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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1910, Page 1

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - January 20, 1910, Globe, Arizona Ember associated press Guam " " i. In Gumbel 84 Globe Gila county Arizona thursday january 20, 3910. Price five cents 01 aviation Field. Tan carries passenger Twenty to o Miles across country and Over Ocea n succeeds in several spectacular flights yesterday Hillside 1 r. a. Byis mtr in a biplane on in. Ross country trip i Oil to a Point a half , my by taking an h. A twelve mile flight is Ai d thu a Othor Pas i t me. On Short flights. T i established a Newt r la i a it. R taken up so. S bring Ono Day Anil i is taken a woman for. R he is and Woods ind k. Surf for More than i m Ami sailed at an no a foot Over re in c b the sea Andres toward Point w a Floater tied to sue Linn from death i s . Inne should fall. I did other perilous no n with the ease of i i taxicab. The it Miki is held by it to with Captain i ii in and forty live to r i tall but weight in where he would Lis wife a passenger. To arty thru o rain i s of i Iii Indio inn. Xue w s wife and he ten n do with Clifford b of n Lork beside these it mrs f. Bishop in of the Aero i i l Eute Nant Paul bilk s ates Niy signal corps i n Hearst and another to t n ii k n Nis trip took Duni i ii Lis to attempt to Ijiro in Iio ii t i measure i j ii i fun i in s i is j Tes to the he i i inc result is i few i byte to lip owed to Pio null ten mex a on res of violence found body to indicate foul play s fronds Tho death of an of x can whose partially de body was found on Tho Elir i i about twelve Miles above Terra afternoon. In cd gently Between 10 is of Oge and had from All Ces i. dead nearly a month. Odil apparently been exit of f ent storm. A part of if i f a. E had been eaten t Mats and the flesh Wasyl sed. F the body was made m woo to working some la s n that District. Yes torn in he knocked off work rms i h s partner that Iok Niter a few Quail for Din ii preceded some distance a the Al Capitan Trail g in silo i a into Tho under in f f Tho Trail. Foi we i and at a Point about to for m hip Trail in a thick1 c countered the body. E i investigation i the body was too front of a close out to saw How f no Nunn that to Leif n i auses. at full i with one Arm at his it Tri etched Back of i resting in the the general Atti i ii Ting that to had to and had died Narks of violence length of time the Man died s taken ill while and either died Ilii Ess or perished us very bitter tie Timo of Tho i matter in 1. Is Ellior Ilinor . Fir . Win. It i. I no. .,.,. Inc i is of reported missing Ifor recently Tho e d Man May be Dif it r . A " " of Civ m Teot them from serial enemies in time of War. While lieutenant Beck was not successful in placing bombs within the Square they did not land far away and it was demonstrated that Tho Aero Plano could be used for such u purpose and. That it is a matter of Pray tie Oul y in placing bombs whore wanted. Other aviators fail other aviators did not accomplish much in the face of Paul Han 4 feats. Charles k. Hamilton undo three starts in an attempt to lower Paul Han s Altitude record of 4,103 feet. On Tho first trial Hamilton Rose 433 feet on the second 300 feet and on the third approximately 700 foot. Paul Han on his t rip to the seas Liore exceeded this without any Effort at record breaking. Tho Oill Dos h machine met with tin Accident that eliminates it from any work tomorrow. This is an american machine owned by ii. W. Gill of Baltimore. It has been tested out soveral times but each time it has met with trouble. This time at a height of from thirty to Oue Hundred feet it circled Tho Field once and then came Down with n crash that wrecked its loft plane. Hillary Beachey Tho Driver was not injured. Will build now machine Curtiss immediately after the. Meet is Over Here will go to n. Y., to Start work on a now Model biplane a heavier Ono than he ha3 used Here. To claims to will demonstrate with this How Machino How to can get along without Tho Wright parents. After Tho meet hero Paul Han it was Given out by his manager tonight will go to san Francisco and will make Sev eral flights there if weather conditions make it possible. From pore to will Start on a trip around Thov orld. Hamilton May attempt a flight from Here to Han Diego for which Tho san Diego business men have offered a prize of $3, us. Can found Bleak dismembered body taken from Ocean had been packed in trunk and thrown in sea Seattle. Wash. 10 dismembered body of a Young woman was round in n trunk Oft Tho Shoro be Neath Magnolia Bluff at the North in trance to Seattle Harbor today. The trunk apparently had been buried Hig up Tho Bluff but had been carried Down to the Beach by a recent landslide. I ols Catholic teachers accused of teaching denatured history to Puplis Paris january 1d,minister of Public instruction Douai argue replied today to violent attacks by Catholic deputies on his character of teaching in Tho Public schools. M. Doum Arguo said Tho War proclaimed by the Church against Tho Public schools was directed exclusively by enemies of Tho re Public insisting that Tho letter of Tho episcopate constituted an attempt by threats to enforce Tho superiority of Tho Church s authority Over that of the government. Doum Arguo charged that Tho Catholic complaints against Tho text books of history used in Tho schools is duo solely to Tho fact that these histories gave facts impartially. Contrasting these with histories used in Catholic schools to quoted from the latter to Provo that they taught not the history of world avonts but Tho his tory of Tho Church and condemned everything inimical to Tho Church s in Terest. To will introduce Bills requiring diplomas from Catholic school teachers in conformity with Tho jaws Ofay Lonc and applicable to Tho faculties of pub Lic schools. I i r Chicago banker begins term in pro with finn step and smiling face John r. Walsh bids friends Farewell Don t believe he will outlive term convict 6s61" is l photo graphed and begins prison u routine Leavenworth kan., january 10. On a Little Iron cot in a cell of Tho Federal prison hero John r. Walsh who today began serving a fire Yea r san Tenc o for misapplication of funds of Tho Chicago National Bank spout his first night in Tho Penitentiary. To is outspoken in approval of Tho kind manner in which to has been treated Sinco his arrival at noon to Day. But behind his Brave front is Bali Ovid try to a secret belief in his own mind that to never will live out his sen Tonc o. Tonight it became known that while Walsh was talking in private with an old Friend a Man Liko himself with Whito hair whom to has known for half a Century to remarked sadly i Don t Beli ovo i Over shall live out my so Tenco if i am not Tho new surroundings did not make Walsh who is known As convict c3c1, nervous. To sat calmly in his cell and rend until the big Gong sounded lights out at 9 o clock. Then to undressed and retired. Little attempt was undo today to Tenji Tho new prisoner Tho rules. The Erison officials thought it Best not this mind with Tho Little details of prison life until to had become thoroughly rested fro m Tho trip. Relapse expected Many persons who saw Tho convicted financier enter the prison today with sprightly step and smiling countenance predicted that a Reia so would follow when he Vas settled inside the Walls. It was said Walsh was straining every nerve to make himself appear cheerful before his friends. Few men even two score years younger than this Gray a fire d convict have walked so calmly into prison Asho did. Arden r. Mwau Whroy an old personal Friend of Walsh was one of those who feared the prisoner might suffer n relapse. But after talking with tonight he said Walsh u bearing tin Well and i am surprised at Tho vitality to shows. T Don t predict a re lapse. He Proba Bly would to Able to take up some regular employment in a Fow or. L. Blako Baldwin Tho prisoner s son in la Lias decided to remain until tomorrow. Jio will have a conference with or. A. F. Yoch prison physician and Tell the exact physical Condio n of Tho aged one thing that has Given Confidence to friends of Tho prisoner appetite. He took his first meal in prison today. It consisted of warm biscuits Fried potatoes onions and Plain Coffee. Walsh ate heartily. Within Twenty minutes after Tho Warden s office had Boon reached preliminary arrangements for Walsh s his so Tenco had been made. He Shook hands with his son John v. Walsh his son in la or. Baldwin his attorney e. C. Ritz her and United states marshals Hoy and Middleton who accompanied from Chicago. Good Bye to said firmly and then turned to Tho Warden As a signal that to was ready to begin his sentence. His photograph was taken. Another con vict acted As photographer. Tho Pic Ture showed Walsh in Tho Street clothes in which he arrived. In a few Days after he has recovered irom Tho fatigue and excitement attending his trip from Chicago a second photograph will be taken. Daily routine his duties will to those of special clerk to the librarian chaplain Frank j. Cavitt in Tho work of overhauling and Tho books. Hero is the daily routine which Welsh must follow with Tho exceptions of sundays and holidays 5 30 a. In. Arise Mako up cot and prepare for breakfast. 0 30 a. M. Breakfast. After break fast to May return to his cell for a Short rest. 7 30 a. In. March to work. 12 noon dinner. 12 30 p. M. Return to work. 5 30 p. in dining Hall. After is for to May return to his Coll to employ his Timo Asho desires until Tho retiring hour 9 p. M. American ship sighted helpless h0qua1m, Wash. January 19. The american ship w. Ii. Smith Drifting and helpless presumably has been sighted off Moclips Bench. Her masts no gone. Wanton deed of shot Down Man. And boy and is later captured Sacramento january 19. A robber entered a Saloon Here tonight wantonly shot one of the customers held up the bartender and then when escaping Down the Street shot a boy who tripped . He was captured later and identified As Edward Lvon alias William Miller. Edward boy shot is a taller injured. The other victim William Mccarthy is dying. The robber was chased by a mob to the River front where he hid. The police found under a car. When taken to the police station he said to had lost his Job and had not eaten for two Days. Governors talk state rights yesterday Many addresses along line of conservation at an Nual conference later Banquete at White House Railroad rate legislation also comes in for its share of speeches Washington d. A january 19. Stato s rights was Tho Burden. Of most of the addresses delivered at Tho con Ference of governors today with particular reference to conservation of re sources and regulation of Public Scrico corporations. The feature of the afternoon session was a speech by ambassador Bryce of great Britain who believed the con Ference would emphasize Tho importance of the governorship and that the chief executive of each Stato was coming More and More to to looked upon As Tho personal representative of the peo pie of his Stato. Governor Eberhardt of Minnesota introduced resolutions defining Tho Juris diction of Stato and fed Oral courts in matters involving interstate Commerce. Two sessions today Scro followed by a dinner at the White House tonight. Governor Willson of Kentucky declared Tho Stato had Tho right of control Over water Power. Governor Carroll of Iowa said he was in sympathy with Tho movement for uniform Laws for states. Governor Hughes of now York considered the forests among the state s most precious possessions. Hondo Cate d Tho development and state control of water Power. Governor Brooks of. Wyoming addressing Tho conference on the subject of water Power said Tho control of Industrial Energy should rest in the state. Governor Shafroth Road statistics to Sho who magnitude of Tho value of the water Power of Tho country and Tho great possibilities of its development. He contended that the ownership of land by the Federal government in a state was a proprietary right not Polit ical or governmental. Governor Hadley of Missouri spoke on Railroad rate legislation. To referred to Tho disparity in rates for passengers and freight in interstate and Intra state traffic declaring that charges for transportation of persons and property should not to left to the owners of. Lines but that control should be Xor cited by Tho government. Weather bulletin Washington d. A january 19. Forecast for Arizona and Moder ate temper Turo thursday and Friday. Majority ousts selection of representative Rainey re moved from investigation committee scene of disorder at Cucus meeting warm time expected when matter to thrashed out on floor today Washington. D. C. January 19. The caucus of Republican members of Tho Iho Uso tonight named the House members of Tho Ballini or Pucho t in Reipp Pil Rainy of Illinois one of the two democrats selected by Tho democratic Cau Cus last saturday night As minority representative on inc committee. Bix men were selected three re Milne Mccall of Massachusetts Olius cad of pc Syi Vania aim Wendy or Jancu Gaii one insurgent Madison of Kansas Aud two democrats. James of Kentucky Aud Lloyd of Missouri. The caucus lasted three hours and. While. Characterized by much acrimony was More peaceful than most members expected. Dec n at that there was a Bolt of is Ishii Rients. Led he Cooner of wis Consin the other boaters being la Root Nelson and Carey of Wisconsin Anu Davis and Lindberg of Minnesota. To several in Eccles Stroner objections to both James and Rainey were voiced Tho objectors claiming to express me views of president Taft. Arr inst rained was cited his activity in trouble for the Republican administration in Al Anama canal . The question will probably Corae up in the House tomorrow. The democrats it is said to a Man will Voto to repudiate the Republican action and incidentally Lloyd consenting to serve. The strongest Nartis Manship speech was that of j. Slatt Fawcett of new Yor who abjured the republicans to name Tho whole committee without re Gard to democratic selections. Speaker Cannon opposed any Eui ii mis c. The two democratic selections worn ratified by a Voto of 103 to 4. Just before the final ballot Amo of Massachusetts moved to substitute inc name of Ciamp Clark minority Leader and Underwood democratic whip for those of James and Lloyd but this was Defeated practically unanimously. The walkout of representative Coop or and his Little band followed. All Tho insurgent members of the House were present at Tho caucus. Wir. int tar Cornea to the floor of the House tomorrow there will in All probability to amnio votes to Ca. Re Tom ticket through Over any combined democratic and insurgent opposition. Man wanted for brutal As Sault two years ago is found at Bouse Jinn nov 19. Word was .1,1 in shrift in Don that Jim Kennedy or Canaday was arrested today at Bouse in Western Avema. Kennedy is wanted in this county for i. Attn Montmi a Nailer of Peto Cannon and John Ryan on thanksgiving night 1907, in a Enon near a Muir Auu i. Eight Miles from Gila Bend. To them with an axe horribly Cut and beat them and left them for dead. N.,0 Ronn Vornail sufficiently after a few hours to summon Aid and both finally recovered. O Brien is beaten close pushed to save self from knockout at Kaufman s hands Philadelphia january 19. Jack o Brien s ring generalship tonight saved from a terrible beating and probably knockout at Tho bands of Al Kaufman of California in a six Roun d bout before Tho National Atli Lel in club. At Tho close of the fight both men were bleeding from Tho nose and month and o Brien had a bad Oye. Kaufman however was in far better condition than Tho Phila Dolphinn. 1 Belt lapse of is one of most spectacular Days on new York Market since death of Harriman Columbus & Hocking like rocket Breaks Over sixty Points new York january 19. There was an Piso do on Trio new York Stock Exchange today that was More Spectra in Many respects than Tho recent Rock Island fiasco. With a break of More than sixty Points tie d Columbus & Hock ing Coal and Iron Pool was smashed two Stock Exchange houc3 forced to Sua Pend. The Market generally underwent face acre declines involving the heaviest trending since Tho Day of Edward h. Harriman s death. Total sales aggregated 1.034,300 shares. A rigid inquiry by the governors of the Exchange will probably be Tho aftermath. The firms involved were j. M. Fiske & co. And Lathrop Haskim & co. Tinq failure of both was caused by Tho collapse of Tho Pool and involuntary petitions in bankruptcy were filed against both this afternoon. In the Case of j. M. Fiske & co. The Eua Pereb receives american naval officers Are Banquete in capital of flowery kingdom Tokio january 19. Rear Admiral Sebree commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet rear Admiral Hubbard pm Mandin g Tho Asiatic Squadron and captains of Tho United states Navy were received today by the emperor. Following the audience the Vinci can s were entertained at dinner by vice Admiral Saito to whom rear Admiral Hubbard presented a Loving Tup the gift of the officials of the american Fleet. Tho Iju est at this affair include 1 Admiral Togo sixteen other officers of the japanese Navy and ambassador o Brien. Further evidence in Herrmann Case manner of filing allocations shown up Portland ore., january 19. The manner in which applications for school land and assignments therefor Are alleged to have been secured by whole Sale among Tho slums of Portland and the fact that this aroused no suspicion in the state school land office were among the interesting features today in the trial of Binger Herrman former congressman on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the government of part of Tho Public Domain. Royal lovers to Tell betrothal Brussels january 19. It is believed that the engagement of Prin Cess Clementine and Prince Victor Napoleon will to announced february 2, Tho Dato on which the court s official mourning for the late King Leopold will be ended. Tho Prince is a Cousin of King Vic Tor Emmanuel of Italy. Of Washington d. A january 19. At Tho third annual meeting of Tho association of life insurance presi dents today Hughes of now York addressed the executive of ices of life companies represent ing 20,000,000 policy holders and nearly $100,000,000 assets and declared his Faith in life insurance As an american i institution. He insisted that no life insurance company that is honest and econom ical in its management need fear state control or expect to Buffer from Legisla Tion. On the subject of legislative corruption he said you can much better Trust the peo ple if Thoy Tho situation than you can Trust those who Are Pur Cha Blablo and run the Lisk in Tho fun a i a .1i i Ltd Fiji Smyre. i. Car mfr let r. It. Or Aock j a c Issia "tos"sss-2 a vow. V a Rex p if a 1. A f liabilities Are placed at $250,000, with assets of $400,000. Counsel for the firm however eliminated liabilities of $2,500,000 at the close of business tucs a y afternoon with assets of $2,900, 000. In All 45,000 shares of Columbus & Hocking changed hands at a Range of from 88ms to 25. Tho Stock a at 33, a net loss of 54 i Points according to common Beli Antes r. Keene was Active in to Earket movement of Columbus & 5c c n8some of his associates Daiil Wever that the Keene interest in Stock had been withdrawn some tit Vigo. The Pool had been in exist a Jjck about a year. United states steel was feature of the Market today in Poi t f activity. Trading in this Stock Wei 3s1,-00 0 shares or approximate 23 per cent of the Day s business. I routed in statutes of tie states National civic federation passes resolutions at final session Washington d. A january 13 agreeing that there should be uniformity in state Laws affecting not Only commercial matters but likewise those that to the Well Bein g of Tho individual the National civic federation at its final session today adopted a number of resolutions. Among them were Trofo recommend ing to governors Tho adoption of uni form Laws for Tho Protection of child Ren employed in Tho industries favor ing a uniform insurance code for adoption by the several states uniform legislation on the subject of gathering and preserving the vital statistics endorsing the conservation of forests and referring the Sariento the committee on uniform state Laws. I the conference further adopted a Resolution recommending to the Gover nors now meeting in this City and to the states themselves that working men s compensation acts fair to employer and employee and just to the state be uniformly substituted for the present of employer s liability. A Resolution was passed recommend ing to the respective states the consideration of the development of water Powers and their regulation on Navi Gable streams with a View to about a uniformity in state legislation looking to uniform be tween each Stato and the Federal government. The conference authorized the appointment of a committee of fifteen on Reform in Legal procedure to with a similar committee of the Amer ican bar association. Ture of reaping the Harvest that is inevitable if there to sown in our Legisla Tive Halls the seed of bribery Aud corruption. To must have insurance supervision supported in Public opinion. I have been strongly in favor of control by the Stato of various activities but n one has realized More than i How important it is that Tho control Shou 1 to fair and the governor declared to believe in an Extension of National activities would be needed soon to meet the in creasing population but referring to Tho expressed desire of come insurance officials to bring Tho companies under the control of the Federal government to believed that it would not in the face of a decision of Tho supreme court of the United Stales. Governor Hughes addresses handlers of great wealth tells life insurance presidents they need have fear trusting their Fate to the people corruption should be abolished governor insurance understand $ Gim pertain bringing

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