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Great Bend Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Great Bend, Kansas Great Bend Sudau Tribune pm great Bend Kansas sunday August 4, 1957 in the summer a Young girl s fancy turns h Cortin says legislation dead _ Eisenhower miffed on changed rights plan Washington aug. 3 us a Bill As completely unworkable. He Eisenhower would rather have no president Eisenhower was report was said to be throwing his weight Bill at All than to accept the sen de Adamant today against the solidly against House acceptance ate s insertion of the jury trial Senate a revamped civil rights of it. Amendment in a measure which it i Bill and Hep. Joseph w. Martin Martin told a reporter a the Bill already had stripped of authority jr., House gop Leader pro is not acceptable to us. And i to enforce civil rights in general. Denounced civil rights legislation done to think its acceptable to a a some House democratic leaders i a dead for this session of con Jority of the voiced the opinion privately that Gress. He foresaw a probable deadlock the republicans a a done to want a three top administration offi which would put the Issue Over to civil rights Bill this they gals. Who cannot be named said next year. Contended the Eisenhower Adlum in interviews that Eisenhower re the three administration leaders is ration is stalling and hoping to garbs the Senate version of the agreed that As the matter stands carry the Issue Over into the 1958 j selection year. Tery of i harness sign unsolved 81 St year no. 306 charges against i in marijuana Possession Cut felony charges against two Wichita men Here for the Possession of marijuana has been reduced to Misdemeanour As provided for first offenders in a new Kansas statute effective july i according to Barton county attorney Loyd Phillips saturday. Robert e Bradford jr., 25. And James c. Fit. 26, both of Wichita. Have each been fined 100, court costs and sentenced to one year in jail on a Misdemeanour charge of possessing marijuana. They we arrested july 26 by two great Bend police patrolmen John Burnett and Don Abbey. The jail sentences will be suspended upon payment of the fines and costs according to l. L. Becker Barton county sheriff. Bradford is out of jail but Fitz remains in the Barton county jail pending payment of the Fine and $17.50 court costs. The pair was hailed into county court Friday afternoon and sentenced by judge Fred l. Hans. Under the new statute effective july i in the state of Kansas a first offence in Possession of marijuana is a Misdemeanour. Phillips explained. If a second offence occurs the men will be charged under a felony act carrying a prison sentence of one to seven Sears. Bradford and fits were first charged with a felony Here follow-1 inst the apprehension. The charge had to be reduced the county at Sornev slated. Phillips consulted the Kansas attorney general in the Case. He also Washington. Aug. 3 uhf Sec discussed the charge with District rotary of state Dulles flew Back court Jodge Roy j. Mcmullen Here today from disarmament talks in judge Mcmullen presented Phillips London and promptly challenged with the decision to charge the Russia to join the West Iii lessening Ute danger of a great atomic War by opening vast territories to Aerial and ground inspection. Dulles arrived in mid afternoon and went to the White House to i give a first hand report of his Lon Don Mission to president Eisenhower. He was Able to report to tile president according to informs-1 Washington a sen. Carlson non in diplomatic quarters that a Ftak predicted saturday that seb it and succeeded in pulling the _ to _ to a a a. No a democratic leaders will push we it Lern Ahlfs Oul 01 a Sojot 0,8istant manager of Enid a Munici face following a one car collision la succeed John b. Hollister who Mcc e Lan Sulci through a his i Miami Nae of pc disagreement on inspection tones. It Airport said today he believes at 10.20 . Friday about a mile is resigning As Loreign Cid dec Holla s plan through a raising pay of the Ney concurred in a plan he pie j Convy Tea rapist who terrorised and one half North of Hoisington w. Ii a Quot a. Soo too postal workers before this scented to Russia at a meeting persons Here thursday night or 281 Highway. The Cincinnati enquirer re �?ot0&Quot of u.1ilhe�?zu no Subco a my a he he ded or u a Rock counts was driving his 1957 mod jilted that Mcelroy. Who is pres he said republicans expect that Meme in London yesterday. A it m a Light Lepiane. Sedan North on the Highway when i Dent of Procter i Gamble co. What he proposed in essence Fred Roberts assistant manag he missed the second curve in theve As due in Washington monday was mat Russia agree to Aerial or 0f Wooding Airport identified 10,d North of Hoisington Accord or conferences about Wilson a Job., menus. And ground inspection Over great picture of escaped air Force eng l0 slate trooper John e. Mur Wilson a Quot been planning for of Quot a a a a. A a areas of Europe North America Pusner As the Man to whom he Phy. A me time to retire. I sold gasoline for a Blue and White the to slated the Tribue Mcelroy himself was quoted to i Shou cd be combined into a a a i a no one a Hout la . Yester sgt Turda counts was. Cincinnati As saying that a some be a a for massive Surprise attach in this Day. He said the Man purchased a a a or it the 0, Speed. Thing is under consideration but1 their own maps or Tulsa. Okla. And Little when automobile let a the High a it nothing hrs been sctt cd my Mcclellan and sen Golder. K. . Elroy said it is entirely in Wash Mcclellan j huge Telephone pole. A a it a a a a is hands i plan with alarm and said it looked i lon3 in Meany w Dervre red too Pei Murphy said the collision spokesman at doth the we Tel a a. A a a a. Tore the right Side of counts car and Pentagon said their schedules listed no appointments an attending physician said sat or Mcelroy for monday. But this to on find y0u contr0l the country. This Issue 24 pages including comics anyone for Golf Dorothy Ann Terry to months old Waits on her opponent to show up for a round of Golf at the country club links. Dorothy s pet club is her Driver and she has plenty of Sticks to choose from in the background. The Young golfer is the daughter of or. And mrs. Lyman Terry 2545 Broadway. A Challenge by Dulles to reds Utopia men under the new statute. Predicts pay increase for postal workers Culver. Kas. If this Ottawa county City will Levy no property taxes for 1938. The City Council has proposed a budget of 2.838 for the year and it has $2,141 in the Treasury. The Council figures no tax will be needed because the income from cigarette. Liquor dog licenses gasoline and intangible taxes coupled with the Treasury balance will be enough to meet expenditures. Ohio soap manufacturer being considered for High . Post Washington. Aug. 3 us a succeed Charles e. Wilson As Sec Neil h. Mcelroy. 52-year-old Ohio rotary of defense or take Over soap manufacturer was reported some other Job was a matter of under Active consideration today conjecture. It s been 13 Days since the Tribune published the photo of the a a mystery Kohler harness shop sign and the answer As to How it arrived at the place of its discovery Here is still being sought. The sign was found by workmen during an excavation project on the South Side of the 2000 Block on Broadway. In Good condition the sign simply reads a Kohler s harness several great Bend residents Pratt turned Back the pages of time. Mrs. Fred Jones wrote a i remember the harness shop on the Coiner of the Alley on Broadway. It w As a dutchman that had the shop. It was a few years before dad died de Wells. Dad was working for John Hiss at the time. A a my father worked for e. L. Wood where the Wells clothing store in now from 1897 to 1905he went to work for John informed the Tribune they had Hiss from 1905 until he retired in for a but High government Post whether he is slated suffers severe face injuries in Auto crash believe rapist to Arkansas in Light plane Enid. Okla., aug._3 a the As a Pital with a severely lacerated the a a a Quot Washington Merle d. Counts. 24-year-old Fairport. Kas. Man is in serious con action at Hoisington lutheran bos some persons High in govern a to intent and business reported my a Elroy was High on the list of those being considered As Wilson s successor but one top administration official said that was not necessarily the Job president Eisenhower has in mind. This official told a reporter he doubts that any decision has been reached on a new defense Secretary. He said Mcelroye a appointment to a top government Job could be expected soon. He ruled heard of the shop but could t place just when. However two persons w Rote to the Tribune and created More of a mystery. Writing from Chipeta Park. Col of mrs. A. H. Lanterman wrote a i feel quite sure that this sign came from the late Fred Koh Eros harness shop in Ellinwood. Have no idea How it arrived in great another Tribune subscriber in 1933 or 1934. Or. Wells died in 1935. I can to remember just the year that the Kohler shop was in great Bend but Fenny a paint shop was East of the shop. Gwinn had a shoe store East of the shop too. A persons who have any other information concerning the Kohler sign Are asked to Contact the Tribune. Martin called the Senate Bill in its present form a democratic Bill and declared. A we won t take it in the form it is Likely to come out of the in foreseeing a possible dead i lock Over efforts to Compromise i version and the More sweeping administrations sponsored Bill passed by the House Martin said a it looks to me As though this Bill is dead for this session. That will put the whole civil rights fight Over until next january when Congress the chief executive s Legal adders Are said to have told Eisenhower the measure the Senate i May pass by midweek represents not Only an a empty Shell for Protection of voting rights but will hamstring government enforce a rent in other Fields. Southern senators held a strategy session on the Bill today and sen. Russell a a told reporters afterwards that he expects a Senate vote a within a reasonable perhaps wednesday or even sooner. Attacks Hoffa a a proposals on Auto escapade with police wild affair single Union a 15-year-old great Bend girl will face a raft of charges in Ellinwood Auch a move will be made in an a fort to Embarrass president Eisenhower who has announced Strong disapproval of the Bill. He told a reporter he was Jure and soviet Union. The object gasoline for a Blue and White it would not become Law. How Ever if it is sent to the White House in time to Force the president to veto it before Congress adjourns there would be an Opportunity to try to Over ride the veto. Eisenhower killed Federal employee pay Bills in his first term but not until after Congress had quit. The House already passed last month by a 379-38 vote a Bill raising the pay of the postal an atomic age. In an Airport statement Dulles Rock. Ark., before he took off. Said that a it is now up to the the fugitive was identified As soviet Umon to sgt. Milton j. Martin 27, Detroit a if the soviet Union accepts mich., who escaped Early thurs these proposals a he said a and Day from the Bergstrom air Force if the necessary details Are on state Barber Board Topeka lbs Richard j. Armstrong Topeka Barber has replaced t. R. Maher great Bend on the state Board of Barber examiners. Aug. 3 of a sen Armstrong a Lyons following a chju5 a by today that three year was announced lace in Bolh urn to put All yesterday by gov. George Dock Ming of an Ellinwood police car by the nations transportation work my s office. The girls vehicle Early saturday ers into a single Union or federa earlier the governors office Maria Goetz 15, 2103 28th, Daugh Tion would create a a super gov had selected Mike Yacich Kan Ter of or. And mrs. Dave Goetz Jas City for the Job but found he 210c 28th, was a running away from Hoffa the 44-year old heir a did not meet experience require she was accompanied by Dixie a Peters also 15, of Brownell kas., and Nellie Snyder of Russell. Miss Goetz and miss Peters also ran away july 3 but were apprehended and returned Home. Ellinwood authorities Are report idly charging the girl w Ith speeding running a red Light and resisting officers. Lyons will also have 3 minor Auto mishaps Here worked out the risk of Surprise attack will be greatly diminished. A and since a major War is not. Apt to be launched unless the a Joyes $546 a year. The annual Cost Pressor can count on Surprise the would of bout 280 million . Danger of a Cleral a car Wylli have lessened. Then it will be More possible safely to reduce the Burden of base. Tex., stockade be rpm trom water a Ariz viewed Hoffa s three minor automobile Collis by like a move to set himself up As Bere saturday. The crashes the nation s no. I labor in property damage and xv11ss -7�eiz Ana her companions control the nation s trans pita charges for several Drivers but no a fit St sighted 2.15 . Satur. To to a a one wag Hurt Day As they sped through Ellin added charges. Miss Goetz and authorities said he stole a Diane urday that counts upper lip and not Precillie the possibility of Ater said. A a there a never j r q Gold ringer 58. Hays was Wood Ellinwood police gave Chase Austin tex., municipal half of his nose were a Cut off. A the Light 8 merlins might be Ai ranged been any doubt in my mind that a Driver of a 1957 Model Sedan which i the Goetz Sirl driving her Fath a counts w ill probably have to a re read lipid the what Hoffa collided with a 1950 Sedan operated or s 1948 Auto. Sped on. Ellinwood menu selected for 4-h event at nearby snort. A Robert told officers the Man be transferred to Wichita for con Mcelroy is known to both to whom a sold the Pauline Fook Sid Erable extensive plastic Surg Schower and Wilson. He was of 9 fun minute before Frid Ely a the physician reported. Most chairman a presidential com i nonce arrived to begin an Aerial of the surgery will be to the lip. Mizee Ontl of 13would Wield economic Power that sgt. La Verne Mcclellan said if the Type of i by Charles f. Herb. 73, 1300 Bak authorities chased her to Lyons transportation Union Hoffa has outer. At 11 55 . Friday at 10th a there a by were assisted by a by lined Ever comes into being it and main. Search for Martin. The doctor noted. Tito Nikita in Romania talks Saddle club show scheduled sunday extensive co tact with the govern a a Frient in connection with contracts counts ii transferred. Will of in of his finn Der care of drs Hilbert and London. Aug. Tito of Yugoslavia Brooks. Wichita plastic surgeons the Hoisington physician stated. Counts nose and lip have been sewed Back. Barton county sheriffs Deputy 3 a president Dav launch fest duties for the Luther Tindall assisted trooper annual great Bend Saddle Murphy with the by a Lyons officer and Rice county de Townsend said put sheriff. Tile Trio was caught a would amount to a super govern Gold ringer was headed East on 10th after 8 Brief Chase in Lyons after when his Auto collided with herbs i a Orts by miss Goetz to elude to Mcclellan is chairman of Hie Sedan which was also eastbound 1cg faed Senate rackets investigating com but attempting a left turn. Both amp ills were put in the Rice of the concern big soap since 1948 manufacturing a Parade beginning at i . Sun and Nikita loth barbecued Chicken iced Tea and a fall the trimmings will be served to 4-h fair visitors the evening of aug. 14. Starting at 6 30. Tickets Are being sold by clubs in Competition for a record player to be a a Rinh t in of morph aided tile club Sellme the great Khrushchev met for two Days this cd it Roundup line March betide lie duo Selling me Gremi rom and Fin 19th and Morton and will est number of Barbecue tickets. Week in is Elute Romania and. Baseball Nark deadline for contest sales is wed a8rced on a Concrete forms of co end a t the cite baseball Park. Neslav. However ticket sales will Moscow radio an continue until saturday. Bounced tonight. M. E Jackson Poulus special a conference Between the charge Wui by made bul a free Wiy the car was a total loss is at Kansas state College will communist party and Gen eminent lowering w1i be taken i no charges have been filed Pend. Supervise the Barbecue which pre leaders of Russia and Yugoslavia ing investigation of the Accident. I physicians who performed an Mcelroy joined Procter amp Gamble in 1925 and has been president Myrtee on which Coldwater also vehicles received More than $50 county jail Early saturday. When Marilyn still Able to have children Lyons officials Complete charges for making an a it inst them. The three will be re to miss Goetz rammed her car in mishap. More than 60 stitches were taken in the Man s face. His car caught fire after the 2 . With the evening show Start crash. A passer by threw dirt on Joe. _ 7 30 pm. No admission the flames and extinguished them Carriage has been assured tha Hutchinson v3gts a matinee performance is set for new York tits Marilyn Mon jul clean s committee lost her baby by Misho my at or. Serves. Damage. The committee has been delving Herb was cited a a into Hoffa a affairs and Partick illegal left turn and paid a $5 Fine turned in Ellinwood Early his alleged associations with in police court saturday. New York labor racketeers. Hoffa a second crash occurred when 10 be Side pm lice car twice recently was acquitted on charges vehicles driven by Ervin l. Kern pacers pulled alongside attempt of bribing an investigator on my 49. 2020 Lith. And miss Patrica Bell 14 of Hoisington collided in the Al i Ley West of the 1800 Block on main at 3 45 . Friday. Patrolman i headed South in the Alley and miss Bell was travelling West across the Ting to Stop her. Damage to the prowl car was estimated at $33. Inline Ana la v a n a i a and the fat Ter Day. Sitting beside Khrushchev Roit Csc pcs injury in cedes a championship fitting and in of place on thursday and yes show ing contest at 7 30 Stock Sale at 8 . Committee members for the Barbecue Are Mike Murphy chairman. Alvin Otic Loyall Ove. Harold Macurdy de mater and Paul Wilson. Murphy said Koevan?ndutotttvmklius1nen, for fender Bender mishap douse work room Blaze Mer bos of the disbanded com to to great Bend residents escape Monist International and now a injury in a Lender Bender a Jujj member of the part presi a Uto Accident at the Dubois Sand a in the Woi k loom of the she still can have children. And. Hilliard Dubrow one of two Man after Kei ease Calvin Shepard. Reno county a by Kern a panel truck receive Gencva operation on the 31-tear-old sheriffs Deputy picked up Alexan Over 50 dama8e to the left front movie Queen said yesterday Der Watson. 2100 Holland from the and miss Bell s 1956 Model Sedan a she certainly can have More Barton county jail saturday morn was damaged Over $50 to the right children and she s very anxious my and returned him to Hutchin rear. Defective electric whine caused 10 have Niobe children a son to face traffic charges. Spa try Ulruan huk Eide noted that defective elected wiling caused latter statement was echoed Watson was issued a summons miss Bell was charged with no 1,217 persons get new jobs a total of 1,271 persons Wera placed on jobs during july by the great Bend office of the Kansas state employment service. 1104 the weather a a _ main. The offices monthly report Hus for a traffic violation in Reno coun valid a Nevi s License and that miss Roll. Manthai Mac i Nat hr.11 a Snow co of amp Lurry. Clyde Kaiser uses manager by the actress playwright drum. Tim was accompanied by go Bere at about 11 30 . A Lur d. W Hixon Home. 808 Hickory band. Arthur Miller who said % Sty by state troopers and failed to Bell s Mother mrs. Janet Bell two vice presidents Edvard Kar Dav shortly past 7 pm. Saturday. Part a she wants As Many As she can appear in court there. He was also Hoisington was cited for a permit Orelj and Alexander Paukovic Fred Crandes jr., 19. 2400 21st. Of c w one Wius amp it get. I feel the same released Frim the Barton county Ting an unauthorized person to Here. Said that 951 men were Placebo have spent considerable time was Driver of a 1949 panel that a the blonde Star was reported mail saturday according to l. L. Earth Witt Ita pc As Lirar m the soviet Union this summer backed into a parked station Wagon damage from smoke resulting. The do fairly we a it doctors hos. Beckort Barton county sheriff Fol another collision occurred at 5 Dart Cloudy Vanria Quot Vic v on vacation by official de scrip occupied by mrs. G. L. Simmons work room was damaged consider Pill where she will remain for lowing payment of a no Mccoum pm. Friday an 12th and main Toui number o. Men placed in a v a Jinn 5220 Ridgeway. Mrs. Simmons Shiv scattered thundershowers sunday.,Liou. I a Xep Iua Tajh Lwi Model station Wagon received 1 a Little warmer sunday High tem inel a Ceil gluons Saia me. Or de in farm work and the wheat Harvest during july. Compiling the perhaps another week. Check and court costs. Per Tare sunday 90-95 winds generally less than 15 Miles an hour. Southwest Kansas sunday partly Cloudy and warmer pc a i in red afternoon thunderstorms High 90. Southeast winds 15 to 20 per hour local weather data saturdays High 90. Low 67 year ago today High 101, Low 75 precipitation 24 hours ending Midnight saturday .07 inches. Humidity at Midnight saturday 28 percent. ahle broadcast a agreed to Concrete Over 50 damage to the left front forms of cooperation Between the and and panel was Day a parses and in the maintaining of de by the Exchange constant ties with 0 parly Dei it Al a a Mutual m felony Check warrant formation and publications. A soviet tour just when cars driven by Wilbert cot ten Hoisington and Dale e. Miner also of Hoisington collided. Patrolman Hukriede noted that Ricu Turai employment. In non agricultural employment 320 persons were placed on jobs. Of the zi0, 105 were placed Moscow .4 a Many of the the United states. Albert Anderson former great american College students in this one girl came with a Bend resident was picked up in soviet capital for the Moscow letters introducing her momentary Relief Here Newton by police and returned to youth festival great Bend saturday by Barton came along for county sheriffs Deputy. Don Pic Nde Kert on a felony Check warrant. Anderson allegedly passed a $25 to Appeal action saturday in heat wave an Early morning Shower provided momentary Relief from mid summer .07 of an Inch of moisture to great Bend and the first rainfall for August. A total of 2.05 inches fell in july apparently the bargain in Cotton was headed North on main contract construction work 17 in in his 1955 Model Sedan and Miner i manufacturing 19 in Public Utility was also headed North in a 1956 ies 69 in the wholesale and retail soviet unions intervention in the Model one ton truck. Trad Field 52 were Given oilfield packet of hungarian uprising last fall. Both vehicles received Over $50 work and four in finance insurance to Nikita Many of the americans Quai damage. And real estate 37 in service in just Khrushchev soviet party head tiered in a hotel at the agricultural Miner was issued a summons for in stories 12 in private households Moscow a suburbs following too closely know others who Joy-1 a fall i wanted was to see him a exposition in she said Tell you they at least a third of the Iho mein eleven other americans said rarely attend the festivals sched disinterested Spectator Hided and done Fulcd a. I i. Ber . Group took advantage of thy had not attended heat saturday Aud brought a a Reeker so soviet but be to it a Quot and Lod it single seminar in. Leckei said. Fees to come Heie to see the sight sup by the communists. A a in a too Busy said and five in governmental establishments Kaiser said. Sixty eight of the group were female and 104 were veterans. Kaiser noted that any employer return Check writer and for Little else. And a few came for purposes hardly anticipated by their soviet hosts who Are Stag-1 about 30,000 students from 90 victim of mishap Friday nations Are estimated to be Here a Chase Man p. H. Moore was is urged to Contact the office and Many said they found the Deal driving Down a great Bend Street Register for jobs Kaiser concluded. Anne Hobson of Richmond. Va., offered by the communists too at 6 40 who studies at the University of1 Good to turn Down. London. For $140 the youths joined Newton groups in London and were Given Friday when a hard hit baseball sailed into his Automo a i. A la j bile a Windshield. Abatement is allowed. Two Barton county sheriffs de. Other Barton county towns had Pubes. Garland bal horse and Jack my 15_dy festival. The lest Georgc Abrams of Larned a state Hospital Jan varying amounts including Hois Crosby went to Liberal saturday Val began last sunday. Mass., and Rick mealie of minibar John Caro will Appeal his Dis Egton .20 Ellinwood a Trace and to pick up a. L. Young Jetmore. One chicagoan admits he used Neapolis said they have been Missal sept. L before the state Pawnee Rock .20. On a no account Check warrant the festival As an excuse to get spending most of their time talk More than two weeks of food Long 1957 Sedan. It will Cost Over $50 saturday Barton county sheriff l civil service Board he w As Dis Dodge City received 1.38 inches. Young was returned to great Bend \ into the soviet Union to make a ing to As Many As 200 muscovites ing and entertain Meh and even to repair. Patrolman Ray Koehn in. Becker reported. The Chee w Here he passed the Che Mic. He was movie illustrating a lecture series at a time and telling them about free rides on the Moscow sub noted. The mishap occurred at 12th a written to a great Bend being held by Liberal authorities the Bas booked for next Winter in the in. Report condemning thai Way. And Hubbard. A store. Some local lads were holding a mrs. Shirley j. Philbern Hays round trip transportation by train baseball game in a nearby lot. The was allowed to Abate a $13.75 in Between London and Moscow i Windshield was broken in Moore a sufficient fund Check in great Bend missed july 17. Charged with Gam Stafford .68 Cedar Bluff 93 tug with patients. Mcracken ,76. Me Lle was Fluor

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