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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1910, Page 4

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - April 26, 1910, Globe, Arizona Page pour if Sgutt dreamland theater4f a i of to by of by As of new april 2o. In the Stock Market today was Woro than Over after the Fai Hiro of Dur ing the Day. Tho Power proved Mode into and Short lived. Tho action of Tho wheat mar Ket was taken As Tho worst fears of to Grain by Tho cold wive. Account had been taken of Tho known of holders of old Grain to their and take of Tho Strong spots to do so. Entered on steel to Tho of renewed pro diction of great that Tho would to to 5 per j Globe acc. Light & rower bldg. P. 0. Box 2b7 171 St. Tel. 1121 mine h. E. W. & booms 10, 12 and 14 Trust bids. Phone 63 the greatest Alch cent at Tho first of Tho now York any to of Bank for from the the loan of Tho is a of Tho that is not of from Tho Aro said to to due to on Tho now York and Low in Tho Bank upon to meet land from Tho of Tho have from both and of Tho of has of in and hero at a loss. On top of this comes a Rush of to new York to by the of Bills of for no of Tho is a 2 was spot at 12.10 to 12.50 to 12.50 to 12.30 to 12.50 to Tho was easy with spot at 30 7s of and at 57 10s. Lake at 12.75 to to 12.50 to s00 tons for Tho tin weak with spot and at 32.90 to 32.80 to to 32.90 to easy with spot 150 35s and 151 15s. Lend Dull with spot at 4.35 to 4.40 in new York and 4.35 in East St. At 12 12s of. Weak with spot 5.40 to 5.55 in new York and 5.15 to 5.25 i St. At 22 3s. 53 44. 23. Wire to & Tho first input of Ray were with sales at Par and the Bear is a to cover a Lino of by sales at can Well to buy Tho at this in of of of tons of Ore. This news gets to look for a and for for and a of nurses for for in a. A d. 123 s. Ave. P. O. Box 1449 with of and now York to and All. P. O. 810 1741 and mine and Handicap wrestling match Between middleweight Champion of for a Side bet Bankers would regret deferred Interior Loans Grain Market. Interior Banks feature situation liked. Currency Chi Ca Bankers report being drawn Largo lands. Chaotic Cotton Market features Stock Market financial Points View. Difficult cot ton shorts Cotton Brok i s make fresh Cotton lading abroad which Cotton exists. Cot ton dreaded Metal new april Copper weak today closing 12.53 april 12.55 May june 12.55 july 12.00. Eng Lis h Market closing futures local dealers quote 13.00 12.02. 12.75 tons 10,134 month. April Clos ing 33.10 May june 32.75 33.05 july 33.15. London closed futures Louis. London Neast Lon is. London Silver new York april Wilson install Central Bonds issued interest. Clique Effort Largo shorts foie in g Stock $3.00. Afford Stock Price View when Strong Ruhe school nurses general medical cases. Limited number Pupil taken nurses Marx Stone Tucson 1901 Boston Stock Given Boston curb stocks bldg. Box phone & Fedocks. Bonds listed unlisted local stocks curbs. Rising Market and would like to see our friends take of Tho pres ent on its Ray cent ral has a net share Valuo of around $7.00 to $10.00. Weir Bros. Co. New York close smelters. 78.37. 78 50 72.12 72.25 43.50 4400 c. E. & 1 37.87 38.00 Erie 28.25 28.50 m. K. & t 40.87 41.00 Pacific 08.50 08.75 150.00 150.12 Rock Island 44.25 44.50 Pacific 123.50 123.75 Union Pacific 181.50 181.02 u. S. Steel com 81.50 81.02 Utah Copper 44.g2boston close 0.23 Arizona. 1g.75 17.00 Atlantic 7.5u 8.50 3oston Corbin 14.50 Calumet & Arizona. 03.00 01.00 Copper Range gg.23 00.50 18.00 20.00 12.25 13.00 Greco cananea 8.75 9.00 Girou pc t.75 8.00 Hancock 19.00 20.00 3.00" 3.50 Indiana 25.00 20.00 4.25 4.50 la Sallo 13.75 14.00 Lake 50.s7 51.25 5.50 Miami 22.50 22.75 North Lake 14.50 14.87 Nevada 20.37 20.02 North Butte 33.12 33.50 8.50 old 30.00 37.00 Shannon 12.00 12.50 &. 13.00 13.25 & Boston 11.00 11.50 0.00 0.50 Ray con 18.12 19.50 u. S. 42.50 42.75 Utah 23.00 24.00 curbs Arizona of Arizona 40 .50 Boston Ely 2.87 3.00 9.25 9.73 Butte Ely 75 1.00 Cactus 3.12 3.37 Chino 32.12 12.25 Calumet &1.12 3.25 Calumet Corbin 75 .80 74 .79 chief 1.87 2.12 Cortes 2.12 2.37 $2 paid .73 full paid. 1.75 Dunn Arizona 2.50 2.75 Ely Central 1.00 1.00 con 8.19 Gila g.50 Iron Blossom 3.00 1.12 7.5g 7.g2 new 3.g2 3.87 live Oak 20.73 21.00 2.00 Montana Clinton .00 Mason Valley 1.g9 3.91 National min. Exp 38 .40 Ohio 3.50 "3.30 Pinto .20 Al Ravo 3.00 3.12 Ray 2.87 3.00 & Globo 40 .50 23.50 20.23 san Antonio 8.75 9.12 31 .33 Warrior. 10.75 11.23 on As 187 on St. N. V., april 25. Tho sealing Schooner which arrived late last night from the fish ing Bank Tho report that Tho Steamer Aurora had sunk. It is feared to report cur Lent at Tho fishing Banks that the entire View of 187 men lost their lives. For Wall paper. By in of and to Bill to by in Ilis d. A april 23. With Dolliver in Tho to the traffic of Tho Railroad Bill and Root Tho same with careful Legal Tho Sunato today was tie scene of an debate. Tho Iowa senator showed his at of the in while Root said the of Tho Branch of Tho had become satisfied of Tho for such at the close of the Debato senator Elkins Mado an Effort to secure an for a vote ten Days hence but failed because of the of senator who said the sen ate had not yet had rih to closely More than half the Bill. In debt the of to to m reality a part of Tho Public debt Dolliver said that within Tho past few years right under Tho nose of Congress in Tho midst of the Era had been by Tho the Public debt which the found saddled upon stat the close of Tho civil War and which our children will have to pay after to Aro these debts had been he said b men to permit their interests without add ing Ono Dollar s Worth of Railroad he was that was Dono the should keep an co on and control the actions of rail roads. Of his the Bill the a resent control. Tho history of the traffic Dolliver asserted that in effect it was a Mere Tenc Wal of Tho system of Tho past. Root in defense to Root said he Dolliver had been led into some he did not think for Tho people were on the Road to the traffic of the Root said that As it stands it in a Ana effective Way Tho thing which or. Dol liver had if claimed he with the that Tho was and should to enacted. In a few words Clapp attacked the of Root As saying that in Ono breath to had argued the the on lates in would nullify the effect of Tho while Tho next he had that tins re sult would be if Tho Elkins he came a Law $100.00 Chrit Tensen agrees to throw Husson catch As catch can St Yle five times in one hour. Winner takes receipts. Preliminary a. H. Berry Joe Leduc be & two out of three ladies Are particularly invited and will be admitted free mining and financial news Bottom after steel furnishes Only Ray Lope bears Rush cover wheat Banks worried outgo Money Cotton Market faced paralysis great pools York speculative sentiment depressed momentary advances Reed Peratino extremely discrediting Damn go though disposition liquidate holdings advantage support accompaniment positiveness dividend increased Sultan & Wayne mining engineers Mesquite assays sampling Bierce Binkley Satchell Vanwagenen Satchell Eno Neeks chemists Deputy Miner a l surveyors. Globe Arizona the South meeting directors. Encourage liquidation withholding extended position shipments Interior Scarcity Exchange deposits. Meantime country de posits payments including shipments Canadian conditions disturbing position indu eed Liverpool re shipments complication Liverpool Pur chases influenced appearance paralysis Industry consequence. Quotations York Standard 12.02u. Electrolytic casting 32.g2m. Exports making 33.02 i unchanged Spelter unchanged mexicans quotations special Wayne. Making desperate investors Channing s statements yesterday 7,500,000 circulated Rodgers Hospital training surgical maternity training. Directory graduate connection Rodgers Arizona. Established the h. H. Bru co., brokers correspondents members exchanges. Special attention coppers Amster Globe Arizona Wilson Wayne brokers investments. Securities. In advantage situation. Tonnage american amalgamated Anaconda Missouri Reading Southern adventure commercial Centennial Franklin Helvetia to Weona Michigan consolidated ojibway Dominion Superior Pittsburg Superior Trinity smelting consolidated Colorado Michigan Bohemia Montana Colorado mining consolidated Colova Cordova Goldfield inspiration Keystone Mangus Copper Jenial Superior Shattuck consolidated development fear Many lives lost Schooner lost with Board Johns Boot hic brought according Mcelroy daily Arizona Silver Belt m Ever staged Southwell is. Is. Fish boat reported Dollie roasts amendment to Railroad Laws opposed Root defense Crawford Elkin s edition Railroad stocks watered limit Root attacked Clappas being inconsistent argument Washington criticising pointed phraseology Crawford Elkin s amendment provision supporting provision argument interesting resent ment interference administration proposed legislation experience executive government necessity legis lation. Agreement objection Lafollette Opportunity scrutinize railroads declaring obligations railroads Roose velt liabilities contracted railroads exceeding country contracted irresponsible harmonizing facilities. Satisfied whatever government opinion pending paralyses tracing agreement scheme pooling replying Dolliver thought extravagance. In stance american slavery. To regarding agreement provision accomplishes practical desirable. Concluded assertion Crawford provision practicable position inconsistent Cummins amendment requiring passing Advance provision contended practically accomplished Crawford pro Sion Champion of admission Roosevelt inks he 1st live to e s tells doting French of his aspirations to Merit their praises Paris april 25. As Tho guest of Paris today Roosevelt was received by the City fathers in Tho hotel de Ville and was the subject of glowing tributes Pron ii need by m. Cazon president of the municipal Council m. Do selves prefect of Tho Seine m. Lamkuo pres ident of Tho general Council of Tho Seine and m. Lepine prefect of police. Speaking in French Roosevelt said you make of to an Ideal which i can Only try to realize in the after in inspection of Tho magnificent building Roosevelt sat Down to luncheon Between Premier Liriand and m. Casson two Hundred others being present. Tho Only formal toasts Given was when Roosevelt proposed a Toast to the City of Paris and the French people. During a visit which he paid to to Roosevelt manifested great in Terest in the original revolutionary documents. From the museum he visited notre demo Cathedral. At the opera tonight Roosevelt enjoyed a repetition of the ovation at the comedies Francaise thursday night. The opera was Samson and when the curtain fell at the Clipso of Tho second act applause for the artists swelled into an uproar for Roose velt who arose twice and bowed his Tho colonel and mrs. Roosevelt dined at the military club As guests of Gen eral Brugers and officers of the Roch Ambeau Mission. Great Western Oil and gasoline. See Penn Marx Cigar stand or phone red 15. Coast sugar probe attorney general sends his representatives to san Francisco san Francisco Cal. April 23. Representatives of the four biggest sugar concerns in this City and Honolulu were summoned today by the Federal grand jury and during Tho afternoon were closeted with government inquisitors and assistant attorney general James it. Knapp representing Wicker Sham. When the session adjourned Knapp admitted that to was Here to investigate. Great Western Oil and gasoline. See Penn Marx Cigar stand or phone red 15. Sherman talks of continued from Pago one we Aro to continue our own Woik and maintain the present volume of employment and High Standard of wages and living. Imports increasing imports during the first eight months of the present fiscal year Hae Light weight of Arizona the development the $2,000,-000,00 0 50c, 75c. Tuesday Gate inc., acknowledgements. Cook & company Bankers general banking business transacted. Collateral and escrow Loans personal responsibility Over $250,000.00. Exceeded the corresponding months of last year by Over $200,000,000. There Are two significant features of this state of our foreign Commerce. In Tho first Placo it is necessary that our exports should exceed our imports by some $300,000,000 to $400,000,000 annually in order to make Good our foreign obligations and prevent the Export of Gold. The second and to to Tho More important feature of this great increase in our imports in manufactured and partly manufactured goods is the Dis placement of american production. I will not assert that up to the piece it Timo it has injured any Ameri can Industry. With the Immens o vol ume of employment that has come with Tho now Tariff Law the great increase of wages and consequent purchasing Power has Como the ability to absorb Tho imports in addition to the absorption of Domestic productions. Ino danger need to be apprehended a m Niin Rinir n to stiff irm Wii flt in prohibitive. As Long As we provide a Large volume of employment at High wages for our people so Long will accruing Prosperity enable us to buy abroad such a Quantity of luxuries aft to some extent necessities that will 1 photos Smith s 493 North april 26, Veo. And $1 continue to net a Revenue to meet our expenditures. Appeal to business men because i believe to should make at Homo nearly everything that we can instead of buying it abroad i again emphasize the fact that while i do not advocate an immediate revision of Tho Tariff i wish to put myself on record Here As insisting it is the duty of the business men of this country to scan closely the increasing imports to see if they continue it would not be Wise and better to protect our own labor and industries instead of sending abroad Gold to buy cheap labor in foreign countries. If we do not anticipate and pre pare if we open our custom Gates too far then we shall invite and have an Nyala Echo of foreign goods that will close our Mills and drive our labourers to idleness. Then will wages and prices fall and compared to Tho calamity and disaster that will follow Tho depression of 1893-9 0 will be a summer Shower compared with an equal Norial great Western Oil and gasoline. See Penn Marx Cigar stand or phone red 35. Studio Broad St. Drugs guns 5aaaagimkmavfiesb f. L. Jones & son funeral directors and embalmers office Cor. Broad & Oak res. 346 s. Hill St. Telephones office Black 84 reside re Green 84. The Globe commercial co. Telephone 221. We want your Trade the Quality of goods carried by m can always is depended in. A us and cell the Best and handle Only such Quali Lei at will Appeal to to tort of Good things to we have accommodating salesmen. Our solicitors Are competent. We make prompt deliveries open an account with m and a will both b Winner. Stationery Ryan toilet articles a

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