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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1910, Page 7

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - January 20, 1910, Globe, Arizona Urs Dav january 20, 1910. H l the tip of your fore Finger on a map of this City wanted position As Salesman or a dress ii Silver Belt. Offers to buy two Fino fur v his Ino. Jul i ill. Wuhu o 442 South Hill Street. 1 no is reasonable. Apply k Claypool at Trio Globe s nos co. I esp Retablo Middle age d. R washing and gooral House to mrs. J. B. Nowman Ted by component i first Clas s meat and k for boarding apart Noat cd dress 11. M., Posto fico Bledsoe Steno Roui n 3s Trust building Gal and commercial work. I 1 l ups for piano and Organ la Ssu is Fuatuua Lnu. K 3 North High. Kan Cotton rags at the red office. Will pay 5 cents a k i a As a to ,. Irsig by Delia m. Fishy i rent cases a specially. 101 West Oak. N r Middle age d woman ii work. Apply 355 Stet. Iii Imant cases by prac of references. 327 n t or p. 0. Box 205c. To sell Silver belts. Ii minty Hospital. Good i referred. Gal advertisements notice of a riffs Sale in District court of the Fth judicial District of territory of Arizona ind for the county of i company a Corpora o to s. Central Copper a proration defendant. Of tent s Sale i virtue of a judgment f mortgage and an sex Tor of Salo issued out of Urt it the fifth Ludi f the territory of an l f r the county of Uila t f january 1910, in Tho Fiti Tion wherein Gibej , a corporation named obtained a judg Antral i Opper company defendant above named 1 of november 1909, for i thousand one Hundred r i fifteen ". With interest thereon f x Pir rent c per cent o the Date of Tho rendition mint until paid together h its said judgment fore ran mortgage executed by i r i oin Pany a corporation a tiered to Globo hard a corporation plaintiff gent was on the Sci l Ember 1909, recorded & l j in. .1, of said court at commanded to sell All r in and personal proper due i aunty of Gila l or i m i described As Fol o mining claim known Tho certificate of to h recorded in Tho of h recorder of Gila i Bonk nine records h. Is Venty. F n pump Ono Knowles Bloner two buckets i Able one Hendro i or tools and anvils property fixed face of said mining Gien that on sat t u Day of february k in the morning of i i i f the county court nit House door in county of Gila Tor i still in obedience sex edition and order e described proper r f us May to Noces 1 1 unt ill s judgment icon and costs to the t bidder for Cash. Bit tenth Day of Janu j 11. Thompson in t of Gila Terri it o january 19, 1910. In the of incorporation. R3 of West Virginia. Tift and company. 1 Van son Secretary of s t of avast Virginia t an agreement duly v 1 accompanied by Tho has been this Day de Tohidi agreement is in t figures following signed agree to become one cent a word per Issue company. Silver and you will have touched a where a recent want advertiser of this paper lives or does business. Not in any part of the City where people live and work you get away from of want advertisers or from someone who has lately found or obtained something by want advertising in this newspaper. The influence of these want ads permeates the life of the City. They the task doers of the people. They for service and they serve without limit or cessation or much expense. The service they Render the cheapest thing you can buy in this City. For rent rooms for rent Silico rooms in Tho now Amster building Corner Oak and Broad. Apply t office Globo Light & Power co. For rent housekeeping room. 401 North Dover Aux Street. For rent furnished of Bath in reasonable. Call Botwood 8 and 9 a. Or 5 and 7 p. In. At 518 East Mosquito Street. For rent nicely furnished close in with Olec Trie lights hot and cold Baths and nil modern conveniences. Apply 140 South Dov Orenus afternoons Only or Seo staggers for Sale for Sale fifty foot frontage on Broad Street at Corner of Cedar. Fro party recently vacated by Tho Silvor acknowledged to to Tho Best business Corner in Globe. Low Price if sold in Tho not co Days. Apply at Silvor Bolt business office. For Sale residence completely furnished four rooms and very Cash payment required. Bal Anc o easy at one percent. Al so desirable building lot very cheap in Center residence District. E. Hurd Gila Valley Bank. For Sale horse Wagon and harness $00. Ii. R. Scott Noftsger iu11. Legal advertisements a corporation by the name of Swift and can one our Are Are is with close room Sil ver Belt. Belt. Bath. Little terms ii. Tho principal place of business of said corporation shall be located at Union Stock Ards. In Tho City of Chi Cago in Tho county of Cook nil state of Illinois. Its chief works will be located at the Samo place. Iii. Tho objects and purposes for which this corporation is formed Are As follows1 to buy sell transport distribute and otherwise dispose of and Deal in and with either for itself or for oth ers on commission cattle shop hog do Ultra. Fish Camo and All Dairy farm and agricultural products and commod. Cities to produce manufacture Anil otherwise prepare and to buy sell store transport distribute and otherwise Dis pose of and Deal in and with either for itself or Lor others on commission a and and All of the products commodities articles and things which May be derived in whole or in part there from and b any and All materials supplies or inducts which May to used in or in connection with Tho manufacture production preparation Uso or Sale of any of the products commodities acts Aud things aforesaid and c to that end to buy own lease occupy Uso or develop any lands ranches farms mines fishing licenses or pre serves. 2 to establish and carry on a Gen eral cod storage and warehouse Busi Ness. 3 to Purchase lease or otherwise acquire work exercise and turn to account any mines mining rights or any interest therein and to Quarry smelt refine dress and amalgamate and pre pare for Market Ore Metal and Mineral substances of All kinds. 4 to engage in any other manufacturing trading or Selling business of any kind or character whatsoever. 5 to Aii ply for. Obtain to Gist lease or otherwise acquire and to hold Uso or operator sell assign or otherwise dispose of any Trade Marks Trado names copyrights patents inventions improvements and processes used in connection with or secured under letters Patent of Tho United states or of Othor countries or otherwise. Q to Purchase or otherwise acquire hold sell assign Transfer Mort Gage pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of the capital Stock Bonds debentures or other evidences of indebted Ness of any other corp6ration or corporations and Whilo owning Tho same to exercise All the rights and Privi Leges of ownership including the right to vote Thor con. M to carry on any other business i whatsoever which Tho corporation May p in a., proper or Contu input u u win on in connection with any of the Foro going purposes or calculated directly or indirectly to promote Tho int chests of Tho corporation or to enhance Tho value of its property and to acquire own lease operate and dispose of any and All property real and personal Nee Ossar y or convenient for Tho Furth Orenco thereof. 8 Tho purpose of the corporation is from Timo to time to do any Ono or More of Tho acts or things herein Sot Forth. In. Tho amount of the total author ived Tupi no Stock of said corporation shall to Twenty five thousand $25,-00-0 dollars which shall to divided into Otto Hundred and fifty shares of for Sale for Sale forty acres Valentino scrip. This scrip can to placed on any kind of government land that is l. Is especially desirable for placing or Mill site and township locations. Can to delivered at on Cor for prices write e. J. Bennitt & Phoenix Arizona. For Sale Tine Patent leather col Lar for horse. Eighteen Inch. Practically now. Seo Ilion or at Silver Belt office. For Sale of unit Uro for Tfir co Roo House close in. House for rent. 175 East Mesquito. For Sale three hol o gasoline stove with oven in Good condition cheap. 432 South High Street. For Sale old papers in packages of 100, 25c., at Silver Belt office. For Sale number i Oor nouse House numbers for Salo at Tho Sil ver Bolf office Nice Nickel plated ones what you need to Gurabo your House attractively for 50 cents. Corao and got them while they last. Legal advertisements the Par value of Ono Hundred dollars each of which authorized capital Stock Tho amount of Twenty five o thousand $25,000 dollars has been subscribed and Tho amount of Twenty five e thou Sand $25,000 dollars has Tjoen paid. V. The names and Post office Eddres so s of incorporator and the number of shares of Stock subscribed for by each Are As follows names Post office a a dress Chicago Davison Sallo Arthur a. Millett240 St., Chicago Arthur c. Sallo Iii. Albert l. Lottcrmann.240 Sallo St., Chicago this corporation is to expire in fifty from Tho Date of this Cert Siciu e. Vii. Without in any particular limiting or restricting any of Tho jets and Potter of this corporation it is 1 Neby expressly declared and provided that the corporation have Potter to Issue Bond and other obligations in payment for property Pur chased or acquired by it for Money borrowed or any other lawful object in and about it s business to mortgage or pledge any property which May acquired by it to secure any Bonds guarantees or obligations by it issued or incurred to guarantee any Dividen Bonds contracts or other obligations to lend its funds to such persons firms or corporations As it May elect to Mako and perform contracts of every kind and description and in carrying on business or for Tho purpose of attain ing or furthering any of objects or purposes to any and other things and exercise any and other Powers which now or hereafter May to permitted Law. Given under hands this Day of August d.1903. Louis c. Ehle a. Davison Arthur a. Millett Arthur c. Ide Albort l. Letter Mann. Wherefore Tho named in the said agreement and who have signed the same and their Succes sors and assigns Aro hereby declared to be from this Date until 2oth Duy of september Nineteen Hundred and fifty three corporation Tho Namo and for Tho purposes Forth in said agree mint. Given under hand and Tho great of said Stato t Tho City of Charleston this 25th Day of sop Timber Nineteen Hundred and three. Win. O. Dawson Seal Secretary state. Copy state of West Virginia certificate i won m. O. Dawson Secretary of state of Tho Stato of West Virginia hereby certify Edward f. Swift vice president of Swift and company a corporation created and organized under the Latts of Tho state of West Vir Ginia has certified to me under his signature and the corporate Seal of said corporation that at a meeting of Tho stockholders of said corporation regularly hold in accordance with the requirements of Tho Law of said Stato at daily Arizona Belt place corp orators one cent a word per Issue for rent hotjbe8 for Sale six Burn Gas Range. Suitable for restaurant. Apply at banker s Garden. For rent two Roohi House centrally located. 325 South Mil Street. For rent four room unfurnished House on Maple Street Good Loca Tion. Enquire 439 East Street. For rent office or store room in most prominent building in business Sec Tion. Also furnished House four rooms and Bath. Gas Range. Three blocks from Trust building. E. Hurd Gila a Nellcy Bank. For rent four room furnished House screen porch. 517 East Cotton woo d Street. Lost and found found Gold ring. Owner Cill on c. W. Morris policeman prove property and pay for this and. 220 Blako Street. Found d. Of p. Enamelled Gold pin. A incr May have Samo by paying for " this and. At Silver Belt office. Lost Stock certificate for 100 shares Superior & Globo and upon which payment has been stopped. Return to Silver Belt office and receive Legal advertisements. The office thereof at Union Stock Yards in the City of Chicago county of Cook and Stato of Illinois on the St Day of december 1903, at to High meeting nil of Tho Stock of such corporation being represented by the holders thereof in person or by proxy and voting for the following Resolution Tho Samo was duly and regularly adopted and passed to a it Louis c. Ehle 210 la Salle St., i. A. A. 240 la St., Chicago 111. La Salle 111. Ide 240 la St., Chicago la 111. I. Years of shall be its its do nil All by our 23th a. A. The by set my Seal of do that no. Of shares of. Total no. Common Stock shares "50 50 50. 50 50 50 50 50 resolved that Tho capital Stock of Swift and company be increased from 250 shares of the Par value of 4.100 each to 1,000 shares of Tho Par Valuo of $100 each so that the authorized capital Tock of said com Pany shall horcaft6r be $100,000 instead of $25,000 As wherefore i do declare said of the authorized capital Stock As set Forth in the foregoing Resolution authorized by Law. Given under my hand and the great Seal of the said state at the City of Charleston this fourteenth Day of. De Cember 1903. We. O. Dawson Seal Secretary of state. Swift and company. I d. E. Harwell of the City of Chi Cago cools county Illinois do Hie by certify that i am the the above name d corporation and have in my Possession As such Secretary a copy of Tho articles of incorporation of Slid corporation and that the foregoing and attached is a True and Correal copy of said articles of incorporation. In witness wide roof t have Hereunto set my hand and affixed the corpor nto Seal of said corporation this twelfth Day of january a. 1. 1010. D. E. Hartwell Seal Secretary. First published Jan. 19. Last published Jan. 25, notice of sheriff s Sale in the District court of the fifth judicial District of the territory of Arizona in and for the county of Gila. G. D. Barclay plaintiff is. Charles Nesbitt defendant notice of Sher Iff s Sale. Under and by virtue of a judgment foreclosing a lion of attachment an execution and order of Sale issued out of Tho District court of the fifth judicial District of Tho territory of Ari zonal in and for Tho county of Gila on Tho tenth Day of january 1910, m Tho above entitled action to Horcin g. D. Barclay the above name d Plain off obtained a judgment against Charles nes Bitt defendant on the 15th Day of no vember --1909, for the sum of four Hun dred sixty big and sixty five e dollars $4gs.0owith interest 1 "7 strayed from Miami Bay Pony with Saddle branded a. Return to p. A. Savage at Bill ovum and receive Reward. For Sale or Exchange for Bale now Underwood Typo write r at one thir d loss than Price charged by regular dealer. Address p. O. Box 282. For Sale or Exchange 100 shares of the consolidated steamship co. This company controls Tho steamship lines on Tho Atlantic coast. Address p. O. Box 2233. For rent for rent Barber shot first Clas s fixtures located in Tho Cobb bldg. Also furnished rooms by Day or month. Address Cobb bros., Miami Arizona. Nursery Stock Trees shrubs and roses that will grow. Smith s Nursery Safford Arizona. Importance of Small things a great Battle was once lost from the Lack of a horse Sho o Nail. Ter Rible Railroad wrecks have been caused by a time Picco being n Little slow. Most All watches have a dozen or More screws in Tho Balanco wheel to give Tho proper weight. Sometimes a screw will work Loose. Then your watch will Loso time until the screw drops out when it will go too fast. I make a specially of repairing adjusting and regulating watches. Tho Best advertising i do is to please my customers. Rubottom the jeweler South end of the Bridge. Legal advertisements thereon at to rate of six 6 per cent per annul from the Date of Tho rendition of f said judgment until paid together with costs and disbursements amounting to Trio sum or Nineteen and thirty dollars $19.30which said judg ment was on the 21th Day of november 19.09, recorded in judgment Book 3 of said court at Pace 361, i am commanded to sell All of the interest right and Mil Soiu in Law aim in equity or me defendant Charles Nesbitt in and to All those certain lots pieces or Par cels of land situated in the county of Gila territory of Arizona and described As follows to i t the following mines and mining claims situated in Globe mining District county of Gila territory of Ari Zona the names of which claims the amount of the interest of defendant Charles Nesbitt in said claims and the books and pages in which the location notices thereof arc recorded in Tho of fice of Tho county recorder of Gila county Arizona Are As follows t int. Of defendant Book Page name records of mines Tomboy 1- 3 17 52 White horse 1- 3 17 53 California 1- 3 17 327 Gila monster 1- 3 17 51 grand View .1- 3 17 328 double out 1- 2 17 008 notice is hereby Given that on Mon Day Tho 7th Day of february 1910, at ten o clock in Tho Forenoon of that Day in front of Tho county court House it paid court Jituso door in Tho City of Globe county of Gila Terri tory of Arizona i will in obedience to said judgment execution and order of Sale sell allo f Tho interest right and title both in Lett and quit of the defendant Charles Nesbitt in and to Tho above described property or so much thereof As May be necessary to satisfy plaintiff s judgment with interest thereon and costs to the highest and Best bidder for ens in Gold join of Tho United states of America. Dated this Joth Day of january 1910. J. H. Thompson sheriff of the county of Gila territory of Arizona. First published a Nunry 11, 1010. Last published january 30, 1910. Notice Phoenix Arizona land office december 22, 1909. Serial no. 07773. Notice is hereby Given that Hamp ton d. Ewing of Yonkers county of Westchester state of new York by b. Britton Gottsberger attorney in fact to Hoso Fos Tomco address is Miami. County of Gila territory of Aii Zona has filed in this office his application to select under Tho provisions of the act of Congress approved March 4, 1907 34 stats. 1408 Tho 8et Svi Sec. 19, t. 1- $. 15-e g. & s. R. B. & Many and All persons claiming adversely Tho lands described or desiring to object because of the Mineral character of the land or for any other reason to the disposal to applicant should file their affidavits of protest in this office on or before Tho 31st Day of Jan uary 1910. Trank ii. Parker Register. First published dec. 29. Notice United states land office at Phoenix Arizona december 22, 1909 serial no. 07774. Notice is hereby Given that Hamp ton d. Ewing of Yonkers county of Westchester state of new York by b. Britton Gottsberger of Miami count y of Gila territory of Arizona attorney in fact has filed this office his application to select under the provisions of Tho act of Congress approved March 4, 1907, 34 stats. 1408 the following described Lyndi ne4 so Sec. 19, to 1- r. 15-e g. & s. R. B. & m. Any and All persons claiming adversely the lands described or desiring to Legal advertisements object because of the Mineral character of the land or for any other reason to Tho disposal to applicant should Flo their affidavits of protest in this office on or before Tho 31st Day of Jan uni 1910. Frank h. Parker Register. First published do. 29. Notice Phoenix Arizona land office december 22, 1909. Serial no. 07770. Notice is hereby Given that name to l d. Ewing of Yonkers county of Westchester state of new York by b. Britton Gottsberger of Miami county of Gila territory of Arizona attorney in fact has filed in this office his application to select under the provisions of Tho act of Congress approved. March 4, 1907, 34 stats. 1jq8 the following desc inc land Svi Swit lot no. 4 Sec. 19, t. R. 15-e g. & s. R. B. & m. Any and nil persons claiming adversely the lands described or desiring to object because of Tho Mineral character of the land or for any other reason to Tho disposal to applicant should Filo their affidavits of protest in this office on or before Tho 31st Day of Jan uary 1910. Frank ii. Parker Register. First published dec. 29. I Gibbs i m rage dutch plumbing Crowley & Mcauliffe estimates furnished our motto if it in t right to make it right p. O. Box 1212 phone 2874 Miami fuel and feed store and Transfer office lower end of depot Grade. E. F. Jones prop. A wait for us by Dan str cob. T4-lxoltv7 a a i t aril. The Swigert Bros optical co. A Nous in ainu or cuss Tom a Uudna u to Tomij u Xiufu tube cuut4 Send us Youn broken Len pcs to i tag Oil Eum Catto next trip w in february or. P. B. Caler dentist 280 North Broad St. Phone 1501. Over Palaco pharmacy it pays to buy real estate Here Are Somo Money making propositions for you for Sale four Roo House strictly modern on Knob Hill lot g5xll2 Foet Good barn Coal House poultry Yard and fruit Trees. $2,500 if sold immediately. Cash $250, balance easy terms. A snap that pays 2y per cent per month on investment a seven Roo House close in. Another snap $1,c00.00 investment brings 5 per cent per month. X a bargain on Pascoo Hill two four Roo houses Well finished lot 05x125. Life insurance fire insurance real estate Loans and rentals. Ruth a. 110 East Oak St. F. L. Jones & son funeral directors and embalmers office Cor. Broad & Oak res. 346 s. Hill St. Telephone 432 Telephone 433 Barclay & company single and double teams Saddle horses Hay Grain and Coal. A specially made of Fine livery rigs. Telephone 171 Globe Arizona. W. D. Reading j. F. Crampton e. W. Weinmann. The Peerless meat Market we have pleased you in of lick markets and can please you in our own. We handle everything in our line. 668 North Broad St. Phone 71 Quail season closes february 1st. Guns for rent and All kinds of ammunition game bags and Hunting Coats g. S. Vanwagenen & co. Holding Back your Turve Stock will to no easy task if there is a meal of our feed or Grain ahead of them. They will to too eager to get at it. Your Stock know Good feed and Grain when it is offered them. Feed yours with ours they will express appreciation of the treat in better condition better appearance and better service. Fuel & peed co. Phone 751 k s 3wsr.j Arizona l if it is not your own you Are throwing away Money. Come in and let us Tell you Why. L. H. Brown room 21 Globe office bldg. 1 a a j

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