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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 22, 1845, London, Middlesex u (5 0 The General Advertifer. FRIDAY, November 22, 1745. Deal, November 20. jEMAIN'in the Downs the N6mich, Admiral Vernon ; Pool, Ruby anc Sticcefs; thie Jamaica, Hound and Hornet SIoop'^, Earl of Sandwich, and the Dutch Men of War, and Outward-bound. Falmouth, N.v. i6. Since'my laft failed the Levant Gaily, Sharp, for London ; and the St. George Privateer on a Cruise. Wind Weft. Poo/e, NcTJ. IS. Came in the St. Care, Addis, from Rotterdam and Portfmouth. LONDON. Extras vf a private Letter from the Hague, Nov. 23. r.,' The Pdatine Court has plainly enough infmuated, � that if the Grievances (he complains of on Account of * the Auftrian 'J 'roops be not redreis'd, flie muft be obliged ' to call in the French to her Affiftance. � We^flatter oarfelves however, that the Eleftor Palatine ' will not proceed to fuch Extremities; there being Hopes � on the contrary, of Hill finding Means to accommodate * Matters between the Courts of Vienna and Manheim. ' This Republick has certainly promifed to make ufe of her ' good Offices for that Purpofe, and has given his Eledtoral ' Highnefs to underftand, that they hope he will do no- * thing in the mean Time, that may frullrate thefe good * Intentions.  7 he Inflexibility of the Court of V-is ftill urged, * on the other Hand, as a Reafon why no falutary End * Ihould be expcfted from this Interpofition. That Court, ' which rejected the Plan drawn up at L-, will it, * fay thefe Politicians, fhew more Refpccl to the Terms * that (hall be offered from the Hague r  Some go fo far as to conjefture, tJiat the Eleftor Pala- * tine's Declaration that he io/7/call the French back in- * to the Empire, may be taken for an Intimation that he * has already done it, and that Force wiil be made Ufe of * to prevent the Auftrians from Wintering in that Part of * the Palatinate, which lies on the Left Side of the Rhine.  We are aiTured, that the King of Pruffia has caufed it u ' to be declared to the Englifh Court, that if the proffer'd ' Accommodation be Hill refufed' at Vienna, and the Pro-' jeft of an Invafion by Auftrians and Snxons be purfued, ' his Prulhan Majelly would uilite himfelf more thoroughly ' tlun ever (Our CorreffonJtrit does not fay nvith nuhom^^ ' And this is reported to be the Subftance of the Dif-' patches, which M. D'Ammon received from Berlin, and * lent from hence to London by M. Douglas. ' There is flill fome Sufpicion in the N etherland?, from ..the Preparations there obferved, that the French may yet * make a Winter's Campaign.' ExtraB of a Letter from Edinburgh, AW. 14, 174J4 ' Yefterday at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon I repaired * to Mufsleburrow, purfuant to Appointment, to meet there * a Number of my Brethren Refugees, in whofe Company ' I had been f )r fome Weeks pail at Newcaftle and Ber- * wick, with Defign to march into Edinburgh in a Body * together. At this Rendezvouz, I found the Earl of ' Hume, High Sheriff of the County of Berwick; the * Lord Bclhaven, High Sheriff ot the County of Hadding-' town, and of the Judges, the Lords Juilice Clerk, * Minto, Drumore, Elchies, being a Majority or a Quo-' rum of the Court of Jufticiary : Wc were accompanied ' by a Number of Loyal Gentlemen from the two Shires ' I have named, and on our Way to Edinbiu-gh, we were ' met by Mr. Lind, Sheriff-Depute &f that County and a ' Number of Gentlemen of Flbtes in it, fo that our ' whole Number when we enter'd Edinburgh at Noon Yef-' terday was about 600 Horfemen, and I am lure that the ' Lords .and Gentlemen in that Company alone, are pol-' felled of ten Times the Property that belongs to all the ' PerCons now engaged in the^ebellion : And this Ap-' pearance was made on purpole to encourage the loyal and * diltrefs'd Inhabitants in the City of Edinburgh, and ' Couny about it. We alighted at the Crofs of Edin- * buigh before one o'Clock. We were fa'uted with a * Round of the Caftle-Gun;:, and the Mufick-belis p!ay- * ing, and the Accbmations of the People; and thus * walked ints the Parliament-houfc, where the Lord Juf- * tice Clerk made afhort Speech, congratulating the Com-' pany upon the Return of fo many of the King's Friends * to this City and their own Homes, and exliortingali pre-' fent to exert themfelves for the Service of the King and ' the Safefy of thei r Country, and I muft remark one Thing, ' that the whole Company, being the l.ugeft I ever faw, * was of one Complexion. u \J 0 ij 'i-H .0 ' This - Town has another Look, and quite different Gueftsfrom what they have of late been oppreiVd by. * I faw this Day a Letter ftom Greenock, which fays, that tjie Laird of Glengyjewith 132 Mm, was fent by the Rebels to Argylefhire to bring back the Deferter,, where he was attack'd by Col. John Campbel', with fome Men he had got there : The Rebels fled v/ith the Lofs of fome Men killed and taken Prifoners.-Thfey have now about 400 Highlanders in Perth, which fecth to be 3 Colleftton of Plunderers, for Strathallen and Gafk fend out Parties daily to pillage all about, and Letters to Gentlemen to pay Sums of .Money. Mr. John Belches of Inverary, has one left him to pay 100 1. Sterl. on the I5ti), under Pain of Military Execution on his Eftate.-They have Parties in Angus, where Mr. Erfeine Son to the late Colleftor, is gathering in the Publick Money, and is, I hear, forcing Payment of the Rents of the forfeited Eftates of Panmmr and Southejk, notwithftand-ing'that the Heirs of both thofe Families ate now in the Service of King George, fo that the Rebels cannot pretend to be colleitting for their Ufe. ExtraSl of a Letter from Aberdeen, Nov. 2. * Juft now there is fent me Irom Mr. More of Stonny-wood, a Letter, of which i f:nd you an cxa�t ^opy, and want your Advice how to behave ; 1 hear there are a great many more of this Kind diftributed in the Siiire, and I prefume it is a Circular Letter to all the Heritors within it ; mine runsthuj, 'SIR, Aberdeen, Oft. 12, 1745. * 1 am ordered by Lord Lewis Gordon, Lord Lieutenant of this County to demmd of you a fuficient Men vf each hundred Pounds Scots 'valued Rent you are pojjejfed if, Juf fciently cloa h'd, and halving a Ptaid, to meet me at Aberdeen once �next l^eek, Hjcben be is to enter inlopiefent Pay as a Volunteer. Tour Anfnuer is dejired by- *--It is lamentable, that we, who are the loyal Subjefts of King George, fhould be dcftitute of Protection, and a Prey to the Enem:es of tht Government. The King cannot have Troops every where, but if we were put in a Condition to defend ourfelves (which we .cannot do at prelent, being one of the Difarm'd Counties) by having a Commiffion or two, andfime Stands of Arms, entrufled with proper People to be dillributed to us, it would greatly profeft this Country, (which I may call the Yorkfhire of North-Britain) from fcveral Imall Parties of Rebels, flrolling about and doing what Mif-chief they think proper, while their main Body is at a great. Diltance. Our Situation at prefent is fuch, that we m.ay as eafily be plundered by aif hundred arm'd Highlanders, as a Coach full of Women may be robb'd by one Highwayman. I am, ^r. Extra�i ef a Letter from a Gentleman at Glafgonxi, to his Friend here, dated the i^th Infant. * By our Accounts from the Country v\ here the High- * landers repafs'd in their way home, we reckon that 1400 * of them have defeited from the Rebel Army fir.ce the ' 2d Inltant; and that they left Edinburgh moltly difarm d. * I am really forry to find, by yours of lafl Poll, how * much Injultice is done our Place with you, who can be < but very bad Judges of our Condudt, without the tho-' rough Knowledge of our Situation.-We are an open ' Place, and have no Arms ; if we had, his Majeliy m a, < few Days might have a great Number of Men amonglt ' us, with devoted Hearts to attend and obey his Orders. ' -I queftion much, if it can be faid of any other fuch ' populous Place in the Ifland, That we ' were fo defencelefs, and expos'd to a lawlefs Power, yet ' not one fmgle Burgefs joined the fame ; regarding nei-� ther their Flatteries, Threatnings nor Contributions 5 ' and would have oppos'd them with their united Force, ' had we been able.' Ext rail of a Letter from Kendal, No'v. 17. * I am forry to inform you, that Carliflc and the Caftle ' are both taken by the Rebels. The Pretender in a ' Highland Drefs, made of Green Silk, with a Black Velvet Cap, mounted on a Grey Horfe, attended by the Duke of Perth, Lord George Murray, and about 200 Horfe, call'd his Life-Guards, entered the City at 11 o'clock lall Friday; afterwards came in a great Number of Highlanders, Jome on Horfeback, fome on Foot, who like Robbers plundered the honeft Inhabitants of their beft Effects, the Country all around is greatly terrified at the Approach of the Rebels, and unlefs fpeedily affilled by Marlhal Wade, we muft expeft to be the next that will fall a Sacrifice to thele bloody Mifcreants. The People here are hiding and fecuring their beft Effefts, and all Trade and Induilry is now at a Stand, their being upwards of 2000 Flannel Weavers n-ow unemploy'd, � and cannot hctoefor Bufmefs until his^Majefty'S Forrf-% ' by Heaven's Afiilt-'nee,-puts an End to this cruel uiui ' u'liuatural Rebellion.' Yeflerday an Exprefs arrived from the North, wh'ch we are affured brought an Actount, 'That on Monday ' lafl the Lord Blcho, at the Head of, wh-at was call'd, 2 .0 ' Horfe, came to Penrith, and were folbw'd by 20-0 ' Foot, and tfemandcd Quaners for 10,0^0 Men 011 '^i'uei-' day Night ; lb that it appears from lience, they quitted ' C:irlifle as lot)n as they had accomplilh'd their Bufmefs ' of Plundering.--When the Horfe came to Penrith, * they were reckon'd, zkd found to be no more than 15 J ;  and it is believed their whole Number wiil appear in  the lame Light.' The Trailfports Ordered for William/ladt, to bring over . 2 the remainder of the Britifh Horfe, are .failed, punuant '"-^ tT Orders. The Troops confift of^ the foJowing Regiments, &c. 2 Troops of Horfe Guards I Troop of the Grenadier Guards I Regiment of the Horfe Guards Blue 1 Regim. of Honeywood's Horfe 2 Troops of Horfe I Regim.of Hallcy'sDra goons Legonier's I Regiment of the Scotch Greys I Regiment of Dragoon:, ' Sir Robert Rich's I Regiment of Dragoon?, General C ope's 1 Regiment of Dngoon^, I;ord Rothes's Alfo fome of tr:e FootGur.rds and fcveial Olhcirs ; in' the whole about 5000. O -1 Letters from Chefter advife, that the Militia of that Countyj confiliing lof near 2000 ivlen, under the Command of" the E\rls of Cholraondely and Waningcon, art^ marching for that Place, in order to defend tiie City in Caie of an Attack from the RebeL. Yelkrday his Grace the Duke of Kingflon fet out for LancaOiire, to take upon him the Command of a Regiment cf Horle, lately rais'd by his Grace. This D'ly 10,000 Flannel Wallecoats will be fent out of To'.vn for the Ufe of the Soldiers in-the North, purfu- ^ ant to a Subfcription made by the People called Quakers ; a laudib'e Example, "and worthy of imitation, in other ^ Things, really neceffary, for the brave Fellows, who ver<- CO tare their Lives fur the Security of the People in general. On I'uefdn.y Night a Danilli Ship from H.imburgh for Lifbon, drove on board of one cf the Dutch Men of War in the iMwns, carried away her Yards, and did other Da-ma9;e ; but it i^ not known what became of the Dane. At the fame Time feveral fmall Cuafters were drove to the Wellward. Yellerday wa-; married Mr. Waldo, an eminent Kaber-dalher in Cheapfide, to Mils Barrow of Woodlheet, .an accomplifh'd Lady, with a confidcrable Fortune. On Monday Night laft a Woman well drefs'd, who pretended to be ^^ife to an Officer of Dragoons, now gone to tlie North, came to an Inn in Bread-ltrcct, and took a Lodging there, 'till fhe could follow her Hufband; the next D;iy fhe took an Opportunity to fteal fome Linn-^u and Plate, and fo|d the Plat; immediately ; but the Things being mifs'd, and there being P^eaf^n to fufpeft her, Ihe was fearched, and Part of them found upon her; on which which fhe was carried before the Sitting Alderman at Guildhall, who committed her to Newgate. Laft Sunday Evening about Seven o'Clock, George Robimbn, Servant to Mr.Tilden of Rodmerlham nearSit-tinghourhe Ifi Kent, was robb'd by three Men in Seafaring Habits, between Rainham and Chath'im-Flill, who took from him all his Money, a Silver Watch, &c. and then made off. Laft Monday was committed to Ailefbary Goal, Anne Gilbert of Swanbourn, for murdering her Son, an Infant about five Months old. The V I N E and BRAMBLE. The Hint taken from Jtidg. ix. 7, A F A B L E. J"S there a Briton hopes to fee George, and his Royal Progeny, fom Biitainh 1 hrone, and Kingdom hurl'd; And driv'n in Exile o'er the World ? Then let him hear this uleful Tale ; For Truth is often knovvn to fail In native Light to llrike the Heart, But cliarms in the Difguife of Art. The Trees a gen'ral Council held. Who Ihould th' Imperial Sceptre wield : Eich for the Vine declares his Choice, And join'd his loud applauding Voice, A D V E RTISE M E N TS arc taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. No Wpoden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power. o -t ,0 ;