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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1909, Page 5

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - June 11, 1909, Globe, Arizona So to is Friday Juno in 190.9 Dably j Eizonas Iyer i3elt Page visa Kwh great bargains in our tin Ware now is the time to visit our. And crockery depts. Ultan Bros saddlery dept t fail to visit these departments you la do Well and buy now wife 1 Elgreat Sale mams ? Chicago extra specials iodine silk known and Ort the world a Over at 47sac Par Ynid. O r Fqik poplin regularly t cd litm9lj.yard, our Price Floc Sultan s set the Page these values Are unmatchable grocery bargains Wolta soap 25 bars.,. .51.00 Borax soap 20 bars for.$1.00 r. K. Corn 10 cans for $1.00 string Beans Sarins Garden 10 cans for $1.00 baited Means Spring Gardon 1j cars for. .51.00 s Jarais , la. Cans. .45c. A Ragas Zuch lieu c5c Asmara Gas Monsoon 2v2-lb. Cans. .35c a Piraeus ,lv2lb. Cans 25c Oyster a Koi Tocu 2-l can icarus $1.00 oysters Monsoon cans 10 a fris $1.00 milk 16 of. St. Charles "10 cans for $1.00 special notice mince meat itch lieu 1 la a figs. ."6c pinot Polo grated Eichelle 2 la. Cans 25c Tinea Plo grated Richelieu 1 la. Cans 4.15c pineapple grated Monsoon 2 la. Cans 20c pinot Polo grated Monsoon 1 la. Cans 12vsc jams Genesee 2va id. Cans 331-s c jams my. Shasta 2v la. Cans27vic jams Genesee 1 la. Cans is Vic jams Angelia 1 la. Cans 20c 1 wet 1 things doing in a sporting circles baseball National Lea Gini at Chlea Tro r. New Lork eau Oriya Lara Kari ainu 3 jul Era Pfeister and Morau. All other games Post Kinod i n. American Leiv gue at now York Detroit. New York prior sold Star ,. 0 i s 11 8 batteries Mulhan and Schmidt Stan ago Mcconnell Manning Alq Priow and Blair. All other games postponed rain. Coast league at los an Cloit r. E. Los Angeles. V. .1 3 1 Vernon. 10 2 batteries Lliott Logan and Al nolo Kaslo and Orndorff. At san r. H. K. San Francisco .r.a.6 8 ,2 Oakland 4 " batteries it oreo Nelson Teidy and Lewis Browning and Berry it r Kat Portland Portland. 4 Sacram Tito i. Ii. 0 if. 9 15 2 7 0 a Ourtcea inn lug. Batter is Whalan and Graham car on and Armbruster. Weighed in the balance and not found wanting in Tho design Archi Totura and building of Homes in Globo. Fifteen years of actual in Tho designing and erection of dwelling houses entitles tvs to in Nounon to Tho citizens of Globo and Vicinity that our work in the Home building line hero in Globo is unquestioned Oue wore is of the Best our plans and specifications Abe second to none. Workmanship satisfaction and right prices our motto. J. C. Mcelroy contractor and builder residence phone 1615 shop Cornea Hill and Sycamore streets Globe. Arizona 6 us 1 prices that denote the earnestness of this Sale. There is no other Way. We must sell our Stock in Orr Fer to put in an entirely new Stock when our new building is completed. So we Are Selling goods without profit. Note the prices note what a saving in buying now. Remember we close this Sale july 1st preparatory to moving into our new store. 100 pairs of $2.50 to $5 ladies k. J. & e. Shoes now Only. 100 pairs of $1 to $2.25 children s High and Low Cut r. J. & r. Shoes 7ps now omy ,. I. Jiuu a Toniey adj res of a r Csc now going a 100 men s Straw hats regular Price 40cto s2.50, now o end it regains Ati. A Sec 10 up i of 100 Man regular $3.50 values now going at $2 and a few at 100 neckties tick shape 75c regular value now Only "3 1c0 pairs men s pants $1.50 to $5 values now going at our to $2.25 100 Odds and Enda summer weight underwear regular 65c to $1.50 values now. ,. 100 pairs children s Hose sizes 5 to 10, sold regularly at 10c and 15c now.100 pieces of summer lawns and Batiste regular values 10c to 76c , now 100 boys Golf sbirt3, sizes 4 to 15 years regular Price 75c, now of thu a tawk r Vrtik g t 4i twi so Tyty Jav r w this is iky63bd birthday Beiga Diee general Maeshall brigadier Genorn William l. Mar shall chief of Tho Enci Neur corns. United states army was born at washing ton ky., Juno 11, 1810. To was educated at Kenyon College Ohio and at wet Point. Ilia work Binco his graduation from West Point in 1808 Hab been chiefly on River and Harbor improve to tank " to served at Wilett s Point new York Harbor fam 180s to 1870. He was then engaged in Wen turn exploration until 1s7c. Since that Timo he wins nerved in every important engineering District in the country. From 1s81 to 1881 to had charge of levee construction along Tho Mississippi. He was in Clargo of Harbor River and canal work in Tho Chicago District Between 1831 and woo. In he latter year he was placed in Chargo of important govern ment work in and about new York har Bor and remained thro until he wry promoted a year ago to Tho Post of chief of Tho Engineer corps. us Iii 00011 of im5aoo noisy escapade in lodging House starts wild rumours of crime a f angled because mrs. E. It Mayhew with whom in in would not permit him to enter her apartments in n lower Broad str cot Rooming House yesterday in orning e. G. Wir dwell broke open the door to effect an in trance. " Tho Carth of. Breaking Wood and Metal and Tho woman s .ncream9 attracted Tho. Attention of Oher room cd who detained Birdwell until the arrival of Tho officers. According to Tho woman s Story Birdwell followed her Horn from court land where to made her acquaintance a Thori Timo ago. Onto train Accord ing to her 8tntemvnt, ,tricd4ito in Duce her to accompany him to the is a tote a Mem Northwest but did not molest her in any other Way. Bot i Ardwell and Tho woman arrived hero wednesday night. Wird i waa taken before judge Hsiu Jon Thomas water in the tiny. He of Rcd no Devento and was fined $25. The defendant voluntarily secured tile services of a Carpenter and had the damaged door repaired. V Tho nil Hir caused the circulation of Many wild rumours including stories to Tho effect that a Man had committed Sui Eido that two men had been shot and that an Attoma had been made to dynamite the Rooming House. I g 1 mr3. Nora Hall lets contract foe Structure to Cost ten thousand mrs. Nora Hall has let a contract for the erection of a new Brick Rooming House to to erected on Mesquito Street Between Broad and Hill at a Cost of nearly $10,000, when completed. Hmm Cohly & Vandergriff have the contract for Tho erection of Tho build jul g and As a permit for Tho carrying out of tins improvement was granted by Tho City Council and the Street Grade in front of the property ordered established last night at Tho re nost of mrs. Hal it is probably that work on Tho building will begin within a Short time. The building will to two stories in height of modern construction contain ing fifteen rooms. Tho erection of this building Marks another Stop in Tho growth of this City As it is Tho farthest East of any sub Stantial Structure in its Vicinity. A wreck. To Tho Only fit description for Tho Man or women who is crippled with rheumatism. Just a few rheumatic twinges May be Tho forerunner of a Pavero at tack Stop Tho trouble at the Start with Ballard s show liniment cure the rheumatism and All "25e, 50c and $1.00. Sold by palate stomach troubles. Many remarkable cures of Stomatio troubles have Boon effected by Cham Borlain s stomach and liver tablets. Ono Man who had spent Over two thousand Dollar for Medicine Ami treatment was cured a y a few Boxen of these tablets. Price 25 Sam Ples free at All druggists. Gumti str Lilg l every Price quoted Here bargain ise to be erected of Mesquite $1 1sc 50c tag 10c Bill. fancy neckwear regular Prico 5cc and 75c, now of x -. An 100 ladies embroidery collars regular 25c and 35c valu3s now going at. 1c0 ladles Back Combs regular Prico 75c, now Only 100 ladies Combs regular 35c, Flyg Jiuu Dorsers Largo sizes Soia irom i a to , now at the re one Ducard Price of .p.i.j.$f,it. Of ice pairs ladies ibid Glavica in Brown drab and Black of i regular Price $1.75, now 100 ladies Short silk Glovas regular 75c values now going at Sig us 100 pairs ladles Long silk gloves regular $1.50 value now going Oloc 100 pairs ladle s Long kid gloves regular Price $3.50, now going at 100 children s Buster Brown belts in Black red and Whito regular Price 35c, now ,. 100 ladi23 silk bits 75c Valuo now going at 100 ladies washable belts regular s5c value now Only n3 ?5kaka eessra3c?v cgc3es3s amusements Good Majestic Bill both Tho Brick layer and the tramp and Tho magician at Tho Majestic last night proved to to entertain ing sketches and the second b la to la produced by Tho new management proved decided Success. Tho Brick Mabon is in newspaper parlance a human interest Story with just enough pathos to make it attractive. It is Well produced. Tho Tram and the magician is along comedy lines the tramp exposing the diff ice t feats performed by the magician much to Tho amusement of Tho audience. A Good illustrated song and four at Tractive pictures completo a very entertaining at the Iris the old Fields put on a new comedy sketch last night which was very much enjoyed by the audience. Or. Old Field s Banjo playing is always greeted with much applause. The moving pictures Are excellent. The Iron worker desc Vos special mention As it is Ono of Tho Best dra Matic pictures yet shown Hoie. There Are Ebreo comic films which get the laughs. De Keith sings asleep t in Tho deep which is Well suited to his voice and is heartily applauded. $ the old Fields will put on another new sketch tomorrow night and Tho remainder of Tho program continues for Tho Balanco of Tho week. ? a daughter of the desert under Tho auspices of the fraternal brotherhood the above popular comedy Urania by Charles Ulrich will be presented at Tho dreamland theater to night. The plot Cairies Ono Back to the Days of Geronimo and his wild Apache devils during the historic out break in Tho Early 80s. T the scenes Are Laid Between Globe and Geronimo and Tho Diffrient characters Aro Well cast Tho Early Day Gambler rancher indians cowboys sheriff mexican outlaws etc., All being in evidence. A a Largo number of tickets Livo been sold and Tho reserved seats will go on Sale at 9 a. In. I popular prices will Rulo arid the Price of the Best reserved scats will to 70 Eek try with1 prices of 3o and-5 0 cens for other seats. A vital Point. The most delicate part of a baby is its bowels. Every ailment that it suf fers with attacks of Tho bowels also endangering in most cases Tho Lif oof the infant. Mcgee s baby Eluiro cures diarrhoea dysentery and All derange ments of or bowels. Soh by Palace pharmacy. Back Price now Only. Or pairs. A ? t at ill to Rush when we is cof lated continued from Page four Ono Shaft is Cio feet deep with Cross cuts and drifts exposing Good Ore values. Among mining men it is held to be excellent property. Fit Mae who has More than a local reputation As a min no expert has written favourably of it. A number of prominent business men of Calumet and Ishpeming mich., Are note rested in Tho new company and the reputation held by Tho Turco organizers and promoters Whoso names appear in the articles should insure the Public of its reliability. These men Are John r. Ryan Paul Schnoller and p. Ii. Finnegan All of Calumet Mich it is understood that John r. Ryan is a wealthy merchant of Calumet p. Ii. Finnegan is a Well know n Stock broker and promoter of that City and Paul Schneider is taut to be prominent there in business life. Be Side these men it is said that several other people in and near Calumet and Aro actively interested in the. New Enterprise. The company is incorporated at it will Ritsuo 300t000 shares of Stock fat a Par value ions a share. Jln a few Days 1.10,000 shares will be of i ered to the Public at the rate of a Sharo paid Abd subject to .$4 Call. Trio Michigan promoters believe that Tho Stock will to oversubscribed the first first Day it is offered for Sale. So for Tho organizers of the new company ii ave not held. Illegal meeting officers but that will to Dono in the near future. The Peop e who Are to assume Active charge of Tho property will be Here before july 1, and tdurtly1 after thai Date they expect to operate on a Largo scale. Representatives of the Castio dome mining company have offered a Large allotment of Stock to Wilson & Cash the local brokers who will put it on Tho Market in this City. It is under stood however that the main flotation of Stock will to made in Michigan. We pay the highest interest ones Erow deposits. Money to loan on real estate at All times. Agents for the Best fire insurance companies in the world the Globe Bank & savings co. See .11s today. Yon never can Tell just exactly the cause of your rheumatism but you know you have it. Do you know that Ballard s Snow liniment will euro it relieve the pain reduces the swelling and limbers the joints and Muscles to that you will Boas Active Ana Wen As you Ever wore. Pim Taa wimm e Chiffon a regular 75c per value. We will sell at the very Low Price of .20c p & y me a $2.05 20c 40c Muc Gas sask htfwflbtftgwb9emsm within extra special veiling " Oil. 1, Ijams Richelieu 1 la cans 25c Eichelle 3 crocks. .6c preserves Eichelle 1 la. Glass. 33 c lpns 1 la. Glass. .33 preserves Tea Gardan 1 la. Glass. 30c jellies in brands per glass., 25c syrups Toboggan and Maple Gallons $1.30 half Gal ions 70c quarts 25c. Syrups astr a and Victor drips " Gallons 70c half Gallons 40c quarts z7yzc. Symph Saratoga and Tea Garden drips Gallons 00c half Gallons 50c quarts 30c. Fit los 32 of. Oblong 40c pickles 20 of. Oblong 28c tickles 14 of. Oblong 22c pickles fancy mixed Octagon 32 03 50c pickles English quarts 45c Mustard Pepper sauce olives Ketchup and other bottled goods. In this Lino will go at correspondingly Low prices As above. Vinegar 43c, gallon 00c vinegar 4x, bottle 15c guaranteed absolutely pure. Lipton s Tea la. Tins .30c built raisins per la. .5c. Here s a Pointer for every Coal user in Globe be Surv Mir Coal i free from Slack slate Ami. Dirt. We sell american Block Coal and it 1 always delivered to you in Fine condition. We also sell Wood Coke Hay Grain c fuel & feed co. I phone 751 opposite depot i Otice to water notice if hereby to All users of City water that. The following rules adopted by the common Council will be strictly enforced to a it fish Semi water rent due on the first f the month and must be paid at the Oil ice of the water depart ment on or before the loth or the Supply of water will 14 shut off and $1.00 will be charged for turning it on Agair which must be paid in addition to All past due water rent so Good the hours of sprinkling Are Between six and seven a. M., and six and eight o clock. P.,.m 3 and All sprinkling by Hose must be done with a nozzle or Spray which must not be larger than one Quarter Inch 1 j ours of sprinkling subject to change. Third sprinkling out of hours permitting waste of water by defective fixtures sprinkling streets or roads or any wilful waste of water subjects the per son guilty of same to having water shut off and a charge of $1.00 imposed for turning on in addition to the repair of any defective or Leaky 1 the water Supply is now the property of the Peop Jef of Globe and it is the desire of the City Council and 0 the water department that All the citizens of Globe cog operate with the City government in promoting the economical use of the City water and of avoiding wast which h entails expense All and is a croat injustice to those who use the water a deep. The rules. Yard ,3 t Aco. I 7 la. All i embraced i on by order of the. Common Council ,25c,Tik a stand pharmacy. Grocery bargains preserves preserves Woodlawn Arizona users Given o clock Leaky again fixture. Useless i4 w a Lewis or depth v is St. I. As 4" str Rte a w a n 4? 4 is a

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