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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1910, Page 6

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - January 20, 1910, Globe, Arizona Of tar x & ? w is Tirrit air Iii n him Iii in or i Murm i Mai rur in Row a new Imp i Riff six daily Arizona Silver Belt thursday january 2 said when attic charter Bill became a Law. The proposition s got a Load Globe newly furnished through Outon it. It will take us a Long Elmo to Eagle restaurant out of debt. Tho a Lycra driving Keegan s stables lift i lil m. Broad Lantin House 446 n. Broad real Estat Overman Gap is. F4 series it Olgi to Good meals Best freighters Baths in connection. Seasonable delicacies . Phone 1952 private for ladies Efreem face. Phee 1331we serve Only the a. J. Leonard on & of. Props. 1m n. Broad m k copyright. Taus Artres Bendesee kclchtflf1908. By h by Best wines Fox Baiga iks 3 Mcclura watch after tin company. St a pase 7.copyright, Stewart liquors and Globe s leading 7. L. Toombs mai1907, 1903. By " c Home furnishes pm oks 110jstewartejwa.rd 8."" Edward while cigars while t chapter xxv continued " Tho Lucy was tue main excuse for calling Tho River . In appearance she was two storied with i twin smokestacks an Iron Indian on i her top and a splutter behind paddle i wheel. There comes his help said Ordo sure enough Tho Lucy Bello stopped. After a Short conference Sho steamed clumsily Over to get hold of Ono end of Tho booms. The tug took the other. In time and by slut of much flashing some collisions and several attempts Tho ends of the booms Woro United. By this time however nearly All Tho jogs had escaped. The tug. Towing a string of rowboats set out in Pursuit. Tho Lucy turned in toward he tug. Suie s going to speak us marvelled Ordo. Tug ahoy bellowed a red faced individual from the upper deck. Lie Wasj dressed in Blue and brass buttons and was liberally festooned with Gold braid i and embroidered anchors. Hollo there Commodore what is lit replied Marsh. Ency want a tug up there at Illenz than s. Can you go sure cried Marsh choking. The Luck Bello sheered off magnificently. What do you think of that Marsh asked Orde. Hend upstream in Conzman saw the sprite coming and rowed out frantically splashing int every stroke and Yelling with every breath. J Don t you go through there Volt n minute Stop. Tell your booms mrs Belle Bello hold up said Orde to Marsh. He Luzma rowed alongside. Well. Vat you do he demanded. I forgot the Money to buy my stamp said Orde sweetly i m going Back to get not through my rooms or. Ii p i n said Orde severely. Ycu Are obstructing a navigable i am doing bus Mejt 01 Ness. And i can not be interfered rat you Dor hide inn Naca. Nut my logs i have nothing to do with your logs. You Are driving your own logs Ordo reminded Horii. In Conzman Vitus rated. Go ahead. Marsh said orc for a second time the chains wore snapped. Tho wavered ends of the booms swung Back toward either Shore. Between them floated a Rowboat. In the Rowboat be stimulated a Pudgy Man. The River was Well sprinkled with logs. Evidently the sorting was going on my As Well go Back to the worlds said Orde. Lie won t string them to Gether again today not if he Waits for that tug he sent Simpson Orde detailed to an appreciative Audi once the happenings below. "1 Why he Hain t sorted out More n a Mill Ion feet of his cried Roll Way Charlie. Be Hain t seen no logs yet they turned with new enthusiasm to Tho work of shunting ii logs into Tho Channel. A Strib Leinan picked his Way out Over the booms with a message for Orde. Or. In Enzman s ashore and wants to see you said he. Orde found the Mill Man pacing rest mass by up and Down before a steaming air of horses. Newmark. Perched on a stump was surveying him sardonic tally. Here you Poth Are burst . I must not Loso my logs j vat is your probes Felon Newi Nark broke in quickly. I be told or. In Conzman said he that we would sort and deliver Tho rest of his logs for $2 a t that will be about agreed Ordo. exploded held Man. That is is much As you Garcet to drive and Dell Fer my whole Cut precisely said Newmark. Put 1 i the egg Spence of Delv the logs Myshir. Why Slio ult i pay you for doing what 1 huf no ratty paid to inf done Ord chuckled. said Howo Aren t forced to bother with your logs and you re Lucky to get out so easy. If i turn your whole drive Luto the River pull lose More Tymn half of it out Light and it la Cost you a Hilp to set Lavage Tho rest. And what s More i la turn pm in before you can get hold of a pile Driver. I la sort night and Day he bluffed and by to Forrow morning you won t have a stick of Timber Bovo my no laughed again. You want to get Down to business almighty when finally in Enzman had driven badly away and the whole drive. Ii logs included was pouring into the main Boom Orde stretched his arms Over his head la a luxury of a. That about settles that Cam to said to Newmark. Of no it does to replied the lat Ter decidedly. Why asked Ordo. Surprised. You Don t imagine hell do any thing More to but 1 will said Newmark. Early in the fall the baby was born. It proved to be a boy. Orde nervous is a Cut after the ordeal of doing nothing tiptoed Luto the darkened room. To found his Wilfo weak and Pale her Lark hair framing her face a new look of rapt inner contemplation rendering even More mysterious her always fathomless eyes. Shes held her lips to him. He kissed them. Grandma Ordo brought the new Comer in for Orde s inspection. To looked gravely Down on Tho puckered discoloured bit of humanity with a faint uneasiness. Is do you think that is to hesitated. Does Tho doctor say he s going to be All right All right cried grandma Ordo i d Liko to know if to in t All right now what in Tho world do you expect of a Newborn baby but Carroll was laughing softly to herself on the bed. She held out her non Igor the baby and cuddled it close to her breast no s a let to Sho crooned and to s going to grow up big and Strong just Elko his she put her Check against Tho sleeping babe s and looked up Aldo Wiso at Tho two standing above her. But i know How you feel she said to her husband. When they first showed him to to i thought he looked Elko n Peanut a thousand years has to chapter 26 he first season of the Boom company was most successful. Its prospects for Tho future were Bright. The drive had been Dell pred to its various owners at a Price below what it Lind Cost them severally and without Tho necessary attendant bother. Therefore Tho log Gers were Only too willing to renew their contracts for another year. This did not satisfy Newmark however. What we he told Orde. Is a charter giving us exclusive rights on Tho River and authorizing us to ask toll. I m going to try and get Ono out of Tho to departed for Lansing As soon As the Assembly opened and almost pm Pitt we want i a mediately became lost in one of those fierce struggles of politics not less bit Ter because concealed. In Conzman was already on the ground. No Mark had the Shadow of right on his Side for he applied for the charter on the basis of Tho River improvements already put in by his firm. In Conzman wanted Tho improvements Lurendy existing condemned and sold As n Public Utility to Rollo highest bidder. He offered further guarantees As of future improvements. In addition were other and More to to it arguments proffered behind closed doors. Many cases resolved themselves into n Bald question of Cash. Others demanded diplomacy. Jobs fat con tracts business favors influence were nil Flung out freely bribes is no Solute is though stamped with the Dollar Mark. Newspapers nil Dver the Woro pressed Luto service. Among these delicate and complicated Cross currents Newmark. Moved silent cold to Cret. To 6ccmed to understand them to Piny with them to manipulate them n3 elements of Jho game. The Light endured through most of the first half of the session. At Tho last however Tho Bill passed the Board. Tho company and its charter. Pc Marit pc Orde Means something to to these Feu Oiva won t pay quite so big As to thought it he concluded with a Rue Ful Little laugh. It will pay plenty Well enough re plied Newmark decidedly Ami it gives us a Vantage Point to world from. You Don t suppose to no go ing to quit at River driving do you to want to look around for some Timber of own. There s where Tho big Money is. And perhaps to can buy a Schooner or two and go into the carrying Trade. Newmark & or Flo Means something to these Fellows lj5k i l fest 1 we i 1 y re of i pm chapter j3 the course of the next eight years in Newmark & Orde floated High on that flood of apparent Prosperity that attends n business Well conceived nud passably vell managed. The Boom and driving company made Money of course for with the margin of go per cent or thereabouts necessitated by the temporary value of the improvements Good years could hardly fall to bring Good returns. This it will be remembered was a Stock com Pany. With Tho a Rolls from that Busi Ness the two men embarked on u sep Arate Copartnership. Orde Bvrd at ease in a new House of some size surrounded by grounds. To kept two servants. A blooded team of horses Drew Tho successor to the Orl Lual buckboard. Newma a owned n sail yacht of ave or six tons in which quite solitary he took his Only pleasure. Both were considered men of substance and property is in deed the were. To to continues a sprained Angelo As a Rul Oji Man will feel Well Satis fied if to can hobble around on crutches in two or three weeks after spraining to mimic n us u is Orion two or Turco months Bosforo to is full recovered. This is an unnecessary loss of time As by applying Chamberlain s liniment As directed a euro May As a Rule to effected in less than Ono week s time and in my cases within three Days. Sold by All druggists. One of them blinks of Brace up i what Aro you worrying about clinks Louey. Blinks of forget it. I never let my creditors bother me. Clinks it s just Fellows Liko you mat. Mako me worry about my debtors. I m worrying Tho meanest Man in town to the Ono who always wears a frown is Cross and disagreeable and is Short and Sharp in his answers. Nino cases out of ten it s not Tho poor fellow s fault it s his liver and digestion that Mako him feel so miserable to can t help being disagreeable. Aro you in danger of getting into that condition then Start at ouch taking Ballard s Iler Bino for your liver Tho Safe sure and re liable vegetable regulator. Sold by Palafo pharmacy. Site Ted his countenance gust what makes Brown so Long faced jest guess it must to because to is Short. Fever sores fever sores and old chronic sores should not be healed entirely but should to kept in healthy condition. This Jan to Dono by applying Chamberlain s Salvo this Salvo has no Superior for this purpose it is also most cd collect for chapped hands Soro nipples Burns and diseases of Tho skin. Tor Sale by All druggists. Appropriate terms blinks Are Jakes rates for his aeroplanes High clinks fou bet. Sky High --4.j.j. Camo near choking to death a Little boy Tho son of Chris. D. Tot Erso a Well known. Resident of the Village of Jacksonville. Iowa had a Sud Den and violent attack of croup. Much thick stringy phlegm Camo up after giving chamberlains cough hem Cuy. Or. Pot Orson says i think to would have choked to death had to no Givon him this l or Sale by All druggists. Stays at Home Swift boasts that to always pays Nshon yes. To says that to does not Liko caught in Tho ram then a cold and a cough lot it run on get pneumonia or consumption that s All. No Mottor How you got your cough Don t neglect it take bal lard s horehound syrup and j full to Over it in no time. Tho sure euro for coughs colds bronchitis and All Pul it s Cost us plenty anyway Ordo Mon Najr diseases in Young and old. Sola by Palco pharmacy. Make this your idea quarters Keegan s when you drink drink the Best we serve it the White House Saloon Broad and Oak streets the Best place to get your wines whiskies or other drinks is at the Pioneer Saloon 697 Broad St. Finest imported liquors Budweiser on draught. 12 hours to Phoenix via Niobe Kelvin n stage line Lacavo Globo 4 a. Monday wednesday and Friday leave Kel Vin 12r30 noon on tuesday thursday and saturday. Faro to Kelvin one Way $6.00. Round trip $10.00. Good Railroad connections at Kel Vin both ways. Fare. Kelvin to Pho Only $3.90. You Savo a Day and meals and berth if you go by stage. O. K. Livery feed & Sale stable w. P. Kelsey prop. halt there this Way Tho pathway to Success is in serving humanity. By no other Means is it pos sible. To Aro hero to Servo you and Servo you Bottor than Over Bosforo. We do not expect your patronage unless we con Benefit Yon in . H. Mounge & co. Wholesale and retail butchers 40t n. Broad phone 1161 Ryphe Rodgers Hospital and training school for nurses for surgical maternity and general medical cases. A limited number of Pupil nurses taken for training. Directory for Graduato nurses in connection. Mark a. Rodgers m. D. 123 s. Stone ave. Tucson Arizona. I l Kkt i it ". Rates reasonable. The Palace 253 s. Broad rooms Day wee month. House newly furnished. Hot and cold water. Mrs. A clip Mcdonald. Prop . Feist the jeweler watch repairing and hand engraving a specially n. Broad St House 434 n. Broad Joe f. Mayer proprietor wholesale and retail wines liquors and cigars Sunnybrook whiskey fire arms and sporting goods g. S. Vanwagenen co Buttrick patterns Ite Wing Jing Chong & co. China lilies and candies a Fino assortment of silk goods and imported China Ware for Christ Mas presents. 520 North Broad St 2nd door North " of miners Union ariz0n steam laundry & Towel Supply co on Day work a specially h. Broad phone 461 the Newport first Glas s Barber shop Hoeye it Morey props. 410 n. Broad. Best Baths always ready. Xxi a. Lodge directory Best Odd Fellows Independent order of Odd Fellows Lila Encampment no. S meets second and fourth fridays. Odd Fellows Hall a. Ii. Hargrave chief patriarch c. A. Wind scribe. Rescue Lodge no. 12, i. O. O. Meets every wednesday Odd Fel lows Hall. Barney Johnson Noble grand e. L. Taylor financial Secretary. Rebekah Lodge l o. O. F., Sultana Lodge no. 5 meets second and fourth mondays Odd Fellows Hall. Mrs. A. H. Hargrave Noble grand Ilij Laurel Sobuto Secretary r elks benevolent protective order of elks Globo Lodge no. 489 meets first and third fridays Odd Fellows Hall. R. G. Goodwin e. R. J. G. Oldfield Secretary. Knights of knights of Columbus Globe Council be. 1158 meets second and fourth wednesdays in miners Union Hall. Albert a. Althiea g. K. William Burke financial Secretary. Eagles fraternal order of eagles Globe aerie no. 191 meets second and fourth fridays miners Union Hall 7 30 p. 3x. Lyons worthy president s. R. Lowthian Secretary. Be men improved order of red men Tonto tribe no. 13. Meets tuesday night of each week at 7 30 o clock fashion Hall. L. S. Parker Sachem g. Ii. Abel c. Or r. Modern Woodmen of America modern Woodmen of America Globe Camp no. 12019 meets second and fourth thursdays 730 p. M., miners Union Hall. J. W. Murphy Consul e. L. Taylor Camp clerk. Ancient order United workmen Globo Lodge no. 15, a. O. U. We meets at miners Union Hall first and third thursday each month. W. T. Penrose m. W. L. N. Marx recorder f. L. Gatet financier. Globe labor Union directory american federation of labor Branch american federation of labor meets second and fourth mondays in Union labor Hall. Ii. D. Green president f. H. Myers Secretary m. Smith treasurer. Of absentees and joiners local Union no. 1030 United brotherhood of Carpenter and joiners of America. Meets each thursday at Union labor Hall at 7 30 p. S. H. Wood president of w. Tenbrook financial Secre tary j. Bell treasurer. Meters Globo miners Union no. 60. W. Meets every tuesday at 7 p. P. Page president William wills Secretary p. J. Hippie special organizer. Printers Globe typographical Union no. 367. Meets first sunday in each month at 4 p. In Monn labor Nail. Artnur u. Olliver pres ident Carl f. Holds Worth Secretary. Clerks store and office employees Union. Meets wednesday night each month in Carpenter s Hall at 7 30 p. W. T. Wright presi Dent t. E. Collins Secretary. Barbers journeymen Barbers International Union of America. Meets last tuesday in each month at 8 30 p. M., Newport Barber shop. Bol Flora pies dont Otto Perdue Secretary. Bartenders bartenders International league of America no. 612. Meets first and third thursdays in Union labor Hall. Ii. E. For president Tom Henderson Secretary treasure r. Mii l i painters brotherhood of painters decorators and paper hangers no. 217. Meets first and third Friday in Tho month at labor Council Hall. Joseph Freeman resident John Meehan vice president Jack Roberts Secretary. International Union of steam engineers Globo local no. 290 meets first and third monday at 7 30 p. In each month at labor Union Hall North Broad Street. James m. Mclean president William Ross Secretary. A we -"4 Var 760 4thre- r Schlitz that made Milwaukee famous Schlitz that makes All men Akin to Call for Schlitz and who can blame us to drink and Call again. J 5" so. Vij ? l41mujiz Jfe. Sao. 3h. T h t " i --7 jul t ". " u " so. ? Majestic theater Globe s leading theater continuous. Performance prices 15c, 25c. 35c Day and big in meals 1 elks Restad Best ser we. Mill Williams we undersell store in Globe order by phial pay at your phone 121 name the Lionel Jewell is guaranty 340 n. Bra phone 203 s Budweiser Lif Lam Feret & vitality Call for it when you the Pacific ill m. Broad. Jack kit ten Pretl Hamiel i 30 year Ai Tuk but a c famous will Cedar Brook Jawny in a oct 0.i.munn, casinos n. Broad St

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