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Gettysburg Times (Newspaper) - February 11, 1985, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania The Gettysburg times monday february 11, 1985 times Sharon r. Duttera these times editor Media room is in As fashionable room to remodel by Barbara Mayer a kitchens bathrooms family rooms and master bedroom suites have each in turn been the fashionable room to remodel or add in american Homes. Now the Media room has been added to the list. The Media room in which television audio equipment and sometimes a Home computer Are arranged for maximum user convenience is being ushered in on a wave of increased sales of videocassette recorders Home computers and video games. Another new development that also supports the growth of the Media room is the improvement in television sound. For years the picture on the television screen got better while the sound remained the same. But now there Are signs that the time has come for sound to improve. Television stations in most of the country s major metropolitan areas have already instituted or Are planning Stero television broadcasts according to a Survey of stations conducted by a Trade publication. A television digest Survey found that More than 100 stations expect to be broadcasting in stereo by the end of 1985. Some stations Are already producing stereo programs according to the publication. Stereo sound is an Advance in television technology that should bring viewers the same Quality of sound they already enjoy on pm radio broadcasts according to Gerald m. Mccarthy a Zenith electronics corp. Executive. As stations prepare to broadcast in stereo most manufacturers of television sets Are introducing new models with built in stereo sound. They Are also provid ing adaptors that can be used to improve the sound in existing sets. In addition some television sets can be connected to separate stereo speakers to take advantage of the Quality speakers an individual May already have. With so Many improvements on the horizon this is a Good time to upgrade the listening and viewing environment into a Media room. According to Philip Mazzurco. Media rooms require close attention to lighting seating wiring and placement of equipment for acoustic performance As Well As visual attractive Ness. To illustrate the ways components can be arranged in a Media room. Mazzurco wrote the Media design which provides ideas for integrating components into Home and office Media rooms. Lighting is crucial to such a room. Mazzurco said. The general principles established when television first came into Home use in the 1950s remain Essen tial. Never watch in total darkness. Never allow anything to Shine onto the screen or obstruct a View of the screen. Place the Light source behind the viewer s head where diffused lighting will not reflect onto the he suggests. A room with no reflective surfaces offers the Best viewing environment. Bright primary colors should be avoided in Media rooms because they can woman Hopes to make Joy germs contagious distort the picture on the screen the larger the television screen the More important its placement in the Roo n images Are Best seen head on with Large screens in a projection system while in viewing Angle can be much broader if a Standard Glass enclosed set is the worst possible listening environment would be an unfurnished Concrete cube whose hard surfaces and parallel Walls would create echoes audio component producer bang Olufsen. However most rooms have furniture and other decoration to inhibit echoes and other acoustic problem although today s audio and video products Are extremely advanced n i Parison to the products of a decade earlier advances in this Field tend along at a fairly rapid rate. Mazzurco offered a look into the future of audio and video in i ii predicts voice activated systems will become the Rule and that personal re. I tape and disc libraries will become obsolete in favor of a Central net v. To which Consumers will subscribe listeners will be Able to retrieve by Hookup any selection desired that the Library has even before this change however will be the demise of the record. Compact discs have been demonstrated to be Superior in All and will eventually replace the of. According to Media design Book is by Maculan. I by Mel re1sner associated press writer Syracuse. By. Api one kind of virus the Joy germ is Welcome during the grim win ters of upstate new York. Now its creator wants to spread Joy germ fever around the world. Syracuse native Joan White organizer of Joy germs unlimited recently sponsored a National Joy germ Day a Day when our goal is to smile hug. Grin and win Over a t least one Gruff and Grumpy her aim. She says is simple to make people realize that a change of attitude is tonic for the spirits. Joy germ members do not ignore the ills and problems of life they Rise above them. This not just for children it s not some kind of Pollyanna trip through the she said. Our concept is to face life despite All its problems we have to accept and assume responsibility for the Way we the ideas May come off As ephemeral and the results immaterial but hundreds have found a source of strength in Joy germ Joan a communicable spirit of optimism. The organization stages visits to invalid wards nursing Homes and children s hospitals distributing smiles words of encouragement and Home mad cookies from the Joy germ junkies of Hen Ninger High school. These kids get High on miss White said. In turn she draws inspiration from the courage of those who Triumph Over handicaps. She Hopes to establish a Citadel of Good will in this Businesslike Metropolis which some wags have labelled the City that never smiles and where her first Joy germ Jubilee Parade in july 1982 Drew a Small contingent of self proclaimed Killjoy carrying signs expressing sentiments such As go Home you re fat and i hate miss White a native Syracusa. Dealt with the protesters by inviting them to join in if they needed self expression. The group finally disbanded. Or. Bruce d. Carter a psychology professor at Syracuse University said he was t sure miss White and her ideas would do any Good but added. It certainly can t miss White s concept of spreading Joy by exam ple has its merits he said. I think what she s doing is something that lots of people should do. Any time you give somebody a smile or a kind word you May help them out a bit. Anything to promote Good feeling is wonderful there Are enough bad feelings in the world Carter added. Miss White claims 7.800 members for her no dues just do organization which began on Jan. 8. 1981. With an enrolment of one. On that Day. Miss White. 50. Who runs a Public relations firm from her Home Here noticed a news paper article about a West coast company which offered to worry for others in Exchange for a s10 fee. Jan. 8 also happened to be her late Mother s birthrate. And miss White said she Felt drawn to the article again and again. I really feel she was up there jumping on the Clouds sliding Down a Rainbow and saying. Come on. Kid. Do finally i sat Down and dashed off a letter to the Post Standard i newspaper i about the organization 1 thought was needed to counter their i the worriers i kind of she said. In the next few months. Joy germ Joan picked up a rotund head with a co lick and an aspirin shaped Mascot new friends and a head of steam. She began responding to requests for membership in the club which offered its Fellowship without charge in Exchange for a stamped self addressed envelope. The next year she was ready for the first Parade despite the warnings of sceptics that no one can hold a Parade on their about 20 entries showed up for a disorganized event which nevertheless spun off enough Good will to Foster 1983 and 1984 parades with close to 50 entries and no kill Joys. The first National Day. Held this january be Gan on a Small scale the formal Celebration con fined to a shopping mall in Syracuse where Pas Sers by were invited to join and to take a smile of meter test checking their smiles in a Mirror and receiving certificates of Good condition grins. Joy germ volunteers handed out capsules con Taining slips of paper with uplifting messages. Joy germ Joan says her next step is to begin organizing chapters in other parts of the country she has sent membership cards to 48 states. Norway. England. France. Ireland. West Germany and Australia. With functioning chapters the annual Celebration pattern can be repeated in other Sites and the movement will grow. Right now. They re pretty much on their she said. Erma Bombeck news tip Call 334-113 1-2 teen self Confidence course taught by Diane m. Balk associated press writer Ohio a Ann Schellenbach believes thai living has left some teen agers in the cold so she s offering a course them develop self Confidence and interact with others. With the lifestyle today Don t really have time to sit Down talk children As we used said mrs. Schellenbach. Who has one son grandchildren. Parents May find themselves rearing children in a world quite from the one in which they grew up. Said the Middletown woman part of the Lack of time for talking stems from families where Buth work. In families split by divorce children May not spend much time w Ith Parent. Meals can be interrupted by telephones or television i there Are friends and extra curricular activities mrs. Schellenbach s teen tactics course will cover every Hins values to How to ask for dates and How to refuse dates without the other it s just a general building up of their self feeling and their building up Good will. One of the things we re going to stress is they re always Riu they have to earn respect. We Are going to talk about getting along at getting along v. And How to express individuality without trampling on the rights the course will include Sample meetings the youngsters Lead. Discussion of How to take tests. Mrs. Schellenbach first gave her course about 25 years Wiser in Hamilton. She s decided to revive the group discussions quite ready to sit by and see All the niceties of the world going by the seven week course for 13 to 15-year-Olds which Beum Jan in i be led by mrs. Schellenbach and Bruce Huntsbarger. A Teui her a m Arn Valley school in Washington township near Dayton. I thought 12 was a Little Young to be thinking about asking doing this sort of mrs. Schellenbach said i thought by Iti. By the they re Able to drive they re sort of off on their own. And not willing to listen we re not going to get into drugs and sex education per be fur the reason they know it All. We take the position you re too smart u mess your. mrs. Schellenbach also teaches a Basic awareness and special inn can program that offers help with everything from phonics to etiquette for Dren under age 12. She offers communication skills and exam preparation Junior High school students. No matter How big you think you be become or How much Success you amass there Are some things in this world that Are equalizers. They keep you Humble. The garbage can is one of them. There in t a Day goes by that i Don t look like a headless body fighting to escape being sucked into the can. There is a reason for this. I throw away everything that 1 need to live. Everything is there nestled among the Coffee grounds and gutted Grapefruit. A grocery tape that i re corded a Check on. A pair of pantyhose with runs that i can still Wear under Slacks. The warranty on my steam Iron. A picture of a Friend s baby in the Christmas card. The Box with instructions and screws for the new Lawn chair. My column that i forgot to clip. The inside of my Coffee pot. The Manu Al explaining How to Hook up the Tele phone answering device. The current to guide. A phone number written on a paper Towel. My husband says he does t know Why 1 Don t just get a can in a subdued Green and wheel it into my office and use it As a filing Cabinet. This is the suggestion of a Man who ran after the garbage truck for three blocks beg Ging to sift through and find the registration deadline for a 10-k. I consider garbage cans a second Chance. They re the Purgatory of our existence. It s a temporary place where trash is either condemned to the jaws of the garbage truck or Given a reprieve by an hysterical woman who has decided against throwing it away. A couple of Days ago. Someone tap Ped me on my Arm As my head dangled inside the can. You come Here asked my husband. Don t i said. I m missing something let me guess. A recipe from Sun Day s food Section for something disguising he leaned Over the can and sniffed. I Don t remember having that. What was Broccoli was it Blue Green. Darn it s not Here. Move Over. It s probably in the other look if you la Tell me what you re looking for. Maybe i could it s my new charge card. You know How they Send it in a Plain envelope so As not to attract attention i thought it was junk As four legs kicked in the air out of the top of the can i said. You can t miss it. I wrapped my gum in i thought i heard my husband groan. On the other hand it could have been the Broccoli fiesta coming to life. Copyright 1985 news group Chica go. Inc. News America Syndicate Ann Landers dear Ann Landers i strongly object to your reply to Melissa in new it was discriminatory against people with an Active sexual past. Since you were not Young and single during the "70s. You have no idea. Miss Landers what the sexual revolution was like i am 36. And also had at least 200 sex partners while in College and after. I am not saying i m proud of myself. Like the person who wrote. I am amazed at How fast and Loose i was. But that was Long ago when i was voting and immature. I m a different person now. I m in love with a Man 111 years my senior i and am faithful to him wit no desire for any other sexual partner. Please reconsider if he treats the woman Well and loves her. Jve him a break Ann Landers an in Rochester. dear Roch fair enough. I la re consider. But keep in mind i m a Square old Bat. Born and raised in Sioux City. Iowa. Two Hundred sex partners sounds like a Small army to me. People can and do change. If you say pm Are a different person now i accept that. One must Admire a Gal went from wild promiscuity and craziness to being a one Man woman. Congratulations. Dear Ann Landers this is for the Reader who wrote about her Temble sieges of cold sores. I used to have the same problem until my Girlfriend told me to eat four ounces of Yogurt i any flavor every Day for to weeks and to eat it three times a week after that. I took her advice and Haven t had a cold sore for five years. Torrance. Cal dear Torrance glad it worked tar Yon. A woman in grand Junction. Ol., recommended dabbing the sores with a mixture of 3 Tablespoons of Honey Aad i Tablespoon vinegar. She said at Basa t had a in u years. Sweetie pie in Terre haute swears by growl Waratt and Cocoa or be applied twice a Day. She h waited alter my five Aapha _ Aad that was three years ago. Free at last a Tyler tex., Rene w Safe Rel r c a v e _ commends a paste of White flour Bour Bon any Brand and a dash of Cayenne Pepper. Bill in St. Louis got rid of his cold sores by standing on his head 10 minutes a Day and taking cold showers. I am not recommending any of these panaceas merely sharing the Day s mail. At times this work is a headache but it s never a bore. Dear Ann please forgive the familiarity but i feel As if we be been friends for years. Regarding your recent column on baldness my Mother in Law used to say. The Good lord made Only a few perfect Heads. The rest he covered with and while i have your ear i or Eye i. Ann. Why look for a name for a female wimp 7 sexist titles Are out. A wimp is a wimp regardless of gender. Madison. Wis. Dear mad right Yon Are. No More mail on that subject folks. Sexual Freedom presents a difficult decision for teenagers and their parents. Ann Landers offers Down to Earth advice in her new Booklet. High school sex and How to Deal with it a guide for teens and their for each Booklet Send 50 cents plus a Long stamped Seii addressed envelope to Ann Landers. . Box 11995. Chicago. Iii. 6w1l copyright 1985 news group Chica go. Inc. News America Syndicate Valentine s Day is special Send Flowers from 642-5240 main Street fair tej a 1985 Tours offered 10 Day tour of Oregon aug. 5th-14th Fly from twi 7 Day fall foliage on the Mississippi Queen St. Louis to St. Paul sept. 27th-oct. 4th hosted by. Phyllis Bill Dayton for information Call 717 334-2434 it7 its noun i if s fashion Lane s half of half Sale and it s a tremendous bargain event Purchase any two Sale items in the same department that is two dresses two Coats two items in sportswear during the week of february Lith. Pay the regular Sale Price for the higher of the two items and pay Only of the Sale Price for the second item. Example a 2 Sale dresses regular Price Sale Price you pay 1. 2. Total Purchase for 2 items example b 2 Sale sportswear items regular Price Sale Price you pay 1. Skirt 2. Top s28.00 total Purchase for 2 items find super values on All sole dresses sportswear and Coats already drastically reduced. Sale now in Progress thru monday february 18. Coats jackets moccas1ns handbags t wallets Ivel fuming .f9b.11ththru 23rd Lacni leather 632-8424 . M n x a is Laperl

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