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Gettysburg Times Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 4

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Gettysburg Times (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 4a the Gettysburg times Friday april 6, 1990 Gettysburg times published daily monday through saturday by the times and news pub Ehing company. Copyright 1990 18-20 Carlisle so Gettysburg a. 17325-q669 Philip if. Jonas president Cynthia a. Ford executive assistant to president Donald w. Fair controller Judith a. Shuyter. Circulation manager Robert . Small editor Timothy j. Do to. Jr., night editor the Gettysburg times founded in 1902, continue the Star and Sentinel the Gettysburg compiler the York Springs Comet the new Oxford hem and the East Berlin news Winner of two associated press awards in 1988 As our readers see it Why link alcohol illegal drags editor Gettysburg times i have noted what i feel is a confusing and possibly dangerous trend in Media coverage of americans War on it has become Standard procedure even fashionable for the Media to link alcohol consumption with the consumption of illegal drugs such As cocaine crack and marijuana. Linking alcohol and illegal drugs dam Ages the alcohol beverage Industry an Industry that accounts for Over 13 billion in direct Federal state and local revenues and generates about 4 million . Jobs. In com Parison illegal drugs pay no taxes and prom ote Complete disregard for the Law. Experience of los Milbon americans who drink alcohol is considered socially acceptable and plans a Roll in the customs holidays and ceremonies of our daily lives. I comparison the majority of users of illegal drugs experience High addiction Levels. Illegal drug consumption is not socially acceptable and despite existing for centuries have never played an historic or traditional Roll in our daily lives. As an expectant father it seems particularly inappropriate for Young adults to be told that alcohol and illegal drugs Are Simi Lar. I know that my child will occasionally see my wife me and other adults drinking alcohol responsibly. Ido not wan my child to conclude that there is a responsible Way to use illegal drugs. In conclusion equating alcohol with illegal drugs creates a dangerous and confusing misconception that illegal drugs and alcohol Are equally addictive and equally danger Ous. This serves to divert Public and political attention away from he real and growing drug problem illegal drugs to the Legal Alco hol Trade. John Heywood Lemoyne a. About that pay hike for teachers editor Gettysburg times after Reading in the Gettysburg times 3-26-90 about the increase of nine percent for teachers and administrative employees in the Gettysburg school District is a hefty increase per year for salaries according to the inflation rate. Also Reading in the Gettysburg times 3-27-90 about the 2.2 million surplus and the directors hesitated to say How much they might increase taxes and the directors chose to listen to the administrators about their budget recommendations. My question is Are the directors the governing body of Jive school District or the administrators or. Bellinger stated spending the 2.2 Mil lion surplus to avoid a tax increase would leave the school Board with no surplus next year How would this 2.2 million surplus be used the statement of or. Bollinger of 1.5 Mil lion surplus maintained each year would Lead to a surplus of 2.5 million in 1994. Someone would better recalculate these figures again. What happened in the business office when the dept. Of education May reclaim plus of the instance of failing to comply with the state auditors. I have a grandson who graduated in 1989 and he told me there were some students graduating who were unable to read and write. If this be the Case what has wrong with the school curriculum. If i operate my farm and fruit growing Way the school District spends Money i would not be in the business very Long. Clarence w. Setterman Biglerville mount Joy waste station opposed editor Gettysburg times Adams county is now United in their con Cern. The citizens of mount Joy township have alerted Public officials and residents All Over our area that the possibility exists for the use of the Adams county Transfer station inc. To launder garbage from out of state. A spokesman for the group further explained that governor Casey through an executive order has placed a limit on the amount of out of state garbage that can be accepted in Pennsylvania landfills. Could this station sit there Twenty four hours and then be listed As Littlestown Pennsylvania As a. Point of waste management inc., the world s largest garbage Hauler owns the Transfer station site. It s permit application which is still being reviewed by Der is for 350 tons daily. Adams county creates approximately 175 tons daily. Some of the difference in that amount could come from out of state. If is conceivable that the Transfer facility could take 100 percent out of state waste. Through a network of information Adams count ians Are being told about the ongoing Battle which has its roots in mount Joy township. Is this just the beginning of our county with its close proximity to the state Border being used by the waste Indus try to dump everyone else s garbage the department of environmental resources needs to know that you wish to be heard. Write your concerns to or. Michael Steiner regional director Bureau of waste management Harrisburg regional office one Ararat Boulevard Harrisburg a. 17110. Betty Bovidge Sac save Adams county mount Joy citizens group write a letter the Gettysburg times welcomes let ters to the editor and to make it easy we have established a few guidelines. Let ters should be typed or legibly printed. We won t Usei Tiwe can t read it letters Mast be signed by the author and fee address and Telephone number Mast be included for verification. Name of the author will not be withheld. We will edit or condense letters when necessary and Only one letter per month will be printed from the same author. We will refuse to Iise letters thas Are not is Good taste not in the Best interest of the Public or in our judgment Wotila harm the integrity of another person s personality or Liveli Hood. Opinions expressed in the letters paper. The address is Gettysburg times letters to the editor 18 Carlisle St. Gettysburg a 17325. Out of the past 25 years ago John Klein Ria Victor recording artist who was the official Carillon eur for the Seattle world s fair will present a concert next 10, at the dedication of the Carillon placed at the visitor Center by the daughters of Union veterans of the civil War 1861-1865. Q q q Sophomore Don Ardin md., gave the fans some thing to look Forward to the remainder of the track season. He tied the school s 50-year of d 100-Yard dash record when he was clocked in 9.8 seconds in his first varsity meet. James g. Sneeringer sr., Gettysburg a 2, was elected president of the Delone Catholic High school Parent teacher association sunday afternoon at the annual Spring meeting of the Pat held in the school at Mcsherrystown. Q q q or. Jacob w. Heikkinen of the Gettys Burg lutheran theological Seminary was a special guest of the Vatican at last wednes Day s papal audience and later was introduced to Pope Paul i in a private meeting in the Chapel of St. Sabastian on that Occa Sion Pope Paul presented to or. Heikkinen a copy of the Vatican Council ii edition of the new testament in greek and latin. Thoughts on a child care Bill Washington each House of con Gress now has completed action on its own child care Bill. Both measures address the same problem if it is a prob but they address it differently. After three years in the legislative cooker what emerges is a. Bowl of bureaucratic and formidably expensive Mush at that. A threshold question never has been satisfactorily answered is there a child care problem so critical that it compellingly demands an elaborate Federal Prog ram the self evident fact is that the children who would be affected by the pending Bills Are now being cared for somehow. They Are not lying unattended in City streets or country roads. Most attention focuses upon the Esti mated 8 million children under 5 whose mothers Are in the labor Force. Census data suggest but do not firmly establish that 3.3 million of them Are staying with a relative usually a grandparent. Another 2.3 million Are with non relatives. As Many As 2 million children Are in Day care centers mostly operated by churches. The others Are in a variety of situations. Some unknown percentage of these toddlers Are doubtless in less than Ideal circumstances. They May not be getting what the legislative sponsors term qual Ity care but evidence on this score is shaky. Last year a Harris poll found that almost 80 percent of parents Are satisfied with both the availability and the Cost of the child care they have arranged. Plainly there is no crisis that demands imme Diate Resolution through a multimillion Dollar Federal program. Both the House and the Senate Bills take a crisis for granted. The Bill just passed by the House is the More elaborate the More the James j. Kilpatrick two. It splatters Money All Over the land scape through a bewildering Maze of Grants appropriations incentive funds and earned income tax credits. In the first year actual Federal outlays might be pegged at billion but costs would explode thereafter. Child care promises to become the most costly entitlement program since medicaid. We Are talking about a real budget Buster but Cost is the least of the objections to the Bill. Both versions will under mine to some extent the venerable Princi ple of federalism. Both implicate a kind of statism that is profoundly disturbing. At the moment but Only at the program does not mandate specific detailed National standards for providers of Day care sen ices. This will not last Long. The animating spirit behind Federal funding is Federal control. In order to qualify for Federal Grants the states eventually will have to accept guidelines on child staff ratios the qualifications of child care personnel and All the rest. In this process a priceless ingredient of federalism will be frittered away. Under our system of government the states Are supposed to function As laboratories of political Experiment. That is what the 10th amendment is All about. But when the Federal straitjacket tight ens As it surely will the areas of experimentation will be greatly diminished. Let us look Down the Road and let us reflect upon the secular role that lies ahead. Roughly one third of the eligible children in need of Day care now Are cared for in Church related facilities. There they receive not merely food for their bodies but food for their minds As Well. They get at least some instruction in sound moral and social values. But such values Are of Small concern to the secular bureaucracy that this program would create. Millions of poor children will become for most purposes wards of the state. The competing House and Senate Bills leave the question of child care vouchers up in the air. Such powerful lobbies As the National education association Are fighting bitterly to prevent the voucher theory from finding a foothold yet a sys tem of vouchers redeemable through any qualified provider offers a Freedom of Choice that otherwise would be lacking. A constitutional Means must be found that will not Cut the Church related facilities out of the picture. A conference committee will now go to work on resolving differences Between House and Senate. In the nature of things a Compromise measure will emerge. Not 50 of the 535 members will understand the final provisions. All that will be clearly understood is that both parties will have responded after a Fash Ion to what is misguided by perceived As a critical National need. President Bush Sharpen your veto pen 1930 Universal press Syndicate tie a Green ribbon i walked out of the House last sunday morning and found Jill Stevens tying a Green ribbon to her old Oak tree. What s ifs for George. I want him to know that there is always a warm Welcome for him when he comes comes Back from prom playing Golf. He left at 7 o clock this morning and i Don t know if full Ever see him and she burst into tears. You la see him i assured her. Has to come Home after it gets dark. Did he leave a note when he went yes. It was stuck to the Mirror and it said to off to kick some ass with a Little White Ball an find the Bluebird of Happi Ness Well Atlea the did t sound depressed. Have you told the i explained to them that their daddy was on a very important Mission to Cen trial America to save the country and thatus Why he could t spend sunday with did they buy you have to be kidding. They May be but they re not dumb. Five been thinking that since he won t come to us Art Buchwald maybe we should go to you mean show up on the not necessarily. It could be near a water Hole or in a Sand i Don t think that s a Good idea. If every fatherless family showed up to see a loved one on a Golf course there would be no place for the golfers to play. In my opinion you re better off keeping the Vigil i worry about Jill confided. He s been complaining about his game lately. He mentioned that he s overshoot ing the All golfers say something like that. Just be grateful if he returns Home. Many duffers Are too ashamed to face their fam Ilies after playing 18 he claims that he s doing it for i believe that he s Felling the truth most golfers maintain that they play the game to protect their loved ones from Castro s Cuba. I know George and i am sure that at this moment he is dedicating every Chip shot to sent him a note from the children butt was returned with a stamp addres see unknown i wonder if hell find me As attractive As he did when he sure he will. You re a Beautiful woman. Remember this Golf does t change a Man s attitude toward his wife. Hell always remain the same person unless he crashes into somebody else s Golf i was thinking of taking up the sport Jill said. Don t. George has enough trouble with his putting without worrying about do you think hell get the significance of the Green ribbon on the old Oak Jill asked. He would be a very very insensitive golfer if he did 1990 la. Times Syndicate today in history by the associated press today is Friday april 6, the 96th Day of 1990. There Are 269 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on april 6, 1909, american explorer Robert Edwin Peary became the first per son to Lead an expedition to the North pole. On this Date in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints was organized by Joseph Smith at Fayette . In 1862, the civil War Battle of Shiloh began As the confederates attacked Union forces in Tennessee. In 1892, author and newscaster Lowell Thomas was born in Woodington Ohio. In 1896, the first modern olympic games were formally opened in Athens Greece. In 1917, Congress approved a Declara Tion of War against Germany. In 1963, the United states and Britain signed an agreement under which the americans would sell Polaris a-3 mis Siles to the British. In 1965, the United states launched the Early Bird communications satellite. In 1971. The russian born composer Igor Stravinsky died in new York City. In 1984, the space shuttle challenger blasted off for the fifth time on a we Klong Mission. In 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial average closed above for the first time. In 1988, Tirza Porat a 15-year-old israeli girl was killed in a West Bank Melee. Although arabs were initially blamed for her death the israeli army concluded that Tirza had been accidentally shot by a jewish settler today s birthdays composer conductor Andre Previn is 61

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