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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1909, Page 4

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - June 11, 1909, Globe, Arizona Krar Yew v a f a a wrist a Fly Arizona kw1.t Mil imiimimiii89,. Tinct Vimr .,.fill1$ r my up ii m i h. M. ,. & Lytje a Wollor v mum if l t. & 11 j v i in w i. T. J v f. Or y Oivi u t. J i r in " n. A it in nor R i. J i win maid a tax ii. I1m in j i t j ? " rent onto i i i. F u j i ii a Wiki Hibi Minim Re t 7. T i r a v 5 mining and financial news present developments All that de sired and higher Price of Copper stimulates Industry k it it it it it Foft it it it it it it 5? it m,.,,n it nov in n mini of Tholon District 13 Point on i with a steadiness that shows Trio Ina eased Confidence of mining men in it it the probability of a continued Riso in the Prico of Copper. Tho Inion it owners at Mhairi Aro awaiting Tho coming of the Railroad Bifora install. It 4.ius Tho balls of their act Lancry Bat what Tho Branch of Tho gala Valky it it clob3 & Northern e. A reaches that town As it is sure to do in two or Ift three months there Sill be Arreater activity in Tho mining work of that it it Section than Ever before. Moan Hild Tho development of new Oro bad it it ios. And Tho blocking of of Ora preparatory to extraction work Rhca it Tho necessary Macli incr arrives is being pasted. It it it it it it it it it it it it ? Miami most of Tho Woik of blocking out Ore and of Drifting and crosscutting on Tho or Emily at Miami is Bing done in Abaft no. 2 at a depth of 570 feet. Tho cd Pauy is employing machine drills oif Tho Mot improved Mil and expects Tolbo prepared to take out 1j000 ton of Oro a Day when the m la is ready so Start which will pro Baldy to about Tho Fust part of not year. Already about 34,000,000 t on5r6f.drohavu Hicen de and and Mino 5, 0nking Well. On Tho go foot in several different directions is going 01v daily. A now Shaft called Shaft to. 4 is now being sunk and will eventually to Tho main Ono from which most of Iho Ore will to Fiken when Tho Maeh very is in place. The Miami Plant will be Ono of the largest and debt equipped plants in Tho territory when it is completed. H. Kenyon lurch mechanical Engineer for Tho company has a Large Force of in working on Tho details of Tho plans for the Plant and expects to incr aug his Force within a Fow Days. Deals Havo been closed for do the Power House reach Nery. The Power How equipment Calls for three 1,000 Al w. Units made up of 4 Cylinder triple expansion Nordberg engines Diroe in. Connected to Crocker Wheeler Genora tors. The boiler Plant is to be fitted with edger Oor boilers. Tho concentrator equipment will not to definitely arranged for until Tho Branch Railroad is built. General plans for Tho Plant How us us. I Ever Aro Aire Auy equipment will approximate about 750tons. Tho material for the entire Plant will comprise Homo 1250 carloads. Tho is about to Eloso a you thru t for 30,000 barrels of co Mont. When finished it in expected that this Plant will to Tho most modern in Iho whole Southwest. The company is Fortunato in in Vii As its business and Field Man agers such capable and Well informed men As general manager b. Brit Lou Gotts Burgor Engineer n. Kenyon Burch and superintendent x. 0 Law Iton. Black Warrior Tho Black Warrior copier company. I Hobo Miro is situated Between Nero and Miami is among Tho Best proper tie s in that fio Tiou. Under the Able direction of superintendent Jack Florin a Force of fio in is now at work of Tho 350-Fo level. Between 00 and 70 tons of Oro Aro being shipped daily. Tho returns from this Oro Are Aikui t ii for Filiti u the present Timo Moro. Or i in is Trot than Over before in the history Oishe Talon Tho property of Tho Miro is a Seeno of great Industry these Days. Tho company has superintendent Miko Shovlin in Active Shargo of its operations. Or. Shovlin is Ono of Tho most experienced mining men around Here and with a Force of 85 men working Wuh band drills is sinking two shafts and driving. Three tunnels. In the Bull-5o g that i which is now 310 foot Down sulphides Havo prevailed from Tho 150 foot level. A 50-Fo crosscut which is Ming made from Tho bulldog Shaft. Will undoubtedly Sitiko a Largo on Blid y in Thi sumo Van As Tho Woodson mine. No blocking of Oro has been Dodo Tho too Bush Shaft is Down to n depth of 235 feet and Sulphide Oto was struck at Tho 90 foot level. All Tho Oro from Tho Joo Bush shafts i once Fratin Tho concentrator and. Stepura a hovels will be on Tho ground by Jan car v 1. At which which time a Complete Plant will to figured on. Besides these two shafts three Tun Nels Tho Tho Mercer and Tho Columbia Ljuko been driven to distances of 717, 700 and 507 feet respectively with Good indications in every Caso. Keystone. Woik on Tho Keystone Shaft has Bleu discontinued temporarily at the 33q foot level while a station is Bolus Mado 150 feet surface. A Strong Foric of men is now employed Thor. Tho mine is considered by Many t to on. Of great is abilities and Ono from which favourable Oporta May to exp Pontod before Tho option now hold by Tho men developing it expires w7" a Gibson Copper company at Tho Mino of the Gibson Coppet company High Jurado Oro g Taka out of the 100 toot level and develop ment work in being. Dono on the Lov a a 500 and 000 act. From ten to fifteen Tomi of urn yielding better than 2frper cent Aro Bing shipped daily and h Drifting and crosscut ung is uiiu8 us with every expectation of striking other bodies of Rich of join the near Fui Uro. Szporin telent . Gibson by Foreman int Wjk Kob Orthon Iro in Shargo of Tho operations at this Mino. Al a pits Tho Al Caiman Dovolo tunes Coin Pun y is meeting with Good Sut coir in working its Mino about Teu Milea. West of the a ids not far from Pioneer. In a Fen Days hoist will to a isl horsepower taker to the hero. Tho eloped Drifting Cross noting company inspiration Taylor from the level 10 inches off River orb a been struck and six inches of this a High Grade. They Aro now starting Fps Drift on the vein with every Promise of find ing Large bodies of Rich Ore. Or Ruma Roli j work is being Dono on Tho up Marple Mino 12 Miles East of Safford at 11 level of 700 feet by the National exploration company. About 3 men a now it work there. A co foot crosscut is now being made in an attempt to locate Ore bodies around the Edge of Tho old Fumarolo from who Ehva the mine took its Namo. Good Oro Epos a Weru in Usu on the surface around the Edge of this fun role and if Tho crosscut succeeds in stick aug these deposits Agu ii the mine should pay Well. Arizona commercial of Tho mining companies in o Obe District the Arizona commercial Copper company is Ono of the most Active and among those that have the greatest certainty of de eloping Rich Oro bodies in the near future. At present Tho work ing Force is Busy on development work in Tho Eureka Shaft and the Black Hawk Shaft in the meantime is being worked Only intermittently the taking out of Large quantities of Ore will not be at tempted until the new and perfectly equipped smelter which Tho company is building Iti ready to handle it. It is expected that this smelter will no ready for uhf about August 15. The initial capacity of Tho smelter will be 100 tons of Oro a Daj at present about 150 men Aro in Tho company s employ. In Jho Eureka Shaft where actual d Woik is now being Joie a level of 700 feet i1119 been reached and 11 1 this name vein Cut by Tho Black Hawk Haft has been struck. Tho muck Hawk Cro Widm this vein gavc4 returns of about 7 por enl Coppoc on the average and there is every indication that Rich Ore will be found n Largo bodies by Cross Cuttin g from Tho seventh level of the Turena ban. A Force of men is now at work Cut Ting a station on this level for the new Mirmow. The station Cut in Tho opposite diction from the vein and. Two Prescott pumps Capacio or Muiir Tho Ilov of water to the surface will be installed. It is expected that Tho pump ing station will to finished ins a of 30 Days and then Tho work of Cross cutting on Tho Oro vein will to undertaken. This vein runs Northeast und Southwest and Tho Superior & Boston Mino about a Quarter of a Milo Dis Tant is Retting Ore from it constantly. A Winze is now Boug Surik Between the flt the mid sixth Levels of the Eureka Shaft. The Black Hawk Shaft in now Vin worked intermittently and has reached a depth of about 05 foot from the fifth level. Machine drills of Tho most approved make Are used in both the Niue a and. Black Hawk shafts. The Plant of Tho Arizona commercial Conner company will be when finished one of Tho most modern and Best Oquin Ped in Tho territory. The steel Framo of Tho new powerhouse is already set up. Tho corrugated Iron is Yot to b put on and Tho window and door frames Havo to to set in place. Powerful electric generators will soon to installed and thenceforth elec tric locomotives will to used on the company s railroads to convey both Oro and slag. Other equipment of Tho powerhouse will include a Connorsville Blower supplying air for nearly 1,000 tons Burden a Nordberg compressor two Prescott circulating pumps with a capacity of about 300 Gallons a minute two units Wilcox & Babcock boilers with a total of 700 horsepower. A machine shop has just been built and provided with an equipment that will Supply All of Tho needs of the mine jul that respect. Electricity will furnish Tho motive Power for nil Tho machinery. Tho general Otico and warehouse of Tho company was moved the latter part of april from its former site Ono mile wet of the present in Atio u into n new build 45 Tutt Wido by 72 feet Long. A new Gallows Framo 70 feet High Lias recently been Sot up. The now double drum hoist at Tho Eureka Shaft is now ready for Uso. It is capable of sinking 1,500 feet. Bes pcs handling Tho Ore from Tho Arizona Comno Ciul concur company s mines Tho new Smel Ter will Sci Seiko shipments from the Surrior & to Stop and possibly from other Minos in Tho Vicinity. Tho Mino is now under Tho Conpablo management of assistant manager John r. Pc Berthy. General manager W. Benn o is now at he Home iu1 Clifton Arizona hero h is of Tho Shannon Copper company. To makes frequent visits to the arizona1 Coin Mereial Copper company s property in Tho Globo District. May earnings of o. D. A production of 3,088,000 pounds of Copper for Tho month of May would indicate net earnings by Tho old Domin Ion company for that month of not far from $75,000. Tho company received an a Crago Prico of 32.s cents for the Copper and its Eor s for Tho month wore under 11, fonts Ajril posts were also under 11 cents Aud on a production of 2,8 10,000 pounds of Copper for that Mouth net earnings should Lyvo be of in excess of $50,000. It requires just $50,000 per month to pay the present me of dividends. Every our Ceu t Nova no if Tho Price of Copper adds $30,000 per month to Tho Tot earnings of the old Dominion company on Tho present basis of output. " president Smith anticipates getting costs Down to a tint 10 cent basis be fore the close of this year and if met a l air icons continue to Advance to in Creuse production to 3,500,000 pounds per Mouth at a minimum or 4,000,000 pounds a t a maximum. When prices for Copper Scro extremely old Dominion company Pur t. L11.fi a 4 Clinsey of Usu ions 01 my Puiyu largely from Bisbee which Havo naturally shown Tho company a is factors appreciation in value with a Advance in Tho Prico. Of Copper. Superior & Boston at the Superior & Boston mine 105 men Aront work at the Gardner and great Eastern shafts and on Tho new buildings and machinery which Tho com Pany is putting up. In see of Tho work underground it present is in Tho Gardner Shaft where a crosscut is being Mado from a level of 435 feet to the Black oxide vein 01 that sect Ion Wlinich Lios about s00 feet scout Hect. So far Tho crosscut has been extended a Little Over 400 feet. The Mcgaw Shaft is Down to of about 400 feet. It will to sunk to Tho level and Thon a crosscut 931 feet Long will to Mado let icon the Mcgaw Shaft and Tho great Eastern Shaft which is now 420 feet deep. From Tho Groat Eastern Shaft a Winzo is now being sunk to Striko Tho Black Hawk vein. Tho Luzo is Down about 160 feet Ami is still of the Ore. Tho Winzo wll to put Down 50 feet farther and then Drifting will to begun on Tho 000 foot level in Tho Mcgaw Shaft. The Oro being taken out in development averages 9 per cent Copper and runs from 0 to 8 ounces Silver to Tho ton. The foundation for Tho 1500-cubic-Fo compressor is finished and a Soublo Dru hoist capable of sinking to 1,300 feet has been shipped and will to set up and ready to use Somo Timo in brickwork is now being built for the boilers which Are of Sterling make of 500 horsepower. A corrugated Iron building 40 foot wide by 100 feet Long is now nearly finished. This will contain a Well equipped machine Sho p and a Sawmill. The Macripo Sho p has been fitted no far with Rad lines a Radiator Drill a Shaver a lathe and an Emery wheal. The new of Ico and warehouse build ing was finished several weeks ago. It is 40 feet Wido by 00 foot Long. The work at Tho Miro is in charge of superintend Cut w. E. Carter Ono of the most experienced mining one of Tho. Globe District. President w. 0. Kice of Tho Superior & Boston company will visit the mine in a few Days. Arizona Michigan n at Tho Telfair Shaft of Tho Amona Michi eran Miro development work is going rapidly Forward under Tho Able direct of of in. A. If of. Tho Graf t is now Down to a depth of 420 feet. It is a Shaft. About 27 men Aro at work there. At a depth of 305 feet hard Diorite were truck with specks of by Rit e. No Wator to iut Carfero with the work has yet been struck. A station was put in on Tho fourth level. At Tho 500 foot Lovel a crosscut will to made North and South. This level Idi Ould a reached about july 10. A gasoline hoist with sin Gle drum is now being used in develop ment work. General manager s. W. Clawson of los an golds visited the Shaft wednesday. A new notation the Castle dome mining company whose articles of incorporation Appeal elsewhere in this Issue of the Silver Belt should soon take prominent rank locally. The company has an option on at least twelve claims owned by Coa Mccormick and o. C. Scott. This prop erty adjoins Tho Continental mini owned by the old Dominion mining & smelting company and previous to this time Between $30,000 and $40,000 has Beon Spont on it in development work. There is considerable machinery on the property and several shafts tunnels and surface Workings Havo Beon Mado. Continued on Page five wout trading 01 Loi Side. Emit Union Pacific leads upward movement and Highee Call Bates Hunt Little Felt wheat has bad Dayt but cob makes new High Maeks copped Shade Kig Heb new York Juno 10. Tho action of the Stock Market indicated today Tho resumption of some important operations on the Long Side. Tho effect was to reassure sentiment among Board toe i operators and traders and they from attacks on Acca. Or from attempts to establish lower quotations transactions fell below Tho recently prevailing volume. Union Pac fic continued Tho Leador of the upward move ment in contrast with Trio s Duggish movement of Southern Pac fic stocks. The feeling regarding the steel Trade continues confident and professional. Tho Good impression of Metal Trade conditions was added to by the May statistics of the Copper producers association published during the Day. Copper industrials Mado Only a Modr of n res Nonon to this showing. The firmer Tono of Tho Money Market had Only a sight deterrent effect on speculation in stocks. ,.All joans ranged from 2 per cent to above that figure. To. Bonds irregular. Total sales $0,410000. United states Bonds unchanged. Metal quotations new York june 10tth Ero was a Sharp Advance in London tin with spot at 135, 5s and futures at 130, 12s, cd. Locally firm and higher although Busl Ness was quiet with spot 29.g2& to 3aoo. Copper was a Shado higher Inion Don with spot 00, 10s and futures 01, 7s, quiet with Lako 13.07 to 13.75 electrolytic l3.37h Ita i3.50 casting 13.25 to 13.37. J t Lead was a 133, 5s in Ondon. The local Market was quiet and unchanged at 4.35 to 4.45. Spelter was uncharged at 22, 2s, of in London. Locally quiet and unchanged at 5.35 to 5.40. Silver .52 5- mexicans 41. Zoeain Market Chicago june Lov wheat was weak All Day with Tho exception of a Brief period at the Start when prices Roso to a Point above yesterday s Clos ing figures As Tho result of unexpected strength at weakness be came pronounced in the find hour and Tho july delivery was subjected to heavy Selling pressure. The bearish sentiment was due mainly. To improvement in Tho sown crop As indicated in report from Kan Sas Nebraska and the Ohio River Tho Rango of july delivery for the Day was Between 116 3- 1 and 119 3- the Market closed weak and Only a trill above the Low. Point with july at 116 7- 8 to 117. Now High record Marks for the sea son Scro established in the Corn mar Ket Wolfen Tho july delivery sold at 73 3- 4 and september at 70 7- per Bushel. Sentiment in the p t was Bull i. Us Irenn scr a it of the Dav. But the Market yielded to the. Weakness in wheat Ami closed at almost the lowest Point although prices were still a trifle above yesterday s final figures. The december option was an exception and closed at a net loss of c. Daily met ret Hud Stock quotations by Wilson & Cash Boston Juno 10. Copper Flange and Franklin were the most Active specialities in the Boston Market today both advancing 1 Points on Quito heavy Titius actions. More and More at Tention is being Given to Rahic. Its value makes it one of Tho most conservative Copper investments known and this is gradually being recognized. Improved underground indications Aro responsible for Tho Advance in Pinklin. The floating Supply of Shannon around 17 is being gradually picked up and Thero will to practically no Stock for Sale Between 17 and is. Producers re port made a very favor Ablo showing. The decrease is More than 13,000,000 pounds of surplus Supply this should to followed by 14 or cent Copper in Tho next few Days. To see no reason Why Good coppers should not to Pur chased with per Crit Confidence. Closing quotations bid. Asked. Amalgamated 80.2. 80.37 american pelting. 95.25 .95.5 Anaconda. 50.37 00.75 atlant adventure. Arizona com. Arikpo Arizona Michigan n Boston corbi.ir.f.--0.25-a 18.75 Boston con Butto coalition. Bay state Gas. Butte & London. Black Mountain Butto Baklava Chi no Copper. Chief cons. Fun in thigh & Iron cd Cago u. West 42.25 i 1587 27.00 .52 3 5 93 7.37$.25 Calumet & Niccla is.070.00l"fi80.0 Calumet & Arizona 108.50 Copper Rango. 84.00 Cumberland Ely ,. 8.37 Chemung ,.2. 17.00 Cactus do Vij 3.50 Centennial 1 34.00 Cordova $2 paid Calumet & Mont. --57 Dunn Arizona 4.37 Daly West. 7.87 Davis Daly 2 Erie Kalway 36.37 East Butto m.00 Frankl n 17.75 first Nat. Cop. 5.75 Greeno Capanoa 10.62 Granby 105.00 Giroux cons. Goldfield 8.00 Globo cons 4.50 Helvetia Hancock. Isle Hoyal inspiration a Oweena key Stone la Sallo. Lakela Ito he alive Oak l. A & a. M. K. & t Missouri Pacific Michigan Majestic Copper. Miami. .,.-. Mason Valley -. No Whoso Nevada con North Butto. 9.50 8.25 .25 1.37 9.75 1.02 7.37 con 5.50 12.00 28.50 7.37 4.75 .90 13.02 25.00 7.50 g.75 2.00 42.12 75.75 10.25 .91 11.87 1.75 22.50 01.25 North Lake a .rr.sr-9. 7 5 Nat. Mill. Exp. J a rum Utah 2.25 Nipissing a 10.02 George Hope registered stallion Trotter record of 2 14 Mcbroom s stables a Bike $26.00. 10.00 8.75 42.02 .23 1.50 10.00 27.12 .54 .3 1.00 10.25 7.59 t2.00 4.02 109.00 8.50 3.7f. 1.87 .00 8.00 8.00 5.00 5.75 7.50 5.00 7.25 7.25 2.25 .99 2 3" 2.12.51 2.37 or. Cale dentist 885 n. Bead Street Over thanase architects general contractors estimates cheerfully furnished a Are prepared to loan on building a put up by us. Sims & sons p. O Box 466 pm. 780 st., eat Batin hmm a. 8. J b building contractors building estimate promptly furnished work guaranteed Box 491 office Opp. Kinney 43.37 84,50 18.0p 34.75 30.50 14.1? 48.00, 10.s7 107.qp 7.50 12.25 28.75 it 25.50 42.25 75.00 11.00 15.12 22.75 01.75lo.or 10.75 p. B. Palace icon Monroe Globe room. Edmund t. Sal Keu jams k. Satchel Satchell Brothers assayers chemists metallurgists Heitst bldq., booms 10 and 15. P. O. Box. 1005. Globe. Ariz. C. E. Hewes b. F. Vanwagenen u. S. Mineral Surveyor. Vanwagenen & Hewes mining and civil engineers Suito 20. Globo office Blo Sultan & Wayne mining engineers booms 23-i Trust building p. O. Box 267 Kadish & Boach assayers Cwm fits my assaying and chemical work in All to branches. Gold refined and bought. 217 with 9 to Angeles. Cal phone 1901 1904 p. O. Box 2b2 the h. H. Bru co., inc., brokers correspond Qutb with members of Boston and new York Stock exchanges. Special attention Given to Boston top feb Xii All curb stocks h4 ?u8t both Dino Globe. Arizona Irja old Dominion 56.00 ojibway 12.00 Ohio Copper 4.s1 Pinto Copper Bock Island. Beading. Kay. Central. Bay cons. 7. I Southern Pacific &. Superior Copper Shannon. Sup Rio Pittsburg Superior. & Boston. 33h2 ,155.02 2.9417.00 130.50 41.75 10.37 14.25 10.50 Uteri in Globo 1.00 san Antonio. 10.37 Shattuck. I 17.5qsavannah. A 1.715 Tamarack j73.00 Trinity is 12.50 Union Pacific .119j. 00 u. S. Steel. 66.62 United Copper .5. 10.00 u. S. Smelting Al. 50.50 Utah con 1 44.50 Utah cup r a. 52.25 Gila Copper 0.37 Warrenj 2.75 Yuma Copper. A 1.02 r 56.50 12.50 5.00 33.75 155.87 3.00 17.25 130.c2 42.00 10.02 14.50 10.75 1.12 11.00 2.00 75.00 13.00 193.75 67.00 10.50 51.00 4v 52.75 "h00 1.87 the Melville modern 930 potte3 Park ave. Between 7th and 8th Street off Figueroa Street los anoele3, Gal. Single rooms two three and four room suites completely furnished. Running hot and cold water. Janitor Servlia. Select neighbor Hood. Convenient. Street car scr Vlco unnecessary. I Iris Movens pictures a theft 1 Tho Iron new act. Now i m Here i j.,1 Friday Julie 11, 100j t Carl l. J manufacturing jeweler and Diamond setter Stone cutting and All kinds of room Keegan building contemptible repairing Globe Arizona t4 Wightman s music store the e Ater tonight vaudeville Monigl tas illustrated song,b7 Edward Keith asleep moving fact arcs the the Oldfield is i n Molnr pictures it stay exacting father in prices always the same 15c and 25c seats on Sale at Andeeson s Candy store. Majestic theater new Bill tonight a one act drama the Brick Mason new illustrated songs. Carson and Carlysle in a one act comedy the tramp and the mag Ician introducing the latest feats in magic. Four new moving pictures. Popular prices 15 and 25 cents tickets on Sale at Palace pharmacy tonight at dreamland theater great comedy dram a Charle Ulrich a daughter of the desert under the aus pues the fraternal brotherhood an Arizona play from Geronimo s famous Apache outbreak seats now Selling prices 35, 50, 75 lit. It. J in .16 t 6, m m m a on e. In f s j him s. R 4 t i 4 8 1 a. Lam i Fri " by of Mommi social dance by North Globe pleasure club at Library Hall saturday evening june 12 ice Cream and cake served free i t. Us Mwatum x7ar vhf Meh a. ?it-4c" l Addy upstairs

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