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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1910, Page 1

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - April 26, 1910, Globe, Arizona - a v member associated press in i i hmm 1 r nil item w Aro Lume in number 167 shooting l m shot by so 0 Bullet passes through his trousers and Falls to the ground tails to even break the skin failure of damage due to ancient Vintage of revolver to a shooting affray at Tho o. K. Corral at 1 o clock this morning Pat Trazell had n narrow escape from death when Pete Turas Covilli a Sla vonian Porter at the Dominion hotel tired Point Blank at his Groin. Tho pm Lect passed through Trazell s trousers and drawers and glanced of the Pelvis Bono on Tho left hand Sido without even breaking Tho skin. How the course of the Bullet could have been deflected without striking Jin thing heavier than a piece of cloth is More than oven or. It. E. Wightman Tho examining Phiys Weinn can explain. Unless it Dove Lopes that the Pelvis Bone Vas shattered by Tho Force of the Bullet dra Zoll will probably not suffer any great inconvenience from the wound. Re Rascovich and another Poiter named Heid Skovish who were together at the Timo of the shooting were later arrested in Tho servants quarters at Tho Dominion. Turas Covilli admits Tho shooting. A dispute Over. The Tantal of two Saddle horses was Tho cause of the shooting. Turas Covilli and la Hideko Vic h secured horses fro Utho 0. K. Cor ral last evening paying $1.50 each for the animals. Trazell saw Tho men running Tho a horses and Whon they with Tho animals to informed them that they would Jingo to pay 50 cents extra f or Tho use of the1 horses. Turas Covilli Dom Rcd and an argument ensued which ended in Jurn Seo Vale h striking Brazell Over Tho nose with u tiding crop. A struggle ensued in which another employee at the stables struck Turas Covilli Over Tho head with it heavy slavonian loosened his hold Uvo dra Zoll and started to run away. In n few seconds he returned asking for his hat. When he. Caught sight of Brazeil to fired Point Blank at him with an old 32 Caliper to Volvo. Doth Turas Covilli and his companion lied leaving Trazell whom they sup posed fatally. Injured in Tho hands j of friends. It was not until or. Wightman had made an examination of Tho wound that Tho Strango nature of Tho shooting was j discovered. Trazell was suffering considerably from Tho Shock and it was to bought that Tho Bullet Hud lodged in the Groin until an examination proved otherwise it is supposed that Tho ammunition Liko the revolver was of antiquated make in which thy powder had lost most of its Force. Had this not been Tho cae nothing 1 Ess than a serious wound which would have crippled Bra Yel l for life could have been avoided. Tho Bullet w As picked up in the room in which Tho wound was examined hav ing fallen from Trazell s clothing after the shooting. Ayhon arrested at the servants quarters of Tho Dominion Turas Covilli admitted Tho shooing claiming that to had been attacked by Trazell without provocation. To was badly wounded about Tho head where he Hail been struck during Tho struggle. To expressed disappointment because Tho effects of the shot had not been fatal. Affray has Lucky Avian Nhung both Turas Covilli and he Dickovich were locked up in jail and it is prob Abl e that a felony charge will to filed against Turas Covilli today. Bazoll has been employed at the. 0. K. Correll for some Timo and is Well known in this City. He is generally considered to to of a pc Cable Dis position and according to other employees at the stable acted Only in self defense in Tho struggle with Jumisco Vich. Brewer will be succeeded by Hughes name of new yorker sent to Senate by Taft Charles Evans hughe8. Washington d. Capro 25. President Taft late today received from governor Hughes of new vol1, a letter accepting his tendered appointment As associate Justice of the supreme court of the United states. five minutes after the let Ter was handed to the presi Dent the nomination was on its Way to the Senate. It had adjourned for the Day How Ever when the papers reached the Capitol so the Senate Wil not hear officially the designation that Hughes will succeed Brewer until Tomor to w. While it is expected that governor Hughes will be confirmed with Little or no delay it is understood that he will remain chief executive of new York stale until october and not take the oath of office until the fall term of court opens. Bryan not pleased Lincoln neb., april 25. Bryan today commented on Tho appointment of Jughes and said that while he was a popular reputation As reformer find was opposed to grafting it will to that to vetoed Tho two Cen t Fato Bill and reduction of Railroad rates which is conclusive proof that to obeys Tho dictates of Railroad Man ago s instead of listening to Tho voice of Tho Public. Governor Hughes exemplifies individual Virtues and demands honesty in Public service but is a shining illustration of a Peculiar Type of citizen developed in this country during Tho pres ent generation the citizen who person ally opposes vice and is a punished of Small crimes but Sho no indignation at larger forms 5f legalized i Hughes won t talk Albany x. V., april 25. Governor Hughes will not permit himself to to quoted concerning his nomination. To confirmed Tho Washington announce ment in his acceptance. Globe Gila county Mission in of against to Raeji ghz Amfin carrying Ricz destitute under Shanghai april 25. The rioting of natives at clings a the capital of Tho province of human continues. Al ready Thiee missions near the shops have been Devroye and attacks Havo been made on Tho Yale Mission where a number of English and american missionaries have fled for safety. The buildings destroyed by the natives in elude those of the Wesleyan China in land Mission Tho methodist China in land Mission and Tho norwegian mis Sion. It is reported that Tho governor was injured during Tho attack non the Yamen in which Tho missionaries had sought Refuge. The Manien was set on fire by the rioters and destroyed but so far As known there was no loss of life. The missionaries and other foreigners fled and Weic taken aboard a merchant Steamer in Tho Harbor. The British consulate and customs offices have been abandoned and two More British gun boats Are Diurno ing to the scene. The provincial treasurer has asked the go hints still of in speech at St. Louis de clares it is his duty to defend Tariff should make All products at Home increasing imports alarm ing and terrible panic bound to result St. Louis mo., april 25. Predating that Tho Tariff in general and the Payno Law in particular arc sure to be Tho principal issues of Tho coming Campaign vice pies Dent tames s. Shei mul i in a speech tonight Deli died be fore the citizen s Industrial association said it was his duty As a protectionist to defend Tho policy. To said the pol icy of Protection is growing to to i National rather than a political Poley. To am one of these protectionists who believe in american wages and flip american Standard of living he said and that the Way to maintain these is in doing our own work. Such Faith however does not preclude occasional revision of the tar Iff and changing duties either up or Down to meet changing conditions. Dut my Faith does include Tho judg ment that such changes should to named by friends not by enemies of Protection. This was our Creed and Promise to Tho people in Tho last National Campaign and i believe we can claim we kept Faith and that Tho pledge was Ful filled that the Tariff has been revised substantially and successfully. No previous Riff Law was More carefully prepared or More exhaustively considered than Tho Law which went into effect last August. It has now been in operation Over nine months and we can study Tho in Arizona tuesday april 26, 1910 Yale China and race riots no at eminent to Supply Rice to Tho natives in Tho Hope of quieting them. The scar City of Rico i o to Tho cornering of Tho Supply by chinese officials was Tho chief cause of Tho outbreak which had Long been brewing v recently the ill los suits and determine whether it is a Ben Cafici measure. Winner As to Revenue from a Revenue standpoint no question of its by excess exists. " during Tho fiscal year to Date our receipts have been Over fifty millions More than Dur ing the corresponding months of last year. A year ago deficit of $70,000,000 is now Only about $15,000,000, seems quite Safe to assume that the deficit will be Small if not entirely wiped out by the end of the fiscal year. I believe it will not to questioned to lit the return to a full volume of employment is most pronounced. Hardly a Day passes that to do not note an increase of wages granted by borne Railroad or Industrial enter Prises. It is estimated that advances of i wages granted this year equal the stupendous sum of $500,000,000. While this splendid result has come to wage earners and it is a fair Assumption that it must come first to Tho employ ing classes it has also come wit i equal measure to our Farmers. Some duties May still be too High some May need no change and some it May be thought should be increased if continued on Pago 4, column 5 Carnegie Taft praises president envies Laird of Skibo his happiness of generosity Washington d. A april 25. President Taft and Andrew Carnegie spoke today in dedication of Tho new Carnegie Library at Howard University hero before a gathering of negro educators from various sections of Tho country. President Taft Laid Tho Corner atone of the Library Pearly n year ago. He alluded to Tho fact today and said he had been glad to act for Carnegie who was absent and feel As a great millionaire Benefactor to Don t envy Carnegie his Money or the Fortune that has attended his efforts said the president. Tho thing to do envy him is Tho happiness it must give him to do so much Good for his fellow Carnegie urged the negro students to educate themselves. Scenes missionaries a Mem Mem a mss Kejr Fai s feeling had been increased by an Active anti foreign n propaganda in which Tho lives of foreigners were threatened. Another grievance Lay in the fact that the British consulate building was con strutted by imported labor. Neill in Wood Are acquitted great interest taken in alleged slayers of Hodges at Flagstaff Flagstaff ariz., april 25. Former territorial danger Herbert Wood and former Forest Ranger Rubin Neill were acquitted of the charge of murder of k. P. Schwartz after the jury was out two hours. The body of Schwartz who claimed to to a private detective was found buried in the Hill a mijo from Williams in May 1900, with a Bullet Hole through Bis heart after having been missing since september 1908. Lieutenant William Olds former Terri Tori Ranger Tho main witness for the prosecution declared that Wood took him to the Hill and showed him the place where the body was buried. Doth Wood and Neill testifying in their own behalf denied. Old s Story. Doth Young men arc prominent in the county and intense interest was Manifest Diu Tho trial. Carnegie declares Taft is one of Best presidents country has had Washington d. A april 25. Andrew Carnegie addressing the National press club Here tonight dec hued that Taft is Ono of the greatest presi dents Tho country has had and for his efforts toward world peace the country would Grant him a High Placo in history to commended Tho Payno Jadric h Tariff Law As the Best Tariff Law Ever passed to extolled Tho Progress and spirit of the West and made a vigorous plea for Universal peace. Had to not been prevented by Fate Carnegie thought possibly to might have owned a Largo number of news papers and had members of Tho National press club working for him making a lot of you millionaires to said. I have been responsible for forty to o millionaires 1 think said praises Taft Carnegie Bop is almost wiped away by Stoi millions of acres Are destroyed by Snow Over entire South Farmers Appeal to Grinders for seed fruit crop gone in old mis Souri and ice forming in Mississippi Atlanta ga., april 25. With millions of acres of Young Cotton destroyed by Tho cold weather which to Day overspread the entire Cotton Belt and with the unusual appearance in Many sections of Snow and sleet the South has suffered Tho most disastrous financial setback perhaps since the civil War. Reports received to tight indicate that the cold snap has not abated in Georgia South Carolina Tennessee Northern Alabama Louisiana Mississippi and even further West and for in ugh of this territory heavy Frost and Freez ing temperatures Are predicted for tuesday morning. In Atlanta and throughout Tho North Ern half of Georgia except near the at lactic Tho thermometer has fallen be Low forty degrees Bovo Zero All Day with falling temperatures recorded to night Snow fell As far South As so Lam ala., Columbus miss., and Columbus a. In Northern Georgia Tennessee and parts of Alabama and Mississippi the fall ranged from Ono to four inches. Cotton seed Mills in this state and Alabama hav been appealed to for seed for and Sta to officials have implored the Mills to crush no More seed until the Farmers have been supplied. It is doubtful if sufficient seed to replant one Hal f of the area of Young Cotton destroyed by cold can to secured. Fruit crop ruined Columdus ga., april 25. J. G. Whitten in Chargo of the horticultural experimental station at the University of Missouri announced tonight that re ports from some sections of Missouri show that the fruit crop will to a total loss because of Tho cold weather. Wheat and Oats Are not injured according to t. C. Wilson Secretary of the Board of agriculture. Corn must be. Lop anted to says the wet weather having caused it to rot. Ice in Mississippi Jackson miss., april 25. Ice was a Quarter of an Inch thick hero this morning. The bean crop has been killed. Cotton Boom still mounting exciting Day on new York change nets raise of Many Points new York april 25. Not since the big break in january has the new York Cotton Exchange seen to much activity and excitement As today. The Triumph for the bulls on the whole a Heady strengthened by the Posi Tion As regards the old crop was sensationally stimulated by reports of disastrous weather in the South. This led to rumours that Tho Bull Campaign will be carried through to Tho end of the current season and probably into the Early new crop deliveries. Preparations for enormous deliveries of May in crease and Aro steadily going Forward. October Cotton sold at 12.94, 5" Points above the close of saturday and May touched 14.92, a gain of 21 Points. Weather bulletin Washington d. A april 25. Forecast for Arizona generally fair tuesday and wednesday. Eight pages today Peice five cents attempted Hil deliver in gruesome ending two convicts killed while two others and guard were wounded had filed key to fit lock of cell discovered but guard while attempting to blow up Wall by dynamite Canon City colo., april 25. Two convicts were killed and two others and a guard wounded in a desperate attempt by prisoners to escape from the state Penitentiary Here tonight. Tho dead Aro Harry trophy and an Drew Johnson. Tho wounded Are John Bradley w. J. Williams and cell House keeper Emery. When Emery threw open the levied of Tho cell House to admit the prison orchestra at 8 30 tonight trophy who had filed a key to his cell jumped into the corridor Drew a revolver concealed in his blankets and shot Emery in the leg disabling him. Trophy then unlocked the cells of Johnson Bradley Williams and John Miller with improvised key. They then broke out one of die bars of the window that had been sawed nearly through using Emery s body As a shield and trophy and Williams forced their Way into Tho prison Yard. They were seen and challenged by the guard on Tho Walls and trophy answered by a fusillade of bullets. The guard returned Tho fire shooting trophy through the head. Johnson at tempted to. Follow Williams and trophy through the window by t he was shot and killed by another guard. Williams in the meantime had reached the shelter of the Walls and was lighting a fuse attached to five Sticks of dynamite which to had placed against against the Wall when he was seen by Warden Tynan who shot him in the leg. Warden Tynan and guard Russell rushed to the cell House where they found Bradley hiding in an empty cell with a Bullet wound in his Abdomen. It was not ascertained How Bradley was Hurt. Miller was round unhurt in a cell House and locked up again. Trophy evidently planned the attack some time ago As the key which opened Tho cells was of intricate design and must have taken Many weeks to make. Jeffries to rest. More and labor less for awhile Den Lomond cal., april 25. Fol lowing a suggestion of Hoynski Tho now physical director at Camp Rowardennan Jeffries forsook his training curriculum today and if lie can be prevailed upon to accept the advice of his handlers it will be several Days before the gymnasium and handball court see him again. Tho big fighter has been annoyed Dur ing the last few Days by a Large skin eruption in the Small of Tho Back a condition diagnosed by Hoynski As a serious disorder of the blood. It is his Trainer s opinion that Jeffries has been working too arduously since he went into training and from now on the older of labor l be regulated with greater consideration for his system. California town will remain wet san Bernardino turns Down prohibition measure san Bernardino cal., april 25. In Tho most hotly contested election Ever held in this City Tho voters turned Down the proposition to banish saloons by a vote of ten to four. The total vote exceeds the previous largest vote by nearly five Hundred

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