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Goulburn Herald (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Goulburn, New South Wales The private of tile buffs. Or Frolek Noll Pri Tyrne of the ii Flo. Or Lient mgl Menli in Ierio re ill Tihoi in n in l Iii in Lle thl Hal of the Cilitti. In Thel i. Titi l g they ii a. Elbri ii1lofllt re e1 ii h Lel in l.?, eur u a Ali Iii l i Uei Tali the on 1 Iii we i ,.1fh i Olith a Lici Grilc Ite tie we Iuli Iii i Literat i Elf la file Coy Hillnat la litre Nile i no Hilly a knocked in Tihel Ead nod hits Idyl run of dnghtlill.-c21lhi.n Orre Pollyl to the Tunca. ,u1 nig thl min i Fillow roughs lies Ted tid a worn a Phil Luln i cite of. To ulc i we i Vir Eft ii id. " two a. Hit Ceil the fort Tolli s frown a celtic l,.lr1 Iii i to Hitti Roo a and Type Elln Iler roce. Per Reckles rldt., untaught tie Ilie Reil met , a Hurt with Lelli h instinct fraught i11e Cait can cell Ehi e ear his bully Lirma from limb bring Cord in axe or l Mike Rio otly knows Hll la riot Ghi him shall England to Oieu to Bahai to. Fairy Kentish round him soc d like etre alis o Coill Loe re go3 right Aig on Sherry Blos a m Glam id. O lit Orl living e Newt " Tho my Olve his a door Iii in file ods Inloe Huni Mir Lihe Ilicin Lith Rice ii More " m d by himself i Yui Lig a. Honour Aledo Wolhar. Notch Ili o Atabel tec cloak e Tibia ii Cio a plunk a Ulisus whine and Kneel a a. I elect lib . Be. Uthi Lee l to n a would d not , to to Coon a Tinct. A ?. K Al the h to do ii 11 .11 u1ilh. ,. I a " in ? Rcck Tui Tilto its a Lori brie be lil h e id Gree i went. Vii. fleets of Iron from mail v.ic., in tse Nisi. Cil Ceas Iri Oum regime Nel kill Ctina Mitil l i to troll Start Orf hair ?1 mrs inc pure u0 Rig hosed. Sirm a a 8trin s Kingle Chiec hiatus twas gloat. So i 11 13cylo the lao Milan and Darling country. ,. Cons Eil cited to the pastoral times Thi country be Olwen the lne Chlan a n Elidie be occupied d ? Wight ini ithe Linen of Lilily is the be of g oink to cooler s Ciree o to to of Cuirle u , for _ coi nary Kihei Shore i a Nilli Onwu of Crien close Obyc. Ii Iio a iced or i Ltd tar us looked. To Hole a Willir y eci Wilish to Ipp ily Ull of Itow Southl owls Swu Victori ii with Miwa two Nind beef Allwin Vidal Ilu .ii for Tell wait of i lit in Erite Lewis ii l Wlter. Alhi could ii Salt we ?.lsniall out ill droid win itch ii the Lily. The re is in in to Lien in by. Hiking Wells wind , Dils winwg., to in id Eveyn Lic Oreil Lent y of Ite in for saw Loop Rew Wiiret Nenton in Tho Ewe Wilh Eib Wii Ali nil so owe our Sellers . n s wri3 in ii who n11 on 3plby la if orto Lor Ait Wir ii ily Mai in by 1r. Dow Iii in Lihe Buck Coul try h re. I and 1 Iti fid Tollit Tho Coli try Cali Enlil of err i Ying lib r Timnui Tiu Quinn Lily of Stock if a i wow win Mulde Ili nost t11 ii Komi neil Cost wit i. Thel resulting retire. Ali whirl of the i o k Couitt wry bet Duvini is wild who Durling is Stidl to to thin i neil " but not stocked. Will or. Libertson s Lenl act Reich Tho Interior so fair ought to. H. Eivy rent is Piid for the and Tolken tip 1hut the Relt is Nomiki wiil cot flared with Thlu vol iwo to the Pullio of the land when stocked to i consider tilt thai parties who Ilive this v Tus extent of Coli Triy " locked to i e the Iii Ili Slih i Iii Thalia thoe Digger s Wadl o Hervies to i Leiwig in Scheiher Diwag thlire Limwai. Lee i is Itri this d Itzy Renwic e Tho settler1y his icon Newry is Etire of a a turn we purees Tim Digger is ignore wit As to lilo con to was of his Iliin. Wiy be snid of Chi hop ii a,.lwi i did by to poet of to menu s love -. A o Ivy too tit seen to cling " i i Iii in Wizir tiles thing. Ithe Wei twist Hsia Lifler nil Bis Kwh Witiw Kyj i i a d ii, " by Iio w111w11 Olio ,.w s. Win i Fioril Imir weirs in Buck a in try to dial who works Ilio i Wiery Well is i Olin Fly l to id ret new lir Hiis a Iii y. " a or rite i s " a Felicin a Bill h d Islip s i would Ihno Down Thio Luchi Lihn dist a Gre Deal of Good and Wight to wive Usu Wilthel leg slut ire e in idly we Iii . Lid or. Hai s Sui Pip ort. Tilio litter mils know 3dmiio.uro in inst in Rel unit Tel Rand l h i Slation Ilece Surry to Ron lao to Heidi Hulln Leuv lower Ellen or int 3llir. Cow lower Liow Bidet Mitiu of follow re very Dill cult to inti Eige mid. i id cow in Uwi jul Effeil to nil try f 100thanon.11 we Hite wently Hind or. Liger hire from Mikelb Burn. I Buel Uvo that to thu Revoyr g o nor Tail of victorial l ius som Iii Quintil g i Roherty Hei tin Hoe i , dropped in L.A.011 0 vice let Cou Tyll. 0leat n1u the Oyster i s of quilt til of or Tell Itoe in Lei Piipo. La a o0iu u i i Ali t9iiii 1 Etoal How do Ahio big Ulicini wigs hem o Tell vie Cait country ? 11 of do Tetly maoist the Othlo to know what is Vilnet Alid we is Token up i i Shoi Idt Lilii to Hind . H1ow Over i in for o e1, Grid that i. L Gal visited us ii is in every sense i Himat a Jolly fellow and won should like to set him style Down with ust double the she would soon Hilow Tui How to Loki into the stocked country by tween Tihoi ind the d Ling. We went Niort la Hiim Ltd the Surveyor Gnel Ilot ills wee to com Nim g us la Ito a l of input the too won lid by Welcome. Be h even of if i in uni. In Thi Bishpo of Imp. Do1 Oil lick of d la Liquin engage id in Rop Ping ome of the a tilter Rue. I in Dooe Nart thu i am Lynlo of hid out Moc vacant Cou Witry. I Well Rei Oil Niello in Tell Dot of Iii Oldt Jack a or Ono of Nelsons who ens Tekien to ask very Everi by Iby to Hei Liin Toeltl of of Gnu o Thio Shien 01 Wir engaged in Tho but tie of the Nilo. Jack was on his Knees on deck praying the Thi o Sil Ginial i Given Toi Ireola Roll for la tit tie first lieu Tenut bid Diing Himi gut up cried " Why you Lubber of " Ino i an not a 1 a Inin reply " i am praying your Hoor that Tho Lyell Eny hot Ike the prize Money should go among the Anid Rve Ityl is a Osoble that the hard worked Deputy i Rve Yoi. Or of Jaick s Opi Tii Toht the hard work Loktu Thio lrize., in these Grove r cent Ollices thu held be fairly Ditl buted Emong the working officers. I Calulot Ilell this King thit Ali Hilo most Beo an ilm Means num tiler of abuses existing in the offices in cording to the sys Teml now in vog Uto in thei colonies. I Well Raul tilt Ber the outcry Agni tit to old Ryumei the imperium in ipe Rio which prior to Tho Illel la Eilon of i5? . What hot to irn ref Erelcel to plot Latici Matt users we Weri to be blessed with Heidi to Wert to have Renil Ihle Given raiment. Tho Mill Tum in Polit to wis to be our lot. I Callon Beira in Muir the Sig Otile the Jie form Ina Eughing and thle great try of its con memo Utton there. Whoa paroxysms of Joy the p1oplo ulivo any to. I la no disc lint a Modem in Racince Ait the list of Lihe for Dep Argit Alipit i of two i Ives i in o n Lully p hol in Romigh to Lii crowd d Tiirik Ughi r Iii. L of rofl tie in be towns. On of Tolj. a s Ali Lyle the Rizii of Tylel other Anid of cons a the larger Ono i rpm relented ill ill Lull Hill a to Silt be l i the Gitnik Llull i the ill Tel or. Thou Londs of to Lith Luling Viila Thini i Llev i in those or uce Sioni shall Lin l in Joy Lut Thell larger Teal wis 1 e1101 id Hal Tynin Oil , nil Scriln is Woll lbt a d us Ever id Ito oct ii " Liveli Elliod. I in l Ita that Leno Gin l i l = suited from Thel imps Iiah Al Ltd be grit in assures la Fitell runt pm h i thelo p l if. Tim odious Corn Al i is we licit Naill id 1i i Rllins that i to that time enslaved in Bitis Hli Comoli Clerc. If a Iii Lii so Lould Alt Trendl Reform ini our colonic in govern Milf not Grent will be the Toriumi lips Bill the greatest of All Thesie Iri tactical Reform to would to the of Onia Laid Nelld Survey offices Nodi the buses that lir set Liim. would r Rini to Flat til of dist Ern of i Infin has Givon wily to a Vigil which is Only to file Ovir 1 11t1m by in i Titi of Lii Viii Tisil the wits of which no ived by Good Intuit kids fur 1 a also Why i1ii the Miry Nelry a to born Dollries of rills Ali Ilch gives Orio to so Many i abuses in visitor in Legi Lilion or in Cirr Yinug out the intentions of the legis hit the ? writing from a Pinch on the very on fines 0if the Groat Dill uni District Hll ii Opl to he Eric up ind Down Theo River who Iare losses of Crown iinds Linow not Ling of Theo vast tract i Elween this Grid thl River dulling to Linin is 11 re need Book. To Why believe that this immense to i on of p Storl in country is " taken this know the Tirol ingols on the Are Talken lip and stocked but the vast Triangle of Rolt Bush country lying be tween the outer line of tie stil Titis on both of Hll Rivers is to us one of Lihe mysteries who lick Ime Only to be revealed by the official Iqual daunt s in Sydney ind Tetlie Only by n sync item to we licit us stated every Well con tilted mini id inti Bend or the who clip he Serks cn1 never to Oil Inid. This me Llod of " Centraill Ziatin " was to Inave been Tilio Anway with or Sihavo been so Gre Tilly re Pixel ius to love i roved no longer is her Deal to Iti Public on the institution of Spon Tsibel government blut is this till Curso ? Why nil Ord Guilry a neil Tii hit just As Well by to unravel tie mysteries of Nineveh As Tellet successfully to find 11 bit of vacant Ollyn by on this tract of ind of which i sea ii Inoc Clffird is is Laid v list As is larger n Curie a Tenn save real of thle ismell of states of a i Ripe put till Elther. Whit Schoolboy does lot Bear in Nirda the record of on interview v Liljeh Imperi l Clu ser Lin with one of thle v of some Lagro works which Woro then Beiting by thie Ilo inns \ w110o," Sayn Cist a overlooked thie ini i i overseer says the finer. " who o Ivr looks Tihe overs or Anys the l Ertil Nacios Imon Leroy to which Tilro was no reply. Now Hlor sars. Cowper i Elertson and ., ire o ill Ovel Rei oeland who oversees the in Ali rings to them to task but ii press is Tihe duty of tll1 fourth cts Wiltil to look tier to Lithe Iblis astute nid 1 say that the sex is Lnch of this Ingli Jeniso in act of Ricoli pastoral country unit exilor Duilid ship pos Eidi to be rented by. Persons who me shop Gierding their Clinis Oli Imis we Kiichli Uliey ulivo or seen but we Coset built Dolris Etc undo known to Tulini by inti Thodis Anoli is i have finely Depipi Curle. I say no skin taint this Nignom Loiuis stale of i rings with Refl on sible government is Dii Istrico to 11us As colonists Ond in Lerm nitting the Exi Enrco of such blouses to Doe constr nil to Ihl Login governor Mont to i nit deserve i Ili tical i Bec Useo we do not Nikl a i roller use of . i Muiir 111 Tio 0 3n Loco is in the daily Ess of " Huir split Quirt Gil role Renc to Polilli Cul i Mars i n the capi1itul of Tim Dony id Tho Ign looting of Loiue of our la ii 11 .,1 o r to letters i Iio loss Umill Silig. While they or lie de the a Ceijos Active r straining 1 g its they i i e Elo Iulg veils. A rumple the can Swierc of thl Loi reel Ohmic is Coll Lelalu d with Lacown ill Len woul Ledo mor for h o of the cull nary a Hll i thle measures proposed by successive r sello Lsible gov Lell remt s Hince we wer1 in lusted to herewith. The pcs Elin a the a alphabet a a us ens y r and should hone ?csihl0 to every Coll i. In the i Rhet of a hic the land forms a part so Toht anal Ono a Tsirin Willd be Kig ill for elation As to tlst111 in 3oundaries ild obtain . la to not to Vaid if Uit Hasy been Slid to thousand times that Tell and do lilo cements of thie matoral ill Estl is Irdel tidied with thl pros per Sty of Tho Colony Large. T he Ohst ree noiseless inno Anlo in Australia must admit the Force of this conclusion. In tile room of Ulford dial facility to parties trying to secure for Teo solves any portion of the waste land in the Colony the government authorities in Sydney throw Overy orb stucco in tile Way of Alp cunts and i not ut01il to carry Fauvor with in of 1the clerks of 111hes Flics which ii bllldll1 Ihu Reip Gimont to every mind that i can ho11111 to gain a f of Iii ill t11o Ilid or offices. Whon we do so. Wit a 1 b.1ritth we and ourselves i1 there ils o mine told no order pro Luling there All is chaos All is conf soil. would i Quirolo t111 berm Olf a ii rules to sweep away the Ioe i trash Tell Hall exists in the Survey Oft ice ill the ,1 11 o of plans for Teliho Gnu Diancoff parties1 Inlet rest ill pastoral . is not with tile o1st i Elliote hop1 Tholt n her 0les will immediately Spring up that i have used so0much of thle eco of tile pastoral1 times Billt great of i Tlle difficulty of Reform big Leo Survey of land offices Tihe Zittel empt 11nt both 1.u0 Lull let laced s001 1n Teall d1 1, do Nolt 111now 1 Husk to that could with 1mro pro diet y to left to your to Lurenl who sue Field of useful Huss Southl be a materially enlarged and to whir1tie Public Touhl be bound by a Refl ?, if through your0111 exe Lions land Ilby your Cunti itally Kee line to before thle in Blic should by e found thally Success Crown lid your Elf oils in get lil Gril of Tihe go Eualo minis acc connected with colo30105 governments. We Shoul l not then Coll Ltd 1ly see on squad later Lut War with another for huge piece of Coll try ill disc let a Rotwein Tim and see the Louola wasted in litigation v Nutly to d1fi la la Loddies. loll old by better fir better to i Gill Doe ?o0o0 1n d nm1ko a generl minus of Tho s1l111tiig a strict wi11th every3 lesser s station mired the Roll by Well Devil a lies than term lit the pres Nellt to o of things to exist but this pin would Ibe too Sill to for Thorsti who Aro interest Ted in the status quo. Until Stoh a Reform As i Havo indicated Tanker Pac Ivo May rest Das ured Liht of n of a vol he trn Nunley of to to1 pal in re Trainer f to injustice will be Donely nov1111 1 Izui Sidnal Tofi blood Linete a nil Cuil will i univ i Vit inn Liinus nod1 thusly of Theu coins Many Limiter a Wivi to de spoil of Maki Irig this Trent luxury to Sty the Las,.t, because the y lot Veliot coi vhf i nip of. Some years Ligo when Wilio Lirt Clinn i died to Nurmi in i min de Vert Good Chi i fro m six cows by tin King the n " double cure during the first half of june milk will generally keep Sweet ill a Cool 1 hic thirty six hoots so hat two Lai milk can to run into one Cord. To Ketch thie curd Over must Beo , nine off in a a coarse Linen cloth is thie Best to wrap around Tihe curd and a Board and weight should be Ilid on top to press out the whency after which Many in Hii Greg tip in the cellar or in a Cool i Antler lil Itil of irked. While of r Contd is a tiring ready we a have our first cot up in ism la pieces of the of kernels of Cirn and Iii Kiing in joke will m Waltel to Tilko out Lrol four la Csc i s Conid water too Iii generally necessary. dirndl by experience that each of the two Durdil Hod better bit Scal Ilid by itself As Thuiy run together when scalded ini one vessel. After sifting Sild til Tlly Cooling they can to mixed while putting into tine Ooi with hot Tny Bod result and unite just As Well Aid Risteo s Well As a single cute . I. J. 8. Fui Lihaven la Lions ame ican agriculturist. Beckhorn convicted thie special com Mission of tit murder of mrs. Fitzge Waldt was changed on wednesday in fro tit of Thlu gaol . Timer tick. The l bar Lunate moan Mil e a Brief to address to the petiole Hie Iheng gifted of them to l a i Himin but the neither confessed nor def wild being concerned in the turd eur of or. . What he seemed moot anxious to impress on Theu in poll was Tio oct that the Wann no g Ella i o traitor. Of All Tho crowd assembled on the occasion the was the Mani who Ait tidied to Beo least moved. Almost immediately previous to the withdrawal of Titt Bolt which his Souli into Stoml paid his foot i Only on tie to rap us exclaimed i urm Nom Bieck Hinn of Thel couty Lim Rick the Fiti of my Nant hat cent was hinge d. About a thousand persons is said witnessed a the execution. T Luie Aln to t13 i31toadl. Geo neil m Cloella reviewed this Brigdo on Friday last and afterword took occur Ion to express his Udo migration of the 1binravory by lie brigade on ithe attle filth tied addressed general megh Erli As follows " l Hank your regi Mients thaljit wer o in thu test Flatt Al Fht of saturday and sunday thank their in my Nant Atnel thank them in Tihe name of the t b bravery and displayed fit our wish citizens in this War a of Tho halt Moro american says line no Leady been. Attested tid vindicate do in i lost very Battle thelius far nid they stand r Oldy to Offert everything in do Feco of the liberties of thei r tool tech Coll itly. A Rivalto letter in tie n. Y. Tys get. Mit igniter u Irish Lori Guido to Idle Onia of Ali to list Brilli Nitt cell charges Ever a nude led by their . In this chill go they Coln Petely hiked thu Nelly s right in Pitt Coin Iio of to rebels list to the Rees. Hmm 7itild l Wei Drillon tip to in Tiki Himi in Clito to Dill not succeed. Llen Light Noi Ildo a Fiew to his Bali Gilodo by byte tie club Roe. 1o mind Menloe Zou Llaves 7 old Pelt Itro our self Lortt. Now once fori Oti i idolized Collir Tity s Fhi if Nind Otto for stir . Men follow i iid .y did Fillow their Brito chief to to inn. Ali Xor tithe bal Tel Ite cell not out with his Tiff ind Rolton Down i Otler Lions and no never did a Morin receive site cell ears. A Nihil to a n d a m e Ric a n h Mil to i isl m. Sily the 1icv. Find Erick j. Johl oui with prefatory by Ali Ieuv. Jln Ion L.A. b1 .1 a. Rico 8. Go. Per p Ost 9i. Go. the a Lerald Liok Mart. The land acts o 0ge Riiel with Theo government Roll lations s issued in pursue Banc thereof Are now ready in a Complete form Aci Chian in had Tali i Herald Book quart. Price is. 3d. Per Post is. Go. Cheap novels. On Sale the ii Leral look Mart prieoo2o. Did Eacell per Cost to any Partl of the Interior on re coils of Hll cps -. heir in Aries Thev Iii English ii Lemon Lomo Andi tie world. Veril of tile Peak i by Scott Thulie Oll Sll of Ehrenstein Peers troll i nov Denuci Recolet scions of mrs. I Ester Tablas of Pic Leo Lorece i l mrs. Lall que Why by Theu author of Tho wide wide world Ellen i or a raining by trials the 1 pilgrims of new England ice English a tale of Oal life Lillie Thule ill is Lecrinier the Iligo by James the / Tara drive Mano the Witch i incr by Aina world Paul ferroll.lhe Convent Adl Lilu Al tale of jewish life Volcin of the whorl Hie feat Erec Ari Cwi Al Tutu racer s of Allih Tho Pilot Lee Vitch Smraker the Hunchback a Khlil. Or the two nations i by Disraeli hic Cert Mac Rire in England Zohr club i Hio Tolgo L.A. Cha hell a 1 ice sell oof the family will oils Leisi action or Theo a Linden s door the Gie Nilchian if the old the Lioon Juhe Chelso coir Creon he Ellyn Ilii Croo Ileal Pilapi ulusess i or the will v Circh to mysterious marring Ilc Rry in Silviu i or Ite Gilnack Dragoon 1el fur Idis i by Tih Lilc Ihor of Lle u a Iii Sec i by Tho author of Tho wide wide worhol the first lieutenant n Story to act Cage girl Ile collections of ilor Soe dealer a Wincil in to i Kirk Webb Ilo i Riv Alteer Captain lice ii Eticy guest i y Law Thorna the Roll cer Illo l of Cilc vice ulc Civco Cole country Llos Gitlit s liar Rod nit Hll Itell Lisa i or Milci Milacuk Tulip the Millie Airor. Thoi lady Aid Thio l Rist the Queen Mother tie disastrous War in America and extraordinary Advance in Cotton. R la Foill owing is on extract from Tho Gur Diton of july 2tclh, giving Tho Coll Ali Livo value of Cotton on to Lett Day Anid the u1li.ntlsc Otton fair to Good Todd. To 1od.,-l-Estl 3ecir go. To Ted. New Thorn a Dit o ditto ditto . To 191d.,-last year. 9 1. Of i. , Ittu ditto ditto 18td. To 18jtl.,-last o Eria o 8dlt. Anel Rulin inferior 14d. To itd.,-last year 5 d. To ill. T o , Bati and ., in notion Ingillo Tore f,.cts, beg to Init run their i numerous like Ltd and Trio to . Troi Otts to the extrand diary a Vatice in the Collet Marll Ket Luthey were Ildau cold to make h avy push Kieth in Cotton golds ill Ati Cipa Talon of a great Uio through tie continuation of the Anterica Twar Only the Destler Tison and decline in cultivation of tile style product of tha country. ii Al ., have therefore til itch pleasure in soliciting to inspection of their present Stockl of Sheeri Ings Calico Long Elotis counterpane quiz los i unities prints Tui bin&c.,c., All of which thelly have determined to offer the smallest profit thereby giving their Parons thle full Hutn tilt of thl lir , which my Viust com Lara most Fanlou Rubly will Tillat of Oiler houses o sir n in. Bai and 1. Have received late nrrival., tie first portion of their of Lite Bliku Lents consisting of Silks is owls mantles Lilii Nery halts hornets Resse Tretts Imater Iala j Riml mings fancy goods in hosiery Otvos to&c., which embrace ill the newest and fabrics. The arrival of three cases of to fus Meg and s French printed Inu olins lit Best goods imported bought to our special instructions will a portly Leo announce . O d inn L.A.i and ., Britannia House .357, Georgo Street Sydney. 982 registration of dogs. is Noi Osphry that dogs kept within the precincts of the town should be registered during the month of sep Tencher. Flo runs can be Btl gained the Lycra old Hook Mart. of , Sydny 19th 2etltombhor, 1862, leases of to Mineral lands. Ii is excellency the governor with thle advice of the executive Council Ihas then pleased to Mesake the following Nodi Lions regulations for carrying into eff Lect the Crown lands occupation act of 18i1, Viz. " 60 o the sum of no shillings per Nero Pinai on " or a authority to select mint teral lots will be " hell to cover thie rent of Loho land Lur one wholly a from thu Dany Ion we Hill thle sole client is actually " made provided such Selet civil in Nulato with Liu twelve Mouths from the Date of authority to select. John iro1ieitsun. Department of lands Hyde Ltd 19lh sept Manber 1862. Having reference to the foregoing additional Floe. And also to Section 60 of the in regulations of nto olember 1861i, which de Clarce Thant the rent Onil the renewal of leaves of Minerl lots is to be prepaid ill the Init Loti of september into Nisi that tile leases Hall in All eases Cut on Tihe 31it of december is hereby notified to fall such lessees or Intel lag lessees who Lento already not Ifird their select ii that in order to Nijst to their future play Lucens to the cell Star year Totcy Are required to play into tile colonial Treis Iury on or Velore the 3 the inst int Lull the i pro portion Tion annual rent five shillings per acre As any Corni Spond wit tie broken period of tile year inter Teitt to tween the Date of notifying Thule select Ion and thue 31st decent mar Etro iting that is to say persons who m the their asset Lacoon on thie set j uly last Are i retarded is having i prepaid their rent to 30th Jane 1863, Andt Are now called upon to pay Bol or the close of Ellis i Minthie the portion of rent for Ito remainder of to year 1i63, Andl so in like Mannier fur longer or shut alter periods Lle Rettler the rent will to prepaid in the of september for Thell Cycle near year ensuing 6 s Contemp plated ill thie 60th part Ralph of Thule regulations above quoted. 9189 in Zitoli Kirtson. Dop Artmont of itan ids Sydney 5th september 1862. Reserve from lease. is hereby notified for general information that his Lix Ivl Letcy Tlle governor with Tih advice of Tih exc Cuativo Council. Arts been Ples Eod to withdraw for Public use thle air Lions of Hind hereinafter ice cribbed flown the runs o who ill they Havo hitherto to Loed part. 2. Any of the described land who ill May contain and Inay Nott Ito specially reserved inlay to purchased by Thi owner of Souel improve fitments will tin twelve months foil Tho present Delte on Eppli Pitlon to Tali b0urve or general in with Tho ill Beeton Tihe Tegu latino for Ith Aliena Tion of Crowin lands. John Robeitson. ils Tinlot. Extension of the North Lyt Zgta a Tala Reserve cons shining 3s quare to Miles commencing on Tho right anti of Tho leu drum bid Geo River a Point Distant 2 Miles West from Tim wet Boundary of thl Vai agg Wang a , As pro claimed Lith or Ullh 1852i and Illyn idled alien to on thl West by a line Eair lug North 1 Miles i on thoe North by a Ine Beiring Easo i2 Miles Amin a on the West by a Lino by Eirving North 14 Miles i gain on the North by a Liotine Clearing East g Miles on Litho cast in n Lineo hearing Soth till in Stiver on Ullh Squill by that River Dilwyn awards to Ullh cast Boundary of the Reserve aforesaid i again on lathe West by part of that Boundary learing North to Tih North Oast Corner of Tollit reserved again on Somlith by Tho Nordlt Bonit Alry of the Vigga Wal gag a serve of Orsahl bearing West 5 Miles i again on Tho East by tie Wost Bol Hilary of that Reserve be Ritli soil the to thu River tan Ngail ii tile South by that River downlwarl8s, to Tho print of come Nimic ement. description embraces part of messes. 1 Moro head and Young s and g. Ii. Orin s 4obhagonlin Luns. 098 res res from conditional Purchase. A is excellency the governor with Tim advice of i the executive Council directs to be notified hat in put Eunuce of the Crown alienation act l86l," the lands Pucci Flat in the ice Tedulo a , Shull be reserved from Sale until surveyed for the pm reservations of water Supply or other Public purpose. John sub Eittson Sci Sedule county of Ai Zoylo. 38. the conf Cence of the Cooke Lydoon and Wollon Lilly Seivers. 2j Square Miles Crown Lande within the following Hoeu auries commencing a on Tiu a Vollon Lilly River Ite North East Corner of ii. Ii. La arthut s tb360 acres and bounded Tulic oin ill to South by the North Bot Uldarico of that Londt and ii. Ii. Macarthur s three portions each of ti40 ares being in All n no Belling West 5 Miles on thie Ernst by the West Bolu Sldary Lins of ii. Macarthur o Nordlt West Ern 640 Tares bearing South i Milo tag aint on tile South by a line tearing Cut 1 tile of thie West Iby a line beating North s i tits to n Point Lino West of Tho South West Cotner of j. I Lilla Junior 6ito Nereas on on tile North by line i earring East to that Corter by thu South Tutu Kudary of that Lan l Andt its Easterly prolongation being 11l in a Lite tearing Oeast about 6 Miles to the \ Rollond Liliy Lelver and again on Tihe ea4n in that River upwards to the Point of col . 4. Near the conf Leneo of the and Vollon Dilly Rivers 3 Square Miles own islands within the full owing Blou Ludaries i West Boundary line of ii. Ii. Mevarl thus s 0305 acre Ait a Point Distant to 2 Stiles Toath Trot toe Northi went Corner of that Alt i and total Dol thes cts on Tise North by a Leno Foll Lite Tihe Southern Thot Lalrios o1 throes portions unto of 640 acres of 11. Ii. Mac Arthurs Beu Trig Sweso Miles on the West to lint bearing South i mile on the South try \ Lite Sti Glist Cost 3 Miles and on thei cast by part of the West Boundary Litt of ii. Ii. Name thur s 0311i0 acres afro Suid bearing North 1 mile to thle Point of commence mento. 99t the Treasury new South Wale 18th september 1862. Conveyance of mails conveyance being required for the Pont 1. Of lace Mills from nod to the under mentioned places fron the is november next to Tihe 1st deter tier 1863, persons who Are i posed to con Tro fur pro signing vhf 5tlc, tre United trint Stitt their offers itt wrist int the g Eniero i of tick Eforo twelve o clock o Wedl Nelda thie 15tl Day of Caber next endorsed " Leder for Cove Tanee of Toad. To and from thu Rowat and Marengo twice a week. T he conditions will in the name is those i published ill tit n Tiee of thie Illeth Settle Miler last Anil tet delt will not be considered in lbs itt there with. ii. C. Weekes. Fotieo. R Itie attention of these edited to thie Goulburn i Lerr Alt slice and who Havie not yet paid their june Ace units is requested thereto with its Little deity As possible anal Olther Tai Rte his flow tire . Firz1 insuita1 igjk1 Sydney insurance company office Corner of p itt Ailt Hunter streets Sydney. Incorporated by act of Council 18.vict. 1855. Capital�50,000. Lllectott8 tiaras Violt Esq., i. L.a., chairman. I. E to Mua a Esq Deputy chairman ilo1antlt Jones Esq. Jotin Fai trax Esq. T colons. Latu a Esq., . T Beillat Eist. Surveyor Jant s a Luotto Esq. Secretary or. Joust the Sydney is Urance company issues policies for protect on against fire for suits ranging from �10 to ,00o. T the subscribed Cei Pital is a 50,00i0, will Atli iced liability of a Larlo Autty wean thl y colonial proprietor a. The rates of insure ecu Raige Niimi 38 per Orett. To is. I. Iper cent. For Brick or Stone i shellings and from is. Gi1. To 12s. Go. Pir cent. For Brick or Stogie Shl Olps stores and Ilses of business. Wooden buildings Are charge special rates. Losses promptly , �27.001 Hlis Bleen paid i by Thisu company for fire losses within the past lie years. Small Ceci dents froth fires in dwellings or Sli hoi Are recon sold to Elias Andt equitably settled. This be a eol Vitial Institute Othle whole of the in refits Aire retain Edil in the Colony instead of being truism fitted to engl Auld. Ful Thler information can tie obtained and applications will be filled up without any expense to the applicant the Ollices Corner of Pitt Atrid blunter streets Sydney. Agent for Goulburn or. To Ettrel Catt. 270 L.A.and Perrins Ocele pirated Worcester Shire sauce run Nounon o non to or in a.ttt Tutti Jonnoi Beuse fron a titty total ii of n Ait to be the Toldra Tuott to ret Luuru 1 Only Good ". Wottle stats i ice r Witla Terr uni that to str 05u00 is and applet by e to ,. Highly Etle emed Iii Tilita Nitt , ii my Vry variety Ohl Orl Tho let 01 Dit. Table Tii Belloli Theli of dish who Lerolle sauce to lilt in mad ?." est inv tpr1./k7ds and p. Iha Ovig discovered that several of the i foreign markets have hoes supplied with spurious imitations of their Worcestershire the labels of which closely rest Emileo those of the genu., Ine sauce. Ind one o Miore instances with the names of & i. Troied they have deemed their duty to caution tile poll la and request Pur chasers tot see that thle names of Lea & pet inns Are upon the wrapper Label Stoppler and bottle. F. & p. Further gise notice that they ill proceed against any one who stay infringe upon their rights i their by Matsu fit Turing or vending sri imitations Andt have instructed their correspondents in the Vari ots parts of the world to advise them of such infringe wholesale. And for exportation to the proprietors Lea & i Eli twins Worcester England Crosse Andi Ila i Well and other oilmen Andt Mer hell tents Lon doll. Sold in gon Lurn the Lorald Booke Mart and a Pri Nin Tuleo. 9-t21 Herald Book Imail a Uturn-steet2, a Oulu i. Tjhie proprietor in re tarning thanks for Theo 1 patronage lie has received since business begs to invite att Leniun to his Stock of books and stationery consisting principally of goods of Hiis own importation or selected with the greatest care in Sydney. The advertiser imports his own Good Andt is consequently a better position to Supply both Walt lies Ali Bandtl retail. Customers than the majority of the Sydney booksellers who Are depend Lent on merchants fibr their supplies anti who have to pay a heavy nth sane on invoice prices follows that Compa Treid with other booksellers in Colt try towns who in turn pour Creaso their stocks from the Silney Sti rioters his position is doubly Adan to Gens let benefits that Are to be derived by countr y Olstei Iceni ers Bandtl others from donning the advertiser s est Cablish Ament Ore therefore olb Iotus. Palm Titlar attention is called to the Stock of commercial stationery including a Couit bolts of every kind ruled Post and f1oolscap paper Piro Missoira note books Hurck lieu and Blue inks Alors la stands. Hill piles letter clips a. The general Reader will finl thie ave Tiscar s shelves Reprieto with so Many works of so varied a Cunha Ractor that every taste a test he cited. An attempt the a numeration of tile names of the books in Stock would occupy Many columns of the paper. The advertiser must a therefor contents himself with saying that his list of n Ives and romances is of the most comprehensive Char ctr and that lil for receiving the newest work Are 0o Well matured that he trusts that they will never fail to give satisfaction. The advertiser s Supply of music comprises the choicest pieces of the Day. I Ery Varey. Artists 0colors to every variety. Wilth respect to Holloway s pills and ointment the advertiser bogs to refer the Reader to porn soon Iio town a own by which will in seen that those Purl Hastig the Leral took Mart May depend upon getting those medicines both i fresh and genuine. A constant Supply of 1ro s Sembio Natif nor Farmers 3lt lend the most valuable Pilero and cattle Dis Covo Erell is heist olt hand. In Cor Tulig thle advertiser ventures to express the Hope that tie sate Patrone Enon Witt Wahlicht Hie has i Tillert Rean Firo ured Imay still be extended to him Andl lie pledges himself that nothing on tis part shill i be wanting to Reserve . Third notice. The event of be got Iho Lurono old tip already Forward Eui their ire. W ments of collections Are Matt p0hrticula no to do so without the to s of anon Llor one in Harper twelvetrees Patent Wash Machino we ill Wash As Many clothes i a be especially fused with " Hal soap powder As a woman can Wah two Datile of met Hod of hand rubbing esies o i wort better with Ohlf the Soo Aind s ult. A i til Chi Loker vote to counter petites. Or Llly Large thie easy tas ill to a Hunker chief or a col Lar i Chiefest to article Ever vented. The o e 0 , lilo do. Sole wholesale agent s g Rofuth Wales messes. E. 1and a. Taut Street Sydney. Agents wanted were be the most constant fiend i Rollox a s ointment,15 p Osses sied of this remedy every mat is its family Physt Eian. If his file or chit riot trouble old with Crul Tiona of Tho tek sorts tules Isco swell uts 50re throats Aston test or Timitia Aillo ent Perit tev Tring Tuo of this i All that is Nice Salty to prot Luco a Radical end Clu. Bad logs and bad breasts tin no so Lis Ofin latent 1 e1 n a tools Tii Eiter in the Curoe of Shadi legs or Osad o i i Osands of persons of i Ages have been Elle Atelio cured by when from los Ita ols Ai curable if droopy Settle in tie legs the uijl5 will cure if used with thle l tells. Skin diseases however desperate May radically cured. Scaled Heads itch blotches on the skin Sre of sores or Kiso s evil use to Sueh like Lnell title Lay 1, nightly Wear of this Liso 5ill tilts to Oil rolled be Well Rusu esd into thie affect eld i parts two or to times a Day and the pills be taken to purify03t blood gout and rheumatism. This inns Lumblo Prepa Atison hts Grosor Power the gout annd Tihan a other Medicine need remail Uncur Edtl if Hio will by Coset about ii Good Earnest using this Reed try decor to Thel printed instructions Liesl to teh lot settled tack la and Pasis Are Rocos de in tinsel manner. Certain cure for asthma wheezing on Chest coughs or colds this wonderful ointment if Well rubbed Nodo Chels to Light and a sorting thle me latin Etta As l is forced into Ament will soon Romulove the worst of Ash Tea Trtany allot of the Elhert pro Tidi l ill ? Are used with Tih to Teit. Scurvy scr Fula Erysipelas Louw does this o let mint expel to set ? ily ant ing All a Natlo action of the nervous Auto care Lott to systems by Leset Ning inflammation and d by Reto Tinoi stagnation but Sove Alil by casting out the i purities woh Lelh Are daily gain adm Issitt iss tot Llo body. By this Means eradicates scurvy Sere i Erysipelas Antl All external a diseases whilst i to rating in Powers enable to reach diseases to Hight deeper seated Andt Suree Sully to Cope with the 8s of Tumours cancers and Toimil hurly malign tit its Psi which Only a few years sit Dellied every Trust Mil and hurried to their victims litre maturely to Toh Prstt drops Cal swellings paralysis and 8ti joints. Although the above Tomt lants differ widely their origin and Tatsuro yet the of All Requiro i treat int. Litany of the Worl cases of such dist will i Ell in a comparatively Short spoke foot when this ointment is diligently rubbed into Thep affected oven Whent every other Means shave Flott i ill Sori us Matdies the pills Holod to to according to the printed directions accompany each Box. Great i household remedy those diseases of the skin to we Lich child Len most subject Stuch s s1 encrusted sores Oal Thi head face Ruh aes Tetter Piskule &c., quickly relieved by this unguent and cured with leaving Belind any sear or blemish. Drop sies. This miraculous of to meant if Well worked in to complaint tag parts twice a Day will penetrate to disordered a solos and the to ills if t1k0n Sicordi to the printed directions will produce the to pleasing and wond Ursul Etc Etycl. This invaluable ointment will cure any ulcer sore i however Doe Peralte and Long stand iting is where Lotu Tattoon Las been As Thoon Means of saving the limb. Both the and plus should be its 1the folo Bing cac -. tit Leeg ican Ture sore nip he that let Stead coultes std and sore thrones a turns t1l Jol Lutts 5kin Dunst eras thu Talon Servy late of o Loac Elleso l Stltt Sre is and stands Les tit Oil Ungurs Coto Lily scr clot to look Lull logo l Odess Lull Len lilo thus Yates. Clatl Llvell islands to corns Solt i molest Boltl the of Portt Sosont of , 244, strand Templo Lia London Ltd by All respect Tatlo 1rutggints and doers 1 a Leli cles ithe civilized worn. To Agency in Golburn thie Herald boo Mart there is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. ,--i direct ions for the guidance of patients r every disorder Are Silli Ted to each pot. Thie Goulburn he1rald in Tho oldest journal l in Tim tout Herrn Dmitr Letl of n1ot South twa Lerand for Tell is few 50ar its imn cretan circular Ali tis rendered expedient join print by . Tere top Bunsong Tattoon get tool Tilott a to old pore per 0lp0rl0 to oco oltl1? log no o o Oil to nto of Lllooo--0 2 to 0r to Ito Ion of Ilo our. Or Rusly scribers to oho Root Onty Broom Ottlo of nil orig Itier tiption o order on i int no e Looi apr incl i0 o Nocom Pani d by p001 ment in Fantt tip to ill old of ithe current lao alter or the 1 Olte to nor o rot rotors e on Vihlo 20th March Olih june3 bib sep Lem 00r, no l 20tti o . 000 Ai a nylons o on Hir Stirn nto Hnnry Tarp r Toft of a Lorwn n i o Iol Htit Lypor two online of csctoia00 Flint to. To letno2o.o Itoi Lelih. Or no nobinc0h l?01, old Ottlo ill Trei to. Tito tit in Rootkit Lohl 0nof Ono four to iou Tiodor Tanto Nool of Ono la Tell or Lhnn six la Rollo of Dii 00.01 let Iii to,tlo0 o to. 000li no or Coo tog Pollott a Leno. Flo n000000,r of into Rotollo ob1lt a ,0tltt0ll 0t0 Tihoi Toi oho to l Noi of Lith i1c1 Ghyll Tita onto Nuto Nogol for until . Wool or Toro 0 Lii wlithdraw010 or re Stirlon of dvorliocln0ns i to. 000,1 to too out. I Toi lot l .o0 0 o00 Loslo by i Fth Ursiny to Orlouis to of Oll Catlon or they a Ninon to town Lotello Floe Del to. I io1 Oletis id orc. O Urno he Al gents Tom following goo dior Norott Torimoto to of Civ 000tuiirtijtor of floor Ott. Vilcio ii roots not Cordoro for Joil print ohm in Halo Lorrn with intr Nunt Ottati tit Prtrt pm will pro o of Clacton Dio Tiongo for Oil j to the Tom Lii Tulita of. A Jont a a f Tell i3inaloino mum Rel hit Tili Ditroi d til worn l Jinoo tort i itt Tyva. Lon Tia Al. Cort Titti 1am in for / l, Rod Cash Nodi ,. Brj i of. North Conla hot Reimt Iuni Taiwo. Oerl to tit gun Nikio 1ilat r of Cho or tour if. Us ought la Litton. Little a ii thing that. Tar onto . Lift 0olive11iiool Irh n8,r or. In. Ago Lola Joii civil Iii. I m. R. U act Era 0dltcsovi. Ino Roiti Otto nor in i o full ii Lii to d i ii i i Lii i. I Lom Tim toot to tit tot of m of Woitt Riti in. l Alt to. Trim of ii Root a Duiho Lowr Nufi 5017 Lff

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