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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Granville Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 8, 1986, Granville, Ohio Ivy a it it around the Village Columbus calling a letter to the editor and More Are All on page2. Y Gas students win big latin / honors and the commander of u the local patrol Post reminds people of the new seat Belt Law. See that on Page 3. Or. Fred Karaffa will offer a guest Solo recital at Denison and or. Ron Santoni has been named a visiting fellow in England. Those Are on Page 6. Ranu i i in Sentinel volume 16, no. 41thursday, May 8,1986 newsstand p pm Virv we or Quot three Gas students earn Eagle scout rank three Granville High school students have achieved the rank of Eagle scout and have taken up the Challenge to a be prepared to put Forth their Best. Jason Foisset son of or. And mrs. Ray Foisset Matt Grashel son of or. And mrs. Robert Grashel and Ken Jalbert son of or and mrs. Jeffrey Jalbert have All the enthusiasm of cheerleaders when it comes to praising the merits of scouting. Each was asked about the effect of scouting i his life. According to Jason a i found the important thing was the skills you learn not your Matt was impressed by the role Model Factor a the younger scouts look up to you. You can to help noticing then Ken added a scouting is Liberal arts education founded on the what is it that motivates a Young person to pursue the goal of becoming an Eagle scout All three agreed that the characteristics embodied in their a Eagle scout challenges were worthy attributes for personal growth loyalty cheerfulness and service. When asked whether it was realistic that an individual could actually possess All those qualities they enthusiastically agreed that one must continually strive to become the Best person he or she can be. And with the support of their parents who sacrificially gave of their time Chau Feuring and attending meetings the scoutmaster financial support from Granville churches and industries and the drive to achieve became even stronger. Jason Matt and Ken had specific projects to Complete to attain the Eagle scout rank. All were Community related ranging from painting Street numbers fire hydrants and a traffic study. The planning and execution of these projects represented countless hours of organization and evaluation. Each met with Village manager Doug Plunkett determined the goal and then set our to attain it. They each assumed leadership of a work Force kept records of All phases of their projects and presented to a Board of review the culmination of their work. Besides the feeling of personal fulfilment Matt Jason and Ken have several visible accolades of their accomplishment letters from president Ronald Reagan senators Glenn Branstool and Gillmore state representative Marc Guthrie g. Jay Heim the National director of scouts Sanford n. Mcdonnell chief scout executive and their High school principal James e. Mccord a Beautiful plaque and a special Eagle scout insignia for their uniforms. Special recognition also came from their scoutmaster Neil Prentice troop 34, and Ray Foissett troop 18. When asked if there were any negatives related to their scouting involvement they mentioned that wily a few people have used terminology such As a overgrown boy scout a a military unit a or a wimpy All three were Quick to emphasize the positive aspects an Opportunity to learn survival skills develop Union votes itself out the non certified employees of the Granville Loard of education have noted to de certify their Union my work directly with the toward. The 34 members of the Inion had been part of the Hio association of Public school employees lapse. All 22 members who voted n the special election cast heir vote for no represent Ion Saunion. The vote followed months of problems Between the local my the state lapse while at he same time relations unloved Between the employees and the superintend Lent. According to several members of the local lapse Tad not followed through with homies to Send negotiators o Granville to work with the a it Ard to Hammer out a co fact. Frustration reached the mint the members decided to Lecert Ify the Union and work directly with the Board. Members said superintendent Dan Douglas had worked Well with the non certified employees and Many Felt it would be better to work directly with the superintendent and Board rather than having a Union. In a joint statement signed by Douglas and former local Gaspe president William Spencer the two sides said a during the past year the employees supervisors and administrators have worked together very closely to improve communications and resolve some problems. It was concluded by the employees that it was in their Best interests to seek a desertification election since substantial Progress had been the Union represented bus Drivers custodians and secretaries in the Granville school system. Board accepts nuclear age program Granville a Eagle scouts leadership responsibility and personal growth through career exploration. As for other co curricular activities Jason Matt and Ken have found time to participate in the following Jason jazz and marching bands soccer and track Matt International club up 1988-87soccer and Spanish club Ken drama and choir. Everyone at Granville High school salutes our Eagle scouts As student councils a students of the in May All the candidates and selectee for student Council a student of the month awards will be recognized at an awards Assembly at Gas on May 22. Denison to Host Boss of planned parenthood last week we said the us prom Queen was Kris Berman actually the Queen was Molly carnal. Our apologies to by Hyoung ladies and their families. Planned parenthood federation of America president Faye Wattleton will present the final Denison All College convocation of the Spring semester at 8 . Tuesday May 13, in Slayter auditorium. Wattleton a address a advocacy for reproductive rights is free and open to the Public. Wattleton is the first woman the first Black and the youngest executive to head planned parenthood which was formed in 1916. Wattleton graduated from the Ohio state University in 1964 with a bachelors degree in nursing. In 1967, she earned a masters degree in maternal and infant health care with certification As a nurse mid wife from Columbia University. She also received an honorary doctors degree from Saint Paul a College Lawrenceville a last year. Prior to assuming the presidency of planned parenthood Wattleton served As executive director of the associations affiliate in Dayton. She also served As chairperson of planned parenthood a National executive directors Council. Currently a member of the Young presidents the Granville Board of education approved a report by the Granville nuclear education committee which should soon bring a nuclear age education into the Granville schools. Or. James Harf who served As the spokesman for the committee told the Board a we believe strongly you ought to implement a program of nuclear age education a in the local High school. Harf suggested the program should take an a unbiased approach to teaching about the nuclear age and should include both its role in i producing Power and its Rote in National and global Security. Harf pointed to the committees report which stated a the initial focus of such education should be on the development of a conceptual foundation and a set of organizing concepts and facts for understanding the role of nuclear Power in today a the report also said the a nuclear age education should be infused into the existing curriculum rather than grafted on As new curriculum. Revision of the curriculum is neither necessary nor appropriate to address these Harf also said the committee believes a very strongly that the educational program should inform rather than Divide the Community. The committee report also noted a teachers must be adequately trained before nuclear organization Wattleton also is listed in a a who a who in american she was selected by a Ems. Magazine As one of the �?o80 women to watch in the 80�?Ts�?� and by a savvy Magazine in 1985 As one of the nations outstanding not for profit executives. In 1985, she was presented with the presidents award by the new York counties registered nurses association. Planned parenthood strives a to protect the rights of All individuals to privacy and Freedom of Choice in making reproductive decisions a according to Wattleton. She strongly condemns the recent attacks and bombings of family planning and abortion clinics. Ninety seven colleges and universities offer scholarships specifically for Wattleton stated that her organization works to maintain the National family planning program retain the confidentiality of family planning services for Young people and preserve the right of All women to Safe Legal abortion despite attempts to overturn the . Supreme courts 1973 decision which legalized abortion. Age education is introduced into the Harf noted that both Ohio state and Denison have people and material resources that could help teachers prepare for teaching this subject. The committee took almost a year to study the Issue and reach its conclusions before giving its report to the Board. The Board gave full approval to the report and turned the Issue and recommendations to the school administrators for implementation of the educational program. The Board noted the recommendations for adding nuclear age education was for High school students. The Board also received a report on the elementary school playground which was done by an expert from the Ohio state University. The report which included drawings and recommendations Cost the Board $400. Superintendent Dan Douglas said some of the recommendations such As trimming bolts for safety Are already underway but the Cost is too much for the Board to presently sustain. Marilyn Danner of the elementary to was critical of the report. A for $400 work of expertise some of the recommendations Are questionable she told the Board. In noting the to has paid for Many of the improvements on the playground recently she added a we done to have the funds to go in and bulldoze the whole the Board took no formal action on the playground report. In other action the Board formally approved a criteria for eligibility to enrol in algebra i As an eighth Grade student. The criteria includes a a plus in seventh Grade math and no less than a b in All other subjects a recommendation from the seventh Grade math teacher a National percentile ranking of 90 or above in testing and the student should intend to Register for four More years of math in High school. The eighth Grade algebra i program had been suggested by High school principal Jim Mccord to allow for expansion of the math program beyond its present level. Douglas also gave the Board projected enrolments for the elementary school which will include probably keeping the same number of staff members in the elementary school according to Douglas. He did note that there will be one fewer second Grade teacher next year and one More third Grade teacher in order to keep an approximate 22-1 student teacher ratio. Council gives change approval the Granville Village Council has allowed the Developer of Hil Engreen subdivision to convert one lot in that subdivision from a single family lot so a two unit condominium can be built. The lot was accessible from Pinehurst drive and was reserved for a single family Home but Gary Price of Price Homes asked that the lot be converted and that the driveway be off Donald Ross drive the Condo association Road rather than Pinehurst. He had pointed out the incline on that lot made it impractical to Cut a driveway from Pinehurst. Village manager Doug Plunkett agreed with Price telling Council there would be an a almost vertical Rise to the driveway if it were to come off Pinehurst. The Council also approved a request from the Granville athletic boosters to be allowed to place advertising signs on the Fence surrounding the High school baseball Diamond the sign ordinance had not allowed the advertising to be posted but the development commission recently allowed the variance pending the Council decision. The Council also set a May 21 Public hearing Date for an ordinance which would authorize $3500 to pay . Bird and . Bull ltd., to provide a study of Granville a elevated water facility and make recommendations to the Council. Council presently has three options before it for replacement of a badly leaking elevated tank. More than 800 parents jammed the Granville elementary school last thursday As that school held its annual open House according to principal mrs. Linda Booth. Mrs. Booth explained the purpose of the open House is to allow parents to see some of the projects the students have worked on during the school year. This years theme was a adopt an animal and enough Money was raised to adopt two animals at the Columbus zoo ;