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Gettysburg Adams Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania M and a Misse Tii Al. At h i Pora Anguin. In a Ivancev or �T�2 50 if not Olid with m the year. Rottert g. . Propri Etva. A Dve list wcokn�?25ctii.ppr so for Raich Wilh care the spirit of a Pon the Princl Prii of . However specion the . Female Seminary. The Hilf yearly a a minion of the Youngf will Lake ply of on thursday the i5th inst Rommen ring at 10. A m. The of Guy Burtt tre a Proi Fiihr to Vtipil to air nil. Honky w. Thorp. Principal sept. 6 an Eximina Tiomi of i\\9 students of pen Sylvan col latib will Tonko Pince on Friday to Kris la of september in Llie Collo be Chapel at 0 in the and 2 in the nac noon on saturday at 9 o clock on monday and tuesday of the following week at the a Amo Fourt. The Public Are Respol fully invited to attend. Sept. 5. Alumni association. The annual add Rem before if alumni a Doc Iarion of Penn Ylva Nia collage. Will be delivered in Chrim a Churry by j Ami a Marl and. A. M. No the six us of evening. September we. Ai 7 o clock. I lie Public is Teape Cipully inv ird to Aii end. A Nigel in of the Avan relation for the a Tran Mczion no Butine a will he held in the College edifice in the afternoon of the a ame Dav at 2 no Lark. Goti Meb Barler see a. Penn Moliere. Auf. 22. Ii Public Sale. W1i.i< be of Fred at Public sule. In Friday it we Day of sep Fem her next on the Pretnik a a. Uie the blk Laie of Pkt r Kipling re. Decernea m wit the i comr Tiik sky. By Catiti Artnak ii. Waterman. There in a Home a Bright pure Home a Home beyond the sky where living a Watere gladly gush forever to the Eye. A upon where a pols congregate a path Liy uni jell trod. A promised land where Trojie shall meet who love and worship Uoo. Placed above the burning stars the far spread Fields of Leaveil of what a Gin Raioum heritage to the pure hearted Given. The sick heart turn eth from the Earth the yearning eager soul stretches afar in anxious thought j o the eternal goal. Yes like a weary bark it comes the plaything of the wave Trust my its Hopes to that one Arm that but alone can save. There is a Home a Bright pure Home unseen by mortal Eye whore the worn Wenry rest in peace. The Home beyond the sky. / a a enter a at ibo Alison if at band Wheir All clan to i of Eit Iiene Are liable to be afflicted a a Ith Dye end Ery Star rho. Fi�., fays the Farmers Gazette we deem ii our duty to make Public the Fol to wimp simple and Efti Rachou rett tidy which has been known to us for several years and which we have repeatedly Uit de with Complete pm Rrex a. It is Simpio 10 take a Tumbler of cold water thicken a i with wheat Fluur to of thick Erevani. And drink it. Thi to be repeated never in time in the Roor a of the Day. Or at often a you Are thir to and it is not very skely you will i iffy try it on the Seconia Day. We have not Only used it in our cae. Hut we have recommended it to our friends in Many instances and we never knew it to fail of effecting a speedy cure even in the worst stage of dysentery. It is a simple remedy and Cutis nothing. Try ii Sll who need it. Ron Sistok of several contiguous Iva cts of i it site Nitu Fie in l it Rick Iown hip. Add is county about 3 Miles West of Llano ver and the distance of Oxford a ill Vinine land of George Bugle. Divid i Lagle. A it is it pm Uttlinger and others con la nine together 428 acres Anil 28 perches neat a a Urenn which Are erected on la it it puh Tii. Road which from the a sri be Turnpike to Oxford a spacious a two Siors Brick to lung House Vith a Back building Attar i d. A Well with % pump in the Yard and a Brick for Init Linuse. There is Alfo a or Joe a Pring of Waer near the Bouse. If Iino the cellar Wilt a times. A barn with a bed a or Viand it a St table in and Cor crib Aii Rocil is marriage Botine. Besides Otili a Neil it it ii �-4v buildings All in i00d rep Iii and two Orchard of Picc Leeiii fruit. About 100 acres Beine of first rate Limestone land a proportionate Quantity of which being Meadow and the other is arable to a food slate of cultivation and under Geml Fence and the residue being Bill land. It a Ell timbered. A More Pari Icolar description in deem cd per Flous. As persons inclined to Pur Cave. Will be a Hown the a d premi yes. If trailed upon by either of the sub a crib frs the former Resi Ditzig at Lenover. And the Lazier in the Vicinity Sale to commence at 10 o clock in the Forenoon of said Day when Aitken dance will be give it. And terms of Sale made known by Mari Gael Geo bios i Etter s Auguat 1.5 to the subscribers. Assignees of we m Crk Arv. Under a deed Notni i. Will a nope to Public Sale on saturday the both Day of Orother next at one o clock p. M on the Prem Pep the undivided half of the farm on which be reside is Huaie in Freedom town Bip. Adama county a Lori it Nin t land of George Psi Era on. Henry Murphy and other Eonia ining 185 acres 51 perches Mort or less the improvements on which Are a two Story Hill House Bank born Rucks Riih s shop Corn crib ii a if aide Danee will be Given and to rat of a lie made known by .1011n Jones. C. Oven of Rorr Iii genes. Aug 22. To n. B. The other half of the farm will a Ito be disposed of if desirable to the purchaser. A 9 y if in a a it air a a the in Ifer by Sweet to the soul Foaman. Save Llic Rocle is the society of a beloved wife. When wearied and broken Down by the labors of the Dav her endearments soothe her solicitude restores him. The anxieties and misfortunes of life Sre hardly Tobe borne by him who has the weight of business and do me tie eares St the same time to Ponien it with but much lighter do they seem when after his necessary avocations Are Over he return to Bis Home and rails there a partner for All his Griefs and troubles who takes for his Sake her share of do Mene labors upon her and pooches the it Ines Mph of his anticipation. With a wife who thus Sharea his burdens and alleviates his sorrow there is no Dipti ult so Beavy and insupportable that Man May not overcome. Many a re invalids at present from not Takin a Mufti fiend prec Anition against expo pure to Ibe night air. The Brilliant Moon Light Nighia a Tihart romantic Young Diep and gentlemen ii Beardens and other Pia re and there the Damp new a of the Almon phere a Nickle Cauper them o in be cold. Parents and guardians Shneid keep a Bright look Oul. To these juvenile and thu Keet Al a did Ian re of it Vogt a Agues nurses doctors. And their boils. The invention of invent inn of Gunpowder and guns in indisputably Ger Nan. And i said to have been Prodoti i d in this manner. One hot it i it get Sclia Selz s Learned Friar being one Engin pm in making chemical Experiment mixed Saltpetre and brim a tone with other ingredients and set them upon s fire in a Crucible but a a Pirk getting into it. The pot pit Donly broke with s great violence and noise. Which cd ent pure Rio Eil him if Ira to. But he a Rupea led the Experiment and siniling the effect constant. Set himself to work to improve it for which purpose he cnut de an Iron pipe to be made with a Small Hole to fire in and putting some of Bis ingredients. Log Leer with some Small Stone Pel fire to it and found that it answered his expectations. In Penni rating All before it.�?. This happened about the year 1330, and was soon improved to the making Tif great ordnance a i ice death caused by an external Aphea Linn of care of death from to e absorption of Laud Nuin applied Exier Naly. Haa Jill occurred in Paris. A Young draft ii writer m. Camille re Nav. Whose attempts had been very favourably spoken of. Was ordered by his father who ii a physician to apply for a plight Itulid pm Pinion a poultice on the Pio Mach on which he was to let fill a few drop of laudanum. I Oast Page the pain which was acute the patient let fill not four or five drops but the contents of the whole a i d. To in effect waa sin opt to Santa Seoup after the application of the Poti tire. An Lido top were applied immediate la but m. C. Banyay died shortly afterwards. The British War in aft Hanisian since the first of March has Cost 20 000 lives and 0.000,000 and Ere its termination the amount Boih of men and Money will probably be doubled. And this is in example of the Ordinary Cost of War yet there Are philosophers among us who would Baye had England and the United states Settle their disputes by an Sepesi to arms rather than make any Concession or Compromise leading to an Mic Sale and fins adj Simeni of them j foot roce of rather a novel chars ctr come off s few evenings since in Charles Street mall Between or. John Sheridan the Well known proprietor of the gym a opium in Congress Anreei and an sea Eurof ibis City. The prize was s Silver cup. Or. Sheridan ran fifty Yard with s Man on his Baek weighing one Hundred and fifty pounds Oga Insi one Hundred Yards run by his adversary and came in Winner. Time thirteen seconds gain on his opponent about four Yards. Or. Sheridan is probably the flee test runner in the Avail. To Ege table be pro penalty of our eat Kern Yankee for a certain vegetable is thus Waggitt discoursed upon by some Chap Down South among the Rice Fields hear him the people Down East Are death on bean bold bake been bean boiled to a bag begins mixed with Corn a iring Beans in All their Viri Eliea. They Are folks who know be Iii. A Good old Dominie who Laboured a Ginat Manv year in one of the bean eating town made an estimate by which he ascertained that lie preached to about forty bushels of Beans every Sabbath. The Cincinnati Republican of the 25th Ultimo says that the immigration of germans to that City was never so great As at present. The number for the Lawi three or four weeks is slims red at one thou a and per week. De is says mrs. A Ilis is Moat painful a Pectic be info i lies where the to intr is the Drudge log be the daughters elegantly dressed reclining St their ease with their drawing their Mittic. Their fancy work and their Reading beguiling themselves of the lapse of hours Dave and weeks and never dreaming of their re Pond Bill in ties but As a necessary consequence of the neglect of duty growing weary of their a elem a lives laying hold of every newly invented stimulant to Rouse their drooping energies and blaming their Faie when Lihty Date not blame their god. For having placed them where they Are. These ind Vidu ils will often Tell Yoti with an air of alte eted compassion for who can believe i Realff that poor dear mammi is working herself to Tiseth. Quot yet no sooner do you propose that they should Assisi her than they declare she is quite in her elements in Shori. That she would never be Happy if she bad Only Usif is much to do. Tend to i Oifer interest on hand and Fob Bale at tub Gettysburg steam foundry Samuel h. Little s Patent portable t\\tft8\ung Maea Unea for two three and four horses. We deem ii to make any com mint upon those machines As they have proven them selves to be far Superior to any thing of the kind now in use. T. Warren k co a Elysburg july 11. Urn going times for the poor emigrants. Hundreds Are returning Home penniless. Two Hundred went in the Virginia last monday one Hundred in the counters of Arran and Over two Hundred will go in the new York to Day no work Here for them. We advice those who have Mimey to go to the West and Purchase . J. Paper. In did to Green in in lion Don. Has been Titera several month and in que ii a lion so a Avillie papers. The ten Ersi is american to the Bone and Luses no Opportunity to speak in Praise of the institutions of his own blessed government. On Ibe 8th july Ultimo at an Aii i Corn Convent Iii Iti lion Don tiie Tenert was present and introduced to the to Oventon by thai notorious abolitionist Well known in this country George Thompson. Due to a Reen haled Ablott Tonias in this country. Rut no Mailer introduction was Tho thing he wanted and that he a stained. The to intr of attending the said Cir event Iii. The Honor of making a speech to Honor of his own you nary was the Honor he most corp Tail. That Honor was granted and Leo. A till Green did risk a a a speech and a Good speech Loo. In Winch among a great Many other thing he a Aid that the poor of the u s were inline Elv better put than those of Ivi Gunrly th4t in the a a states not one half to filie soil was improved that there a is More room for a a a Ricu Tural Ini Louiry in five of the 2�o state than to All Europe thai assembling in crowds threatened to hang a our factories were better apr touted had the magic trates. The procurator syndic Premer and better i dressed girls than any at first laughed at their Ali reads Tut the factory in Europe and Ihu i Altey were Mittli Irude refusing to disperse he Hassein twice As in Vej Ligoni. True a and hied the Council of the come the and men in eng Laid As Chen ordered the fire engines Wilh plenty off Reen would do no Hirm. Lie of cake water mixed with soot to be drawn out i what he in Ink and what he thinks i it Petticoat in urgent a in the year 1792. The women of Toulon declared themselves in a state of instr Keetion and from the Baltimore american. The next Pren Denry Al he action of the whigs in reference to the next pres Sideney is a to Only in contrast with the in yemenis of their political Nippon Enid. On our Side there is Bui one candidate in Nubi of. Without diversity of views or variation of pen Timenia Wii Hont Beni tation or Reserve the whigs go for Henry cosy. The popular feeling speak without prompting. And that feeling in rent and powerful it will set with Ali the advantages that result from Unity of purpose and with Sll the Force this belongs to s Conee Mariion of Energy. On the Oiher Side nothing is seen but division. Uncer nine a and the claims of Riv a spi rants District the a sri. And give Rise to dissension and jealous. Tip a Friend of or Syboun seem resolved that their favorite shall stand. Coi. Johnson is already nominated and with s plea ant coolness of irony Tysl would do credit to or. Van Burro himself. The Lla Risburg meeting after declaring Fiir the c colonel resolved that a the letter of or. Van Buten to the Quot Missouri legislature Der tining the Noni nation for the / Resi it Nei exhibits Lii Quot Devotion to the heat Titt Eresly of the a democratic party and meet the decided a a Aoji Robalino of the peo Jile of the whole a a Union and especially of the Demori a by of . The Albany Argus becomes uneasy Ai ibid g Quot be in Inu Avion. And a ave a a the id ii Thal or. Van Burn has dec ined s Quot Nomi Omilion. Or will decime a Uch a a a Nat infestation of the popular and demo Quot Crealie will. If in a Hall he rendered. In a a Noi we presume s just application a a of the language of ii Leiter to the Quot legislature of Missouri. Almost simultaneously with this. The new yorker ening Posi expressing ill admits icon for or. Calhoun inn so Sirlei Point of View lakes occasion to a a but allowing Ali Tysl his Friend can with tolerable fairness. Claim for him we cannot resist the confusion Thal the proper candidate of the demo Risic party is or Vau Buren this declaration in followed by an elaborate i ology of or. Van Buren a la Lenin and services and by an inti nation of the propriety of a nation Al convention. Mere Ihen Are three Candida let who May he considered a in the Field. In the other Stile. Ilow or Ulhorn and of Johnson stand affected towards a National Conven Uon we do Noi know. Tie Latte r per Onaga May Fier haps remain a Onte re collection of the convention in ibid City which Dit not nominate s Cand Olate for the Vii e presidency. A few Yeara age. In addition to the three Alre Aily named there is or. By Chianan who has Maity Strong friends and there Ejli Beau of fori iodide no duty it. To unite Ilie Loc Forn party upon or. Tel Era with whal a us Cess tune Wil show we shall not dwell further Al present upon these Hamdy quarrels. The whig Are prepared for pity Fovini. They do Noi perceive in the Lisi of the opposing i Aifili Ditis the Tiline of any one Timi in Iii be a i a Likely to Render dont Fui the Tri Iii Ihu in elect uti us Henry Clay in ism. Pull Siik do or quest of the late inti St very convention for the Middle counties. Pursuant to Public notice a convention of the Fri kids of immediate emancipation assembled in Petersburg v. Sadonis coun. To on Tho 2dj of August. 1842. The House was Calm to order by appointing is Raki p. We kit president pro Tern str Ign p. I Akly and Howard w. Uil Rrt secretaries. A circular issued by the York Springs so a ciely addressed Quot to the friends of immediate in the Middle counties and Mirts adjacent of Pennsylvania Quot was then rend. The following committees were then appointed Viz a committee of two to prepare a Roll one consisting of nine to nominal officers and one of eight to prepare business. The committee on nominations reported the following is red persons fur officers of the convention which report was unania Niou div adopted Ivry i /cfif18rabh p. Wright of Adt ims county. Kice prciideut��?3hmk�s . Of Adams county and Thomas Alook of Cen ire county. Secor Zarif Lhoward in. Gillert of York and Suphen f. Weka by of Adams county. The business committee then reported the subjoined resolutions vix Scio Vei that too Long has the Freedom of the american slave been in Isipa cd toothed and minor questions of National and state interest and that now not Only Justice to Tho slave but a to our own rights constantly Leri cd by the continued existence of slavery prompts us to its immediate Over throw. Resolved that the connection of Tho North with the system of slavery is such in our constitutional obligations to return the fugitive quell insurrections maintain land not Limval forces to guard the institutions of Tho South and in numerous other ways As clearly Chin pcs the fact that whiles portion of Tho people of the South Are the a Lave new nor. Ter of the mar it Aaro be slave Holtier us Elvrd that if the Constitution and of this Union did Una implicate us in slave Holdi if Slit we would to bound As men Wilh wan wherever oppressed to toil Tor emancipation and this View of our duty is sustained by the theories and practices of Iho mass of our religious professors As Well As of our in re f Renic to almost every question except that of South Ohi shivery. 1 he convention then on motion adjourned until 2 o clock i. M. Afternoon session. The convention met pursuant to adjournment. Ihu Prex ident in Tho chair when a letter from Edward m. Davis relating to inti acc was read and Tho subject referred to a Coin Milice. The Corn Milice on Tho Roll report that there Aro 70 Nien hers present. Adams Cumberland Perry. Onto York a a Castor and Hysler counties Are represented also Dis Tigu Ifred friends of the cause from Phil Del Phin new York and Ohio and some Friendly to the abolition of slavery Furdin Virginia and Maryland were present. Tho resolutions prepared by Tho bust ices Corn Milice were then discussed by Thomas free James Pulton and professor Reynolds and adopted. The business committee to whom was referred the consideration of the duty of Aioli. Tion Isth in relation to slave grow products report that they have Given attention to the subject and it is their judgment thai it is our duty to obtain from Tho Tiso of such products we urge a Kin Tho slave owner Tho duty of his claim to Tho slave at any Iii engined sacrifice. Is it less our duty to Quot Dei Pise Tho gain of oppression Quot i the Diffin Eulliea in the Way ought not to discourage the attempt a Miliny of those will be More Eulily of Como than is imagined and while Hoino May suck to palliate such Pritti citation from Ifie circumstances in which they Are pit cod Liis should not be admitted sea Justi ii lion of Sci Iii a a Imp takers in other men s Tiu report was on motion Uriani Boualy adopted. Itei Brkl were then Mado by James Mott and Arona ii Llort. On motion Loso tved that when Woad a Nitro to Odd Oiin to Nigel at 0 o clock tomorrow morning. The following series of Rosol Mons was then of tired by the business Cummitt co and adopted a nil Mfd that we recommend that Stren to ii Fli orig be made to Shlain Ilie Nigrini urdu i of a cargo a portion of our population of both i a oxus As May to practicable to prot tuition to a gym 24fa, morning he ution the House met agree Italy to when on motion of it Lucretia Mott the Busic Ness committee was discharged. Several letters address Titi to the Wem read and the follow Irig letters and subjoined extracts from others were directed to be pub Lishco Philadelphia Matig. 11,1843. We. Wrin Irr Esq dear Friend a you Kinti invitation Tif attend the meeting of Tho proposed convention on the 2 Al inst. Wis duly received. I regret nost deftly that Previn us engage ments will present me front accept big it. I have promised to attend the annual meeting of the Wilberforce anti slav amp by society of Chester Couitt on the 24th, and the quarterly meeting of the tricks county anti slavery society on the 20th. For to to attend these meetings will Render it impossible to be present at your convention. Nothing could have Pleto sed me More Thail to have been w Ith y of. I f at a by future Lime i can Aid the cause by a visit to your count Jet 1 shall be most Happy to do so. Hoping that your conv Littion May prove eminently successful in hastening the Day of deliverance to the poor slave i remain very truly Youin for the truth the rights Samuel d. Has Tinoa Philadelphia eighth mime a �o0,1843. Esteemed friends a i regret no inability to attend your convention to be held Neit week. While i dissent from your kind Opin Ion that my attendance would add to Ihu interest of the ii meeting i a humid be Happy at the same time to meet Earith you on that occasion. Circum to Nee. However Forb i it and i am almost contented to remain at Home in consideration of the attendant of the really go oriols delegation which is Tif represent the abolitionism of Philadelphia. 1 Trust thit you will have a Goa meeting. The materials around Vou Are of Tho right chars ctr with Urbich to form an anti slaver Phalanx. The country after Allia to lie Tho great sphere of anti slavery act Ioir a for those who resale without the limits of the influence of our Large cities have not a Many inducements nor As Manv temp Tath Gtna a As have those whore Eort trolled to a great degree by that influence to sacrifice their convictions of truth and duty. A a Trade wealth and fashion have Ever exercised an evil Power Over the pure and glorious pro cents of enlightened Tiina Ivity. The in Rechanl has a higher regard for Southern custom than he could Ever Init Rise of human rights. The Man of wealth i Stiefe the riches which my perish within Hist rasp Infin Linly More than he a Ottly is Timaly the Zmrukh of Heimsn happiness the Man of reputation is much More influenced by Tho prevailing voice of the i ple thin by that voice which speak within his heart commending him to love his brother is has loves himself. Rach one and All of them offer tip the interests of three millions of their enslaved fellow men on their own favorite so str a and holy men note scrip Tum for the deed. But with those who reside beyond tie Resch of the corrupted morals of of Densi by populated communities other and higher feelings and sentiments have their influence. The heart is pure and the mind is not so thoroughly corrupted with Idle daydreams of wealth and pm War and worldly distinction. Existence is not an unceasing confusion a Busy and constant a hurrying Tei and fro. It is actual life As it was intended Man should enjoy. A a gob made the there will his spirit exercise its highs est influence Over the hearts and conscience it of men. And f Are should the friends of humanity place Tho chief portion of their dependence fur the most faithful a flirts for the liberation of the Bondman. Information in regard to slavery its character its influence and its porn or remedy a ats alone is want ing to make the mass of the people of our stale forsake their present position As supporters of the so cursed system and Causo Thorn to devote their energies for its instant atm tuition. Let this in forbid lion be Given them whether by the circulation of anti slavery documents of the Liol Dingo did a Russ ions let oct Reshad conventions and Tho voice of a a thrilling up from a Ach Valle a Flung Down from each height Quot a shall sound in Ting log ears the of american slavery. Re pleased to remember me to your Friend a and believe me yours Ery faithfully the. 8. Cave under. It is a net Well Wonloy of remark that of a Burtington n j. Both Hio to a 1842. Dear Friend-1 Trust the tribe Genius of our enter Prizie my be with you constantly rendering your deliberations and discussion full of Zeal and brotherly for Beatarice and promoting a fearless advocacy of the truth regardless of the opposition which Yoti May the Rno i a a tenuous solve re Tel of the one for Trio arc Gatior of All and i to Al provisions Winch require Tho popu of Man pop Fer Are to he Ftp Iii Imong those to a either through their who would Huper opiate to them clues Public it Nib the taxes paid on a exclusively the title of democrats Ai a Quot a of or old Erciso. To my or Poi Mii Horary re Narks thai strange As participate in holding human beings in Sla very. In Baille array. By a vigorous discharge of this smutty artillery the insurgents in Petit coals were completely routed and quietly returned Toi heir Humes. Pennsyl Vaisin Ess ton a. Kennel says Quot in this county there is seven Miu on of dollars invested in the Coal Trade in Al mining Mills one and s half million in the lure of Iron five Hundred thous and in tanneries one Hundred a a fifty hot Island. Besides a Large Amonn of motion. Woollen and other manufactures. And this amount of capital in us altered to Lav san Iii Idle fur Waul of pro it prote Cipun Quot generally Preidy York Lidor Lite Meta inc act so Don Migut l Mannz a to petitioned the me Xii an Jovern Niento for the exclusive right of making Neial lie Lega of Hll invention blur my the Leroi of ten years. Me regret Penis Hern a for Superior to any other kind of a Trifi Cirii legs Lii Herto invented. Twili one of these Lega he save. A Man in Wlk. Or even dance without the Aid of Sruti hcs. A false Friendl ii like a Shadow on a dial it appears m Clear weather Bui vanishes is soon As ii is Cly Udy. May a Jipner. It in quite natural and in Sci Oft once Wii i the teachings of history a., ,. A. A f 11 n i on Fri i s Thiu to be adopted on motion of i he a ripest Liberty folks to Ronie were Quot Het Loed thai we consider Tho Rule of the i a Olio were lot Desi in Aji Proval of the Usu Pinoli of Cipar. Ami m Parin the Smitie class of people were Fotiuk to he the Iii Isi hoi it Eromis Gloni Fri of the at Rockies of . There is a in it air Ltd ten ency in extremes to inc Fly in ii when the i Ahot it a v in an Iii de. The Tifrit Slep is to Herald. Avoid had Coni Pany one cannot Asso Rixie with a vile per on one hour i Ilious of a i Viig some injury. The aim a there Aroi ind Hirist it impure anti Dana Crotis a pints -4 Dull Day an empty pocket to eing in love an i the Loosli Clif. A a the i Cincinnati Nephi Allcan say Quot thut in individual in that City i Ike been Ben Tench i to the l cite Tia y for act a a ii years fur pay swing cuu Ulert Eit ditch and half Dixie a. Congress and the stale legislature asking receive Fortt any source. I believe we have quota a. _. ,�?z�?zj., Niobe to fear from pretended friends than from those who Ere honestly and openly of Kosing us for there Isa class who profuse to eel much interest in the work and who Are still fun Ted opposing the Means Wutich mrs adopted with a View to promote it instead of going steadily on bearing in th6ir Stirn Way Tho testimony against wrong and lifting up their hands to stay these Rabi of approaching ruins which still threatens with destruction the lingering Hopes of the Bondmen and the already injured liberties find right sofa Large ortion who Sre engaged in the work of i lib ration. From these i think be will receive the most injury and it will be Well for us to continue under the guide fee of that Liberal and Universal spirit which Trochei All to look beyond sect to mount Over the narrow limits which a bigoted religion would throw around us and to embrace All in ene whole and undivided family of Universal brother Ioctl. The professing Christian Church of this Day is the greatest obstacle i the Progress of right re form. Men Are a if used by the example of ancient times. And by the trammels of present Chis join to icky a to Iho cent Rich for Riihl Wisness and to the Iriemi Good for a godlike principle thai u ii hard to uproot the still . By Lii of of Haj the Church and her thin Isles Are and Fht lit to right. Bui there has a Light a fihe ii it Row Bim it May he of fill Al thai is pouring out its a Timotio be Iii upon the Niini q in John Quincy Adranih und tar which petitions Are priv lady handed to the speaker and if rejected by Liim never appear on the minutes. Nor is to boil presentation Ever known Toon grabs or Iho Public As for More injurious in its practice Thun the gag Rule itself we therefore Cupec fully request j. Q Adams and Tho a numbers of Congress from this stale to Endeavor la obtain the repeal of the said Rublis Obed Thot while we disapprove of an abolition political parly we recommend to abolition sch who Voto that Thoy question Caridi Ilath for of Ceu connected with the legislative Power of the stale Ond the nation and publish their answers if any and that they vote for none but those who declare f Here a re turf things if Iai Al eci a Man s tie resolves favourable to the abrogation of All . And Legal provisions of the National or state government which have for i heir object Tho sustaining of slavery or in ony manner assisting the slave Holder 10 fan Ninin his do Ninion Over the slave Tho Hou Iio then adjourned is t
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