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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 30, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. FRIDAY, May 30, 1746. Deal, May 28. *HIS Morning failed the Saltafh Priva-. teer to the Weftward. Came down Wilmington, Adims, from Bofton 1 Gloucefter, Gorihafc; and Sand-, wich, Hailing, for Cape Breton ; and remain with his Majefty's Ship .Surprize ; Sarah and Elizabeth, Lafhleyj Richmond> Frazier ; the Nathaniel and John, Sales, for Cape Breton; the Atlas, Wheeler, for Antigua; Ofwego, Waddell, for. New York j Anne, Houftbn, for Philadelphia i Lydn,"xyon, for Dublin. Arrived the Tufcany; Sprackling, from Leghorn. WindS.W. Gnavefend, May 2%. .Pafs'd by St. Johannes, Mons, from Norway ; and the Pelican, Ham, from South Carolina. LONDON. Extras of a tetter /rem Go/port, dated May V]. 1 On Friday Evening arrived at Portfmouth, General � Sinclair, with feveral Officers of Diftjn&ion, attended � by a handfome Retinue, and it is generally believed they � will very foon embark for the intended Expedition. � Troops are daily embarking, and Colonel Paulet's Regi-1 ment of Marines that was quartered in Kent is daily ' expe&ed to arrive, to go on the above Expedition. The Prince of Heffe fet out from Scotland for Londoa the 24th, and is expe&ed to lye at Somerfet Houfe, Tomorrow Night, the Lodgings ^being fitting up with all Expedition, and other Preparations making f6r his Reception. Th^ Evening the Princefs Caroline comes to Kenfingr ton from Bath. Yefterday being the Anniverfary of die Reftoration of King Charles the Second,, the Morning wjas ufher'd in by Ringing of Bells; at One o'CIock, the Park and Tower Guns were fired, and the Evening concluded with Bonfires, Illuminations, and other publick Demphfjtrations of Joy, *nd Leyaltyj throughout the Cities of Lohdon.and Weft-minfter. The fame Day die Right Rev. Dr. Gilbert, Lord Bifhop of Landaff, Preach'd before the Right Hon. the Houfe of Peers, at the Collegiate Church of St. Peter's, Weftmlnfter; and took his Text, from Proverbs the xxivtfi. and Ver. 21. My Son fear thou thi "Lord, and the Kingi and meddle not called the Vinguerre^ Capt. Du Viner Commander. We are affured that Admiral Martin's Fleet is equal to the French andSpanifh Fleets at Rochforte and therefore we make no doubt of his giving a good Account of them, if they fhould come out. The FARMER's Sixth Letter to the Protefianti of Ireland. XWill give you, my Brethren, feme Account of your Anceftors; I do not mean your Anceftors by Blood j but Virtue j not fuch as you are allied to by Generation, but Liberty; For as Liberty conftitutes the Nature of Bees, they are no longer Bees but while they retain this great Principle ; and fhould we at any Time happen to degenerate from the Liberty of our Forefathers, we Oiall be changed into another Sort of Creatures; and PoSerity, .Virtue, Glory will for ever difclaim our Defcent from In the Beginning of Time, Bees werefcattered throughout the Earth, either fingle, or in fmall- Families ; for as All were then innocent, Jo All were fafe : But Fraud and Force came foon into the World; and this taught them to unite againft Violence, and to frame Lawsagainft Vice. By Degrees great Societies were formed, and great Cides were built i to whom Wifdom was neceffary for Counfel, and Valour for Defence: But as. all Bees were not equally wife, nor equally valiant , on fuperior Talents was conferred fuperior Authority, and every Degree of Power was built thereon. Authority produced Pride in Superiors, and in Inferiors Dependance and Flattery; from jwhence an Excefs of. Power was arrogated on one Side, and fervilely yielded on the other. Then it came to pafs, for* the1 firft Time, that Law Was over-ruled by Authority, and yet further, was perverted toOppreflkui; laft of all, Power impudendy affumed the Seat of Juftice, and the Will of the Prince became a Law to the People. Thus Community was fucceflively the Bleffing, and the Curfe of Individuals; and that very Power which was intended for the Prefervation, became the Peft of the Public: Even Anardhy- was preferable to fuch Government, and their former Solitude to fuch Society; but it is enough to fay that Liberty was loft, for that implies every poffiblejCala-mity. Now obferve the Degrees of Afcent to public Happinefs --Individual, Family, Society, Government, Law, Security, Perfe&ion of Liberty.-Thus far is right, and here fhould be our Reft; this is like the Sun riling from the firft Dawn to his Meridian,, it is the utmoft Height and Climax of a$l poftble Glory; But again obferve the Defcent, for as Government includes Pavieri thence may follow-Dependante? -Corruption* Uftirpation, Tyranny* Slavery,-And this is like the Light of the Sun declining from his Meridian, till at length he lets innttter DarkneiV. biich was "the Beginning and the End, the Rife and the Overthrow of every EftabliOiment throughout the World; for as the natural Liberty or private Virtue-of fo many Bees united, -produced and^perfe�\ed the civil Liberty or public Virtue of the whole Body or Society j fo the Deftruftion of civil Liberty or public Virtue, effected the Deftrudion of natural Liberty or private Virtue. Whole Nations bal-came fubjeft to Tyranny* and were therefore confirmed in Corruption * they iubmijted to be Slaves, and were therei-. fore degraded from the Dignity of their Creadon. A wonderful Change enfoed, they were no longer Bees, they had deprived themfelves of their Prerogatives, and Heaven deprived^dftem of their Nature. From their Degeneracy was formed that Infinity of nosious~Infe�b, Reptiles-and Vermin, that crawl throughout the World, and are oftenfive to the very Earth that th�y incumber j alas, they once were Bees, but they deferve all the Wretehednelj} to which they are fated, for they furvivedthe great Privilege to which they were born, they infemoufly chofe to live when Liberty was no more. However, amidfttfcis general Diffototion, fome Individuals-retained their Integrity, and a Remnant of the Free"' bora was ftiH preferved. Thefe feparated themfelves from the Infection ; they paffed over into Greece; and founded feveral rifing States, the Chief of which were the Hives of Athens and of Sparta* - There it was that Liberty wasxlanted, like the Tree of Life in Paradife; the-Dews of Heaven came upon it, an� the Earth offered all her NouriQunent; its Trunk was reared in Strength and in Beauty, its Branches fpread over the Land, its Root was deep in Virtue, on its Leaves were the Sciences written, the Nations were happy who dwelled under its Shadej and the Fruit of Glory dropped upon them; While this People profpered under the Influence of Liberty, all Reptiles envied their Felic ty, and were filled with Rage j they gathered themfelves together by Thousands and by Millions, they encompaffed this Region of Sweetnefs, and were determined to extirpate the -whole Species of Bees. Then was glorioufly experienced the high Excellence of Liberty, whofhewed forth her Defcent from the Almighty: There flood the Armies of the Earth imbatt'ed, and here flood a few collected in Virtue; there fought the World, but here fought Liberty; Viaory fufpended her Scales on high,and each Son of Freedom was weighed againft. a Thoufand. Then ftepped forth three hundred Bees of Sparta, and joined Batde with the Armies of the Eaft, with tea hundred thoufand in Number j the Sun left them engaged, he travelled round the World, and in his Return beheld the Continuance of their Combat; at length the' Spartans prevailed, thev delivered their Country^ and then fell beneath a Weight of infupportable Glory. And now had Bees but retained their primitive Temperance, had they not been exalted above Meafure, our Anceftors of Greece might have continued to this Day. But Conqueftbrought Honour, Honour begat Vanity, and from Vanity (prang RivaKhip and Contention. Then did Bees, for the firft Time, oppofe themfelves to Bees, and Each ftruck at Heaven in the Image of his Brother t Liberty was divided againft herfelfj fhe never had aught to fear but from the Arms of her Children, and this was the only Force by which fhe could be conquered. A Royal Wafp of Macedonia watched the Crifis of her Weaknefs: He Drought his Htfft upon her Sons when they were alrea* dy felf-defeated; his Succtjfor collefted the Remnant of thofe degenerate Bees, from them alone he derived the Immortality of his Name; and fuch was the lateft Force and Energy of the Freeborn, that their Valour was not quite extinguifhed with their Virtue, and in expiring they conquered the' World. Now had all Nature perifhed with Liberty, original Darknefs had returned, and Chaos again prevailed, had not Heaven miraculoufly interpofed. On the Banks of the Tyber gathered a few Reptiles what were the abandoned of Ita/y4 a"nd who, being viler than the Vile, were' even the Outeaft of their Fellows in Corruption. Among thefe it was that the Divine Wisdom chofe to renew the Earth iri Virtue, and to fhew the World that with Freedom alone there is Perfection, and without! it, nothing of Excellence or Eftimatian ih- Nature ; .wherefore his Spirit came upon thefe Wretches, and he breathed into their Breaft the living Soul of Liberty. Inftantly they were reflored to their primitive Form, and from the moft degenerate cf Reptiles became the mail excellent of all Bees. They begat the Hive of Rcmej they founded it in Temperance, and made Valour its impregnable Fence 5 unwearied Hafdiment; ftubborn, Patience, feeling Hearts, polilhed Manners, the Scorn of enfeebling Pleafures, the Lcye of heroic Pain's, a Contempt of Death, a Thirfl: of Glory, were the, united Charafteriftics of thefe unparallel'd Bees. As Currents: tend to the Ocearf, fo rumed all the Paflhns of thofe Patriots to their' Country ; to confirm her Peace they en'dii-red all Labours, and to perpetuate her Being their Lives were devoted. They filled their City with the Treafures-of the Earth, they ftretched it wide in Virtue, in Glory k afcended to Heaven, and the Memorial of its Sweet-/ neia will remain for eyer. . Thus did they finifti the mighty Hive of Rome, through the Toil of Millions, and the Perfeverance of Ages? till the Virtues of Liberty, could rife no higher, and nothing' furdier wa& reft for Pofterity to acctompliftt. Then came Eafe, and then followed Indolence, a Relaxation of Exercife, a Feeblenefs of Body, a Diffolution of Morals j thcSovrls of Bees were funk into their Senfes^ the Poifon of Luxury infe&ed each Member, it reached the Sqat of Life� the whole ConftitBdon felt a gradual Decay, abd was rendered a.Prey to the firft Invader. . While thus the vital Flame of Liberty .was extinguifhed at Remt, a Spark thereof fell among' the Gothic Infects, and kindljed" up the Regions of the North: And thjjhilfa was ordained t�f Heaven, to dfifeaftrafe to the Worlds that Honey is neither made by the Influence of the $ari, Btw the'Temperament of the Seafons, by the' Fragrance of the Flowers,, nqr the Fertility of the Soil. 11V Liberty, my Friends,- it is Liberty alone that fublimesthi? divine Ne&ar,- this Food of theFreebom; that confer* �all its SweetneS, and ,11^5 the Labour thereof delightv fai. . -  -  v  ADY JERTISEM EN TS arctakes ia for thafe Paper, atLww's Coffie-Hoitse, in Lombard-Street 0- A, J ;