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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1910, Page 2

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Globe Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - April 14, 1910, Globe, Arizona Pago two the Dacia liver Belt the Silver Belt publishing Ca h. H. Hiener h. 0. Holdsworth Soffio Iii newspaper of the county of Gila official newspaper of the City of Globe subscription rates strictly in Advance daily by mail one year $7.50 daily by mail six months 4.00 daily by Carrier six months 4.00 daily by Carrier Ono month 75 weekly Ono year 2.50 weekly six months member of associated press entered at the Posto fico in Globe ariz., As Mccond Clas s mail. The Silver Belt has a larger paid circulation than any daily newspaper m the world in blushed in a City with 12,000 or less a thought for today were i a Nightingale i would act the part of a Nightingale were i a Swan the part of a Swan. Epictetus. Living generally goes up when a hotel Burns. As a satisfying Beveridge Arizona will take the Senate statehood Hill. Let the Man who produced spineless Cactus As a food try for Boneless fish. According to Phoenix papers strawberries Are being exhibited in that City. There should be much transparency in the investigation of the window Glass Trust. At All events a Public servant never Dinar ranges matters by jumping up and quitting. He who is ashamed of honest poverty would be mean and arrogant if he possessed wealth. With the colonel in Europe the trans Atlantic nations Wear the attitude of As a Concession to the dignity of farm pro Duce the prize fighters Call a winning punch a talk about things impossible. A Texas editor Lias written a three Coluni n editorial on the purity of politics. Upon the heels of the administration Railroad Bill will come the statehood Bill is the latest Washington dope. Seventy thousand census takers will storm the Homes of the United states tomorrow. Have your answers ready. New York plans to put tramps to work on farms., wonder if the hoboes will appreciate this use of their labors. Bryan said the progressive republicans stole his clothes and Cannon complains that they left him naked to his enemies. Chicago women favor dancing Chicago ministers denounce it. Wonder what the average minister knows about dancing look for the millennium now any old time. The Democrat and Republican of Phoenix have agreed on the Senate statehood Bill. When a Man openly declares that to fails to take any interest in the baseball Outlook his friends stare at him and mournfully shake their Heads. Mrs. Longworth has organized a Story tellin g club in Washington. An club would have perhaps been More acceptable to her dad. With the emphasis placed on the admonition that the truth must be told the census takers by the newspapers the outside world will naturally conclude that we Are a nation of liars. Ali Linell Siivo f to 4ici4 in Imi i in a Lii Zona Are estimated at $1,000,000," says the Tuc son citizen. Yes but the sceptical might have reason to believe that it is watered Stock. Too much for one Man reads a headline in a Phoenix newspaper. When a condition of that kind arises Over Here in Globe the police Magis trate generally says five dollars or five Days. A Man named John w. Rockefeller of Wil into a del., got married and he Drew Only a four Lin e notice in the Eastern metropolitan papers. That Middle initial was not quite right apparently to bring out a spread with illustrations of himself and wife from infancy. Women s suffrage under test opponents of votes for women say that women Don t want the vote that they would t use it if they had it that it would unisex and destroy them if they did use it and that to raise women to political Equality with men would lower them to a moral Equality with men. These Are academic arguments All of flies and thus far they have been generally treated As such. Yet with four states in the Union giving women the full franchise if the statements Are True they Are fully susceptible of proof. If they Are not True that can be proved too. Helen l. Sumner pm. D., has published a Book containing an analysis of the Workings of equal suffrage in Colorado in which ample information on these subjects is Given fairly and impartially from the View Point of the Well equip student and not from that of the Suffragette propagandist or that of the opponent of equal suffrage. This Book shows quite clearly that woman s suffrage does neither what its More ardent advocates claim for it nor what its opponents say it would do. There have been no political revolutions in any of the four states that allow women to vote nor has the state of womanhood changed in any of these states. Miss Sumner shows that equal suffrage in Colorado has not destroyed the Homes has not taken women out of her sphere has not made woman mannish. She also shows that equal suffrage has not magically purified politics. Nothing very bad has happened and nothing tremendously Good. This statement of results of woman s suffrage May Dampen somewhat the ardor of those who assert that it will immediately purify politics but it completely overthrows the claims of those who affect to fear terrible consequences to woman herself. A number of progressive Laws have been passed in Colorado but the state was progressive before women were allowed to vote. A few improvements in politics have been traced directly to the influence of women but there is plenty yet to do before politics is clean in Colo Rado. It has been charged that letting women vote would bring to Bear hysterical and emotional influences. No such influences Are discoverable in Colorado. Miss Sumner destroys entirely the idea that letting women vote would destroy the Home. It has t destroyed the Home in Colorado or injured it in the slightest degree. She also Over throws the claim that woman would be tarnished by admission to the ballot. In Many quarters a Good effect is noted in that mothers con Sider Public questions and discuss them reply with and before their children thus educating them in the subjects that elsewhere Are not considered a part of their training. Women at the polls meet not rough and unfamiliar persons but their pwn neighbors and friends. In Polit ical conventions they often Exchange recipes for cooking egg Plant and Choice information about the baby the servant and the dressmaker just As they would at any other women go to the polls with their fathers Brothers Hus bands or sons or with their neighbors. Many mothers have cast their ballots with sons just arrived of age in Denver about the same proportion of women vote As of men. In the rest of the state the proportion of women is smaller. A number of women have served in the legislature where their record has been fair but not Brilliant. They have averaged above the men As a whole in intelligence but none of them could be classed with the Ablest men. The character of the Bills offered by them was higher than the average of those offered by the men. There have been Many women office holders and their record is High. There has been no woman defaulter no woman has shown herself grossly inefficient and Sev eral have made Brilliant records. This review of the Colorado situation puts the Issue of votes for women where it ought to be in this form has woman a natural right to vote or at least a right equal to that of Man that is All there is to it. Mothers Day All Over the country Active preparations Are being made in the schools and in the churches for the Celebration of mothers Day. This Day was instituted three years ago and in the two celebrations it has become of nation wid e importance. The White Carnation has been selected As the Emblem of mothers Day and last year there were More White carnations worn on Moth ers Day than there were red on Mckinley Day. The sentiment of the Day is one that appeals to All and permits of a wide Range of originality. In Many sunday schools the Day is kept and a special Effort is made to impress upon the Chil Dren the pleasure of doing something for the Mother or in providing a Day of pleasure for her. The Public schools Are also Active Over the. United states in commemorating mothers Day the exercises usually occurring on the Fri Day before mothers Day. What is in your garbage can asks an hysterical writer. There is not much in any along our Row that would tempt even a House Fly or keep a microbe living Over night. The time of the High feeding of garbage cans has passed. Daily Arizona Silver Belt in the Halls of Congress by Tav. Special Washington correspondence. Washington d. A april 13. The Taft administration is still fighting desperately to prevent an investigation by Congress of the sugar Trust frauds. The administration clings to the position that an investigation might give immunity to the guilty parties. Those who desire a congressional probe con tend that the really big thieves the Multi millionaires who would have pocketed the $2,000,-00 0 of stolen import duties had not their crime been discovered Are getting More immunity through Congress failure to investigate than they could possibly secure through an investigation. One of the remarkable features of the Situa Tion is that the steering committee of Congress refused to allow a Resolution provid ing for an investigation of the sugar Trust to even come before the House for a vote. The members of the committee on rides and a few other men Are to All practical ends doing All the legislating on matters concerning the welfare of the sugar Trust. An examination of the records of the present Congress reveals the fact that every Bill or Reso Lution touching either the proposed investigation of the american sugar refining company the Sale of 55,000 acres of Rich Friar sugar lands to the Havemeyer sugar interests in alleged Vio lation of the organic Law of the Philippines or aiming in any manner at the Security of the Trust s monopoly of the sugar markets has been chloroformed in committee. Here Are the facts copied from the records of the sixty fir St Congress of the United states House concurrent Resolution no. 24, provid ing for the appointment of a committee to investigate crimes of sugar Trust introduced de Cember 6, 1909, by representative p. P. Camp Bell Republican of Pittsburg kans. Referred by speaker Cannon to committee on rules never afterwards heard of. House Resolution no. 161, providing for the investigation of frauds perpetrated upon government by the american sugar refining com Pany introduced december 10, 1909, by representative a. J. Sabath of Chicago referred to committee on rules no further record. House Resolution no. 392, providing for an investigation of the Sale by the government of 55,000 acres of philippine sugar lands to the Havemeyer interests introduced february 14 by representative John a. Martin of Pueblo Colo. Referred to rules committee died in com Mittee. House Resolution no. 480, requesting that the president inform the House what facts if any now exist which make inexpedient an investigation of the sugar under weighing frauds by Congress referred to committee on expenditures in the Treasury department no action measure introduced february 28 by representative j. J. Fitzgerald of new York City. Joint Resolution no. 173, providing for con Gressional investigation of sugar scandal in All its phases introduced March 15 by representative Henry t. Rainey 111. Referred to rules committee no action. House Resolution no. 562, for inquiry to As certain whether the american sugar refining company has been defrauding the government introduced March 31 by representative a. W. Rucker of fort Logan Colo. Referred to rules committee no action. House Resolution no. 575, demanding that House be furnished with full information concerning Sale of philippine sugar lands to sugar Trust interests referred to committee on insular affairs no action. That the merchant Marine league of the United states the organization which attacked representatives Steenerson of Minnesota and Kustermann of Wisconsin because they Are opposed to the $5,000,000 Humphrey ship subsidy Bill spent Large sums to bring about the passage of that measure by Congress has already at the hearings of the special commit tee appointed to investigate the activity of the organization. Sex member of Congress Mcclea by of Minnesota testified before the commit tee that the league had compensated him for making pro Shi p subsidy speeches but that the amounts would not aggregate much Over his expenses. He said that he received checks from the league at various times but that it would be practically impossible to Supply the committee with the specific amounts. To said he received a Check of $500 at one time but that All the checks would not aggregate More than $1,000. An attempt will be made to learn who supplied the league with funds. President Taft regards the platform adopted by the Indiana Republican convention demand ing a revision of the Payne Aldrich Tariff Law and endorsing senator Beveridge in opposing that Law As hostile to his administration. There fore he will not Stop in Indiana on his next Western trip in May. Inasmuch As five other states and possibly More Are to take action respecting the new Tariff Law similar to that taken in Indiana it is possible that a Republican pres ident will be virtually barred from discussing politics in six Republican states. " the president takes the position that endorsement of the Payne Aldric h Law is the True test of republicanism. He blames the progressives for the action of the Indiana convention and holds that they should have surrendered to the Aldrich canno n oligarchy in control of Congress with which organization he is in Hearty sympathy. So the revolt of the progressives is still on. Democrats find much cheer in the result of the recent local elections especially in Missouri. Sedalia Springfield and Jefferson City Republican strongholds in Missouri went democratic. In Joplin mo., a City which received Tariff con Cessions in the Way of increased Tariff on Zinc seve Republican councilmen were replaced with democrats. The principal Issue in Kansas City was not the Tariff according to advices received in was Langton but a local Street railway prob Lem. The Success of the Republican candidate was due More to the fact that he had led a fight against the metropolitan Street railway com Pany of Kansas City than that the people wished to go on record As endorsing the Payne Aldric h Tariff Law. The smithsonian african expedition of which colonel Roosevelt was in charge reports officially that it has prepared for the Smithson Ian institution 4,897 specimens of mammals 4,000 Birds 2,000 reptiles and Bat kachians and 500 fishes in addition to the invertebrates Marine shells several thousand plants and a col Lection of anthropological works. A new food in the making there is a new food in the making. It May be traced probably to the demand for cheaper nourishment and the increased Price of flour whose place it is expected to take. It is nothing More nor less than Alfalfa ground stalks leaves and All and then mixed with flour and Caraway seeds or some such third substance. Of course people must learn to like Alfalfa break and cakes but they have to learn to like All foods. There is but one for which we Are born with a liking and that one is born with us. To find a substitute for this when one is Neces sary is one of the most anxious problems of mothers As no two babies seem to have just the same taste. So it is nothing against Alfalfa meal that the taste for it must be acquired just As it must be for olives celery tomatoes and every other food even to buckwheat and Corn meal. Our mothers used to Tell us that it was All nonsense this not liking what was eaten by our elders to eat what was set before us that hunger was nature s Best sauce that if we could t eat this or that we were not very hungry and a lot of other maxims that forced an acquired taste. Experiments at the Kansas agricultural school and by Many Domestic science classes in that state have demonstrated that Alfalfa when used As stated will make very palatable bread and cakes. The leaves also when mixed with Tea or Coffee help out those beverages and cheapen them. There Are now 200 Alfalfa Mills in that state and Many Farmers have Mills of their own. The meal Sells at two cents a Pound and is declared to be As nutritious As flour which costs three cents More. This will make a decided saving and As Alfalfa is a three Cro p product there is Little danger of the demand outgrowing the sup ply or forcing up the Price. Morning smiles mistress did you have any company last night Mary Mary Only aunt Maria mum. Mistress when you see her again will you Tell her that she left her tobacco Pouch on the piano Mack an observing stranger Why is it that so Many of the men m your town seem to Bear a grudge against the minister Bachelor a knowing resident Why he s the Man who married them. you understand the English political situation no. There s Only one thing i know less and that the american or. Dubbs with newspaper it tells Here my dear How a progressive new York woman makes her social Calls by Telephone. Mrs. Dubbs progressive. Huh she s probably like me not a decent thing to Wear. Floor Walker Here show this Soldier some glasses customer sir i am not a Soldier i am an officer. Floor Walker beg Pardon show this officer who is no Soldier some glasses thursday april 14, 1910. A particular service for particular people they Aro pleased with our laundry work Tho rest of course. Systematic thorough painstaking work enables us to get Jour laundry work out Tho Day to Promise it and its Quality is guaranteed. Give us a trial or Der. You la not regret it. Arizona steam laundry phone 389 j. E. Merriam building contractor building estimates promptly furnished work guaranteed Box 191 office Cora or Oak and Bill Fred w. Moore writes insurance in the most reliable fire insurance companies Arizona Mutual savings & loan association office Home printing cot building Globe Arizona Stanley Woodward contractor and builder Felt Oates promptly furnished p. 0. Box 14 phone 1181 or. H. H. Schell Arizona s leading optician Tucson Arizona Send broken glasses to be repaired of duplicated. Next visit to Globe in february when you drink drink the Best we serve it the White House Saloon Broad and Oak streets Keegan s we serve Only the Best wines liquors and cigars make this your Headquarters v Keegan s Bankers Garden the finest resort in Globe popular with All classes intr and summer. Refreshments of All kinds. Choice cigars win and liquors. Anheuser Bush Beer always on draught. Cool dining room in connection. Regular meals and cold lunches at All hours. Order for private dinners in Advance. B

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