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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1910, Page 2

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - January 20, 1910, Globe, Arizona The Darfler Belt by the Silver Belt publishing co x. H. Hybner h. 0. 1i0ldsw0bth official newspaper of the county of Gila official newspaper of the City of Globe subscription rates ally by mail Ono year 17.50 daily by Carrier Ono month.75 weekly Ono year2.50 weekly six months 125 member of associated press air tired at the Postoff Ioe in Globe ariz., As second Olas s mail. The Silver Belt has a larger paid circulation than any daily newspaper in the world published in a City with.2,000 or less population. Globe continues to hold the Eye of the invest ing world. Of course Spring is Here on schedule time january 20. And now keep your fashion Eye out for the " Milliner s announcement. Good morning merry Sunshine. Also Good morning merry springtime a sure enough h Wells Fargo Wagon would be something of a curiosity in Globe. Insist on free delivery of express packages in residence districts. The City is entitled to it. Houses houses everywhere but not a House to rent is the cry that comes from Busy Little Miami. Rapid transit Between Globe and Miami Means a big boost for both cities. Pull for the gasoline motor car. Travel Between Globe and Miami is increasing daily and a gasoline motor car service will soon be a necessity. Noav on the dead Don t you honestly believe that Globe has the finest in the world ipad it occurred to you that in Many places throughout the City roses Are Blooming in Tho door Ards. Great climate has Globe. Fifteen Cen t Copper by february 1, again say the Phelps Dodge people. If the prediction is fulfilled Globe will be the busiest bustling City in the country by the 1st of april. Just As the Silver Belt told you weeks ago the Durango line is a certainty. The completion of this Road will put Globe in line to Early be come the Metropolis of the Southwest. Who Isth real Republican Arizona Boss that s the question on a Wager of real dollars to ventilated doughnuts that Frank Hitchcock is telling the boys where to head inthe dollars would win. A correspondent thinks we should have in this county schools of instruction in the gentle Art of poker playing. It is generally conceded to be highly expensive to teach novices to play poker however. The present City administration has been an administration of Progress and Economy. The City is in better financial condition today than Ever before in its history and the records will show that not a cent has been foolishly expended. The mayor members of the City Council and. Other City attaches have reason to be proud of the record. At least every Democrat in the House voter1 for the statehood Bill. Now if All the republicans in the Senate will follow suit All Avill be Well. Of course in the absence of a senatorial orator of the strength and eloquence of a Ralph Cameron there May be doubt about the measure slipping through the Senate with such great ease. Its passage in the House was a foregone conclusion. Abused Are the housewives of Globe. We Are told that even though the express company should make ire delivery m the residence districts that the wife in rare instances Only would have the Money at hand to pay the express charges and in that event the package could not be left. How different in this respect Are the household Queens of those in other cities. But accepting this As the gospel truth in the event that the charges Are paid at the com Pany s office will the Freo delivery then be made lit has not in the past and there is where Tho complaint originated. Wealth and taxes the taxation of Large fortunes is Tho Issue above All issues in the English parliamentary Campaign. Thero Are other acute questions such As extended Home Rale for Ireland several propositions of labor legislation a system of Public schools in place of Church and parochial schools and Church disestablishment. But i t is the contribution to be levied by the state upon accumulated wealth that overtop All other topics in interest not Alona in great Britain but the civilized world. The Liberal budget rejected by Tho House of lords would Levy about $60,000,000 a year upon incomes exceeding $25,000 a year. This proposition is based upon Tho theory that the Rich can and should pay a larger share of the growing needs of government than the men of salaries of wages of professions and of minor business. The accumulation of capital has progressed in Many nations. With its growth has spread the belief that Large fortunes pay lower taxes escape More Public burdens and enjoy More advantages and opportunities for adding unto themselves even More than i just and equitably to wealth More widely distributed in other forms. If the proposed British taxes wore levied in the United states they would yield it is calculated not much less than $150,000,000 of Rev Enue a year and perhaps More. If the Liberal plan goes through and if the Experiment is successful in yielding Public income checking the cumulative growth of fortunes and Benefit ing Tho general condition of society the influence of the example will make itself Felt else where. The trusts and the corporations May not escape but Public attention is Likely to be diverted to the plan of levying special taxes upon those incomes in excess of the demands not merely of Comfort but of reasonable luxury. There is no More Chance for your enemies to defeat your confirmation than for a celluloid dog to catch an Asbestos cat in hades wired senator Bob Taylor to judge Burton recently. Sooner or later perhaps Tho democrats in the Senate will select or. Taylor As their Leader. That whatever else it May or May not do will add considerably to the Gayety of the nations we apprehend. 4 apparel and the Man a Clergyman discoursing in Philadelphia upon the important topic of choosing a husband advised his feminine hearers that they should look askance at men who display fastidious elegance in their attire be dwelt upon the relatively greater importance of moral excellence Over sartorial appearance. That advice May be accepted by the damsels of his flock so far As it goes but the teacher of youth May fall into error in emphasizing too much the superiority of inward virtue to outward appear Ance. Assuredly there is nothing essentially praiseworthy in slovenly attire nor does vicious nes s enjoy a monopoly of purple and Fine Linen. Those who claim to have souls above the tailor and who look upon those who devote a Meed of attention to attire As prone to worldliness May profit by a Little self Exa Minati it May be that indolence is one cause of their disregard of of pairs Sar Tonali nothing Cail 1 6 More certain than that Shab Bines s is not an external evidence of inward superiority in either intellect or soul. The unkempt exterior is not a sign of inward Grace or Stalwart mind. Cleanliness May be next to god Liness but it fails to Bear its testimony if hidden beneath rags. It is possible that the Man Well groomed May possess a character of Superior morality and a mind of trained and acute activity. The inference is not Safe that to be Well dressed indicates luxurious idleness. The Birds Are not Fine because of their feathers but they Are not finer when bedraggled. This Well Mea n ing Clergyman might find a profitable text in the advice of polonius. A Georgia poet wrote a Christmas poem to to made a hit with love All right presumably provided it was accompanied by a five Poun d Box of Candy or something equally As impressive. When a Man feels foolish Chicago Justice has again set a Standard for the whole world. Municipal judge god now in a recent decision has established a precedent that should be heralded from the housetops. Man in his infirmities needs a Strong Arm for Protection and judge Goodnow rises to the occasion most valiantly. John w. Beers of Marine City mich., was on the stand in a suit by his prospective Mother in la w to recover the value of betrothal gifts. The adored one was mrs. Mary Rose Burns of Chi Cago and or. Beers admitted that he and mrs. Murns had been engaged. It was at this stage of the proceedings that the judge came to the Rescue of the unfortunate defendant and wit Ness. Please repeat the words you used when pro posing to mrs. Burns shouted the Cross ques Iionia attorney. Stop snapped the judge. Never mind what he said. The Coitt has been there and St Esip. Knows what a Man is Likely to say under the Cir thus was Mankind saved humiliation. Every widow and every woman of Twenty Summers can Tell How foolish men Are under similar conditions. And every Man who can grow a mus tache and Many youths who think they can know How they have carefully rehearsed a speech and when the critical moment arrived All Tho Well turned Phra were forgotten. The waiting maid listened to the stammered words and had a pleasant or Mayhap unpleasant re ply ready. But Why dwell on that better take the same viewpoint As the judge and draw the veil Over the proceedings. When she s most Beautiful at what age is a woman the most Beautiful William Morris fixes it at forty and taking one consideration with another we have arrived at the conclusion that his decision was a very Wise Ono. Personally one might incline to the opinion that the age at which a woman is most dangerously attractive is thirty or thereabouts. At that stage of existence whether she is married or single and always supposing she has Grace of form a fair share of Good looks that she understands something of the Art of dressing that she has lived in the world Aud not in a provincial town or country All her life she can generally manage to 6utwit any girl. But we get a step further in the science of attractiveness when we Homo to Tho woman of fort. Her personal attractions Are no longer of the dazzling description but for All she has a Charm which alone can to Given by maturity that Wisdom which Jias been bought of experience and sympathy Spring ing from knowledge that teaches us tolerance. In one Way and another the democratic party seems to be always right up against it. When that recent magnificent combination Victory was won in the House the regular democratic Leader air. Park was Oil on a lecture tour and or. Underwood of Alabama was in command. This will Likely Start a regular Sampson Schle y Row inside the democratic minority. Or. John Hays Hammond has asked that his tax assessment be raised from $100,000 to $500,-00 0 with respect to certain properties. We do not know Why or. Hammond wants the Adver Tising but we Admire his Frank willingness to pay Forit. Edward vhf has no geological right to the i Ingusan Zirone is the statement made by an applicant in a recent new York school teachers examination. We think not unless it lies in the fact that he was crowned sitting on the Stone of scone. Lord Salisbury admits that there Are a few Black sheep in the House of lords. Senator Jeff Davis says the same thing of the United states Senate Only he refers to them More picturesquely perhaps As speckled a fingerless thu bless forger has been arrested in Chicago. As he is described As a particularly dangerous character moreover we presume that he May be said to have got there with both professionally. Just while Opportunity is knocking at democracy s door is no fit time we believe for it to introduce to the country senator however is no sort of reason to believe that democracy will not do it. Although possessed of the Freedom of the City of new York it must be admitted that the alleged near discover r of the North pole shows Good taste in not seeking to Avail himself of it at this precise time. Uncle Joe evidently did not know it was loaded suggests a contemporary. And yet it is somewhat difficult to imagine Uncle Joe playing the role of the perfectly innocent perhaps or. Roosevelt in a like situation. Would not have handed or. Pinchot his pass ports yes indeed perhaps not you could not make my dear Bellamy believe it however. The Lynching of a White Man in Virginia was a certain kind of answer to the Lynching of a Black Man in Illinois but not a fit and proper one of course. For wearing a hat three feet in diameter new orc girl was laughed and hooted out of Copenhagen the other Day. Those Danes appear to make about the finest umpires Ever. It managed to live on $30,000 per year say s Magazine writer. Easy enough perhaps if Only one May manage to get the $30,000. Every time somebody reads pest Ferous Uncle Joe out of the party to turns right around and walks right in again. A i a the suspicion grows that or. Co Ovand prof. Matt Henson have entered into a conspiracy of in the Halls of Congress by Tav. I i special Washington correspondence. While in the West senator Aldrich declared a Central government Bank if established would be a Bank for Tho people. Buncombe that is misrepresentation pure and representative Oscar w. Gillespie of Texas one of the most prominent members of the House committee on banking and currency made the above statement today while discussing the project senator Aldrich is campaigning for. The advocates of a Central Bank Are not correctly representing the operations of the Central Banks of leading countries of Europe and Are trying to Saddle on this country a Central Bank ing institution purporting to be modelled after those of other countries but in reality entirely different irom them. The Bank senator Aldrich is planning to set up is to to a Bank for Banks not one with which the people of the country can transact business. It will be solely a Bank of Issue. It will not receive deposits or make Loans. In a time of crisis the Banks which have loaded themselves with securities would be helped out by an Issue of notes. The inference has been Given the Public that the idea of the proposed Central Bank in this country is to be taken from such institutions As the Bank of England the Bank of France and the Bank of Germany. Now As a matter of fact the Bank of England is not a banker s Bank. It does a general banking Busi Ness. The same is True of the Bank of France. Those Banks stand Between the other Banks and the people. When senator Aldrich was in England he was told by the Heads of the leading British Banks that their principal competitor was the Bank of England itself. In France sen Ator Aldrich was told that the Bank of France was not a Bank of Banks but that it did a Large share of its business directly with the people of France. When efforts were made to get the president of the Bank of France to say officially that the Bank of France was a Bankers Bank and that the Banks were its principal customers he refused to admit anything of the kind. He said that while the Banks did the larger share of the business with the Bank of France yet that a highly important part of the business was transacted directly with the French people them selves. As a matter of fact where some time ago the Bank of France was doing about 70 per cent of its business with Banks it is now doing Only about 60 per cent with the Banks and the rest directly with the people. In contrast to modelling his Central Bank after those of England and France senator Aid Rich would set up an institution vastly different one that would have Notum go do with the people morning smiles getting Gay people used to fear the come All aflame fled in desperation from it when it came. 0" later on they Learned to View Rit wit h less dread 1r rather took a liking to it it said. Now they even plan to bag it have a lad take a pot of paint and tag it than his caustic comment educational facilities were not so Good in your Early Days As they Are now no admitted the Grouchy citizen they were not. I was sixteen years old before i knew As much As father. The kid today reach that stage at consulting an Oculi St doctor i want to be fitted with Quito something that will give me an intellectual a Don t think i have anything that the changing styles then you Don t recognize me Madam your face is Well i can t blame you. I must admit that hair and my figure have undergone some alterations since ave met at the seashore a year ago be my my Rhen that s about All you Don t think that a void or Man ought to see the world and get experience not necessarily. Experience consists mnin.1. L. In in parting with Money unwisely. To still superlative marriage has t altered her love a Hir " has Teh " v ". No. She used to say he danced divinely. Now she uses that term to describe the Way he splits the Saay Damian commercial Gas Engi and Hoij latest Barest one Tor. J Model for a cont a admin bunnies i Scien Urc kk5 agent for jul mining and in Rigalo Box 211 l.8. Sold and instal i cos absolute John w merriamme8i building contras budding Estir promptly fur Niilo work guaranty office Guaran a stats Box in Corner Oak now is a Good time Tea your buggy a new shop old West of first be Bank. Burns & Marcuc signs Stanley Wood contractor and be estimates promptly Ruel p. 0. Box 14 Bankers a the finest resort i popular with All Clausal and Lummer. Efert Sec ill kinds. Choice c and liquor. Anheuser Bush always on drug Cool dining room in Tion. Regular meal lunches at All hours. Private dinner in adv Fred w. M writes Dis i in the most syllable finl companies local Belpre Senuty Arizona Mutual loan associate Ofle Home printing Globe. Abiz051 Cactus. Sal and Rooming hied. Knight a 485 n. Broad under new management. Best wines. Liquors my your patronage solicited. M there s no Choi Between cd cuffs shirts etc., in laundry so far As finish Are Concerne alike simply Perfi have to Throup to find something when we do the la first shirt or Collar be above criticism that tend of launch ail guaranteed it in if 1 m Rel Arizona steam u & a

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