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Gettysburg Times Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 4

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Gettysburg Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 4a the Gettysburg times monday May 14, 1990 Gettysburg times published daily monday through saturday by the times and news publishing company. Copyright 1990 18-20 Carlisle st., Gettysburg a. 17325-0669 Philip m. Jones president Cynthia a. Ford executive assistant to president Donald w. Fair controller Judith a. Shuyler circulation manager Robert . Small editor Timothy j. Doyle. Jr., night editor the Gettysburg times founded in 1902. Continues the Star and Sentinel the Gettysburg compiler the York Springs Comet the new Oxford item and the East Berlin news Winner of two associated press awards in 1988 4s our readers see it the rally for life message editor Gettysburg times i would like to thank the Gettysburg times for sending a reporter to cover the april 28th rally for life "90 in Washington . The estimates of attendance ranged be tween and there were acres and acres of people present and an entire Frk stadium parking lot full of buses. The turnout was impressive some say the largest political gathering Ever in our nation s capital. And it was More than local folks. Banners represented Michigan Cali fornia Texas Ohio and people from nearly every state who went to much time and Trou ble to take a stand for life. I would like to Correct several typographical errors from the times article. Twenty five million babies have been aborted since 1973, not Twenty five thousand. The membership of concerned women for America Cwa is not which is three times the membership of now. Or. John Willke is the president of Natl National right to not pal. The theme of the rally was abortion stops a beating vice president Quayle stated that we need to protect the least of our Brethren and asked will we accept the notion that the unborn child is Dis he noted that the conscience of this country is stirring and that this rally can begin a Healing in our presi Dent Bush said that the rally reminds All in government of our commitment to the Sanc Tity and dignity of human our Job he said is to help others make the right congressman Henry Hyde introduced himself As a 792 old fetus. He stated that there is no self interest in the pro life congressman Chris Smith noted correctly that in this age of mass communication most americans Are Unin formed about the methods of senator Gordon Humphrey commented that there is no More powerful Force than truth and we have truth on our pro lifers were challenged by or. James Dobson when he pledged i will never cast a vote for a pro abortion candidate for As Long As i other celebrities who spoke or Sang included Sandi Patti Sheila Walsh Gary Mcspadden Cherry Busby Lisa Whelchel Terri Gibbs and Frank Runyeon. Even the apparel was appropriate for the Day. One tee shirt said god is another Don t conceive if you won t deliver and one with a Seal holding a sign saying save the baby the message of the rally for life is that the pro life movement which vice presi Dent Quayle called the humanitarian move ment of our time is alive Well and growing. We have returned Home to saturate our counties our communities our colleges with Pur message that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. We will not be quiet until abortion is outlawed Ruth Santino president Adams county chapter for human life Biglerville the devastating effect of illiteracy editor Gettysburg times a person enters a residence steals items is arrested tried and sentenced to prison. When he has served his sentence society tells him to get a Job and commit no More crimes. If this person cannot read what jobs Are available to him maybe that of a dishwasher. I cannot think of Many jobs where Reading is not required. John Chancellor on Abc nightly news had a commentary on this subject last thursday night. He said that in Japan if a person is committed to prison for one year or More that a part of a mandatory sentence is that he learn to read. Could we As a Community not Only de Mand that our illiterate criminals learn to read but provide instruction for them in this Way their time in prison would be productive and they would be better equipped to get employment so that they would not be forced Back into a life of crime. There has been a lot of publicity lately about the devastating effect of illiteracy. One of our own citizens spoke to a gathering which included the first lady Barbara Bush just because he had Learned to read. Teaching prisoners to read might be one Way to reduce crime. Miriam Gibert Robert Gettysburg it s history it s tradition editor Gettysburg times recently a letter was written to the editor criticizing the times for publish ing a pre easter accusing some christians of demonstrating insensitivity to other religions by proselytizing and that missionary activity is not the responsibility of the times. It is no secret that our nation was founded on the Judea Christian traditions it is documented fact therefore it should not be too horrific for anyone that celebrations such As easter and passover for example be covered by the news Media these Obser Vances and religious rituals Are observed by millions of Peoples worldwide even in Adams county it s history it s tradition proselytizing is fervently practice out Side the Judea Christian communities by some religious sects that blatantly insist to quote that their beliefs Are the Only acceptable ones. I believe this is called religious Freedom and expression something we All share in common in this land of the free perhaps if More of us concentrated on the premise that a special bonding among All beliefs could be nurtured if we practice More vigorously the Golden regardless of race Creed or color we All could become More compassionate and understanding shalom b Joan Hollabaugh Biglerville out of the past 150 years ago owing to the non arrival of the Republican of tuesday and wednesday last we did not receive the proceedings of the democratic convention held in Baltimore last week in time to publish any considerable part of them in this number of the paper. The Fol lowing list of officers recommended by a committee appointed for that purpose was unanimously concurred in to wit for presi Dent gov. William Carroll of Tenn. For vice president William t. Rogers of Penna. Gov. C. P. Van Ness Vermont William n. Edwards North Carolina or. Charles Parry Indiana John Nelson esq., Mary land and Hon. Alexander Mouton Louisiana. A a a according to the whig accounts Daniel Washabaugh the Federal candidate has been elected in Bedford county to succeed col. Mcelwee by a majority of from 600 to 700. The Harrison majority in that county in 1836, was 333. After spending several weeks in worse than useless debate the civil appropriation Bill passed the House of representatives by a vote of 145 to 15, most of the whig Mem Bers either voting for it or sulking when the vote was taken. The Bill has also passed the Senate. Both houses adjourned from Mon Day to thursday of last week to have the Halls cleaned to attend the Baltimore conventions. Q q q thirteen houses and 10 stables were destroyed by fire in Springfield Cumberland county on saturday the 2nd inst. Col. Josiah Hood whose store was Burnt will be among the principal sufferers. The fire is suppose to have been the work of an incendiary. Q q q the president and directors of the Bank of Gettysburg have this Day declared a dividend of four per cent payable on or after monday the Lith inst. J. B. Mcpherson cashier May 5, 1840 that old Gray area it can be infuriating the Way minor government officials take their Power and flaunt it. For example my Driver s License expired so i went to the Secretary of state s office to get it renewed. A Little lady behind the counter was filling out the application form. Height weight. Color of she asked. color of she glanced at my head. Us huh. Brown. I be always had Brown she looked dubious and said to say it is us Well in this Light i suppose there s a Little Gray mixed in with the she squinted her eyes studied my head More intensely and said no it s mostly on the sides yes. I m probably getting a Little Gray sir you Don t have much hair any where but on the i said whats the big Deal this is just a i know sir but we re suppose to try to get it right. For identification purposes. So 111 put How about i m sorry we can use Only one that s a ridiculous Rule. There Are Many colors that can t be described in one i Don t make the rules Well this is which it was of course. All my life on every piece of identification i have Ever had the color of my hair has been listed As Brown. Mike Royko and suddenly this woman who obviously had weak eyes with the Way she squinted was being arbitrary. I showed her my company identification card. See right there it says that s not official look at my company id photograph. Does the hair look Gray it s Brown. Al most Jet Black As a matter of is that of course it s my you used to be a Nice looking of for Pete s i said which is All a person can say when they Are dealing with someone that negative. A supervisor walked Over and said some kind of problem i said. I Don t want my Driver s License to contain inaccurate the woman looked indignant and said just a moment the supervisor said what kind of in accurate of if s not that i said. Let s get on with the gentleman says his hair is the woman said. The supervisor gawked at my hair Shook his head and said it is Gray. What there is of i said. My father always told me you can t fight City this in t City the supervisor said. This is a state look i Don t have All i said. Can we get this Over i knew there was no Point in arguing. These government people always band together against us. My hair could have been purple and he would have agreed with her All the lady said. Til put Down you could t make it Pale i m sorry sir but it s of go and she did. She actually wrote it Down. Gray. Gray on my Driver s License. Not that i care. Who is Ever going to see it really nobody. Except maybe a traffic policeman. What is the policeman going to think seeing Gray on a Driver s License that be Longs to a Guy with All that thick Bushy Brown hair and what if it is a policewoman later that evening i was having dinner with some friends and told them about the incredible color Blind License clerk. Don t feel one of my friends said. Paul Newman is entirely i Felt better. And Marlon Brando is another Friend said. And Sean Connery is All someone else said. I Felt really Good. One of my friends concluded you be got it All Gray fat and wrinkled. You re a 1990 the Chicago Tribune Etc dcmtm5c the graduation speech this has been a very exciting year for the miss Wellesley graduation speaker s Competition. The graduation ceremony itself will be held june 1. As most of you know the Winner was Barbara Bush who scored a 9 in the Cap and gown category and a 10 in the bathing suit contest. Runner up was Hilda Marton of los Angeles calif., who played the violin and Harmonica at the finals. If anything should go wrong with mrs. Bush s plans Hilda will fill in As speaker. I told Hilda. It s quite an Honor to be the runner up in the miss Wellesley speaker s Hilda said i be dreamed about it All my life. I have a great message to impart to the Young women of America and i Hope that mrs. Bush gets delayed by mrs. Gorbachev so that i can make the what Are you going to Tell i intend to say that there is a lot More happening in people s kitchens than there is on the floor of Bloomingdale there has been criticism that mrs. Bush Only got where she is because of her husband. Do you believe that thesis it s the opposite. President Bush is Only where he is today because of mrs. Bush. Women like the first lady perform amazing tasks when nobody realizes that Art Buchwaldt they Are doing anything. My message to the Wellesley graduates is to be a Suc Cess do your own thing and your Hus band s thing As won t their husbands be i asked Hilda. Not really. Manipulating men has Al ways been a Wellesley Strong the students will be Happy to know there Are some graduates who Don t want to listen to a speaker unless she has made her Mark As chairwoman of the Washington Post. Whether they like it or not most of the Wellesley graduates will have babies. It s important that they hear this from someone like me who has driven a station Wagon in a car Pool than from a person who invests Money for a teacher s pension fund. I am going to make the Point that we All have choices but you can t go Skinny dipping with a two window office on the 40th floor of a Wall Street you really gave this graduation speech a lot of that s my Job As a runner up speaker. Mrs. Bush and i come from a generation of women who put our children and Hus bands before ourselves. The present generation which happens to be made up of our children thinks that we re crazy. Yet our kids would t be Able to do one darn thing if we had t ironed their skirts in the til bet the Wellesley girls would hate to hear that. Do you think mrs. Bush will say no she s too polite. Shell probably Tell them that they have a right to think anything they want to which i feel is a i Don t imagine it will go Over very Well if you keep telling them to be Good i m not asking for a standing have you spoken to mrs. Bush about the contents of your speech in Case she does t make i tried once but she was playing in the Garden with the no wonder Wellesley students Are mad at 1090 l.4. Times f today in history by the associated press today is monday May 14, the 134th Day of 1990. There Are 231 Day Leftin the year. Today s highlight in history on May 14, 1948, the Independent state of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv As British Rule in Palestine came to an end. The United states immediately recognized the new jewish state. On this Date in 1643, Louis Xiv became King of France at age 4 upon the death of his father. Louis Xiii. In 1942, the women s auxiliary army corps was established. One year ago Peronis candidate car los Saul Menem won Argentina s presidential election. Today s birthdays opera Singer Pat Rice Munsel is 65. Movie producer George Lucas is 46. Actress Francesca Annis is 46. Actress season Hubley is 39. Rock artist David Byrne is 38

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