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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1909, Page 2

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - June 11, 1909, Globe, Arizona 5a act m is m a. X in Paw two 4? the drier fever Belt a r the Silver Belt publishing co h. H. Hiener if. 0. Hold Worth the average daily circulation of the Silver Belt during the month of 993may was Ubbo Omo Ial newspaper of tiie county of Gila Orr Roiani. Newspaper of the City of Globe member of associated press 8ubs0bipti0n Bates Dally by mall Ono year i?-5 0 daily toy Carrier Oak month .75 weekly one year weekly six months 125 the Silver Belt has a larger paid circulation than any daily newspaper in the world published in a City with 12,000 or less population. E1ttered the Postoff Ioe in Globe abiz., As second Clas mail. John Bull might try putting blinders on his skittish old lion. seems to have occurred to Peru rather Sud Denly that had not indulged in a revolution in quite a while. So far the prescribed diets guaranteeing Long life Are onions and sour milk. We doubt if this game is Worth the Candle. I 1 the Savannah news must be getting thinks sees an anti prohibition argument in Maine famous Barking pig. Carrie nation says she is going to raise nothing but game chickens says the Austin statesman. And for fighting purposes Only probably. Why does not some frenzied and malefactor iou millionaire offer or Upton Sinclair $1 per word for All the future stories he does not publish love May laugh locksmiths but we fear the Little god is in for a hard time getting around that recent naval order restraining the marrying of midshipmen. May be As the Houston Post claims that Harris county Texas is eight or ten limes the size of Rhode Island. But that cuts no ice in or. Aldrich philosophy. Now what besides roses and brides has june in store for us inquires the Pittsburg dispatch. Well you greedy thing Are there not the Sweet girl graduates according to the newspaper correspondents. Or. Roosevelt is greatly enhancing the value of zoos and menagerie throughout the world by j a process of elimination in Africa. A Texas inventor declares the Only unsolved problem in aviation is the matter of alighting properly after a Darius Green was the Pioneer promulgate or of this opinion. The Hangman who executed thirteen Politi Cal prisoners in constantinople the other Day was evidently not superstitious says the Charlotte observer. Doubtless some of the thirteen prisoners were however. An English professor says cannibals Are the Only human beings who Dine on proper is Gratifying to know that some of the fool things Arp said by professors who do not Hail from Chicago. A Chicago Man claims to have discovered the secret of supporting a family of ten on $1g per week. Ave Hope the beef Trust will not seize on this As another excuse for raising the prices of its various commodities. An Optimist is the Man who believes the Hole was made especially to ventilate the dough nut says the Atlanta Constitution. The Man who believes the average doughnut needs ventilation however is not necessarily a Pessimist King Edward is quite As proud of the Blue ribbon of the turf As he is of the order of the Garter says the Deseret news. Even prouder to suspect. The latter came to him As a mat Ter of course but he had to fight for the former. The Twenty six letters of the alphabet can be arranged in 400,154,423,128,962,751,328,000,-000. Orders admits the Baltimore Sun. In How Manv orders do you suppose the figures 400,15 i423,128,9g2,751,328,000,000 can be arranged not that is very important of course. . Pto"4r respect the babies Chicago Springfield Kankakee and other Illinois cities will doubtless soon become Points of attraction for Young married couples. The Illinois legislature has passed and the governor declares lie intends to sign a Bill declaring void apartment leases which prohibit children in apartment houses. 7ust Why legislation of this character Lias been Long delayed nobody seems Able to exr Plain. The weight of opinion has All been against the heartless landlords who have prac tired unjust discrimination in favor of those who lean to race suicide. Nor will there be great sympathy for the Grouchy individual who encourages the land lord by seeking to immune himself against in Nocent children who refuses to locate in a neighbourhood where these do most abound who is irritated by the noises of the Young hopefuls play and fully exasperated by the sounds that emerge from the infant that is yet too Young to play. The Man who cannot endure the proximity of children and the woman also for there Are quite As Many of these deserves to become a Robinson Crusoe. We Are glad Illinois has taken Ali bit her Teeth. May other commonwealths follow a worthy example abuse of the Flag in the course of the riot in the Street car strike in Philadelphia a woman planted an american lag in front of a Street car and while a crowd shouted approval dared a strike Brea k or to remove or run a car Over . If there was Ever an occasion when the Flag was out of place that was the time. was used As an Emblem of disorder and of Defiance of the Law. The Flag stands for equal rights for All and special privileges for none. stands for the idea that every Man shall have the Rig lit to work and earn his bread and that he shall be Safe from harm while doing stands for everything which the rioters opposed in their assaults on property and on men who had taken their places. A Virginia preacher says the reason Peters Burg went wet is because the people de Pended too much on prayer and not enough on we do not know that is a i res Ynterian out h no is be Nas ins own elec Tion ideas. A new York Chaffeur recently convicted of manslaughter for running Over a ten year old boy killing him and then scorching away in order to avoid arrest complains that he is a victim of an Adverse Public he should be truly thankful that he is not a victim of the Law against Plain murder. The Illinois legislature has the big head says the Atlanta Constitution. Most of however is located below the cars amends the Chicago record Herald the average legislature appears to be without Honor in its own country and pretty much everywhere else the Kennebec journal discusses length the giant you might suspect referred to the Call ultimate consumer Only of course you Are mindful of the fac that senator Lodge assures us that interesting Phan Tom entirely mythical. Hitching a 50 per cent and Valorme duty on Lemons the beginning of the circus season is almost like striking a death blow to one of our cherished institutions says the Springfield Union. Since when did circus lemonade get on speaking terms with Lemons we fear this new non intoxicating whiskey is destined to take place alongside of Tariff Revi Sion when comes to popularity. will unquestionably to rated a Fine thing for the other fellow. Or. Richard Croker again announces that he is out of politics for Good. Nobody appears to doubt this but or. Croker seems to think the Semi Annu a announcement necessary Joy riders who kill and run away Are Little better than outlaws says the new York trib Une. We think the Tribune might very Well dispense with its conservatism entirely in stat ing the Case. The consensus of opinion appears to be that the continued Rise in the Cost of living is due largely to High protective Tariff yeast and that Congress might remedy the situation if Only republicans will hold their state convention in Baltimore August 25, just two weeks later than the democratic state the Tariff Bill appears to be As full of Little jokers As the modern political platform. To Tbs daily reflections of a Bachelor girl by Maude Marie to a woman love is the bread of life to a Man just the Jinn on the bread. Somehow the moment a Man has surren dered the key of his heart to a woman he be gins to think about changing the lock. Flattery is the counterfeit Coin in which most men expect to pay for real kisses. Don try to kill a Man love by starving out overfeed and will soon die of in digestion. Why does a woman spend twehous curl ing her hair and decorating herself with baby ribbons just to see a Man in order to Tell him that they can never be anything but platonic friends the Man who pretends to laugh love and to scorn women is like the Small boy who whistles in the dark because he is afraid. is difficult to Tell Wilrich most embarrasses a Man his first Tete a tet e with a woman he is just beginning to love or his last Tete a Tete with the woman he has ceased Loving. If a Man could stick to his wife As he does to his favorite Brand of tobacco divorce would soon become obsolete. When two people begin to Analyse their emotions they vivisect their love. A Man begins by looking around for a woman who can stand on a Pedestal and ends by marrying the woman who shatters the Pedestal and stands alone. Why is that when a Man has done any thing particularly inhuman he always re Marks of Well i m Only a Man heart is hardened by the water of a woman tears but softened by the Sun of her smile. The most delightful part of a kiss is the moment just before taking. Beautiful women have no mentality says a professor Chicago yes. The entire recital of the doings of Ali Baba and the forty sugar Trust magnates doubtless would be a Sweet Story. A theater has been put up in Mombasa. Now that Mombasa is on the map evidently proposes to go All the gaits. What is the matter somehow our Diplo Matic plums do not seem to Appeal to distinguished americans As they once did. " the new York Herald says a Milwaukee Man has discovered How to make Good cigars of Al Falfa. Cigars probably but Good hardly. That stranger who asked for the gift of a Mil lion from the United states Treasury least set an example politeness to some of the trusts. Industrial latitude should be More than a Mere platitude to the coloured brother. Two now York thieves have been sent up for fifteen years each for stealing goods to the value of sixty five e cents. How foolish is to steal things of value represented in less than six figures. Press comment Taft always on Kiaie. From the Pittsburg Post. During his stay in Pittsburg the pres ident get an example for punctuality that is impressive. Or. Taft was shunted about from pillar to Post with sur prising celerity but throughout a try ing and perplexing schedule of events he was no time tardy any Point. This May seem like a Little thing but is nevertheless Plain that dallying by the Wayside would have seriously deranged the plans his boats had pre pared for him. is not everybody who appreciates the value of punctuality. But is Safe to say that none is More approx Cratice of than the person who Nitu an indefinite Timo for the person who is invariably tardy. And the re liability of the person who always on time is a thing of Joy forever. Roosevelt b effacement. From Tho Rochester Herald. Some men Are accustomed to speak of or. Roosevelt departure from this country into Africa As a singularly patriotic sacrifice. They think of Tho Joy that filled a soul Whilo he was the idol of millions of innocent confiding fellow Citi Zou they behold him putting All this aside to become a voluntary exile in a pestilential Wilder Ness with no True happiness to look Forward to save that of a spectacular Home comin g amid the welcoming Plaud its of an impatient people. They think of him a doing All of his. For Bip country Good not his own. Well we prefer to think of Bim an now filling the real Mission of his life deploying ujan Tho Savage african beasts his varied array of physical energies winning every Day fresh laurels and real ones As Tho mightiest Hunter of Western civilization Only to Tho end to Lay All these the feet of science. When in think of him in thin close communion j with Tho life that is primitive and Gen f of i ? in a v morning smiles manners and customs in Afghanistan they state they Fine the trains when they Are late. By orders of the great Ameer they Fine the trains does seem queer i seems Quitev Odd to Western brains to think of men who Fine the trains. But still the recollection floats that Over Here we Dock the boats. Those stage something new in a Rural How now in the first act they Cook big meal in the second act they cat and in the third act they Send for the Doc Tor he that realism All few thrills All the world a but the play is no melodrama. In real life a girl Neve r spurns a fellow love no matter How great a rogue he May be. Always tries to let him Dow a a poor specially i see your boy has a Little Hatchet yes but i fear hell never make a pres ident no he chops up my favorite Golf from men matchless taste peek boost ungrateful boost is easy to read Between the lines in a girl s yes admitted the recipient of epistle but easy to read across lines in these slant Wise and perpendicular portions. Business advice said the Boss come hither and he approached. When you be made a mistake forget and go on to the next Job Don Potter around All Day adding a lot of finishing incentive who Don Vou Start for the pole because my lecture manager has completed his bookings. I could find another Date next Winter if i discovered ten Well pleased everybody laughs a self satisfied yes he least escapes a Good Deal of regret and self reproach h. a bad Way to go through the usual thing i Tell her she the first girl i Ever loved. She knows i be been engaged before " Well her you re Yon discovered mistake in nine we cannot resist the confident be Lief that his impressionable personality is now being touched by influences More benign than those of unthinking applause and slavering Toad ism. To As Well As his shares in the Benefit of his prolonged absence from Home. Income tax improbable from the Hartford courant. The abstract argument of an income tax is undoubtedly a Strong one especially with the citizens who Haven incomes of taxable size. In the twelve month that ended March 31, this year the tax on incomes in the United King Dom gave Tho Che Chequer a Revenue from that source alone of or. Bailey thinks that Tho tax he proposes a tax on incomes in excess of $5,000 would yield about ,-00 0 a year to the government. This would certainly make possible to lighten tie Tariff and lengthen the free list materially. But in to United states the income tax has unpleasant association. The older c Mizens remember As a War tax and they remember Tho deceit and lying gave Rise to. The supreme court has vetoed Ono attempt to revive . The attempts will continue no doubt the democratic party 1b committed to them and is a rash Man who says that they will always be fore doomed to failure. However As far As the sixty firs Congress is concerned we think the citizen with an income of More than $5,000 May be Quito easy in his mind or. Aldrich Liko the Star spangled , is still of tire. A Stork nest. From the London Globe. a time when the Stork is go much in Tho minds of people especially of the dutch Tho following details g the Structure and contents of a Stork nest investigated on the rum pm of the Cathedral Colmar in up per Alsace May be of interest. The City architect Baa Juat delivered a pub meals v a joint Paris those of who Rule the Roost now give the summer Waist a the in the no but in can Tell glad your country lie lecture there n storks and their he described a Stoik nest which was about thirty years old measured six feet across and was five feet in height weighed sixteen hundredweight or Over three Quarter of a ton and was such a solid mass that had to be broken up by using a pick axe. Tho no set was a narc of twigs of Wood and Clay and the materials filled Twenty fou r sacks. Tho Walls of the nest were found to contain Haven tee n ladies Black stockings five fur Caps the sleeve of a White silk Blouse three old shoes a Jaryc piece of leather and four buttons that had belonged to a railway Jerter uniform. Southern chivalry. From he Chicago Post. Tho Lois rely chivalry of the old South still line rows. In Florida one Branch of Tho Stato legislature has passed a Bill requiring that when an meets any other kind of vehicle the Chaffeur shall top turn to one Side and if a lady or child be driving the team the Chaffeur shall get out and help gape with their horses mules oxen or the Silver lining. From he Chicago record Heral one Good thing about the night ses Sions of the Senate is that the people wiil not to called upon to pay Tho Ena Tor extra wages for working overtime. May have been pay Day. From Tho Cleveland Plain dealer. Yesterday was a Paradise Dye claims the Ohio state journal Shapso Diewall editor must have spent the Day out of town. least eleven. From the Atlanta Georgia. Tho Richmond times dispatch h thinks that the Young Georgia Man who sent Tom Watson a Challenge to joint debate is a Chap that would walk eleven Miles out of his Way to Monkey with a Bass Juno nor the veiled lady copyright 1s09. By american pre Dick Oglethorpe of Chicago hurried into a Loudon railway station just time for Bla train jumped into one of Tho Carriage and the guard slammed to door. In ten seconds the Trau rolled out of the station. The Dan of & woman the Only other of Conan of the Carriage Lettl no by the of Pohju window appeared intervals q Judi Light. The train was Runn lne in a track below Tho City level in Hadow of Stone Walls glad Meta he Uruu Ign us ii a nine was m. Possible for him to Tell whether he was 3 Muiir Ruiu. Sis months before he had been lit least he considered am after in Only trying to recover few the Strain that followed he had Goat abroad for the Benefit of Lis heart Seimu. To was now to Rar recovered As to feel a slight interest la a pretty girl a convalescent a Petite. So m speak that might be coaxed into Hun Gerand he wished the train won run out into Tho open Fields where could get n View of his travelling when in a tent came in to winnow he saw a Lithe ii guru Emu u Uio Usu nimets of a Cairn Gnu Ren nement loaning Back gracefully on the cushions but Alu her face was covered by a thick veil Oglethorpe was not Only an Maiert. Can but n Nativo of the West where conventional ism is below Par. Uehl no intention to remain Tongue tied shut up with a Young lady and tried the usual method of offering Reading matter Wner Cuy to Maue an acquaint once. Ills Effort was successful and they noon fell into conversation. The girl spoke in broken French and with n Vulce that indicated an affection of the Throat. Young people of opposite sex must sooner or later fall to talk ing of love and a arrange and thl couple was no exception to the Rule i judge said the lady that Monsieur has had an affair. is that which makes him bitter against on i was thrown Over without to slightest if i were to question the girl perhaps she would say that was he who had been thrown she could say that i la Gore to i the Case in a nutshell and i m sore you will admit that my View is Cor with Truo american Western Franu Nesa be gave an a lore and is that what you Call Teleg jilted asked Tho girl. I think wat you who treated your Fiancee shame i Trent her shamefully what could i do Yon a hound have begged for your heartless inhuman she Pou Tho words warmly. Well i like that sent about a business by u girl in a Freak and i must beg her forgiveness for sins that she herself hid committed you worn in have no sense of no sense of Justice you men a no sense of anything. You Gay i id to us women to torture us and wonder who we show our feelings. If i had been Jon Fiancee i would have treated you exactly is she did. I think was very lenient with Well upon Irv word did any of Ever hear the Laos that this moment the train ran into the 6tation Dover. Oglethorpe asked Tho lady if Riiho was going Crow the Channel Anu Wurn sue in u i escorted her on to the . The Waters were Bolling a and in Bounle Asne a Thev would maintain a position on Tho deck to avoid Messick Neas. So they sat Down in chairs and Oglethorpe uns trapped a Rug a threw Over her. So Vou Ria la think that i treated my fun Noe in Day cd she heated b a i deserved of Well i Eup Powe i May is Well p Back Homo and eat Bumble acne std this anti clue that if he bid Tuulo an impression she Nii show Biltof plane. She did not. If could have seen through her veil he worm . Not incl that with every Plung of Tho Lent she was getting whiter the int eth Neil nearer a Conoy inn in Ivelli fur from fedln5 and amour proper one does even care to 11 kit the her a in f .11 lrrltfifr1 ill Ltd. Til see her married to or. My Taj the Bottom of the Tea first he Willi Luis Iuliu Nain Ai the girl quivered. With an Effort Bic ran. Tottered to the Side of i vessel and leaned Over. 0 ,. I Binm Lar head. Sue & Ali .1. Mar i or Roll to a incl warts own a or in further. Oglctb0rp i ,.t in i when brio c0 Lulu vol Nitu . Kick to nor serine i. I. Vii Are n Liu going 10 use i i. 11.111 Don to came a hopeless reply. Ellie rib fun tie hic my eyes. Can or. .ii,.,p von i none ran. Amy poor dear love a of bin brute. Forgive a for reply Cue we to. Hold of few or Ine Wau tur Jhu tone tenderly. "6h.amy.mimenn.ijorgiren of Kom nary or. Pm Vii. I item the sea. I Star nevertheless after do her where the Young Tauy inc d or the quarrel was made of. Age. Ended happily sir Nuu ,8yea Thorpe from the first aim Gwendolin s., i h a a in wifi h Fei to mr2& $ v Mafe xes to i a a Fei m. To iw4u.a" j. R ji.3bro-3v "

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