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Gettysburg Times Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1983, Page 1

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Gettysburg Times {Newspaper} - 1983-02-09,Gettysburg, Pennsylvania The Fommo to 1902 vol. $1, no. 33gettysburg times . P4. He is misday. Feb la Alty 9. 193 copy gym times t no tvs pub co 1983 progrks5 at the col Thouse or it nov tip is cd it Iii a at Uit Issy building iwo in. Win the to mtg a a was a Ibex Islona Adana Czinu a Tbs ask Kalat Dorr Start. Buys bars Horkun was wir�4 a Rhea Tricia r pictured a Lackwitz from Tkel a left. Peter Hall we aka Tabeb in Limle a a a Ndu risk Turnr a we fkr Maui to St 19� graft we is of la Litis fixture Rbert Weikert crho a a a ill Kcf a a a a a a a Lak the a eject for Ibe comity us it look Lik it will be caplet no in. Mir a Ril the no Rma to by lb�osb�4 it for distr Tia it a dm� Weaver acc Ball. Tib a blk wis4�w above a 4aar, aa4 delay med Aell Warks in a 4�ar�a r a the Mem Flaar them army a a a Tor to a a a want a us Aba Sli Aam be settled a Early March hese Are the Flat a Ajr rental Haas to Al Meshaell. So my cart race a tidies by Jaa cat Pat school boards seek change in voting District Bermudian Springs Hris Arbi Tim. Times staff writer Ork Springs the Bermu Dian Springs sri Hal Hoard do prised a Resolution tuesday night Clantine the District s Lolk Tor the aul Oriu to proceed in taking the Sprei Arv Legal Steps in Adarii t. Out t. Nurt include specific d areas to it of Ham Iutin township into the i Antt \ intr k sector there Are Ink Arfa in Hami Unn township thai in uld by a farted in the outcome t Fth t ourt Nikirk k m dents on these idol rare if i and land heir Childrs n of it Bermu Didiw s it not schools and a their tax it. To the Ortii Drift however to it Nisi rut Al Pilman Hirv up it pop Thev olt. For that Motif id ii \ j1ic\ set Hoof flirt liar. Til Romed the situation ii Bermudian Sprinc Stmard proposes tit add the Tom areas it i Reading township that action will in it ure that those residents. After led by the l current Oisin Buliung a ill my be aide til mite fur the Quot Hool dire Der that manage Bitch their tax monies and their i Hildren education in nth r i Ines the Board aft Ted the it Lenati in of i it a Hoomer it middy school a a a Fiance counsel air hmm r a Ai i it Ted the Pii hot if Vidil is Enol \ in a Incipit \s-ii.l3nt Thulis Iii ret Conewago Valley Tor in the Bie Spring sch it Mil District hookers resignation a in be effect live March part of the Penns Kania get department of education s planned re vision and standardization of accounting a stems used but local districts Bermudian Spang i has been selected and a Ith the Board s approval tuesday night has agreed to participate As a Volunteer District m the Pilot Pru Eram the Hoard also approved the add ten of a one credit Vear Long course m journalism the course vill be offered to hich a school students let a Sinnine a it the Start of the 1963 St Hariol Vear a High Soho it in diploma will be issued to Helen Rice b the District the Board based their decision on both her High school re Cord and her passing of the o k d lest the Board also approved the hiring of Kay Smith As a Long term Susti Lute music teacher beginning april until the end of the current school Vear she will be replacing mrs Jon Jonston who will be on maternity leave mrs Maxine Herman will be hired As a part time general aide for the Middle school and will to get pm Plogt de two a its a week until the end of the school it ear adult education instructors and substitute teachers and bus Drivers were also approved Al the meeting budget a tax plan criticized by Jett Thuat Miv Tiara Star or Terr hah kist it it i it of Dick Thorn Bunch a us melted a tlj8 to Gillii it a budget tue Lav which Aill in to or a he Ilalue a ii Rulure to i t in add Illonal Millen to help a to the tale a �235 million Clr fic it the to Wmk proposals did not i Well with Adan a i cd unto two it map i mile in the mouse Thev ailed the new taxes unfair and a rent be on a Horn Hurrih it am Phi in Priit Nise he made a i amp Jilin Promise to do Mcgirt with less Siale Kip Ken Nell j Ole Ihli said he s now Trovini to do it Wilh Diirr Tole critic used the governors Bud Eias not provide Iii to in Iuka to non o needed area such As co no Mir development within he slate foie Jalm a Thornburgh for Only prov iding an $ Millen inc Rease in a to it illion budget for i a a Numis development the nut it or one Lonien in this state is it i Here Are percent of the people out of work i think we have Lod it it Tiore for them t Ole said John Bro Josil liw called Thorn Burgh s taxing propos als unfair and said the laves w in Only result in High pm is for the consumer Broujos said the governor s approach to the Budge appeared to be half hearted he s now going to it let the Legerat a St Melv come up with a realistic tax increase neither Republic ans nor democrats will sup port a lax on essentials the bulk of the Revenue Thorn Burghs taxing Proski Sals will raise will come from j Vanet it of items teeing moved under the stale s per cent sales tax included m these items Are household paper and cleaning product it cigarettes con Fention products retail sales of Airo Holic drinks non prescription drugs Cand it and gum Art Ade games Cable television and admissions to run Cert sporting events and the theatre the Thornburgh proposal will Alvo raise an estimated $ million through increase from $ to 9300 on the Levy for capital St Jck and franch ise tax withholding the percent personal income to on dividends and interest earning a program Simi Lar to the one rec Bentiv enacted on the Federal level is Pypec Ted to Gene Rale another 3. Million a percent Oil and Gas of Erani e tax would produit another jts Mil lion and it due Dales and reduce my the i olmec Ion Tommis Sion for the sulcs tax would generate an additional �i Thornburgh Juko n a amended Stiffl million m i a try n venues for High avs m w i h he included hike in the s Vuk Hole so Fui i tax from s to exr it ent and Dou timing the a Heitli Regis Lanilon fro a s24 to t4� the budget in Ludo s additional taxes again and Hope the people Don i but a it s .to la Tiu get t Oil Lijie said the House item rats will Herfie a budget proposal of their a a nil need a a Pace � but Linda Mai for times Orre Spandel w i Ohi it the Ltd in. Amen school Liistro it directors approved what sup pm pendent i Leo to Ilasin Lale r it scribed As a put tuition to the court to i Correct an error in the Volic Region for a Small Piv lion of Hamilton township after toe4fiav Nicht s me a i be w Dasin a Fla in a that the Waii Allee District s Hesmon i in inn r re lev Ine Ludi Sall of to Tii l in a township however about set Cri or eight property holders m that township Are a dually part of the Benn Dian Springs school dist Riri urge Nelv those of a voter t Annot vote for directors in the Bermudian Spiggs District even in Ruth Thev Pav their Taxe lot he Herod til is Drift and even i Horieh their child for att Ltd b a mini in so run stir. On Versuk the proper to owners Irvin he d Are Ali it to v note fur i it it new a l i unit lure liar Tvan though hair Hilure ii an not a in of the on f wac i l t Trif wild Aid the a million me Rev ask the Stirt to re a Tiff our error h iriss it d hat the Dot t Ion a 111 m no was for trill sheif the people m v divert 111 Pav re ,he Hil a hair Hildre n will Allend in ii p Ririe Tulit is the boned a it it Ril it i hire i Winters in o 11ri. 1rii # Ilert in the boart Iasi tvs rat d tenure and rifts i in a t of love i ont Shii to Taco i incl Emp ii Vii Harnett ll7ae1h be Ai h and t he Rvl uni fat e son i Ivr. Of Absente wire Given to Karen Oiin Eandi aral Cedrie a Titi t ird also approve d Numi r on it f Phi to Tivie s distr it Tud a. Id Rii tra or and the Ishri i on tinted on Pace adult bookstores to be banned by Mazanne times a Rrex Patt Dent Tif to sett Itti with an eve to avoiding future the it amt it Erland township supervisors have derided to enact an ordinance Banning adult bookstores chairman h wave i Luck suggested the township draw up the restrictive ordinance at its meeting tues Dav night the Briard unanimously agreed i n other business he supervisors decided to a Dver to f for bids for their purr use of a 1983 dump Ruck before Thev offer the townships 1972 inner National Purchase a new trac Lor and Mower until Afler the truck is bought the Board a viewed a list of people who still owe or capita taxes for 19s2 which the supervisors col Lection a enc sent to them included in the report was a list of names for exoneration for vinous reasons in teding nonresident in it and death the us Pervis irs agreed to the exoneration the dams Ounla it Clef As tip it isor s it fice notified it Sui if of that Donald h a a Dpi of Shealer Road has been appointed a the Assisi and to t is Ltd of amt Ireland and Strabane Lown Shi in a letter from the t it Public infer is coalition informed the Feniard Iba ii group plans it it canvass the township St e King put Lif sup Feirt for it programs since Thev an a non Profil group the township w ill Issue the Fth Mii or i canvassing in thou charge pm lice Oft Eer Harry seas Rit it Orn d he rom Frein led inset Lla Duk whom the Board had tiled As being in Viola film o the in Liili Home ordinance Havduk admitted i is re tint i hath t hit f it on his property the boart agr it t d with Sev it s Tigge Liori that Thev Send a rest ipod later a i Havduk informing him that to ply trailers and icon Reg Iri h11 pro a Rev must be Vara led within Klav Vease Alsey ask a the i Altow a fairer Arian Kluck to attend a t w i Dav on t m in i Imi Narv of f a Dent investigation in my in h the to i firl grud so ase a Loda / Urs Iliad Vamp Al Arn Rient a vestigial Ion i a Dot f i in t Rte int w i Pav the t24l Felt it or St u a reclassification of nursing Home patients discussed but Jenmin Titars suit Hiler Gutt ski r. The \d.,m count it Emmist Ioner Dis i quote duh it reclassification of patient m he county Nursine Home Auriol fit regular tuesday meeting patients at arcs or Rentle being reevaluated he team As a result of new Stair a be Guia tiers govern my the classify it of patients in nurse a Homes of the skilled patients that have been re evaluated in will be reclassified into interned Date fare and Only three a ill remain in Skieie gtd care the Home has to i it than inn skilled care ties and stir than intermediate rare Beds the reclassification will me an a i so fun i it of Horny d if i the differ Are in per d of it into Rise Man hit t e n i he in o Ieve i if f Art whip h i urge Nelv i at iut 112 of i re no i i Finis Quot Irne r k Lirk Dar a re a k a Ted if a Immi Quot i ire s of Quot car u t. I if reent f if ski i Ltd Dot Ira Palie n s in nun h me Are of fined lob it Quot a it me f Art pall its Tommis Ioner Alt in Iwan said in free about percent of the patients a it of f Lassi fied As skilled and Tel percent were intermediate but after the Ruvi a a a the talk Wii id a Quot Clos if to Iff lint intermediate and or Reni skilled the of patients r1f>wnrtfd i intermediate rare is Aptt r inti he site mrs Owano Aid the new classification Reg Lati Ris Ariste As Cost Eon Tain try me Aires m the site Budge i i Aid the re eur Tion five Rais Fil d Loi of Ron Cru an t r>rgani7ations statewide mrs Owan noted so Only the nursing. Home administrators themselves hut unions of employees Rounsv inti eau and Home employees Are r a corned the com missioners India died although the reduced reimburse ments a told Lead to reduction in staff Art ordine to Munk no major a volts Are planned for the Rounsv Home we it Havn t Over slated Klunk said and added the ounts Home Nalt been reducing its si., through attrition it s the same patient and Thev have the same needs regardless of what we Call them mrs owans Ard we still have the Pati it it its and the regulations she said we still have to supp these r vices said it is Geung to come Deown to a Cen St Lothe lax a it ers of the county he said and pointed Oul the state i putting Caps on that per diem allowed Klunk said the county has been i joking for by to rut Hack on opera Tion costs tote county Home recent la received an award for a a in Rita conservation and a procedure to savr a out t400 per month in Laundr it posts a to a n it rat i it d i olm r a the r t is ref provi d if r pita to in it eone a r to Ialine a it Ltd a 2ttti for in a if url or d re f rom Nodi d t in. A t v Iii in or Riri ree in Edert flirt Tir dts i in a r a twixt the or a it it ask to Traci Ihu month of 11er Rrt Ltd r Inman Quot Partie Ipaie-f1 and i it Aid the i to Arifin for the i Fri nera fund i a of editor eve my we a it Dpi roved the Eon Imis i ners Annot Anred the it would nit Rreed f Bidav due Tei the Flost f he dams f Ounla i Oun Hoine for i in Ron s Pirtha it inside weather partier Way i Day Kichi Allm lid 30� to near Tinella my t j term several till Yabar Collee a Tad flu Dia Cwm their j Tena Piper Tracei x Freedom papers in a brom Dob to to value of Fred Imp let him read the users that hts Tonan Ira Berlin has unearthed put vew doctors two Corlors Bave been add to the a Laft Al Pinr it mum Home Pace n fire prevention Jim he adapt count Aahis jul a Law a film in Are Urr Venimon me Silt Ger buried Star Taren a renter w buried tuesday pig la foil on neighbors we a ii too frequently take our Neich Bora for a ranted me Gettysburg rotary cat scanner at Oett it Surg Hospital a a planned to to Ellis Bure rotary Page a is zit to speak Francia j Suer former Alho Lac pest Nowa full time erangc�?~itt will share a i Titi Mon Pace farm forum tickets tickets Are now available fur the mh3 farm forum to be held at the fruit research lab in Bir Lervile pay a it read a Thon utile town elementary Slu Denu participate in read a Thim for m s Page i no disagreements Enn Flemme declared tues Day that the and Groucho Marx by Var had disagreements about Money pm Etz Thuy cot0rtmct people in the Turkey Industry trill to a trading Hie Imi Pann mat Annibal turks to Confer enee Pace i trucker strike striking independen Lluc Kerr have indicated they will Catt off to Weir work stoppage if Congress makes a of Goodwill commit ment pm s banker on tax Law people who put their dollars away will be punished for saving said Harold i. Fax Ker pay Elt massacre report an israeli judicial commit Tion on the Beirut massacre Cal led tuesday forthe ouster of let a sense minister Ariel Sharon pages East Berlin vow Glioma Doughterty to up a at vow banquet Pafe a losing ground Pennsylvania teas lost around As a Fite for operations Page 12east Berlin seniors the Kat Berlin senior Cit Iteni met feb in Thi Lirt Hall Page running out democratic leaders it Eriar it to tuesday that time Hai run out for president Kea can s econ Orno program Page timing is critical Sucre a m crop part gtd be Ion a Pendi on Ade Euale Mois it ire i Index Abri culture Bandit a f Olumn a i thus Ines it i it Lassik is a it in it s a Ossward a i i it avid Broder i it Elters to the of Lilor obituaries a re Dio television Sage sport if Star tracking then time i Etc what s happening a buy Rov to Al the Tarwi Chest Cuvi Fatm a our St few Gre amp to no i Laos t Jac a a m shop pts by Yore it a Siniff pro tops so off or for s3 00�?~ my a g0ls of love from the to i Chi of to by for years to it it it strap i nov it

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