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Great Bend Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 4

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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - February 04, 1962, Great Bend, Kansas4 great Tribune sunday february 4, 1962. Ii Forward editorial Page tuesday there seems to be some question about tues Day. Quite a number of people say there won t be one tuesday that they base their opinion on some Fol Derol about the stars and planets. Understand we stand four Square in favor of tuesday. Tuesday rates right up with motherhood seat belts and the Republican party. There la always be a we be said Many times. The Sun always sets on we be declared at other times. Let nothing we state hereafter be taken As any depreciation of that renowned one seventh of the week that 24-hour period that keeps monday a respectable distance from wednesday. We Barber almost no doubt thai tuesday will follow monday again this week As it has from time immemorial. . They Are the think they see an an you will recall. must recognize that no one and it is always possible that the will fall on one of these Dajic fit the have picked thereby astrologers a King sized i told you a Treme Lmh boost for sales of their so in the interests of giving our readers the Complete picture we choose to speculate on that Remote Possi Biliy that tomorrow is the end. We assume that our readers have already or certainly can work up a whole Host of reasons Why to Beer d rather it not be the end. But if it is there s a4 Bright Hidir of a Silver lining on the atomic Cloud. For instance no More committees. No More fund drives and no More clean up campaigns to get the Money that and nucome in pc the fund drives. No Piore United no More Ber Lin Wall. More Drain on the . Gold re serve. No More imports of foreign Oil. No More hard Core unemployment. No More Over production of wheat. No More deficit spend More canaveral fizzles. No More National debt. holes. No More Turnpike signs. No More Fie Agency Aid to schools. No More rings in the Bath tub. No More bulb snatching. No More left overs. No More car pay ments. No More flu. No More diets. No More Bun ions hang nails or monday mornings. No More errors. No More Edi v and of course no More predictions that the world is coming to an a Shch in the Belt anyone who knows mrs. Don Weltmer or. Will be surprised and the Story kno background to absorb the Bullet if she and require the plumber. I did t know what i was going to put a Bole she said in retelling the Story. But i pulled the trigger and killed it was t the first time mrs. Weltmer has fired a it was the first time she had Ever aimed at anything but a target. It was made even More difficult by the fact mrs. Weltmer has been feeding a Squirrel in her Back Yard for two this same one. It All goes to show what we will do when we have she comments philosophically. And so it does. Drew Pearson Washington merry go round of the late mayor Don Weltmer is tiny very feminine and very gentle. She is a lady in the finest mrs Weltmer has been visiting in she returned last monday. Soon after her arrival Home she discovered a Squirrel had found Way into the basement. It had gnawed holes Here there ripped up carpeting and bed and generally littered the lower level of the House. First mrs. Weltmer called i the humane society but the Squirrel had provided for such eventualities by gnawing a Hole in the floor joists. This provided Access to a Safe hiding place Between the basement ceiling and the Kitchen floor. Park superintendent Britt Spaugh came out setting them in Likely spots. He spent the better part of an evening in the basement armed with a Rifle As everyone involved be came More and More frustrated by the situation. Spaugh did t get a shot. Friday morning mrs. Weltmer ventured Down the easement stairs to see whether the Squirrel bad wandered into any of the traps. It had to but a glance around the room brought mrs. Welt Mer up Short. There was the Squirrel sitting on the sump pump eyeing her with a steady gaze. My first impulse was to go up and Call or. Mrs Weltmer recall s. Realising that the Squirrel probably would t sit still that Long and desperate to end this in tolerable situation mrs. Weltmer picked up the Rifle. It was t loaded and she had never loaded a Rifle before. But the Bullet was beside the gun and she managed to find seemed to fit. Leaning against the Furnace for support and aim ing around the water Heater she took a Bead on the offending animal. It was still sitting on the sump pump and the water softener was in the Washington behind the new York elec Urical workers strike which resulted in a five our Day at an. Hour with sixth Lour Are some interesting figures. They show that local 3 of the International brotherhood of electrical workers whose members will now get a week is by no Means a struggling Union hard hit by automation. Of the contrary it s one of the wealthiest unions in the nation. Financial records filed with the v. S. Labor department show that local no. 3 has assets of Well Over including investments of and Cash assets of the records further show that the local collects Well Over a year in due s and pays Over annually in salaries plus in pension and other Benefit payments to members. Harry Van Arsdale local 3 s business manager and the Man who masterminded the new contract for new York s construction Trade gets about a year in salary plus expenses. The local s president Jeremiah a Sullivan is paid plus another As treasurer of the Parent Ibex International Union. The International Union itself is also a Long Way from the poor House. With total assets of Over it if one of the richest chartered by the Al Cio. The International s presi Dent Gordon m. Freeman is paid about and its Secretary Joseph d. Keenan about 000 in salaries and expenses. In addition 12 Ibex vice presidents get average salaries in excess of each. As for the electrical worker members of local 3 being faced with possible unemployment due to automation this is one of the biggest canards Ever put Over on the Public during a wage strike. The exact opposite is True. There is a shortage senator caucus by mew., coot 42g.n 1 intr Tver. That character in the fish and wildlife Bureau who recommended this spot Are you sure he s a Friend great Bend doily Tribune founded c. P. Townsley founder will l. Townley editor u07-1i3s published e Days a week in great Bend Kansas by Tribune incorporated my Forest will l. Townsley or pres. Russell t. Town vice Fres. Helen t. Co Iran. Sec. Treas second class postage paid at great Bend Ansai Ben r. Emerson general manager r. Conrad editor telephones news t society go circulation it advertising go 3-3531 official City member associated county paper Presa subscription rates in great Bend 37o per week 56 per month llt.70 per year. Elsewhere a per week 11.3 per month 118.10 per year Mau la Kansas in towns where Carrier service i maintained mall will to accepted Only at regular Carrier rates As stated above k. F. D. Elsewhere in mania per month 1.50 three months blk months till per year by mall Rai of Itata one month it three months m60 8u one you of electricians in new York s construction Indus try and local 3 wants to keep it that Way by limiting its own membership to the five hour Day also is a myth since local 3 s members will not actually be limited to five hours a Day but will be paid an hour Over time for All the time they put i Over five hours. In other words they will be Able to work a 35 hour week and earn compared with the they have been getting for 35 hours including overtime. It so happens that Ibex Secretary Joe Keenan was one of the men who buttonhole democratic delegates at the los Angeles convention in i960 to secure John f. Kennedy s nomination. One labor Leader who worked with him was Arthur Goldberg now Secretary of labor. Despite this president Kennedy phoned Secre tary Goldberg prior to his press conference statement criticizing the new York electrical worker settlement to say he planned to make a critical statement based on the fact that agreement was a threat to Price and wage stabilization at Home and our Trade program abroad. Go. Replied fee. Former counsel for United steel workers. I m with you 100 per cent note Van Arsdale sent the terms of local 3 s new contract to other Union leaders around the nation As an example they might follow. The response was not enthusiastic. Short weights on canned meat a private warning that meat importers Are Short changing american housewives has been sent out by the food and drug administration. The administration recently received a re declares the directive that 12-ounce cans of Argentine corned beef shipped to England were found to be As much As three fourths ounce Short weight. The Packer explained that this shipment should have gone to the United states where requirements and tolerances for Short weight Are not As the food and drug directive Points out that responsibility for legality of importations of meat products is in the jurisdiction of meat inspection division u. S. Department of agriculture. We do not know How much attention is being Given to Short weight by this Agency at the present time. However As part of our re cent net weight Survey one meat food product was found to be 11 per cent Short food and drug District directors were ordered to double Check on agriculture department inspectors. Submit All net weight data on meat product samples to the the order said. If significant shortages Are found consideration will then be Given As to the Best course of dominican nazi a onetime major in the nazi Luftwaffe who served for two years As behind the scenes adviser to Gen. Pedro Rodriguez Echavarria Defeated dominican strongman has vanished from the scene in Santo Domingo since his Pat Ron s downfall. The Man a hulking bavarian Blond of about 45 named Otto Winter used to show up several times a week at the elegant Al Emba Jador hotel for swimming and cocktails. As Rodriguez s Power and influence increased Winter s strut be came a bit More arrogant his voice a Little louder. But since the dominican general s attempted takeover washed out with his arrest on Jan. Is there has been no sign of sex major Winter in his accustomed haunts. Some reports say that he succeeded in slipping across the Border and is now furnishing counsel to the armed forces of haitian president Francois Duvalier. Washington notebook by Inez Robb once More across the desk of this hard hearted Hannah there is flowing another freshet of so called literature from the so called committee to secure Justice for Morton Sobell. The Only surprising aspect of the matter is the committee s persistence in sending its hoped up hysterical stuff to one who believes that jus Tice was done Morton Sobell when Joe was tried with the Rosenbergs and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The newest pitch in this Case the Darling and the special project of the american communists is an Appeal by the above committee to president Kennedy. The chief executive is exhorted either to 1 Grant immediate Freedom through executive clemency or 2 commute so Bell s sentence. Sobell now in the United states prison at at Lanta ga., comes up for parole on aug. 4 of this year. If the Federal parole Board of the Bureau of prisons at that time believes that Sobell has paid his debt to society Well and Good. It is a decision by which americans could and would abide. But the idea that Sobell should be the recipient of executive clemency or a White House commutation of sentence on the ground that american Justice railroaded him an innocent Man into prison is More than this citizen can stomach. That classic communist tactic i e the party Effort to smear american Justice and jurisprudence to cast doubt upon its Honor and honesty and to attempt to destroy in the Public mind the reputation of american courts has been relentlessly pursued by this so called committee to secure Justice for Morton Sobell. The same inspired assault on the courts was made during and after the Hiss trails. It was the party line then and now to charge the United states government with manufacture of a Type writer to convict Hiss a charge that did t and could t hold water at either of Hiss s trials. The latest four Page Sobell pamphlet leading off with an Appeal for executive clemency is like All others based on an attack on american courts and american Justice. And among those crying aloud in behalf of Sobell and against jus Tice in the United states of America Are lord Bertrand rather be red than rus sell and France s Jean Paul Sartre among Many others who were never near the courtroom Dur ing the Rosenberg Sobell trial. As a reporter i covered the Hiss and the Rosenberg Sobell trials both models of judicial procedure. Apparently the present administration leans to the same conclusion since president Kennedy within recent months appointed to the United states court of appeals the judge who pre sided Over the Rosenberg Sobell trial judge Irv ing s. Kaufman. Judge Kaufman is a Brilliant patient and kindly Man. Ever since he was chosen to preside at the Rosenberg Sobell Case he has been the subject of continuous behind the scenes commie abuse and pressures that would try the endurance and sanity of a Saint. Executive clemency for Sobell is Only the first step in the communist timetable. The real object is not simply to Spring him from Federal prison. His release by the president would merely Trig Ger the movement already planned and ready to go into effect to rehabilitate the Rosenbergs. Commie directed Effort to free Sobell by executive order could be realized the party would immediately swing Intro a full scale Campaign to prove the Rosenbergs were victims of capitalist imperialist Justice. An even greater attack on american Justice courts and institutions would be mounted to discredit the United states in the eyes of the world. Sobell really is a Side Issue. Bruce Biossat the mounting fiscal and other troubles which beset so Many state governments have turned the spotlight on the question of just How up to Date and flexible their constitutions Are. In the View of an expert on the commission on intergovernmental relations age does not put an automatic Black Mark against a Constitution. Nevertheless it is interesting that 38 of the 50 state documents Are older than 1900. The remaining 12 include Brand new ones in Alaska and Hawaii and the original statehood constitutions in Oklahoma Arizona and new mexi co. Only seven then have been modernized in this Century. Of these just three in Georgia Missouri and new Jersey have been revised in the last two decades. Specialists Point out that an old Constitution May be thoroughly suitable to present times if it is broadly general and also has flexible Machin Ery for amendment As needed. Some state constitutions however Are incredibly specific amounting in effect to compilations of statutory Law. Louisiana a which runs to a record words is a Sample. By contrast rhode1 Island s quite general document comprises Only words. The detailed ones require constant amendment. In California 415 attempts have been made to change the Constitution with 327 amendments adopted. The Louisiana tract 42 years younger than California a has been modified 376 times. Tennessee stands at the other end of the scale. Its 92-year-old Constitution has1 been amended but eight times in 20 tries. It is rated an outstanding example of rigidity in Iasic state Law. Agencies trying to Foster better state govern ment do not argue that sweeping overhaul in a constitutional convention Broad necessity. In Many instances major surgery amendment is considered eminently satisfactory provided this strikes at rigidities in tax and budget control Sharp limits on tiie governor s appointive Power and other restrictions. By one expert judgment 10 to is state constitutions Are very bad imposing severe handicaps on government operations. Michigan currently overhauling its fundamental Law in convention is cited at a prime Case. Promising is the fact that four or five other major revision efforts Are in the works. Probably every state with a Constitution older 1920 ought at least to take a hard took at what it has to work with. There seems Little Point in the a tet complaining of the loss of authority to Washington if they Are unwilling to modernize antiquated machinery for dealing with today s problems. Does your car have c. In Bud Ody great Bend for factory method painting looks save save save during Yeschka doer february furniture Sale savings accounts inti tit paid twice yearly certificates of Deposit american state Bank american state Bank gift Lind kit Iii i i m info Roitt in d savings account add ecu i visit our delightful new 1203 main must be seen to be appreciated finished in handsome English provincial appointments All the restful atmosphere of Jolly old England Ralph Wallace great lend restaurant go 3-6162 adult education great Bend High school Spring session 1962 enrolment Date monday february 5, 1962, to . Senior High school classes begin thurs Day february i and will be held each monday and thursday evening for five 1. Bookkeeping Fred Grabhorn instructor 2. Contract Ridge for beginners or. Powelson instructor 3. Driver training John Montgomery instructor 4. French mrs. J. M. Thies instructor fee fat room 122 room 224 fee room 108 fee room 118 5. Public speech Emerson Macdonald room 208 4 6. Shorthand Velda Jacobs room 115 7. Sign show card painting Curtis Sweet room 222 8. Swimming for woman miss Kinyon room 107 typing mrs. Hill room 117 10. Upholstery or. Voth room 116 1 1 new ideas in for tha family mrs. Mary Kern room 105 will by held thurs. For a period of 5 weeks. Class sessions Are from . To

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