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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 25, 1845, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. N t Mac*. 3*84* SATURDAY, May 25, 1745. Deal, May 23. , AILED this Morning the Dragon Privateer ; the Diamond, Goat-ly, for Leghorn ; and feveral Coatters to the Weftward. Came down lfaac and Elizabeth, Matthews, for Portsmouth ; Edward and Mary, Littler, for Dublin ; Crawford, Harrifon, for Lever-pool ; and remain with the Men of War, and Outward-bound. Arrived the Csefar Privateer. Wind S.W.byS. Grave/end, May 23. Pafs'd by Prifcilla, Chiffin,from Maryland; King of Pruffia, Sprangle, from Stettin ; the Greyhound, Pearfon, from South Carolina } and Madrafs-; Hoy, Wilkinfon, from Standgate Creek. The Warren, Gordon ; and Sparrow, Prentice, from Batba'does, are arrived at Philadelphia. The Draper, Bennet, from Dublin, at Philadelphia. The Panther, Dunn, from Faro, at Plymouth. The Carolina, Mefnard, from Philadelphia, at Portf-mouih. LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mails from Holland and Flanders. ExtraS of a Letter from Genoa, May 14, N.S. � The Republick is exceedingly perplexed at the De-> � mand made by Prince Lobkowisz of a Paffage for the � Auftrian Army, in Cafe he finds it expedient for him to � march into the Tortonefe : Befid-s this, the Englifh ' Fleet appears off Final, and threatens to pay us a Vifit, * which we are not in Readinefs to receive in a proper * Manner. In fhort, after feveral Meetings of the Senate, * it hss been refolved to grant Prince Lobkowitz's Demand, * and at the fame Timefufpend the March of our Troops, * which were already moving on towards the Camp mark'd * out between Gavi and Nbvi. This Carriage of the Go-� vernment, we hope, will keep a little longer upon good * Terms with the Queen of Hungary and her Allies.  There is yet another Thing that has contributed not a � littl* to make the Government fo tradable for the pre-� fent, viz. fuch a Scarcity of Provifions, that Meat fells * here at the Rate of 20 Sols a Pound, and a Couple of Pul-� lets for 4 Livres j which Scarcity will, no Doubt, in- * crsafe to fuch a Degree, if the Englifh Fleet continues * upon our Coaff, and the French, Spanifh and Neapolitan ' Troops flay any Time in our Territories, that we mult * inevitably be famifhed.' They give us from Ghent, the following Articles of the Capitulation agreed upon the 23d Inftant, N.S. between Count Saxe and the Governor of Tournay : 1. On the 24th of May, at 4 o'clock in the Morning, a Batallion of the Guards fhall take PofTeffion of a Gate of Jthfe-ISVYJU.. 2. The whole Garrifon fhall enter the Citadel the fame Day, which fhall be -done before 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon. 3. The Governor may difpatch a Courier for Orders from the States General about the Reddition of the Citadel ; for which Purpofe the King grants him to the 31ft of May inclufive. 4. If on the 1 ft of June the Governor delivers up the Citadel, he fhall be allowed to march out with all the Honours of War. 5. If the States fhould be for defending the Citadel, the Suipenfion of Arms fhall expire on the ift of June. 6. All the Women and the wounded fhall be removed into the Citadel. 7. la Cafe Hoftilities commence again, it is agreed that the Citadel fhall not be attacked on the Side next the Town ; aad to-mcrrow (the 24th) a Line, fhall be drawn between the Town and the Citadel, to cut off all Manner of Communication. \ 8. The King permits the Officers and Soldiers Wivee to ^ flay in the Town till the 31ft of May inclufive. Letters from Lombardy bring Advice, that the Spanifh ^ and Neapolitan Troops paffed the^River Magra, the 10th \ Inftant, N.S. and entered the Territories of Genoa. A \ Detachment of 1200 Auftrians fell upon the Rear Guard of trie Combined Army, as it was paffing the River, and killed, wounded or took Prifoners about 200 Men. The Auftrians had 96 killed and wounded in this Skirmifh. Count Gage aflembled his Army the nth in the Neighbourhood of Spezzia, and was to march the next Day towards Borghetto. As fbr Prince Lobkowitz, he feemed to be making Difpofitions to march with his Army to Firen-zuola, in order to be in Readinefs to march into the Tor-t.,peze by the Way of Novi and Seravaue. They write from Drefden, that the new Body of Troops which the King h*s raifed in Poland, and which coflfil's of 27 Companies, arrived atOlmutz in Moravia the 17 th Inlt. and was to proceed on their March the next Day, to join the Saxon Army in Bohemia. The Duke of Saxe-Weif-fenfels fet out from Drefden the 2zd Inftant, to take upon him the Command of that Army. We have Advice from Breflau, by Letters of the 2 2d Inftant, that the Marquis de Valory, the French Miniller, arrived in the Pruffian Army the 20th, and had immediately an Audience of the King, to whom he imparted the Affurances he was charged to give, viz. ' That the King, ' his Matter, had not only 20,000 Men in Readinefs for ' the King of Pruffta's Service, but that his Moft Chriftian * Majefty would alfo take the propereft Meafures to main- * tain his Pruffian Majefty in the PofTeffion of all Silefia, * and even procure him a jjft Indemnification for the Da- * mages done in that Country by the Hungarian Troops.' The Marquis de Valory met with a moft gracious Reception, as one may very well fuppofe, and his Pruffian Majefty declared, 4 That he was highly pleafed with the Af-' furances he received in the moft Chriftian King's Name, � and that this Monarch might affure himfelf, that he ' would not be lefs attentive to every thing that might con-' duce to their common Advantage.' The next Day, being the 2i ft, the French Minifter received the News of the Battle of Fontenoy, which.he immediately communicated to the King, who anfwered him thus, ' I congratulate ' you upon it, Monfieur le Marquis, for it is the molt ' lucky Event that could happen to France at thisjun&are, � and which will have the greateft Influence, on other � Events.' We have Advice.from CoblentZj that M. Rensud, the French Minifter,tlfere, has made the following Declaration to the Elector of Tri�ifc: ' That his Moft Chriftan Majefty ' would never confent to the railing the Grand Duke of * Tufcany to the Imperial Dignity. That, on the contrary, ' he would oppofe it with all his Power, and that notwith- * ftanding his ftrong Inclination to live in good Harmony * with the Electors of the Empire, he would find it very ' difficult to confider thofe as his Friends, who fhould give ' jheir Vote to that Prince.' The Anfwer made by his Electoral Highnefs was to this Purpofe ; ' That he ' would conform to the Opinion of the other Electors, ' about the Choice of the propereft Candidate to govern the � Empire in this delicate Conjuncture of Affairs, and that ' he wifhed his Sentiments in this Refpect might be found ' agreeable to the Defire he has to preferve his Moft Chrif-� tian Majefty's Friendfhip.' M. Renaud was on the Point of leaving Coblentz, when he received fome Difpatches from the Prince of Conti, which prevailed on him to alter his Refolution. The write from Jaromitz in Bohemia (the Head-Quarters of Prince Charles of Lorrain) that the Army began its March the 18th Inftant, in three Columns, in order to advance toward Silefia : The ift Column arrived the 20th Inftant at Braunau, the fecond at Friedland, and the 3d at Neurode. The next Day the Army was to enter Silefia, by the Principality of Schweidnitz. The Defign in taking ' that Route is to make the Enemy leave Neifs behind them, and thereby hinder them from repelling the Incurfions of the Hungarian Troops in the Upper Silefia, and along the Oder. Letters from Ratifbon of the 24th Inftant, N.S. fay, that the Auftrian Army under the Veldt Marfhal Count Traun had not yet decamped, the Reafon .of which is, that the Affairof the Heffian Troops was not yet adjufted. The laft Conditions propofed to them were thefe : To de-' pofit their Arms in the Arfenal of Ingolftadt ; to encamp ' or canton in the Neighbourhood of that Place ; and that ' they fhould be confidered in no worfe light than Neutral * Troops, until the Court of Sweden fhould have explain'd ' itfelf about what the Queen of Hungary demands with ' refpect to thofe Troops. It was imagined that thefe Conditions would have been accepted, and immediately pat in Execution ; but the Commandant of the Heffian Troops flatly rejected them, alledging, that fince die Auftrian Army was going to march into the Empire, he ought not to be any longer hindei'd from returning home with his Men. ExtraR of a Letter from Gorlitx. in the Upper Lufatia, May 23, N.S. ' By the Advices that are brought hither almoft every ' Hour, we learn, that Prince Charles of Lorrain's Army, ' was aflembled Yefterday in the Neighbourhood of Brau-' diu; and that of the King of Pruffia near Franckenftein : * That the two Armies were then but a Mile and a half ' afunder ; and that a Body of Auftriao Huflars had pene ' traied by the way of Braunau into the Principality 0f ' Schweidnitz, in order to make Incurfions into the Lower ' Silefia. The Saxon Troops began to move out of tnejr � Quarters along the Elb, the tSth Inftant, but their Ope-' rations will not be fettled 'till the Arrival of the Duke ' * of Saxe-WeifTenfds. We expect every Day the News * of fome decifive Action on the frontiers of Silefia, for * both fides appear willing to try their Fortune that way.' : Ex trail ef a Letter from Francfort, May 27, JV.Sr < The Prince of Conti fet out fuddenly the 24th, from * his Quarters at Langen-Schwalbach, and after paffing the ' Rhine at Biberich, he proceeded to Schweitzingen, where ' he had an Interview with the Elector Palatine; after ' which his Serene' Highnefs called at Heidelberg, and-' went from thence to the Army under the Marquefs dc * Segur, the Command of which he is to take upon himfclf, ' and march to meet the Velt Marfhal Count Traun Part ' of the Way, if he defigns to advance into Fianconia.' Our Advice* from Flanders are, that the Army of the Allies is ftill in the fame C imp, waiting the Arrival of the Reinforcements, fome of which they have already re-' ceived. From the Hague they tell us, that they are as i .noranc-' of the Orders which their High MightinefTes have leni. tcr Baron Dorth, about the Citadel of Tournay ; however, they gives us but little hopes of its holding out long after the Sufpenfion of Arms expi-e# ; for they own tnat the/'u blowing up of the Powder Magazine in the Citadel is of very bad Confequence : As two of the Gunners there have' made their Efcape fince this unlucky Incident, they are ftrongly fufpedted of having done the Jobb. The Earl of. Harrington, after conferring with the Deputies of their High MightinefTes, continued his Journey to Hanover. Letters from Leith of the 17th Inft. give certain Advice, that the following French Privateers were cruizing on the Coait of Scotland, viz. the Royal, of 24 Carriage Guns ; the Dutchefs of Penthievre, of 22 Carriage Guns and the St. Michael Snow, of 8 Guns. And that on the 5th Inftant the Hazard Sloop of War was chas'd by them, and they being fo fuperior in Force, fhe went into Leich. There is fince Advice, that they are gone to the Northward of Leith. The Content, Cooper, from Leverpool, for Barbadoes, is taken, and carried into Martinico. Some Lettersfrom Philadelphia, dated the 13th of April fay, that his Majefty's Ship the Orford, of 70 Guns, was" loll fome time fince on Heniago, in the Windward Paffage. It is .reported, that the Dover and Fox Men of War have taken a very large French Privateer, off Tmmouth Bar. There is certain Advice, that the Embarkation intended againft Cape Breton, failed from Bofton on the 24th of March, under the Command of the brave Commodore Warren, confiding of feven Men of War, feventy Tranf- -ports, (many of them Ships of Force, and Privateers) and between 5 and 6000 Men. We bear, chat the Commander of the Admiral of Bour-deaux, lately brought in:o Leverpool, by the Thurloe and Blake Privateers, fay?, that the French had near 10,006 Men ready to go on an Expedition againft the Leeward 1 (lands; and that they intended to put it in execution about the Middle of March. The Vine, Walker, from Maryland, is srrived at Leverpool.-She was taken on the 1 ith Inft. off Tory Mand* by two large Privateers, of 36 Guns, and 360 Men each, vie. the Le Fine and the Emeraude, in Lat. 54. 41. and the fame Day took another. It is alfo faid, that a Ship, with~6oo Hogfheads of To- ^ bacco on board, belonging to Whitehaven is taken by :he 9 faid Privateers, The Welchman, --, from Leverpool to London, is put into Milford. 'On Thurfday laft died at his Lodgings at Iflington, Mr. Edward Falconer, an eminent Yvatchtcaker in Ab-. church-lane, Lombard-ftreet j a Man in the general Efteem of his Acquaintance. On Tuefday lait died at Ifleworth, Mr. Minors, a Stationer in St. Clement's Church-yard. At RUCKHOLT-HOUSE,