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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Granville Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 22, 1986, Granville, Ohio -. I air Iii a a a it a a a u it a a of to Vyto. By. �?<&5 the Village manager writes about noise and Bob Fitch looks Back and Forth at the 4th of july Celebration. That and More on Page 2. By it a amp f c the National youth to youth conference will again be on the Denison Campus this summer while the Granville Tennis club gets off to a great Start. See Page 3. 7z a local woman will be memorialized with a Garden in Wildwood Park. That and much More Are on Page 6. Ii a . A a. In Imp win a nil a a i i a he sran Bille Sentinel thursday Blay 22,1986newsstand Price 25 cents Mary Kay Apacki to study in Japan destination Higashi precinct of Fukuoka Japan. In just a few weeks Mary Kay Apacki Gus student councils a student of the month a will embark on one of the greatest experiences that of being a rotary foreign Exchange student. The daughter of Ken and Carol Apacki Mary Kay bubbles with excitement at the thought of this new Challenge. When asked if she had any concerns regarding this adventure she replied a a in a afraid in a going to be quite homesick at first. Ill miss my parents who have been a real encouragement to me and ill even miss my Brothers and but the thought of her new japanese family still being confirmed helps to quell her homesickness concern. Mary Kay loves life a challenges. Right now the biggest Challenge looming is that of learning the japanese language. A did you know that a a Ohio Menas a Good morning in japanese in a afraid that when someone asks me where in a from and i reply Ohio reply a Good morning a and that Well just go on and Mary Kay a interest in becoming a foreign Exchange student evolved from her participation in the bus trip through the International sub. After meeting Sylvia from Hong Kong who was an Apacki House guest Mary Kay began to envision herself an ambassador to another country. She thought perhaps the Netherland Brazil or Japan in that order. Now she is extremely Happy that it will be Japan. Being an ambassador Means having some interest in politics too. Mary Kay said a i really enjoy or. Hills classes about government and contemporary issues. I have Learned so much and our discussions Are really this interest plus her attendance at girls state last summer give Mary Ray a Good Fountia Foti for understanding our own political system. There Are Many other areas of outreach for Mary Kay. A great influence on her Mary Ray Apacki life has been working with handicapped children at the easter seals Day Camp. She did everything with the kids canoeing swimming running obstacle courses and creating crafts. She says that her greatest Reward is seeing the happiness on the faces of the children. In the future following her College experience Mary Kay is considering a career in psychology or in the area of communications. The area of the arts Mary Kay enjoys tremendously. Her involvement in drama and choral ensemble has Given to great satisfaction during her years St Granville High school. One of the greatest experiences in working with people is her present Job at Elbys waitressing. She also enjoyed working with senior citizens through key club. When asked what advice she would give to freshmen in High school who Are a bit shy or reluctant to become involved in activities As Mary Kay says she was she replied a you Only have one life to live. Push yourself make yourself and what advice has Mary key received most recently a heat All the pizza while you can now because japanese pizza is just not the same a congratulations and Bon voyage. Mary Ray. Col. Peter s. Miner director of metrology at the aerospace guidance and metrology Center Newark air Force station will give the annual memorial Day address at Maple Grove cemetery monday May 26 at la . A native of Pennsylvania graduate of the United states air Force Academy and other professional schools he also earned a master of science degree in systems management from the University of Southern California. He is a senior Pilot with Over 4400 flying hours service in Vietnam and Holder of Many military medals. From the experiences of his distinguished career he will bring a message which will make attendance at the memorial Day service Well worthwhile. Seme people Ara vary safety a tided. This Young Man decided it was better Safe than sorry my donned a motorcycle helmet for a visit to a local Pool and while he ate his crackers. Village to plug big leak the Granville Village Council has approved a $3500 contract with an engineering firm to study the options and make rec. Amends tons to the Council concerning the problem the Village has with its elevated water storage facility the Council knows the firm will recommend replacement of the 100,000 storage tank located on the Dodson Campus. The tank was installed in 1914 and some people think it was a used tank when it was installed. The tank has been leaking badly for some years now and several engineering firms have All said the tank cannot be repaired. There is also some question As to the structural integrity of the tank thus bringing into question the safety of the had a 50 year life expectancy when it was installed if it was a new tank. It has been in use in Granville for 72 years. Village manager Doug Plunkett said the Council expects to pay Between $500,000 and $600,000 for the new tank. The Village will pay for the entire amount Selling Bonds through the Ohio water development authority which has a present rate of 7.65 percent according to Plunkett. I a state and Federal help is gone a Plunkett said. The state and Federal environmental Protection Agency picked up 75 percent of the Tab for the newly completed waste water treatment Plant. A a we be already used the clean water Money for the sewer Plant a the manager added. Plunkett said the Village water users should not see a great increase in their water and sewer rates As a result of the new facility. A this mean a rate change a Plunkett said. A that does no to mean something else Isnit going to go wrong. We have a lot of old pipe in the ground. Lets be Safe and say a five percent he explained that the waste water treatment Bonds will be refinance and the resulting decrease in interest rates will about make up for the new Bonds. Those rates will be reduced for the present la percent to about 8 percent. The engineering firm will be considering three separate options. The first option would be a dual level water storage standpipe. There would be a 400.000 gallon lower level and a 100,000 upper level. The second option is an elevated 500,000 gallon water tank and the third is the possible construction of two 250,000 Gallons elevated storage standpipe facilities. One of these would be erected on the Campus and the other would be located at the Owens coming technical Center South of the Village. Even with the proposed 500.000 tank the Village will still be below the Epa recommendations. The Epa recommends at least one full Days supple in storage and the proposed 500.000 storage combined with the present standpipe facility will still Only give Granville about an 18 hour storage. The Village is also actively i seeking annexation and additional customers for the water and sewer plants and that i could extend that problem. Plunkett said the study should be Complete in september and possibly the new facility could be online by september 1987. Denison student is charged with arson in fire at shanty a 21 year old Denison senior is charged with arson for an alleged attempt to bum the shanty on the Denison Campus built by a group of students asking the University divest their Stock in companies doing business with South Africa. According to Granville police department records the Granville fire department was dispatched to the Denison Campus Friday a on a report of a cardboard shanty get just before to . The fire was extinguished by Denison Security officers bore the fire department arrived. Granville police chief Steve carnal said the members of the fire department called his department about la . A it was Why they called us a he said. The police investigation turned up an eyewitness the chief said. He explained the witness saw a Light coming from the shanty and when he looked a Little closer he saw a suspect a squirting a liquid on the carnal said the witness had a a minor scuffle with the suspect. According to police records David Nicholas Sage is charged with arson of an unoccupied building. That charge is a first degree Misdemeanour which carries a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $1000 Fine. Sage will appear in gramme s mayor s court. A Denison spokesman said the shanty located on the academic Quad near Slayter Union is a a very jury rigged Structure of 2 x 4�?Ts, cardboard and plastic and it has been used As a focal Point by the South african awareness group. That group is attempting to focus interest on the problem of partied. They Are encouraging the University to divest of its Stock in companies that operate in South Africa. The University spokesman said a feeling about partied and divestment continue to be emotional on Campus. Not Only at Denison but around the he said shanties have been built on several campuses a for most of this academic year a he said the University trustees discussed divestment at their last meeting in april and met with several students representing both sides of the Issue. The trustees Are circulating a letter asking for opinions of the entire Denison Community before taking a . Board of education Hopes to end search for elementary Boss soon the Granville Board of education expects to make a decision on the new elementary school principal at their june 2 meeting and possibly have a consensus As Early As the first of next week according to Board president Terry White. White said that some people will be making a visit to a school of one candidate a to see How their references pan out a and then the Board Hopes to be prepared to make a decision. A total of 47 applications were received for the local Job which came open when Long time principal Linda Booth resigned under pressure from the Board and superintendent. Several committees interviewed a total of nine applicants and reduced that total to just three. The Board interviewed those three sunday afternoon. The Board had appointed a citizens committee and a faculty committee to interview the candidates and the administrative team of the school system also interviewed the nine applicants. White said some school representatives will visit the school that presently employs what is apparently the top candidate. A we will limit the visits to one and see How that pans the Board has visited the applicants school when hiring administrative personnel recently to talk with faculty members staff members and other administrative personnel As Well As members of the Community before making a contract offer. This is an Effort to Check the applicants recommendations. A a in a hopeful. It s possible we could have a consensus As Early As next monday or tuesday a White said. Attorney general asked for opinion in Sentinel s personnel file request the Licking county prosecutors office is seeking an opinion by the Ohio attorney general on a request by the Granville Sentinel asking to review the personnel file of Granville elementary school principal Linda Booth. Booth resigned under pressure from the Board and i superintendent in april and the Sentinel citing a new Law that opens Public employees personnel files to the Public asked to review Booths file. Granville superintendent. Dan Douglas referred the request to the prosecutors of fice the boards Legal counsel and the prosecutors office decided to seek an opinion from the Ohio attorney general. An attorney in the prosecutors office said an opinion from the attorney general will a informally carry the weight of Law unless overturned by a court. That same attorney said the opinion could take from a six weeks to six months before being issued. The request was made after the Board accepted Booths resignation it had sought. Some members of the Community did not agree with the Board and Booth said she believed her evaluations War rented another contract. This is not the first time the new Law has been used. The Columbus dispatch obtained records of a police officer in ii Ogan county in relation to a Story that newspaper was covering. The Ohio supreme court allowed the newspaper Access to that officers file tossing out the claims of confidentiality by the local civil service Board. The Law became effective with the passage of the budget Bdl in 1985. Aces top lancers in ocl contest the Granville Blue aces won the third encounter of the season with the Lakewood lancers in the Bottom of the eighth inning when Scott Googins scored the winning run on a suicide squeeze bunt by Eric Winters. The aces took the game 9-8. Earlier this season the aces lost to Lakewood 9-7 and 3-2 in the tenth Frame. Mike Lieberth picked up the win in Relief of Richard Cloyes. Jason Bogdanovitch had three hits and scored three runs. Scott Smith and Googins had two hits each. Before the loss Lakewood was in first place in the Licking county league with a 12-1 record. Granville travels to Newark Catholic saturday May 24 at i . To concluded the season. The Village will Host an open House at the new waste water treatment facility and the water Plant this Satur Day from 9 81 . To 3 pan. Stop by and see what your Money is paying for i i ;