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Great Bend Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Great Bend, KansasPost paper through dirt f Golden Belt area Central kans full up wire area news sports society 10c great Bend August 20, 1967 a Issue 28 pages Farmer admits murdering his wife four children St. Cloud Minn. Former army helicopter Pilot has admitted shooting his wife and setting the fire in which his four children perished but he Day against Hoskins. He said Hoskins might be arraigned monday. Statement Lahr said. At the Church of Christ in nearby Kim Ball Minn., where insisted the deaths of children were accidental thormities said saturday. Farmer David Hoskins signed a statement admitting the statement indicated that Hoskins was a Deacon and Sang after shooting his wife Hoskins with the gospel the thei wounded himself and despite Rev. Robert Bryan said funeral a the serious wound worked arrangements for the victims Rifle Boll and pumped a second were pending. Bullet into his own body. Then Hoskins was found in the Yard he left the Rifle in the Hoskins o his farm overlooking Pearl his report of being tied up and farmhouse used gasoline to Seti Lake 17 Miles Southwest of St w uie building afire and then1 Cloud Early Friday by a group went outside and bound himself St. Leen agers who shot by five or six intruders who wanted to play Soldier 1 a hoax sheriff Peter the pole Lahr said. Said. Lahr said Hoskins statement told of shooting Loretta 29, with a his wife .22 Caliper Lahr said Hoskins was were out for a ride. Bodies of mrs. Hoskins and questioned repeatedly children Julie Ann 6, giving the statement the Darla 4, Linda 1, and 180-Pound Hoskins was quiet Eli 6 weeks were found in the f unch Lotut As thl picture was taken they were getting ready to line up for the Start Rifle and then shooting subdued after giving the charred nibble. In the Chest and Abdomen with the Bolt action weapon. After wounding himself with the death weapon and setting the fire he tied himself to an outdoor clothesline pole and Only then realized his children were in the burning Lahr said. Got entangled Lahr said Hoskins statement indicated the Minnesota nation Kkt and negro rallies planned Rouge la. Shout 130 negroes walked seven Niiles through a driving rain saturday to Complete the next of a 100-mile protest both the marchers and the Kun us klan had rallies scheduled saturday and on the Steps of the Capitol sunday. The klan at to arrive at the statehouse 30 minutes after the negroes Ivere to. Leave. Fifteen in Hundred Louisiana a Sortal guardsmen stood by saturday. There were no Neidens. In. Contrast to screaming egg throwing Whites who lined . L90 Friday the wet streets were quiet and Clear As the negroes marched into Baton Rouge. Lincoln Lynch associate National director of the Congress of racial Equality led the March. In addition to the guardsmen in the capital 75 state police deputies and City police accompanied the marchers. More than 150 cheering More Usu. Y t 1 Points. The flotilla was camping singing negroes greeted the sle Ling miss Kansas escapes injury in car crash 4jas, Kan. Up Kan s afr 19-year-old Debra d. Barn Jesef nearby Moran was involved an a traffic Accident at the this Allen county town Canoe flotilla from troop 117 goes Down River a Canoe flotilla of boy scouts and their dads from troop 117, left saturday morning for a trip Down from Dart Mouth to South Nickerson. It is scheduled to be completed at noon today. Fourteen canoes with 29 boys will be paddling Down the River. Nine men Are accompanying the boys either in canoes or by car to the various stopping marines in lightning strike on Viet Post Saigon . Marine task whirled in by helicopter charged up Jungle covered Mountain slopes Satur Day in a lightning strike against he Headquarters hideout of a North vietnamese division. Brigi Gen. Foster c. Lahue saturday. Nobody was injured. 1 Barnes miss Kansas of was driving one of the v the other Driver was Ger Kin Naroon 25, also of Libot vicars were eastbound on according to the High when the Kinnamon a left turn to a coun it was being passed vehicle operated by said miss Kansas with the left rear Dib Ivo a the Kinnamon Auto. Was. Accompanied a. Harris 28, marchers at capital Junior High school in a negro neighbourhood gov. John Mckeithen ordered nearly More guardsmen to the capital saturday. He activated 650 thursday. The marchers left the segregationist stronghold of Bogalusa aug. 11. They planned to present Mckeithen a list of grievances at the sunday rally but the governor said he would not be there. He warned Friday in a statewide television talk that the guardsmen were under orders to Start shooting if rioting occurred. When the negroes stepped off saturday in a rainstorm on the next to last leg of their March reinforcements had brought Tihe total up to 104. At their head was Lincoln Lynch associate National director of the Congress of racial Equality. The saturday March route was about seven Miles to a Park inside the Baton Rouge Munici pal limits. The negroes will March sunday from the Park to the state Capitol. Seventy five state troopers guarded the marching negroes. The National guardsmen were stationed at major intersections Long that part of . Highway 90 inside the City. The negroes marched along the Highway. In Denham Springs the marchers were pelted with a Arrage of flying eggs soft rink bottles and firecrackers. Carmichael overnight at Sterling. Scouters on the trip included Robert Bayless Bobby Bris Coe Jerry Brite Rickey Carmi Ochael Bobby Evans David Hal Bower. Herb harms Steve in juice Johnson Evan Teenan Mark Lomas Kent Char Les Mcallister Dale Nolte Doug Nolte Dennis Neeland. S c o t Ochs Steve Price Jon Erin Bardt Russell Reinhardt Bawdy Reinhardt Greg Reinhardt Eric Smith Galen Wiles Kev in Wiles Kim Weesner Bill Zimner and Bill Wright. Adults included Leroy Brite Steve Price or. Don Reini Wardt Hubert Ochs or. Bill Evans Don Hal Bower John Neeland Art Wiles or. W. E. Mcallaster. Sedgwick assessor s records subpoenaed Wichita Kan. Up Roll records of the sed Wiel comity assessor s office were subpoenaed saturday by Rober a Lartin a special Kansas assist ant attorney general. Tihe investigation was set off by discovery that assess Charles Cox had spent nearly All of is 1967 operating Budge of county auditor Nate harm said that his records of Tihe As Sessor s office payroll had been subpoenaed. Martin would not comment on whether he was investigating the assessor s office. Loped to overrun the command Post of the North vietnamese 2nd division before High ranking communist officers had a Chance to escape or destroy valuable documents. The area was 30 Miles South of Danang and some 10 Miles Inland from the South China sea. The Leatherneck strike was part of a determined Allied pro egyptian croup launches a strike by United press International pro egyptian elements in the guard warrant officer tried Sinai seacoast town of Al Arish free Hir self and save the saturday launched a general children but became entangled strike and hoisted an egyptian in the clothes line and was Flag in Defiance of occupying unable to work free. Israeli forces. Stone barricades Hoskins was found Early were set up across some the task Force commander drive to break the Back of what Friday entangled in the clothes line and facing the burning building. The Church Deacon and gospel Singer told rescuers of being accosted by intruders who tied him and shot him. Lahr said Hoskins statement gave the motive for the shootings hut the sheriff declined to reveal it. Lahr said hos Toins gave the statement Friday night in his Hospital room. He signed it Only after a careful Reading the sheriff said. Streets. Israeli military authorities immediately invoked an around the clock curfew and said it will be in effect Sintil the pro egyptian instigators Are rounded up. It was the first reported open resistance to israeli Rule in the Sinai since the israelis occupied the territory in the june Mideast War in Bethlehem 11 persons in Al Arish israeli military forces started a House by House search for arms and suspected agitators who scattered leaflets urging shopkeepers to close their stores. Al Arish inhabitants has about including about appears to be a new communist Campaign to capture the North Ern provinces with thrusts South from the demilitarized zone his room at the St. Cloud and East from Laos in support of North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops already in the area. Sporadic sniper fire hampered the Marine drive in its Early hours. Lahue said lie believed that at least communist troops were lurking in the Jungles. One helicopter was shot were arrested Amman radio saturday broadcast after their late bulletin Shell Lake sask. A Royal Canadian mounted police at Shell Lake announced Satur Day night they have arrested a Man in the slaying of nine members of the James Peterson family. Police said they also have seized a weapon identified by Freir Way out of an the crime detection Laboratory ambush Laid by part of the North vietnamese regiment Lahr said Hoskings has no i names and said had signed been a memorandum declaring sup port for King Hussein of Jordan. Of the eleven arrested including former jordanian member Edward will file monday Stearns county attorney Paul formal homicide charges a Short distance South of the new Marine sweep . Para troops from the 101st airborne they believe they have boxed in. Primary elec in Regina As the murder weapon. Inspector b. D. Sawyer said that the name of the arrested Man will be withheld until before the ambushed platoon of less than 40 men whirlwind tour plane passenger of seven states j attempts suicide George Romney j Wichita Kan. Up a plans a whirlwind speaking tour j woman who Ted to commit this fall of seven states including at least three which six americans died and 15 were Thieu will serve a civilian president Saigon Impi chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu in a move to temper remarks by his running mate prime minister Nguyen Cao by pledged saturday to serve president if he is a civilian beaten in South Vietnam s sept. 3 elec tion. Thieu is a lieutenant general and the Only military presiden tial candidate. The array has no right to plan a Piip to disturb a freely and fairly elected civilian Thieu said. I Don t want the army to interfere in political affairs. It is against the interests of the criticize military the military ticket had been criticized both in Vietnam and abroad including members of the . Congress for state ments by by interpreted As threats to overthrow an elected civilian government. I would be very pleased to go Back to the Thieu said. I would be fair with any civilian chosen by the Thieu 44, spoke in English at a news conference in his office at Independence Palace. Earlier both Thieu and by rejected suggestions that the election be postponed. Five of the 10 civilian publicly endorsed the idea. Sen. Jacob a Jay its r-n.y., last thursday also proposed a postponement because re ports of Campaign malpractice. President Johnson at his Friday news conference brushed aside can discuss the Case with his superiors. The arrest was announced after visitors paid their last respects to the Peterson family As seven coffins bedecked with roses and one draped with a Ca Nadian Flag were lowered into a common grave in Shell Lake cemetery. Search on for the killer of farm family Shell Lake sask. The killer of a farm family of nine persons fired at least 28 shots stopping to reload while his victims unaccountably remained at the scene apparently unable to flee police said saturday. Funerals for the slain James Peterson 47, his wife Evelyn 42, and children Jane 17, Mary 13, Dorothy 11, Peral 9, William 6, Collins 2, and Larry scheduled at the Shell. Lake cemetery late such suggestions. Says they tried we have tried our Best managed to fight free. Another paratroop unit in the area killed 30 North vietnamese in a hitter Jungle Battle earlier in the Day. There were five americans killed and 35 wounded. Giant air Force b52 a which Friday swept Over North Vietnam to bomb troops reported concentrating in the Vicinity of the Doz swept Back Over the a Shau Valley communist buildup in the Northwest part of the nation. They poured hundreds of tons of bombs on Supply Points troops construction equipment and the 25-mile All weather Road leading in from Laos. After attending the National governors conference in the Virgin islands which ends oct. 21, Romney has tentative plans to speak in new Hampshire of which have presiden i i v. A la t to tial primaries next year plus airlines flight in Las vegas. Arizona North Dakota. Ver Mont Maine and perhaps i unidentified Man to the plane Colorado. Egyptians who consist mainly of teachers doctors and other professionals. Only this week the area was among those from the Gaza strip thrown open to visitors. In other developments on the israeli Jordan Border More Arab refugees Are expected to Cross Back to their Homes in the West Bank sunday. Israeli authorities said the Crossings would be increased to daily until the aug. 31 deadline. The United nations reported saturday that the six Day Mideast War drove arabs from their Homes. Prizewinners Are announced two people from great Bend and four from area towns were the winners of the six Honda motorcycles Given away last night at the conclusion of the main Street opening Celebration. Winners were Lavona Peters Lacrosse e. C. Efaw. Russell Norrina Nolte Hudson Bill Thomas Claflin mrs. A. H. Luther 3401 16th and Wayne King 1102 2nd. Orville Huss great Bend chamber of Commerce executive announced the following winners of 1he drawings held during the main Street opening Celebration. Thursday winners Mary us men Glen Sander Kenneth Klepper Clayton Hays Jack Mitchell mrs. Ter j by Lewis Allan Peters Leona who asked the stewardess to j Taylor Nellie Schmidt Virgin was j a Reichart Minnie Schwartz sick. Amanda Truhart mrs. Tom the woman became Union i criss Van Mary Maneth Jan scions when the plane on Brandt Jerry Dundas Roy two were released after they said they were threatened into signing the anti israeli Declara tion. Suicide aboard a commercial flight from Las vegas to St. Louis was in Good condition at St. Francis Hospital saturday. The woman a 23-year-old University City mo., resident was treated for an overdose of pills. Police quoted stewardess and Nora Markels As saying that the woman boarded a trans world she was accompanied by an the new Hampshire visit will watch her because she be the third this year for Romney a leading contender for the 1968 Republican pres _ to identical nomination. Romney non Stop flight to St. Louis was Lark Glenn Huston Walter considers himself an underdog j about 10 minutes out of Wichita Meyers Marylou Weiser Lula in new Hampshire because the plane made an emergency mrs. B. A. Landing at Wichita municipal i starter of Bushton mrs John former vice president Richard m. His chief rival for the Airport and ambulance attend nomination has Strong backing ants gave her first Aid before in the state. I taking her to the Hospital hard put to Muster majority lbs s Senate in War policy badly eroded saturday. Single grave a single common grave was gouged Iro the Rocky ground by a tractor equipped with a Back Hoe. The bodies were placed in simple Felt covered to provide facilities to the Candi by said. We give them Money transportation organization of it foe television Phie of them with mrs. Peterson and her youngest son occupying a single casket. As the townsfolk assembled for their final Farewell to the criticize the government and myself. What More can i do to provide a free and honest Thieu was cautious about the military ticket s chances in the election. Think we have a Chance but just a he said. He said he believed Only two of the civilian contenders Huong and Phan Khae Suu chairman of the provisional National stood any Chance of defeating i Mand by Thieu men us plated a second full Check of the nearby area in an Effort to locate the killer. Insect or Brian Sawyer of the ramp announced at a morning press briefing that a preliminary ballistics report showed that 2t bullets from a .22 Caliper Rifle were fired into the bodies of the victims. A 28th Bullet was found in a bedroom Wall near a window through which mrs. Peterson apparently attempted to flee with her baby Sawyer said. Bodies of Mother and child were found outside the window. Washington a sen ate support for president John son s Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorse ment of his asian policies. An associated press canvass Flint to a Swift and conclusion. Victorious j Hood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the j j. Meyers Hoisington Yolanda Chohen of Bazine and Twyl la sinter of Macksville. Friday winners include Nancy schuster Paul Maier Joe Potter m. E. Brandt Howard Kimber Brent Reinhardt Don Cook mrs. Ann Bitzer mrs. C. I g. Plait Dick Griffith Celeste Krestine mrs. Howard Kimber i Shelley Midgorden obie Young j Ray Wyatt l. E. Durand. Earl Stanley Al Walters mrs. J. Is j Monson mrs. M. D. Barrett mrs. Clarence Meyers Bob Ahl grim of Ellinwood Coleen Mil i Ler of Albert Caroline dressier of Claflin Kenneth Seyfert of Mildred Turnell of Lyons and Marvin Kaiser of on the other hand the doves by Johnson complain that Johnson is lating the struggle dangerously by bombing near China targets is failing to get the South Viet namese to do their share and is which found 84 senators willing leaving for to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of Hig actions for one reason or another. A Brea Dovra showed 27 darn of crafts and 17 republicans Back ing the president those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans. Those who. Criticize the presi Dent so for sharply contrasting reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks. Thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their be Lief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the con ated peace. The substance of com ments of individual senators indicates there is such wide spread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in a gust 1964. In All the. Congress Only sans. Wayne Morse d-ore., and Ernest Gruening Balaska voted against the 1964 Resolution. Bui a number of senators including chairman. J. W. Fulbright d ark., of the Senate foreign re lations committee have said they would no support such a commitment still there seems no Likely at his news conference that is available any time con weather Golden Belt Able cloudiness and cooler with Gress wants to rescind its 1964 a warming trend toward eve action. Ning. Highs 75 to 85, lows near most of the senators had Giv-155. Precipitation probability 5 in their views to the associated j per cent. Press prior to the news Confer-1 ence in which Johnson noted the i 1964 Resolution could be rescinded by a simple majority vote in i Congress the necessity is for his approval of action. Sen. Thomas a Mcintyre do n.h., said he still supported the president s course "but-1 must admit that i m shaken a the mood of the Senate is changing Over he said it s becoming sen. John. O. Pastore , previously classed As a Hawk said i Don t want to be put in the position of approving or Dis approving our Vietnam policies. The country the Senate the intellectual Community is split Down the Middle on this Issue and it is not a healthy sign Between the covers in this sunday Tribune you la find editorials pm. 4 sports pcs. 5, 6, 7 finance pm. 8 area news pm. Society pcs 11-14 classified pcs. 18 19 amusement pm. 16 comics in the Pink i Kos paper

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