year old great Bend boy added five dollars to the 1958 fund Barton mothers March on polio Mother at Hoisington and ing and cleaning the House running great Bend will Quot March on errands emptying trash and Rak polio Quot monday and tuesday acing the leaves during the fall cording to March of dimes chair along with other household jobs Man Jerry Wille. I Sammy earns All of his spending Hoisington the door to door Money. Canvass will be conducted from last year Sammy saved dimes 630 to 7 30 monday by the. Until he had a string equal to his Epsilon Sigma Alpha and Beta height and presented them to the Sigma Phi sororities. March of dimes organization. In 0n tuesday from to 7 . 400 1957, because the lad was Shorter great Bend mothers wiil Canvas a this string didst Omta have great Bend. They will also leave enough dimes to equal five Dol Carcus explaining the need for Salk Lars Sammy s Mother reports. Inoculations. The mothers will meet the fourth grader also can at the Dos club after the canvass it passed his neighbourhood during tile 1956 and 1957 cerebral palsy mrs. Wille wife of the county telethon and came up with about chairman is chairman of the great Bend Quot mothers March Quot. Mrs Dally Tribune staff rho a likes to help other people a nine year old Sammy Hickerson son of or. And or s. E. L. Hickerson 1320 Frey displays this string of dimes reaching from head to foot saturday just before he presented them to Jerry Wille Barton county March of dimes fund chairman for 1958. There Are 50 dimes s5 Worth in the string the dimes Are held together with scotch tape. $13 in 1956 and Over $16 last year. He presented the Money to telethon officials in the City auditorium. Saturday afternoon during an interview with Lyman Terry pub Ilicito chairman for the March of dimes Here Sammy said. Quot i wish i w As ten feet tall so i could fill ence Folsom to mrs Carson Stark Harold Kinzelman is co chairman. Their colonels Are mrs. Loyd Yahne mrs. Fred Burch mrs. Aurelia Hitschmann miss Mary thie mrs. George Hoisington mrs. Bill Snyder mrs. De Snodgrass mrs. David Christiansen Leonard Harper mrs. Claros a string of Almes that Long mrs Robert Schaub mrs. Eugene Terry had previously asked the Tjohnson mrs p Murphy it mrs. Question. What would you do Archer Boyle mrs. Laverne Radii you were As tall As lit Cham mrs Barlow Nachtigal mrs Berlati a Paul Starbuck mrs. Gordon Parker and mrs. James Sanner. Extend $1 minimum Wille also announced plans for Washington. Jan. 25 Lff sen. A Talent variety show at the Hois Kennedy a mass said today he in ton High auditorium at 8 . Would push for action this session feb. 2. Sponsored by the i warns on his proposal to extend the $1 club there All proceeds go to the an hour minimum wage Law to polio fund. Lee Daks. Chairman about six million additional per of the show is now looking Isons. Talent Wille said. Nan i

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