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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1908, Page 2

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - November 26, 1908, Globe, Arizona Kwiate fkr we Fry j & by v .,1 it f v. R pc. I. Page two daily Arizona Silver Belt Rizon Silver Belt daily and weekly by Tho Silver Belt publishing co. H. H. Hiene Rii. 0. Holdsworth published each morning except monday. Admitted to mails is second class mutter. Member of Tho associated press. Official paper Oila county official paper City of Globe subscription rates daily by mail Ono year $7.50 daily by Carrier Ono month 75 weekly one year 2.50 woolly six Mouths 1.25 Cash in Advance. Subscribers not co subscribers pc Nso notify " this office in enso of of Tho daily monday excepted. Advertising rates Mado known on application. Entered at the Posto Fulco in Globe arlr., us second Elm s mail. The Silver Belt has a larger circular Tion than any daily newspaper in Tho world published in a City with 10,000 or less population. The Silver Belt printed and delivered yesterday to regular paid o j j a a Day of in this season of general rejoicing Over Tho return of Prosperity it is but just and proper that to should unite in a cordial expression of gratitude to god for Tho Many blessings to enjoy. This fell no of gratitude is not new. It has found expression in various forms and Cor Monios dating Back As far As Tho very Dawn of history. Among the jews in their oar Lior history this thanks Givin g assumed a distinctively religious form and Modem nations have retained a custom which does Honor to our humanity. Into viewing our own history As a nation we have great Causo for gratitude. From a Small and feeble begin Ning we Havo grown to to great and powerful. With almost unlimited re sources and vast Power we stand today a living example of god s Blessing. To Are told that god saw every thin g that to had map and behold it waa very this implies that the creator was not Only pleased with his work but that he also Felt distinctly thankful for Tho result. Thanksgiving would to but a Ono Side d affair if god complacently received our gratitude without Manifest ing a thankful spirit in receiving that expression at our hands. This very reasonable suggestion makes Tho present sea son singularly suggestive. If to Are permitted to enjoy Tho priv Lego of participating in a joint act of thankfulness with our creator we should realize what it Means to us and hasten to con tribute our part in a grateful and ent spirit. Ingratitude is hateful to god and Man alike. History certainly proves this if it has proved anything. In our churches and in our Homes to Day we should unite with our father in thanksgiving in a reverent and unselfish spirit so that he May still be Ablo to 8ay and behold it was very education with patience even a Public school superintendent can be brought with time and Pati onco to Reallo Soma of Tho practical Pur poses of Public schools. At a Largo meeting of school super i Tendon to of new England a Declara Tion of beliefs and principles has been formulated in which occurs this to believe that in our complot school system a special Effort should be Mado to teach Tho fundamentals. While Tho vital Quality of education should not to neglected in favor of mechanical Rou Tine yet the business world has a right to demand that our schools give a Thor Ough training in essentials and our schools should not fall to satisfy Tho this is a confession that there has been in Stine in Tho complaint of business men that Tho schools Havo not been furnishing graduates Able to write spell cipher and doa Leffle gently with Tho de mands of Public life the Halg faulting fads and fancies so highly favored by to Many educators Havo unfitted Many an other Wise sensible youth for practical ser vices. The Young Man entering upon Active life who can correctly write in half a dozen languages by not in English who knows All Tho movements of the Sun Moon and stars but nothing of Tho movements of Commerce who can tattle off Tho whole history of Tho world but is ignorant of Tho most important cur rent events who can Analyse Tho Art of Tho great masters but is baffled by a bookkeeper s trial Sheet this Young Man is very heavily handicapped in the race of practical life. Borne eminently successful business men Havo Doclar cd that their Ope Ienco has taught them to Howaro of applicants from Tho classical colleges and oven from Tho High schools of today. Trub Groat business Success is not everything. Money making is not All. But to met Bear in mind that Tho main business in Ulfo is to Mako a living and to Whoso learning tastes and wants Are cultivated far beyond his capacity to earn is Predo mod to certain mls Ory. It has often been said that Little is Roqu red to make Money. Tho Bee and Tho ant Are Tho Best business men in Tho world for they adhere strictly to system and persistency. On Tho other hand learning Calls for riches. Beautiful Homo books picture travel All these Are required to meet cultivated tastes and they Call for Money. Tho a cutest misery in the world is not among those Whoso possessions and out look Are narrowed Down to naught by life Lon g poverty but among those who see enticing things they cannot Roach dream Sweet dreams they cannot realize and to whom the world is wide and Beautiful and their prison cell Small and dark. The world owc3 every Man a Liv the Stato owes Ivory citizen an education in Tho fundamentals that will enable him to get on in life. But Whon Tho Stato instead of fitting him for this by false education unfits1 him for it it does him a grevious wrong. Higher learning and cultivation of Tho children Aro not by any Means to to condemned. They Aro an essential to Tho happiness and usefulness of Tho individual As they Aro to the Progress and development of Tho race. But they must be the superstructure not the foundation. Tho first things that make Tho nation Are not the Learned scholar the famous artist the magic musician but Tho prac tical Farmer Tho skilled Artisan the successful merchant. The nation s True greatness Tho people s real Pride Aro not in its libraries its Halls of Art its temples of music but in its farms its factories and its marts. Our sweetest National song is Tho rhythmic hum of Industry. Our highest glory is in the Happy Homes of a prosperous people. Mary Garden says her new Salome costume is a now perhaps you understand Tho passage in Borneo and Juliet that reads i talk of dreams begot of nothing but vain fantasy which is As thin of in Stanco As the the Tariff is far and away Tho prob Lem of deepest interest to our citizens the Trust question is its siamese twin. Wise regulation of Tho former Means a solution of Tho latter because Tho Tariff begets Tho trusts and still nourishes them. Anna Gould has decided to get rid of de Sagan. Will the next gentleman step Forward says Tho Birmingham news. Bather a compliment to do Sagan in t it to speak of the forthcoming party As Tho next gentleman William now that or. Randolph Hearst has bean received in intimate and close communion at the Wilto House we shall probably Seo some Opin ions of him hastily and even strenuously revised. Why should t i fix the Price of coal7" asks president Bacr of the beading Road. Evidently still Sidong of Faith in his divine commission at Tho mines. That Texas Man who sword never to shave until or. Bryan was elected president has just Bethought himself that to never said he would t trim pm and is measurably Happy anyway. I told you so says Frank hitch cock. And to did we Havo to admit it in spite of Tho uncomfortable feeling the statement is calculated to arouse As a Rule. As we understand a Largo Section of Tho democratic press it does t want or Bryan to be Tho party Standard bearer1 in 1812 not that it loves Bryan less but that it loves Pio More. Now then let s All go to work again and make eatables cheaper and Havo Prosperity advises the Portland oregonian. Bully or where shall to begin nevertheless your Uncle John probably consoles himself with Tho thought that to has kept them All pretty Busy burning Tho Midnight Oil hero of late. Molasses is not whisky says Tho provide no journal. May to it in t in Bodo Island but it is Quito Apt to to in Georgia and Alabama to imagine. Tho noun frazzle with its accompanying verb to frazzle will now Tako its Placo in Tho dictionary. Green hats for greenbacks. That is logical perhaps. Tho Prince do Sagan is an improper person says count Bool de Castellane. The Violet is a Sweet but All too mod est Flower remarked the Rose one Day. Are you Hunting for ammunition shot guns for j Watt president toilet articles stationery drugs --1 a Cooks it s All at Ryan s druggists and stationers agents Lowneys chocolates everybody knows Ryan s Hogue James w. Houd vice and cashier. Houses Fob Bent As to Havo no agents to Havo to Mako our bargains do Tho talk ing to get your attention entered upon what to term bargains in Beal estate in Tho City of Globe Tho Only Globo on Tho map. Bent Day will come around and Tho City of Globo keeps on growing prices of property is growing rapidly. Making Money by hard work and Busi Ness is a very Good Way to Mako it but making Money by taking advantage of a Good bargain in Beal estate is a better Way and it is mighty Nice to own your own Home in a City like Globe. We Havo a Nice five Roo House Fine level lot 50x100 to an Alloy this House is furnished and for Salo at $2000, $500 Cash balance $23 per month 1 per cent. We have a Fine Corner lot 40x112, with four Roo m House close in for $1800, 910oo Cash balance time. We have lots in East Globe from $200 up to $400, $50 Cash balance $25 per month. We Havo several Good bargains in lots and Homes in different portions of Tho City to be sold at bargains. Buying or Selling see Tho other fellow then see the Jim Hogue manager Home investment company houses Fob sent president Utility Man. Sayings of mrs. Solomon. Being the confessions of the seven Hun Ditth wife of. Than slated by Maud mabd3 Hearken unto me my daughter for i Havo dwelt Long in the land of flirtation Yea i Havo known much men. And behold there is come among us a Fem Lilno thing called the Lovo Pirato which Warath a Peak Abo o shirt Waist and Manl Curuth its nails. It lev ctr on Tho fruits of its labors and doth its hair in a curly Pompa dour. It dwell ctr in Tho downtown office and Dev Ureth Tho husband therein Wyllo Bis wife is abroad upon a bargain Hunt. Yea Tho husband that Loo Koth upon it is lost his speech become the entangled when to dictate the letters unto it and his luncheon turn eth to Gall in his Mouth if it sit Teth not opposite him. Unto his wife to Galleth it a stenographer but unto his Mon friends to Galleth it a yet unto its Faco to Galleth it i " and if it resent the this to Reg Ardoth it coldly and Sceneth another Elko unto it Only Moro yet if to attempt eth to hold its hand and it Salth sir he report oth it to Tho head of the firm for insubordination. But if it accept ctr his advances and his wife become the Wise to Wrieth out bitterly against it saying Tho woman did tempt Mcl is she not a Lovo pirate verily verily i am As a Fly caught upon Tho Sticky a Bird in the snare s and if his wife re Plieth Sner Longly Yea thou Art a Birdho when it hit was thy fault that thou didst give to could Coffee for breakfast and do thy locks in curl papers Yea to is As a Small boy that Stofleth the matches and Yowleth when Thoy Burn his fingers. But a confirmed Bachelor fear eth not Tho Wiles of the love pirate and he resist dts her with one hand easily. Unto him she is but part of the office Force and whether her hair be curly or straight is no part of the Day s business. For a married Man is a thing of Clay but a Bachelor is a thing of Adamant. Selah if Albert t. Farrish had been bom a suf Ragotte or a Tariff reformer the it never would cease during his lifetime anyway. To Havo no doubt nevertheless that emperor William s mental reservations would make particularly torrid news paper copy. Even a War lord admits at times that discretion is Tho better part of valor As has been philosophically observed. Of All sad words emperor Bill o or hear the Saddest Aro these Twenty Turco mum s Tho word one county in grand old Texas 1 cast 424 votes for Taf t and Nono for Bryan. How now old Houston Post the citizens Bane of Globe does a general banking Busi nes s and solicits Youb Aoi count. S. F. Sullen Ebeb Pees. Hogue Darling tickling and Light coughs can be surely and quickly loosened with n prescription drug gifts Are dispensing every where As or Shoop d cough remedy. And it is so very very different than common cough medicines. No opium no chloroform absolutely nothing harsh or unsafe. The tender leaves of a harm less lung Healing mountainous Shrub gives Tho curative properties to or. Shoop s cough it emed v. Those leaves have Tho Power to Calm the most Dis Tressing cough and to Wothe and heal Tho most Sensitivo bronchial membrane. Mothers should for safety s Sake alone always demand or. Shoop s. It can with perfect Freedom to Given to even the youngest babes. Test it yourself and Sec. Sold by Palace pharmacy. Special Salo genuine Oregon City Mill Wool blankets at $2.50$3 and $3.50. The so sell regularly at $5 and i. Mcnoll s furniture store. A Clergyman writes proven tics Hose Little Candy cold curo tablets Are working wonder s in my pro ventics surely will Check a cold or the Grippe in a very few hours. And pro ventics Aro so Safe and harmless. No quinine nothing harsh nor sickening. Fine for feverish restless children. B6 of 48 at 25c. Sold by Palace pharmacy. " i 1 i he it Mit in h Wing Coupon Silver bed s piano contest is Vot e is for re rate the name of your candidate whom i consider the most popular lady in Gila county j not Good if voted after november 30.uiihiiiiimiiiiiimiiimiiiimimihimimimm the Copper Belt realty co. Will sell you bargains Only no. It 7 modern n. High St $2,600. U Modem 8. East 2,700 7g House 8. East 1,500 70 House 3. Bast 1,800 111 4 and 2 rooms Ono lot a High 1,800 256 modern n. High 4,000 377 modern n. High 3,000 390-4-Roo-m modern e. Mesquite 2,809 400 House. N. East 1,800 404 House snap school Hill 2,300 4c3 House map n. High 2,800 411 Fino lot b. Globe close in 609 livery barn for Sale horses harness buggies wagons Etc everything to do business with a snap see us. In Subano Accident and liability in beat companies that always Dollar for Dollar. Foe Bent furnished and unfurnished houses in All parts of the City. T phone 1291 140 e. Oak Silver Belt popular wants Bujno results one cent Phr is3ub pub Cash must tub copy Fob l Aat Xam in the future Zirul be published in the Blirer Ueli at the Rale of one cent a word per Jaue. No and. Will be taken or Lea than 10 cheats Aad earn Muni Amoeo Spaay tse copy in Grerr instance. Count your word. Always Prea olog the and with for rent for Sale. Lou Pound Vuk anted Etc., As the ease may1 be and multiply by the number of insertion and you will know the coat which Muat accompany the a. No Bora want Ada for an indefinite period flu be accepted except from having an open account with Thyi office. Wanted. Onex a word cent accompany wanted capable woman Musi Havo executive ability nud furnish j refer Enco. A Drew 5,j" this office. Wanted a machine Man , 3urphy & a Tough Drill. Vips $3.50 per Day. Now England &. Clifton Copper co., Clifton Ariz. Wanted some Burros tent and pack saddles. Address Al. Silver Belt. I wanted a no. 1 Cook wants work. Inquire Bank Exchange Cigar wanted woman Over 23 experienced at nursing. Address a Caro of this office. Wanted waitresses at Dominion hotel. Fob Bent. Foe nicely furnished three room hot ibo. Inquire 455 North Hill Bailey Fob Sale. Fob Sale Complete soda Fountain with tank Charger Etc bargain. Apply Belt. Fob Sale furnishing House doing Good business. Address a. B. A Silver Belt Fob Sale Underwood typewriter no. 5, used Only two months. Address Box 1123, Posto fico. Fob Sale private Sale of piano books and furniture a Fine Everett parlor grand piano in Oak As Good Ai now Superb Tono Price moderate also a Fow Fino pieces of furniture also Homo Chico reference books on literature history fiction ote., Valu Able for club and private Lebrane. Call end examine at8t. Jena a rec tory. Fob Sale few thoroughbred plym Outh Bock cockerel from prise win nors perfectly marked and from a Strain of Fine breeders. For information write p. B. Walker Box 02. Leviston Ariz. Fob Sale Good Saddle horse and Saddle. Apply 301 Cedar Street after m. Fob Sale runabout buggy cheap. I Quiro Ila Gravo at Sultan Bros. Fob Sale Saddle Pony broke to drive harness and Light Wagon Call at Ford s Costco Blouse. Fob Sale Span of ponies harness and buckboard ponies Good for rid ing and driving. Enquire 953 North Broad. Fob Sale Shute repair shop Doin g an Oxcell ont business cheap. Address c. A., Caro of Bolt. 4 the White Blouse Broad and oed a streets Globe s leading and Moat popular drinking oaf Best liquors and cigars and the Best general bar service in the City. A gom Emea a Good treatment fee All Call and terms terms terms terms terms Tonus terms terms terms terms saddles. Fire life pay St. Being result Al in Sam j per word advkbtx3bmbnts. Exact running parties stand. Bent Block. Silver Gonta Silver re sort. Fox Bald. Terms foe Sals see Knight Parker at once 729 East Ash Street for a cheat Home on instalment plan both mod Ern and common. Fob Sale furniture for ten rooms must to sold at once at a sacrifice. Call Manzanita hotel and see Tho Goode. Mrs. E. B. Morehouse. Fob Sale piano bargain an up right piano Standard make almost new in effect condition cheap for Cash or will sell on reasonable terms. Address mrs. P. J. O Brien Box 1093, Globe. Lost and found. Lost pocketbook with Cash and Cheek. Keep Money and return Book to Silver Belt. Found two keys on Chain. Owner can recover by paying for and. Found Castor Buck lined Glove. Owner Call at Silver Belt and pay for this and. Stated Gray stallion branded on left thigh cd Black spot on neck size of Silver Dollar. Long mane. Any person picking up Hono will be paid for trouble and expense. Nick Burick. Notify Silver Bolt office. Lost Bunch of four keys on a key ring. A turn to Lyman c. Woods and Recovo Reward. Did Tou Heab the Nosb what was itt Why it was Tho crowd laughing at Tho camera Nona performance last night. Remember this is thanksgiving and if you want a seat tonight Seuero it Early. The red Devil Auto meets All trains goes anywhere. Stand at Keegan s Telephone 181. We do laundering As it should be done we guarantee our work to please you. All we ask is a trial. Our wagon4 will Call. Phone 1481. Globe steam laundry Feland bbos., props. Downtown office owl club Cigar stand. The new customer we make old customers out of new ones and rarely lose either. This is because they Are Satis fied cust0meb8 and we keep them satisfied. They Are v satisfied because we do horseshoeing and Carriage repair ing As it should be done. Horses called for and delivered. Bailey & son Psorki 9881 4 room n3w. Modern hous close in $700 Ca balance easy pay Price $1,809. 7 room House Knob Hill go condition a live Only $1,800. Globe real estate of if banker s Garden the finest resort in popular with All Elguea Ritj summer. Be frahme a of Al Choice cigars wises and Schultz and andean a Baic to l ways Ono Draa Csc Concrete bloc estimates Tel build promptly Fumju Ofifi chimneys a special r Daniel i Holn p. O. Sox 4s5. Ii m a t Chantilly Sterling Silver Bon to n spoonful h. J. Whitley co 345 sooth Brou intr pm Angeloh. Maii. On Date Prosku Foj Bank Exchange restaurant j. T. Louie prop Ruth now open in rear of Bank Exchange Shloul chinese chop Suell and noodles meals at All hours open Dax Anil i building contract Iii losing a Timaio promptly work guarantee . Box fill Tofica top 8&uu atm architects general a Traci estimate cheerfully Furnum to Are prepared to Low n on buildings nut up by Sims & son p Fern 1gb res. 780 Monroe St. It Stop that c a i i i a i 7e meant lure defeat Lor pne moola. Tojo qua prove Jucs u tar in Feu it after nerds. Tel venues win cure Vea a of Cir " taken Early at there Terr i that s Why ther e called Pray Fol it rub a Abuja Mew v pm lne no physic not Hinr div Emo tvs Tii Illy. It you a neck. U you ache All jul wrote nuts. a Yawn usual air Konesk Ali Don Low g 1 ably lies pre reaties greatest Ebow to boxes for the Poake. Alao Bijma pret Cavm. Ladli pm erera1pisenti the Paulc ,1-

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