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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 18, 1846, London, Middlesex Advertifer. mb. W E D.N ESDAY, June 18, 1746. Vealj June 16. HE Galloper Tender remains ftill in the Downs. Wind S.E. Grave/end, June 16. Pafs'd by the Union, Clinckart, from Amfterdam; and the Emanuel, Broade, from Stettin. Ratisfon, June 15. Baron Bnrkenberg, Director of Auftria, read lately a Memorial in the PaJace of Princes, which was prefented by the Marquis of Caftellane, the French Ambaffador in Turkey, to the Ottoman Miniftry on the 10th of February laft ./As this Piece throws great Light upon the true Motives of the prefent War, it has been publifhed with the Remarks of an Imperial Minifter: gut we ihall only give the Memorial itfelf, it being fuffici-ently plain. ' 1 he Count de Caftellane, Ambaffador from France, � is perfuaded, that the Double Peace of the King of � Pruffia with the King of Poland and the Queen of Hun-� gary muft have appeared a very extraordinary Event to �the Sublime Porte, after the Signal Victory which, that � Prince had obtained over the Saxons and Auftrians near 4 Drefden. It cannot be unknown, that what obliged the ' King of Pruffia to take this Step was the March of the * Mufcovites, who were already in Courland, and threat-4 ned to invade his Dominions. The Sublime Porte muft 4 from hence perceive, of what Importance it would have 4 been to her, if lhe had followed the Advice which France � gave her by her Ambaffador, of giving, fome Alarm upon * the Frontiers of Germany. In like Manner as the Mo- * tions of the Mufcovites determined, the King of Pruffia to * give his Suffrage to the Grand Duke of Tufcany, fo the 4 Motions of the Ottoman Troops would have prevented 4 every Elector from giving his Voice for that Prince, and 4 would, at the fame Time, have even obliged him to de-4 fift from his Pretenfion. This regards what is paft, and 4 is not -yet without Remedy, if the Porte will for the fu- . 4 ture fhew that Firmnefs which is agreeable to her trae � Intereft. 4 All the Reafons which France has made nfe of to prove 4 the Grand Duke's Election illegal, do ftill fubfift, and 4 are founded upon the Laws of the Empire of Germany: 4 The Electors can neither change thofe Laws, nor deviate 4 from them ; and the Empeytr of .France, as Guarantee ' of the Treaty of Weftphalia, KasrightJn himfelf toop-4 pofe whatever is. attempted againft tfje Liberty and Laws f of the Germanic Body; The Emperor of France en- * gaged in a War to hinder the Empire of Germany, in ' Contempt of thefe Laws, from becoming a fecondTime * hereditary in the Houfe of Auftria. His. Majefty caufed 4 it to be declared to the Porte, that he would with all his ' Forces oppofe the Election of "the'Grand Duke. He * perfifts conftantly in this Project; he. did not depart from - * it, even after the firft Peace of the King of Pmffia in ' 1742, when the Troops of France weremoft enfeebled j ' and entirely hemm'd round in Bohemia. Should he de- * fift from it at prefent, when the Arms of France and its 4 Allies have had fuch profperous Succefs in Flanders and * Italy, and while the Troubles of Scotland and the Ta- * king Oftend have difconcerted all the Meafures of her * Adverfaries ? ' If France with fo much Conftancy purfues her Syf- * tem, why Jhould the Sublime Porte, falfify. the Plan lhe * has hitherto purfued, with Regardsto the Acknowledged \ ' ment of the Grand Dake ? Is me not principally inte-1 ' retted in preventing the Imperial 'Dignity from being * perpetuated in the Houfe of Auftria ? 'Let her not bede-' ceived : The Court,of Bavaria will be always the natural � Enemy of the Houfeof Auftria, and .the Imperial>Dig- * nicy being in that Family,, (he will employall the Forces ' �' Germany to recover er ancient Power, and make it ^ vahd with-her Allies, who concurr'd'tb help her out of ' the bad Situation fhe was in, with no other View, but to * make ufe of her in the Execution of their Defigns a-.* garnft this Empire. ' The Sublime Porte knows in this Refpect her true In-terefts, fince fhe herfelf in writing ,even exhorted the ' Emperor of France to perfift in his Syftera, and began to ^ concur in it by refufingto acknowledge the Grand Duke. ^ It, is true, that the King of PruffiaJias fince made his | Peace; but this is a. ftronger Reafon why the Bjorte * mould continue united to France, and conform to the 'Plan which the will follow.- This, Peace, perhaps, is ' �nly a Truce upon Force', of as fhort Duration as the i t/eaty of 17+z- ^ut if 'lt ^ true, that the Houfe of Auftria, by her Accommodation with the Houfes of Bavaria and Brandenburgh, fhsnld be delivered from the Enemies fhe had in Germany, it will follow that thofe Powers, who on the Eaft and Weft may bound the unmeafurable Ambition of that Houfe, are more interefted than ever to preferve a good Under-ftanding, and act with Uniformity. * The Peace with Perfia is either concluded, or- upon the Point of being fo. The Time; approaches when efficacious and folid Meafures may be taken to .overthrow the ambitious Projects of the Auftrians. The Sublime Porte will renounce beforehand all the Advantage of thofe Meafures, and deviate from the Rules of found Policy, if fhe ties up her own Hands, and voluntarily, without Neceffity, gives up the Right flie has either to aft or threaten, whenever the Circumftances of Affairs may require it. 4 The Ambaffador of France is perfuaded, that if the Sublime Porte condefcends to pay any Attention to this Memorial, fhe will defer the Acknowledgement of the Grand Duke of Tufcany, at leaft, till tie firft Succefles of the next Campaign, for which France is making im-menfe Preparations, are feen ; and till this Ambaffador can have Time to communicate them, as well as his Reflections upon the Views of his Court, fince the Peace with the King of Prufiia. In the mean Time, the Sublime Porte will rifle nothing in delaying to acknowledge the Grand Duke, if it were only for this Reafon, that the faid Duke is an Adverfary of this Empire, by his Poffeffion of the Dominions of Tufcany. And how can the Court of Vienna take it ill; fhe, who deferr'd the Acknowledgement of the Emperor Charles VII. for three Years, and did not own him till after his Death, tho' his Ele&ion was legal, and concurred in even by thefe whc afterwards oppofed him.' From the London Gazette. Stockholm, May 30. The Eaft-India Company's Octroy at Gottenburg being expired, a new one was granted a few Days ago by the King and Senate to the lame Perfons who had the Direction of it before. Vienna, "June 11, N.S. The Detachment of Spaniards who laft paffed the Po, confifted of 15,000 Men. They pillaged L-odi; and from one fingle Eftate of the Borro-meis carried off 180 Head of Cattle. Vienna, June 15, N.S. There is no other News from Italy but that the King of Sardinia is march'd towards the Boguetto, in order, to render the Communication of the' Spaniards at Placentia with the Genoefe State the more difficult, while the Auftrians have taken by Storm two Polls, the one called Ripalta upon the Trebia, where there was a Garrifon of 700 Men; the other Montechiar in that Neigbourhood, with a Garrifon of 300. Count Podewils the Pruffian Minifter arrived the Night before laft. Bfrlin, June 18. On Wednefday laft the King of Pruffia came to Town, and gave Audience to the Foreign Mi-nifters. Count Czernichew was the firft, who took Leave of the King, and prefented his Letterof Revocation. Afterwards the Danifh Minifter, M. Cheufus, acquainted his Majefty-witlthis propofed Journey to Holftein for five or fix Weeks: He met with a very gracious Reception, and the following Day a Prefent of Tapeftry wrought here, was made to him. Baron Beckers, the Palatin Minifter) prefented his Credentials from the Elector of Bavaria, whofe Affairs he is to manage at this Court with thofe of his Maf-ter. On Thurfday Morning his Majefty, returned to Potsdam, from whence he is expected here upon the 25 th Inftant. Camp atTerhjde,Junt 24. By our lateft Advices, which were of the 17th Inftant, the Enemy had not begun to fire upon the Town of Mons,1 bnt it was fb clofely blocked up by Parties all round, that there was great Difficulty of getting any certain Intelligence. Within thefe few Days, a-bove 200 Deferters from the Army are come.into our Head Quarters, and the'Deferdon to other Quarters, according to bur Accounts, is rather, greater. Marfhal Bathiani, Prince Waldeck, and almoft all the Generals of our Army, went Yefterday to Hoogftraten, and from thence to vifit General Baronay's advanced P ofts, and were well pleafed with his Difpofition. Hague, June 24. It is thought the Auftrian Reinforcement will arrive at the Allied Army by the zd of next Month, and Jthat the*-Head of it has by this Time paffed Cologn. Marfhal Saxe continues quiet in the Neighbourhood of Antwerp, '"whilft'' the Troops behind him are pufhing on the Sjege of Mons a�d St. Ghilain. Letters from Prince Lichtenfteiri's Army of the 10th Inftant bring no material Advices, unlefs it be of that General's Indif-pofition, and a Report of the King of Sardinia's advancing to diflodge M. Maillebois from Novi. Hague, June 25, N.S. An Exprefs is this Minute arrived from Prince Lichtenftein, wkh the following impor- tant, News, viz. That upon the 15th Inftant, N.S. at E-leven at Night, the combined Army of Spaniards, French, Neapolitans, and Genoefe, under the Command of the General Count de Gages, had attacked the Auftrian Ar-> my before Placentia, and that the Battle lafted with a continual Fire 'till between Nine and Ten the next Morning, wfcen the Emprefs's Forces under the "Prince de Lichtenftein, repulfed the Enemy, and obtained a fignal Victory. The Number of the Slain on the Part of the-Enemy was not yet .known, but the Auftrians had taken aSve thirty Colours and Standards, ten Pieces of Cannon, and above 3000 Prifoners, the greateft Part of them woun-ed, and amongft them fome Hundreds of Officers, particularly the Generals Aremburg and Wurtz, and fome Brigadiers. The French Troops and the Spanifh Guards fuffer'd moft. The Lofs of the Auftrians in Killed and Wounded was computed at near 3000 Men, Amongft the latter was Lieutenant Genera] Keill, the Colonel of Vettes's Regiment, and fome other Field Officers. The Colonel of Bernclau's Regiment was killed, and Colonel Budei of the Sclavorrians taken. , The Courier fent by Prince Lichtenftein adds by Word of Mouth, that Marfhal Maillebois had. joined General Gages before the Action; and.that both his Corps, and all the reft of the Allied Forces, wereihut up in and about Placentia ; and that they cannot now get off without a fe-cond Action j and efpecially finee the King of Sardinia was advanced already upon the Day of Battle as far as St. Giovani, and was expected the Dayof the Battle at Trebia. Whitehall, June 17. Letters from Edinburgh bring Advice, that the Tranfpcrts* with the Hefiian forces on board were all under fail with a favourable Wind on Tuefday the 10th Inftant.--And by an ExpreA from Lieutenant General Sinclair at Spithead, we learn, that the Regiments defign'd for Cape Breton were all on board laft Sunday, and ready to fet fail. . Extrdfi of a Letter from Fort Sti George, in the EaJ!" Indies, dated Oftober 5, 1745. "4 The Prefton A4an of War has taken a French Ship 1 from Surat, laden with Cotton, &c. Commodore Bar-4 nett, in the Deptford, fajled from Fort St. George, in 4 Company with the Medway, about the 24th of Septem- 4 ber ; but where bound was not known.-The Dol- 4 phin and Med way "s Prize were at Bengal, and it was 4 thought the Prefton was there alfo.' By a private Letter from Williamftadt, we are affured, that there were at Dunkirk no lefs than 1 $ Ships, moftly-Privateers and Arm'd Veflel*, with three whole Regiments which had lain on board eight Days waiting for a favourable Wind to fail for Scotland, to the Ailiftance of the Pretender's Son, when the News of the Duke's Victory was brought there, which immediately ftruck fuch a Damp amongft the Officers, as was fcarcely to be expreC'd; that thereupon the next Day the Troops dilembark'd, and the Money, Arms and Ammunition were carried on Shore; fince which all the Ships have been difcharg'd. It is rumour d a Ship was, fately funk on the Coaft of Scotland, whi( '* refus'd to obey the Signals of one of 1 our Men of War. We hear that his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, will, on his Arrival here from Scotland, take up his Refidenceat Somerfet-Houfe s and the feveral Apartments there are ordered to be in Readinefs for the Reception of his Highnefs and his Attendants. Within thefe few Days 14 Pieces of Cannon, with Powder, Ball, &c. have been fhip'd from Woolwich, for Flanders ; and Yefterday two Companies belonging to the Train received Orders to imbark immediately. Yefterday Morning Col. Johnfon's Regiment, who have been quarter'd for fome time paft at Hampftead, High-gate, &c. began their March to Gravefend, in order to. embark for Flanders. " The Carlifle Privateer, Capt. Owens, has taken and brought into Dover, the Mary Privateer, Bernard, of Boloign, of two Carriage and fix Swivel Guns, and 36 Men, who had taken on Tuefday fe'nnight, and fent into Boloign, a Veffel from the Weft-Indies, with fome Rum and 220 Hogfheadsof Sugar. Yefterday came Advice tnat the Norton, Ifrael, From Dublin, to the Leeward lilands, is taken by the French, and carried into Nantz. They write from Portfmoutb, that the Fleet which failed from Spithead, all anchor's at St. Helen.'s, and wait for a fair Wind to proceed. Yefterday a Difpenfation pals'd theGjeat Seal to Thomas Woodward, M.A. Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Lord Rutherford, to hold the Vicarage of fcirlingh'urft in the County of Suffex~ and Diocefe of Chichefter,,. together with the Rectory of Weft-Grihftead in the faid County and Diocefe. v  A D^V ERTISE M E NTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House^ in Lombard-Street. ;