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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 7, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. Numb, 340$* MONDAY, October 7. n^c Crown Tavern behind the Royal-Exchange ThuiTday, 0�h 3, 1745. P^5|JT a Meeting of feveral Merchants and other Inhabitan ts of this City,'is was agreed to meet again on Wedntfday next? at Six of the Clock in the Evening precifely, to receive the Subfcriptions of all Perfons, who are willing to join in the following Plan of a Military Affociation againft the prefent Rebellion in Favour of Popery and Arbitrary Power. .y A Plan for a Military Afibciation in the City of London, for the Defence of his Majefly King George, .cur Lawful Sovereign^ the Prefervation of the Proteftant Religion, the Liberty and Property of the' Nation in General, and of this City in Particular. UNDER the prefent Emergency, when our Religion and Civil Liberties, are not only invaded by an open Rebellion in Favour of a Popifh Pretender to the Crown of thefe Realms, but our ambitious Enemies abroad, elated by Succefs, are threading their Concurrence to our Ruin ; it is neceffary for every one to exert his utmoft to avert the impending Dangers ; and Men of Property and fuperior Fortune ought not only to contribute to the Publick Safety by their Furfes, but aHb to animate their Inferiors, who fhall be employed in Defence of our King and Country, by ex-pofing their own Perfons likewife, for the Prefervation of all that is dear and valuable. It is therefore propofed, and Cartouch-Box ; and that the Standards, Colours, 1, That proper Perfons be appointed in the feveral Drums and Trumpets, requifite for each Body of Men, be Diilrift? of the City of London, to enroll the Names of provided at the common Expence of that Body. all Houfe-keepers and others, who fhall pleafe to enlift, as 9. That each Man fhall alfo furnifh his own Ammuni- Horfe or Foot Soldiers, in an Affociation for this Purpofe. tion. 2. That thofe who thus enlift, fhall be formed into �o. That every Company of Foot thus enlified, /hall firft Troops of Horfe, and Companies of Foot, who fhall re- attend Three Hours every Morning, for Ten Days fuccefs-commend to his Majefly for i'uitable Commiffions the Per- lively, at the Time and Place appointed by the Captain, fons they fhall chufe for their Captain, Lieutenant and En- to learn a fhort Exercife of the Firelock; afterwards in Bat- talion once every Week, and at all General Mutters appointed by the Commander in Chief. The Troops of Horfe fhall, in like Manner, appear on Horfeback at the fame Time, to learn the neceffary Exercife. 11, 1 hat in thefe Attendances no one be abfent, unlefs he has pjevionfly obtained Leave of Ins Captain, or a Su- fign. 3. That as foon as thefe Bodies of Horfe and Foot are furnifhed with Officers by his Majefty's Commiffion, they be formed into Battalions and Squady ons, confining of fuch as live near each other. Each Battalion to contain not lefs than 600 Men, and each Squadron not lefs than 150. -,- . 4, That each Perfon inlifting, if he pleafe, may have , perior Officer, one or more Servants to attend him : But all fuch Servant*' 12. That the Manual Exercifes and Evolutions to be mud be armed and accoutred fit for Service, and formed learnt by the Foot, fhall be no more than what are necef-into diftinft Corps ; the Servants of Horfemen into Squa- fary ; but not with lefs than Four Fires at every Meeting, drons, the others into Battalions, and both commanded by 13. That each Man, who enrolls himfelf in the prefent Officers chofen by, and from among their Matters. Affociation, fhall take the Cuftomary Oaths to the Govem- y. That Application be made to his Majefly to appoint ment, in fuch Manner as his Majefly fhall pleafe to ap- a General Officer of Dignity and Military Experience to be point. the Commander in Chief of this AfTociated Army of Lon- 14. That in Cafe of Alarm, or upon the Order of the dm. General, or other chief Commander in his Abfence, every 6. That Application be alfb made to his Majefty to ap- Perfon affociated and enrolled, fhali meet at the (appointed point and commiffion inferior Generals, and Field-Officers, Rendezvous, properly aimed and accoutred, eutof the Captains chofen as above. 15- That each affociated Soldier fhall pay alt due Mili- 7. And that farther Application be likewife made to his tary Obedience to his refpe&ive Officers, While under Majefty, to affign a proper Field Train of Artillery, for the Arms, and be fubjeft to march at Command to any Place, Ufe of the Affociated Army, where the Service may require, not exceeding Twenty 8. That each Perfon enrolled fhall furnifh himfelf with Miles from London j but no farther without their own Arms and Accoutrements; if a Horfeman, with a good Confent. Hunter, or Road-Horfe, a Cafe of Piflols, and a Broad 16. That this Affociation continue in Force till thepre- Sword ; if a Foot Soldier, with a good Mufket, Bayonet, fent Rebellion fhali be fuppreffed, and no longer. We whofe Names are underwritten do freely and heartily enter into this Military Affociation, promifing to obferve all the Articles above-ftated, and to exert our utmoft Endeavours in Defence of his Majefty King Georce, and his Royal Family, and for the Prefervation of the Proteftant Religion, the Laws and Conftitution of the Realm, the Rights, Liberties�, and Privileges of the N^thn in General, and of this City in Particular. WE whofe Names are hereunto fubferibed, do hereby promife to pay within teir Days after the Date hereof, into the Hands of Charles Savage, Benjamin Lon-guet, Stamp Brooksbank and William Fawkner, Efqs; to be by them depofited in the Bank of England, the feveral Sums of Money fet againft our refpe&ive Names, which Sums when fo paid, we do intend and hereby confent and agree, fhall be by them, the faid Charles Savage, Benjamin Longuet, Stamp Brooksbank and William Fawkner affigned and paid over to fuch Trullees as fhall be chofen by us, the Subfcribers, or the Majority of us, at a Meeting to be held for that Purpofe this Day, being the 4th of Oftober. And we do hereby agree, that the Truftees fo chofen, or the Majority of fuch Number of them as will pleafe to aft mthis Trmt, do lay out, pay and eicpend the Money fo affigned over to them, in raifing, exercifing, and paying with the utmoft Expedition, as many Men as they, the faid Truftees, or the Majority of fuch of them as will aft, fhall think fit to raiie, in order to be immediately formed into Companies, Troops, or Regiments, which Men fo raifad M be inlifted by his Majesty's Authority ftr one Year> and be employed within Five Mites of the City dfLofidon, and not exceeding Ten Miles thereof, againft any Rebells or other Perfons who fhall attempt to fopport the unnatural Rebellion now carrying on in the North, in Favour of the der or feme of his Family". And we do further "mai me mm mbu iu u u. mifaH fl�fl -. by fuch Officers as his Majefty fhall from Time to pleafe to appoint for that Purpofe. Laftly, we do manded 1 Time hereby authorize and impower the faid Truftees, or the Majority of fuch^a^jvill acT: therein, to lay out, employ, and expend all, or fuch. Part of the Monies, by us fubferibed for and paid in by us, as they,or the Majority of fuch acting Truftees fhall think neceffary for carrying on and fupportmg this good Defign. Dated in London the 30th Day of September, Onethoufand feven hundred and forty -five, and in the Nineteenth Year of the Reign of his Majefty King GEORGE the Second. London, ORoler 4, * 745. The foregoing is the Preamble of the Subfcription now taking at Garraways Coffee-houfe, in Exchange-Alley ,� and as many Perfons well difpofed to the faid Subfcription, may have been defirous to know the Refult of the Meeting of the Lord-Mayor and Common-Council, which was held Yefterday, and a general Affociation then agreed upon, the Meeting of the Subfcribers* for the Choice of Truftee9, which was appointed for this Day, is postponed, and the Subfcription will be kept open till Wedhefday, the, c)jh Infant, at Five QjClock jn.'fche. Evening ^ # wfbicX IB wfieia i4$h� CrQwWI&ern behind Time a Meeting wf the Exchange, for the Choice of Truftees; and in the intermediate Time, all Perfons willing to join in the faid Subfcription, may have an Opportunity fo to do. 10 turuier � - - � m / i Time to _  J 'HEREAS a moft wicked and unnatural Rebellion is aftually begun and carried on by many traiterous Perfons in Favour of a Popifh Pretender, fupported by the inveterate Enemies of our Country, in order to dethrone our moft gracious Sovereign King GEORGE, to fubvert and deflroy our prefent molt happy Conftitution in Church and State, and to introduce and eftabiifh Popery and Arbitrary Power. We therefore the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, Common-Council-men, Citizens, Merchants, Traders and other Inhabitants of the ancient and loyal City of London, whofe Names are hereunto fubferibed, being filled with a juft De-teftaticn and Abhorrence of this daring and execrable Attempt, and hoping to encourage and confirm others, by our Example, in the warmeft and moft hearty Oppofttion thereto, do hereby faithfully engage and promife, that we will to the utmoft of our Power, Hand by and fupporteach other in Defence of our prefent happy Conftitution, of his molt facred Majefty King GEORGE, our only Lawful and Rightful Sovereign, and of the Proteftant Succeffion as by Law eftablifhed in his Royal Family, againft the faid Pretender and all his Adherents and Abettors. Dated at Guildhall, London, the 4th of October, 1745. Note, The above Affociat on is in the Mayor's Court at Guildhall, and all Perfons difpofed to ftgn the fame are de-fired to call there for that Purpofe, between the Hours of Nine in the Morning and Five in the Afternoon. On the late ASSOCIATION in Torkfttire-A RHAPSODY. LET venal Annals boaft a C&'fars Reign, When Rome's great Genius wore th' Imperial Chain: Freedom, gay Goddefs, guards our happier Ifle, Peace in her Eye, and Plenty in her Smile. On ev'ry Son th' Infpirer beams confeft, And kindles all the Patriot in his Breaft ; Speeds the fame focial Warmth from Soul to Soul, And fwaliows felfifh Nature in an Whole. Struck with the View, Rebellion drops her Chain, And Hell-born Faction pants in every Vein; Pale Bigottry, with all her Tribe, difmay'd. Lurks in her Cell, or fkulks along the Shade* Ye holy Zealots f arm'd with ev'ry Fire, That Conclave* threaten, and that Fiends mfptre; Whofe pious Frauds like jEttufs Vapours fly, Taint the pure Breeze, and poifon half the Sky : Halle, Blood-hounds! hafte, prepare the facred Show In all the pompous Pageantry of Wo& With agonizing Racks the Viaim tear, Stretch, ftretch, each quiv'ring Mufcle to an Hair, Drain Life by Drops, each quicker Senfe explore, And kindly nx a Pang at every Pore. But lo'. he triumphs to his inmoft Soul, Hugs the keen Dart, and fmiles upon the Bowl, Increafing Tortures but his Virtue raife, Fan ev'ry Spark, and give it Strength to blaze. Immortal Shades of martyr'd Patriots! fee This glorious Triumph of fair Liberty, See! ev'ry Son with ev'ry Virtue fcVd, That Athens boafted, and that Rome admir'dj Studious of Britain's Safety, not his own, Briareus-like.ftandsplanted round the Throne, And nobly confeious of paternal Fire, Avows the Flame, and beams upon his Sire. Great Friends of Freedom! honour'd, lov'd, careft, Mark'd by each Eye, and grafp'd to ev'ry Breaft, Shine ye in Life's Meridian Blaze difplay'd, Or calmly open in her milder Shade; Mine'be the Task, to fwell from Day to Day Th' applauding Pecan, and the loud Huaza I To bid our Sons, with Filial Fondnefs warm. Eye ev'ry Grace, and copy ev'ry Charm $ Explore your Purpofe, catch your God-like Rage, And rife the Herrings of a future Age. Purfue, illuftrious Tori f with Soul ferene. The glorious Wojrk, and rife u�ori the Scene. So when fell &uih.flakes th' unftiti^BuftV When Wealth-andPowV their ufetefc Blaze refign, Slars ceafe to charm, and Coronets to fhine; Thy Virtues, darting through the tranfient Gloom, Shall rife with ftronger. Luftre from the Tomb; On Fame's proud Piwpn, down the Stream of Time, Expanded fly, and live in ev'ry Clime, Till Earth's laft Ctfspring fee thy Glories fmile, And fondly wild, miftake thee for Jrgple*.  Tbrlate Duke. 7unl>ridge, pfiofor 3, 174;. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-Housi, in Lombard* Street. No Wooden Shoes. 1/ 0 - C No Arbitrary Power, r-r o 3 CO O ;