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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Granville Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Granville, Ohio Page 2 Granville Sentinel May 15,1986 the Granville Sentinel a weekly newspaper published by lbs publications inc. . Box 357, Granville of 43023 Rick Bline managing editor entered into second class postage at Granville Ohio 43023. Please return to p o. Box 357, Granville. Ohio. 43023 need Gas Grill parts Coll Sally s stoves 927-5018 Capitol notebook by congressman John Kaslich i a summer Day in Granville by not notch m i nearly 240 Central ohioans took advantage of a unique Opportunity last week to hear first hand from government leaders about Federal policies that affect All of us every Day. Along with my fellow Ohio congressman. Mike Oxley of Findley i invited them to the nations Capitol for our Washington conference and by All accounts it was a tremendous Success. Our business session lasted All Day monday and gave conference attendees a Chance to hear briefings on a variety of topics As Well As a bit of breaking news. Senate majority i Cader Bob Dole of Kansas addressed the group during the afternoon and told them to expect the Senate finance committee to wrap up months of work and approve tax Reform legislation by the end of the next Day. Dole also gave them Harold a is open serving those great shakes sandwiches and sundae delights Harold s Dairy bar in the Granville shopping Center an outline of major provisions he predicted the Bill would include Dole was not the Only news maker to address our gathering. . Trade ambassador Clayton Yeutter probably received the most questions since Many of our attendees were from businesses interested in increased International Trade. Yeutter emphasized that administration policies were geared toward establishing free but fair Trade. He added that american Farmers were still feeling the effects of the Carter administrations decision to impose an embargo on Grain sales to the soviet Union even though president Reagan Long ago lifted the sales ban. Secretary of i Abor Bill Brock put the problem of providing Job for All who want them in an interesting perspective pointing out that open Mon. Wed., closed tues. And Sun thurs. Fri., sat. Mph a hours also by i6.5 it Kim appointment the jewel Box rings a earrings a carpeting a watches a gifts of All kinds a Interior decorating 587-3965 a custom drapes 130 North Prospect St. Behind Callender cleaners most major credit cards accepted ifs closely tied to the issues of education economics and Trade. Secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger office of management and budget director James Miller rep. Jack Kemp and Republican National committee chairman Frank Farenkopf also made remarks and All took time to take questions from the audience. Our luncheon speaker was Abc news Anchor Steve Bell who provided an interesting change of Pace with his com ments about covering news in Washington. The Cost of our conference was paid completely by those who attended. Although congressman Oxley had held four previous conferences this was the first one held by my office. The response was most Gratifying we had a waiting list of to people. We tentatively plan to hold another conference next year and if you re interested in attending feel free to drop me a line. My Columbus office is located in the Federal building 200 North High Street Columbus of 43215. My Washington address ii 1133 Longworth building Washington . 20515. Call us at the Sentinel at 587-3127 or 587-0573 we sell the Best and service the rest Blackstone sales and service 587-1932 1121 River Road Granville health and Beauty aids Taylors Rexall pharmacy 587-0268 the Home team advantage Granville is our Home too we live in Granville we work in Granville we believe in Granville local office locally owned 587-2600 nobody can sell your Granville property better than the Home team Quot we care Quot a a in Woelfe real estate. Inc a a better two 142 e Broadway Granville. Ohio 43023 better Aih a sgt by 9s7-2600 i Woeste real . A a better i Ftp Homes in Tili of the Tull businessmen a Fellowship will have its monthly breakfast meeting saturday May 17, at 7 30 . At Frisht a restaurant 766 Hebron Road Heath. Speaker will be John Toronto Columbus manager of Security for big Bear stores. Reservations Are helpful. Call 366-6746 or 587-3091. Gifts of love Daniels Newark Ohio 346-2705itt4n.2ut.fe it foot to Volley noon 9 30 to i . Dally Mon Fri to a . As i recall those Days of summer during the late 50s usually began with an escape from Home Early enough in the morning to miss the scheduling of daily chores. Being to or la years old at the time my interests leaned More towards fishing and Ball playing than in the direction of Lawn cutting or hedge trimming. Having successfully slipped out of the Back door and circumnavigated the Long stockade Fence on the East Side of the Back Yard i would a a Cut through Grace Philipps Side Yard to rendezvous with Bud in the Woods on Shepard son court. In the old log fort in the Woods adjoining sugar Lxi of Hill we would make the plans for the activities of the Day invariably to be changed on the Spur of the moment. However a typical Day proceeded something like this sneak Back into our respective houses and gather up items such As baseball gloves bats and balls. The latter of which usually had to be retaken from a younger brother or sister without causing an outburst of crying or screaming. My Success in this area was always somewhat limited. On those occasions of no Success the Best alternative was to make a Hasty and rapid exit through any convenient doorway. These Hasty retreats did not usually slow until reaching Thresher Street that being the borderline for being out of earshot and eyesight of reprimanding mothers. Proceeding now at a More leisurely Pace i would make my Way along Broadway petting and or avoiding the various dogs in that neighbourhood while simultaneously enticing other youths into forming the team for the big baseball game. Of course every game was the a big upon arriving at the stadium a vacant lot behind the Rutledge a House reportedly owned by my Uncle John the dreaded ritual of a choosing up a sides would begin. The rider kids usually either Erie Jones Erie Rutledge or Bob Dixon would be the captains and so empowered the choosing would commence. The placement of player pc was usually predictable. The biggest oldest Andor Best going first and the youngest and least talented going last. This latter predicament being the most dreaded of insults of a child a life. Of course if one had a brother or Best Friend in the crowd he was Honor and duty bound to pick him at the outset. So after much quarrelling and bickering the ceremony of tossing the Bat too place. Hand Over opponents hand until one Captain generally with Only two fingers grasping the handle end would choose to Bat first or take the Field in Hopes of a late rally during a close game which they always were. With one formality out of the Way the next began. As each player was assigned a position the announcement was met with either shouts of glee or extra loud grumbling. Usually the latter even though the same people generally played the same positions game after game. Taking up my customary position at second base i would Lokk toward third base to note which of Neill was there. For the most part it was Hank he being the eldest. A Short Stop Bud would squat Down pm his haunches awaiting the commencement of play. With Steve Rutledge at first and Erie pitching we would guard our territories with confident smiles of aloofness. Only one thing could signal our defeat. That a one things being a a a Homer hit by Bob Dixon Over the left Field Fence cleverly disguised As a Large three Story red Bam next to an ancient Oak tree. The outcome of these gregarious endeavours is of Little or no consequence save to say the Battle was generally ended on the note of an extreme argument and fist fight or an untimely injury to one or More key players. Having Only six or at Best seven players to a team with the team at Bat supplying the Catcher every player regardless of skill was veritable a shall of so. With the Sun at its Apex and the Throat dry and parched it was time to make another sojourn into the forbidden zone. Or in Layman terms we each had to return Home to gather up our respective bicycles. For the time was upon us to travel to our Haven of havens for Brief respite. Now with my antique and Ultra heavy one Speed Bike firmly under foot i make my Way with All due dispatch toward the Center of downtown Granville with Only Brief stops along the Way for games of marbles or a squirt gun fight or perhaps a heavily contested Navy bean shooting Battle. I smile slightly feeling the thrill of having made such Good time during the laborious journey. With the end of my quest in sight i unceremoniously drop my two wheeled vehicle to the Concrete sidewalk next to the Public drinking Fountain. I am now but a moment away from replenishment and relaxation. It is now that i enter that Ever opening door to Taylor a about once a year i have to Tell you All about my trips with a fishing pole and a couple of Worms to my favorite fishing Hole. This year of course will be no exception. Last week Chris was Home from Florida where he moved a year or so ago. That could Only mean one thing. A Bunch of us had to get together with our poles and go for the big ones. What the Heck else could we want to do. Chris and i decided to get a Headstall on the situation and attack the Pond thursday evening and Hope to leave enough fish in the Pond for the whole Bunch of us Friday evening. If we had known ahead of time we have had to worry about a thing. About the Only thing we have to worry about was the electric Fence which finally got me Friday night and the fertilizer the cattle had left around the Pond which got me thursday evening. I done to care what we teased those fish with thursday they weren to about to bite. I used my traditional Worms. Chris used about anything he could find. Still the darn fish just sat Down there and laugh red at us. Chris thought they might be holding out for a pizza instead of Worms. It sounded reasonable to me. Friday Chuck joined us and my brother had to skip the the three of us had renewed Hope some Mountain Dew and a fresh can of night Rawers. The results were the same. We tried the boat we tried fishing off the Shore and we tried cussing. Nothing worked. Chris and Chuck each got one Bass and Between the two nights i got three very Young and very Small Blue Gills. Thursday we got a chill As the Sun went Down and Friday we got Back to my apartment in time to watch a baseball game. That was All we got. I just cannot figure out Why i keep going Back. I done to have the Best Luck fishing i done to know much about it except How to watch a Bobber and i know where the Pond is located. And the Way my brother rides in a boat and drops fishing poles in the Pond i am fortunate enough to know How to swim. Drug store. Due to the excessive amount of traffic through that door i often times wondered to the hinges had to be replaced at the Clote of each business Day. This Gradious establishment seemed to me to be an Emporium of inexhaustible supplies libations sights smells adventures curiosities and untold mysteries. To my lefts stands the vast Cash Register counter with its Glass front and displays of Enumerable types of candies chewing gum and patented medicines. To its left stands an oversized but warm Peanut and cashew storage and display Case with every Nook and cranny filled with warm nuts of every description. To my right stands the Book newspaper and Magazine Racks where my Little brother Mike sat perched on a stack of the latest edition of the Newark a had to key ate that is How they were hawked by the newspaper boys on the Comers in downtown Newark looking at the pictures in the current Issue of Superman comic Book the same comic Book that later that afternoon i would be forced to wrench from his hands even though there was an adequate supple Well within my reach on a convenient shelf to the North of the Magazine Racks stood no Many a land the infamous cosmetic counter. Any Young Man caught however innocently with his aunt or Mother in this forbidden area would be razed unmercifully by his Peers. Over an expanse of floor that seemed at the time not unlike the distance of a football Field was situated a pharmaceutical counter or in those Days the prescription drug counter. Last but by no stretch of the imagination least there towered a place that will always remain dear in my heart the soda Fountain. Where with a Nickel clasped in his Teeth a boy could struggle and climb up upon a red Vinyl covered rotating Stool and enjoy for the longest time a five cent Cherry Vanilla or chocolate Coke a with no ice. Took up too much space inthe Glass. My personal preference was a chocolate enhanced Coke made with Rexall a very own Brand name �?o$100,000 As my friends would straggle in one at a time the arguments of that morning already forgotten each one would surmount his favorite Stool. The quirks of each Stool was known to us by heart. There were some that rocked a bit from Side to Side and some that wobbled terribly some would spin fast some hardly at All. The latter of these would invariable be taken up by the less adventurous adults or old timers As we would Call them but never in their presence of course. So there we would Perch twirling our straws with each Cycle of the Stool sometimes stretching the conversation and drinks into an hour or More. In the Neiman Marcus establishment of Central Ohio a Man albeit Young Man with a Quarter in his pocket could partake of a handful of Spanish peanuts a Mars bar a Cherry Coke and even Purchase one of the 16 comic books he had read that afternoon. As the old saying goes a if i Only knew then what i know now a i would probably have cheated myself our of priceless treasure. For at that time and place time was a Friend and not an enemy and we were Young and immortal. Those Days May be gone but will never be forgotten. Epilogue a few weeks ago i did something that i shall probably regret for a Long time. I returned to Taylor a drug store. I returned to that place that held so Many pleasant memories for me. Gone was the simplicity gone were the enticing doors and gone is an ear. The transformation from Village apothecary and soda Fountain to a modern streamlined drug and greeting card outlet must have been gradual but after almost 30 years Between visits the change was a Shock to me. I was Able to find one bit of nostalgia. War a a far Corner was a Sipau a emf the once go Rijuk soda fyn Tain counter. I must confess i could not resist ordering just one last chocolate Coke and As i sat there and sipped it for a Brief moment i was a Young boy again. I y ;