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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1908, Page 1

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - November 26, 1908, Globe, Arizona T a associate a press dispatches 111. Number 38. Volinic irs. Daily Arizona Silver Belt v i Emma hcs Slor and her brother. Winro indicted for Tho Liss. Avent Mim Mhz. 0""v a Mouta Ana Indian by &mt.-u-, " of nov Mui r ibis to Tho m to i the Rooming House conduct by mrs Bcott the Mother of the do fris of the were unmet cased on Bonda of $5000, Wood by William Ryan a f. Erd j d Barclay for mrs lle8s 1 lad by d. R. And j. For Aynor mrs. Heal or i la brother having been array Gnu until Friday to answer. Although mrs. Hessler was after k it. A. Of a n Oili finl in certain ii refs at Tho time that she would to i Ted but As Tho grand jury Wor Xou w and faded to return Tho 3 for More than a week Tho impress had earned ground that Tho matter been dropped and Tho nows or a it i to mint of both Tho sister und v brother came As or a tation when Weaver was found dead in Tho i3 of the Rooming Bouso by town Hal Anderson mrs. Slessler said t Hal k lied him in Defonso of her Sao Mauo to same Bias ennui inti inst and again at the hearing when witnesses wore by her judge j. I m v us and Wiley e. Jones or licit no the Hob Brad to i ring others that to Lieen Weaver m Tho Hall its tap j Ang woman and Ono of rooms. In list h i Strong array of evidence Cade at the hearing that the do Large of the defendant was a Tore Mei usion before it had a just what if any la grand jury has found is not known. At the bearing it was testified by is mrs he Filer and her brother that att Cavnor was in the Kitchen Uttz when the fight Between his Sis is w 3c took place and the shot led the Dok Aoto wins Madison sew York november 2.1. Dorando a Tho Marathon race by one thir d of a Lap. The time was i 20 2- Hayes Timo was duet storm. November 2o. The hos n Shin Relief which sailed from full n vember 15 for Guam and i Inabit in h typhoon and driven ice f a Ooi Rhc. Nir ii l Horn thin ii Ila nor tuner. Her deck House i Badt Daman Oil nil her inc Tulp Oit oets of the terrific seas it Over her. All aboard Are and no one was Inird. But Only work of the officers and Crew Ali Tho ship from the in to taken to Tho Navy Yard Cut form a s2azil loan. R of he Mitita k,1.i, ,.i.n t -. 1.ref eat Paulo Coffeo loan of $75, Ceton exposed a work november eth. Wini Tuut wj1b of Jav 9q l4 t u. Jinan Judi cocome a at e. A. Dillon Captain and Wack of the Trinter a aimed miss Leidy in. This City. Fol Are bold and into Evenal Iii Hessler and Aynor indicted defend fonts released under ids of $5,080, flak in signed defendants Williamson i Moro head discharged preliminary examination expected something Iier attorneys statement testifying grappling attempting testimony Marathon. Square Garden winners weathered Mil foundering. Guarantees Captain Auu to liar. Ray Laif Phebe s Fate in hands of closing arguments Texal of alleged Mur Deeee of murder Eress Are Long. Trial at Laporte lasted fifteen Days hard Legal fighting. Court charges jury that six forms of verdict May be rendered two of them arson and murder in first degree carrying life sentence. Laporte november 25. Tho trial of Ray lamp Hyrc for the murder of mrs. Belle Gunnels and her three Chil Dren was finished this afternoon and at 5 30 o clock Tho Case was Given to the jury which at onco began its deliberations to do termino whether Lam pm arc started the Firo that consumed the Homo of mrs. Gunness and cause d the death of the woman and her children. This was the fifteenth Day of Tho trial. Tho Antiro Day consumed in Obj argument attorney Sutherland opening for Tho state of Lowed by attorney Weir for the defense. Attorney Worden who has been Lam phere s attorney from the Day follow ing his arrest last May made Strong plea for his client and state s attorney Smith Mado Tho closing argument. Tho jury was Given six forms of ver dict and instructed to Tho one on which it agreed. Tho forms were guilty of murder in Tho first degree death. Guilty of murder in the first de Gree life sentence. Guilty of murder in Tho second degree life sent enc. Guilty of manslaughter. Guilty of arson of guilty. It us in was after deliberating for four hours1 without reaching verdict Tho jury at 10 15 was locked up for Tho night. Ear fellow has his 01 a up Washington nov. 21. Jer Orao Jones of Ron ton representing the wholesale dealers crockery and Glass War o Wai the first to address the ways and moans committee today in the Tariff hearing. To believe Tho Domestic manufacturer is entitled to Protection to said but not beyond Tho Point which to himself during Tho last to Volvo years has demonstrated As sufficient. To believe that Tho difference in the Cost of production of american and foreign Mado Twenty five per cent it pics ones excess wares is Nearor thirty or thirty five e per cent than fifty five per cent on White and sixty per on decorated Ware the protective duties imposed by Tho present Law. This difference of about Drenth Amorino hb0ld once sold Stock Way below Par York. November 25. Detailed information of Tho magnitude varsity of Tho Standard Oil company s business was Given by John bold Tho Vico president of the company on Tho resumption of his iffy flav i Luu Avi a inc Jeanng of me Leue Rai suit to dissolve to Oil com said it a the Standard which by eliminating Tho Job Ott real cars stepped in and greatly reduced to. Arjeo. Of Oil to the t " Tho hearings Scro adjoined until nox t monday. Cven those clo Ioly identified with Tho Standard in its Early Days Lou ,. Ognio its future possibilities was brought out today when Arch hat to idea icar8 Wero widespread that Tho Supply of i ,1. 0ulu d0 be Plotch and that accordingly to parted with Somo onto of us tug a a in j4 n Globe Gila county Arizona thursday novembers 1908 by is re sri r. R a r a sch Holz i j la .b.1 Jii i r id. My to ilk obese la Skei Houchim in is a m i it vbs.isnss1 ? 7 Yawn i r 1 t t j in r i r v " a Naff &?4vh7jk ? t. I rj7 a Hawi. Tyrom trait National scores perish on burning vessel in port i British Steamer Sardinia destroyed while boats Are crushed. Warships and other vessels in port compelled to keep away. Ship was loaded with naptha and Many Wero hurled into air falling into flames or sea by explosions of cargo 191 out of 261 perish. Valetta Malta nov omber 25. Tho British passenger Etc Amer Sardinia of Tho Ellerman line was destroyed by Firo just outside this port today and a total 012.1 persons were either drowned or burned to death. The Vonty persons Scro rescued. Tho dead Iri Ludo 100 arabs five europeans and eighteen members of the Crew. Most of Tho people on Board Wero pilgrims. Assistance was hurried to Tho Burn ing vessel from All Tho warships in Tho Harbor and from Tho Short but the work of re scum was greatly impeded by Tho heavy sea. Tho flames spread rapidly and wore few by streams of naptha from the foretold there was a condition of pan icon did not jury into Tho sea Wero roasted to death. Tho vessel was finally driven ashore on Tho a Cassoli rocks where was followed by a succession of volcanic like explosions indicating Tho explosion of Neptha stored inner hold. Thanksgiving Day to be observed with Devotion thanksgiving Day will Boob served in Globe today with prayers and expressions of gratitude to Tho most High. Tho Day will bring its feasting and its merry making and the men and women of Globe will rejoice in the gladness of their hearts but this rejoicing and this feasting will to Only after they have humbled them selves before the lord god and acknowledged the manifold blessings he has bestowed upon their. The religious feature of Tho Day will to Tho grand thanksgiving Union service it Tho Baptist Church at 10 30 o clock this Forenoon when Tho following program vill to car 1 ried Mit doxology. Invocation by Rev. A. M. Petty of los angles. Hymn no. 203. Scripture lesson by Rev. Georgs Selby of Tho episcopal Church. Hymn no. 182. Y prayer by Eoy e. G. Decker of Tho methodist episcopal Church. Reading of Tho president s proclamation by Rov. D. Carl Wil Liams of Tho Baptist Church. Anthem in y the choir Sermon by Rov. H. P. Cory of the presbyterian Church. 1 hymn no. 181. Benediction by or. C. A. Wooddy. There will also to services at the new Jerusalem evangelical Luthor in. Mission on Pascoo Hill As fal lows Apache service 9 30 a. M. German service 11 a. M. English a service a " the weather. Washington november. 25 Ari fair thursday and Friday. I a flu 3wk4&.if? isl n ? a i 7. K i w j. J. S a. .1 if i r i 1.1r map mme the real Bird. R a ,. Building trades want the eight hour Oay convention observes Law is not enforced on contract government work. Elections tomorrow will bring Many hot contests especially among con dictate s for Vico Presl dont seven cities want next convention. Denver november 25. At the afternoon session of the building trades Tho convention instructed its incoming officers to Uso every Means possible to have Tho Federal government adopt it work Day with specific wages on All government work whether Tho work to by contract or not. It was pointed out that Tho government recognized eight hours As a working Day but that Tho Law was not enforced on work being Dono under contract. During Tho Day Tho usual contests for offices and the next place of meeting were begun. Tho cities of Rochester Montreal Toronto Pittsburg St. Paul Seattle and san Francisco Are after Tho next convention 1 James Kirby president and w. A Spencer Secretary each announced his candidacy for there Are a number of candidates for Tho Vico presidential positions and these offices will be hotly contested. At Tho conclusion of business today adjournment until Friday was taken. Robbers dynamite Bank. Norfolk neb., november 25. Six robbers dynamited Tho Stato Bank at Page neb., near Here today secur ing All Tho Cash in Tho Bank said to be about $1,000, and Mado Good their is Cape. Whilo two did Tho work Tho other c stood guard strikers shot six infilled in pitched Battle Willi Abe Attell gets i at los Champion outdone at every Point by marvellously Clever Britton. Fight went full fifteen rounds and Attell had never a Chance while All of Welch b work was perfect and As full of vim As could be. Los Angeles november 25. Abe Attell the fast and undefeated Feather weight Champion of Tho world met morn than his match tonight in Freddie Welsb the English lightweight Cham . The fight for was Ift can rounds and went Tho limit Welsh gelling be decision. Welsh showed himself in to a y Elever Man. His Boking bras Superb footwork marvelous general who p unequalled and defens Iyo tactic absolutely perfect. Attell had never a Chance fran the beginning of the fight to the Fainuu. He lacked Confidence his blows lacked vigor his generalship was not what it Bias been heretofore t the Light took Ilac in a citric Arena under a Canvas roof while the rain dropped through. Tunnel finished. San Francisco nov omber 25. The we iter n Pacific Railroad announced the completion today of its Flower Lake Tunnel which cuts under pc Quot mountains in Nye county Nevada. The Tunnel which t on the main line of Tho Western Pacific is 5,657 feet in length. Almost the entire distance is through solid Limestone and the work of drilling through Tho Mountain consumed tic qty on o months. A u s will be tried i colonel Cooper and sonar rained in court Over their protest. Defendants did not wish to appear at proceedings but court sustained at Torney general prisoners remanded without Benefit of Ball. Nashville tenn., november 25. Colonel Duncan 1. And Robin j. Cooper and John d. Sharp were arraigned today in Tho criminal court and charged with Tho murder of senator e. W. Carmack and the trial was set for december 8. Each was arraigned separately Tho indictments Scro read to him and a plea of not guilty entered. Counsel for the Defenso objected to the client s being brought into court and asked to be allowed to waive form Al arraignment but the attorney Gen eral insisted on following Tho Law to Tho letter and the court sustained him. H pages i u today Price five cents Down at Perth Amboy x Perth Aminov n to Simk 25. Following a pitched Battle Between 700 strikers and twelve deputies to Day at the factory of the National Firo proofing company at Keasbey near Here in which six of the strikers Scro shot Down governor j. Franklin fort despatched four companies of Tho Stato National guard at Trenton to the scene and tonight the streets Aro patrolled by 250 soldiers. Int costs excitement prevails As Tho strikers declare the Deputy sheriffs Wero not justified in firing upon them. Two of the wounded men Aro dying in Tho Hospital. The citizens fear for Tho Row when a renewal of the attack on the place of the National fire proofing company is threatened. For two Days there has been rioting at Keasbey and a number of manufacturing towns along Tho Raritan River. The men employed by Tho Raritan River Clay company went on Striko two weeks ago for higher wages. They marched to Tho Plant of the Perth am to y fire Brick company and induced the men Thuro to go out. Today the foreigners were armed with heavy Iron pipe pitchforks clubs and stones and some of them showed revolvers. Chief of Polico Burke was in charge of the deputies stationed in the office of the company. The crowds a bombardment of stones and chief Burke says that two of i men Wero slightly injured. According to the chief the strikers swarmed to Tho door and Many of them climbed the Fence surrounding the building. The deputies were compelled to open fire to protect themselves. Chi of Burke is authority for the statement that there were Only two revolvers in Possession of Tho Dep . This is disputed by the strikers. At least a dozen shots Wero Fin Point Blank at the strikers and six men fell. Tornado kills child. Reed Springs mo., november 25. A Tornado struck this place this morning and wrecked a Large num Ber of buildings including a hotel. Gertrude Viles aged 12 years was killed by the falling Wall s of a comparing Furey s testimony san Francisco november 25. John j. Furey former member of the Board of supervisors and the third wit Ness called in the trial of Abraham Ruef occupied the stand during Tho morning session. Ruef s trial is on the particular indictment charging him with the bribery of Furey. Tho latter was subjected to a lengthy Cross examination by Henry Ach who confined himself for Tho most part to comparisons of Tho testimony Given by Furey on his examination by the prose cution and his answers to questions of similar import at former trials plotted matric Hje no crime. Chicago november 25. After Tho Defenso had been made for her that she suffered from moral Ana thesia a deadening of the moral perceptions May l. Otis charged with attempting to plot Tho murder of her Mother was dismissed today by judge gun Mill. Tho court held that there was no Statuto covering the e offence and no Crimo was committed. Steamer sunk. Detroit mich., november 25. Tho Steamer North Star of Tho Mutual transit line of Buffalo was sunk Early today in Lake Huron in a collision with her sister ship the Northern Queen in a dense foe off port Saranac. Tho prisoners Wero not allowed bail. Tho North Star s Crew escaped. Engineer saves. 150 lives Sticks to Post in wreck. Dug out unhurt la Crosse november 25. The heroism of Engineer Julius. Severson of la Crosse saved Tho lives of 150 passengers in a collision on Tho Burlington Railroad at Portage Junction 111., Early today. As passenger train no. 47, the heaviest on the line Drew near Portage Junction train was notice and was killed but Engineer sever son stuck to his Post applied Tho emergency brakes and succeeded in coned just ahead. Tho Firemon jump train which had been running at Tho rate of sixty Miles an hour bcfor0 the freight was struck Sider ably reducing Tho Speed of Tho half a dozen Box cars Wero w cd find cd on Tho in inc Tho Engineer was dug out of Tho dcbrl8 unhurt and Nono of Tho n. Gers Wero Hurt. A j to like. I. & i

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