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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 10, 1846, London, Middlesex The General Advertifer. T H U R S D A Y, Jui,y 10, 1746. Nek ft. 365^ Deal, July 8. lESTERDAY after Poft {ailed his Majefty's Ship Folkftene, for the River ; and Ferret Sloop on a Cruize. Came down the Port-field, Capt, Abbadie ; and Bombay Caftle, Capt. Brown, for India ; who ran afhore on the Break ; but got off without Damage ; the Sarah, Shepherd, for Pool ; Owner's Goodwill, Draper ; Herridge, Sad ; and Hopewell, White, for Portf-mouth ; and remain with' his Majefty's Ship the Vulcan. Wind S.W. 0ar&aout&, July 6. This Day pafs'd by the RofeMan of War, with the Coafters for the Weftward; but finding the Wind very frefh at the Start at W.N.W. they are gone to Torbay. Weymouth, July 7. Yefterday came to Portland Road the Hawk Sloop, with the Ships bound to Plymouth. Armed the Speedwell, Taylor ; and William, Wefton, for London. Sailed the Anne, Bifhop ; and the New-Bridge, Harman, for London. ' - Cotxies, Juh 7. Arrived the Difpatch, Oliver, from London, for New-England; and Reftoration, Tincomb, for Plymouth. The Dolphin, Watts, from Bcfton, is arrived at Tin-mouth. The Duke of Cumberland, Eafom, from Oporto, at Portfmouth. The Anne, Bateman, from Jamaica, at Briftol. The Betty, Lowe, from Leverpool, at Rhode Ifland. The Thiftle, Atkins, from New- England, at the Orkneys, for Holland. LONDON. Extrail of a Letter from Milan, June 28. 4 Count Biancani'sAdventure has been for fome time the * Subject of all Conversations. General Baron Rothe not * content with letting the Enemy fee, that he was not him-4 felf eafy to be taken unprovided, has alfo taught them, 4 that his Vigilance goes fo far as to furprize thole among 4 them who ougljt to be moft upon their Guard. Being in- * formed, that Count Biancani was among the Spanifh * Troops who had fpread themfelves over the Lodefan, he 4 foon after heard, that he had dropp'd into the State of 4 Crema, and thence inferr'd, that as his Bufinefs was to 4 buy up Provifions for the Infant's Army, he might pro-4 bably take a Turn into the Brefcian. In confequence of 4 this Idea, the Baron fent Lieutenant Kovacfovics, of * Spleni's Regiment, to lie in Ambufh at Tontanella, a * fmall Town in the Midft of that Slip of the Milanefe, 4 which runs between the Cremefan and the Brefcian. * This Officer took all the moft proper Meafures to make 4 fure of his Game, which, in Effect, fell into his Hands * on the 26th. Count Biancani, finding himfelf taken and * known, immediately bid high for his Liberty : And the 4 Lieutenant having got his Note, figned and fealed, for 4 20,000 Piftoles and a Spanifh Regiment, put it up very ' carefully in his Pocket-book. The Count then thought ' himfelf fafe, when, inftead of being releafed, the Lieu- * tenant coldly faid, " Now, Sir, we muft go and pay a *' Vifit to General Roth at Aqua Negfa.' It was in vain .4 to fupplicate, there was no Redrefs. ' When wy came to Baron Roth's Quarters, his Excel-' lency preached a fhort Lecture to the Count, and then fent * him away, loaded with Irons, and under a good Guard, 4 to General Count de Botta before Placentia, who tranf- * ferred him in the fame Condition to Prifon. * Count Biancani, tho' born a Subject to the Emprefs-' Queen, had abandoned himfelf, for a long Time paft, to 4 the perfidious Madnefs- of being a Partizan for the Ene- * mies of his Sovereign : He has openly rejoiced at their 4 Advantages, and discovered his Affliction at their Misfor- * tunes. The Infant, at his Arrival in this Capital, ihew'd 4 his Gratitude to this Count, for his Treachery to the * * Houfe of Auftria, and promit'ed him the Great Chancel-' lorfhip; but the Face of Affairs being changed in lefs ' than three Months, when his Royal Highnefs was obliged . 4 to retire, Count Biancani was under a Neceffity of fol-4 lowing, his Army. His- being made Proveditor General '* to this Army, furnilhed the Occafion that threw him in-' to the Hands of the Imperialists.t * The Auftrian Generals promife themfelves great Ad-' vantages from this Capture : For, it is not doubted but * Count Biancani and Signor Salefi, who was taken with 1 4 him, are acquainted with the Strength and Weaknefs of * * the Combined Army ; and proper meari3 will be taken ' to make them tell what they know, if they Ihould be fo * imprudent as to affect any Referve.' They write from Vienna, that the firft Colun n of the new Body of Troops, which the Prince of Saxe -lilburg-haufen has been forming in Croatia, is actually upon their March, in their Way to Italy. We have Advice from Franckfort, that frefh requifito-rial Letters have been fent to this Circle of the Upper Rhine, by the Imperial Court, relating to the Paffage of another Body of Troops from the HereditaryCountries into the Netherlands. The Anfwer given by Count d'Uhlfeldt, Chancellor of the Court of Vienna, to the Reprefentations of Count Po-devils, the Ruffian Minifter, relating to the means of bringing about a general Accommodation, was conceived in thefe Words: That, as the Emprefs-Queen could do nothing in this Refpect but in concert with her Allies, it refted upon the Crown of Great Britain to declare her Opinion concerning the Poffibility fhe faw of fuch an Accommodation : That, if it was in the leaft acceptable, her Imperial Majefty was ready to accept it; and* that all Europe fhould know, by the Generofity of her Sentiments, how far fhe was from defigping to perpetuate the War, a De-fign which had feveral Times been moft unjuftly imputed to her. ExtraS of a Letter from Plymouth, July 6. ' Yefterday arrived the Port Merchant of London, laft ' from Ireland,-for the Weft-Indies, which was retaken by 4 the Maidftone Man of War, off Cape Finefterre; the * Captain was killed in the Engagement with the Priva- * teer, and fhe loft her Main and Mizen-mafts.-Arrived al-' fo a Cartel-fhip from St. Maloes, laft from Weymouth, 4 who brought over 204 Prifoners; before fhe leftMorlaix, * the Rochefter, and the St. Anthony Coafter were fent in 4 by the Count d'Ark Privateer, late the Veffel the French * Prifoners run away with from Kinfale. While the faid ' Ship was at St. Maloes a French Privateer of 36 Guns ' and 300 Men, was loft going into Granville, and the ' Crew perifh'd. 4 P.S. Admiral Martin is juft now arrived, with Part ' of the Squadron under his Command. ExtraS of a Letter from Portfmouth, July 8. 4 Yefterday came to Spithead from a Ouize, his Maje- * fty's Ships St. George, Duke and Prince George..- ' The following Men of War are at Spithead, viz. Sandwich, Tilbury, Mortar Bomb, Devonfhirej Chatham^ " In the Harbour, Royal George, Pool, PrincefTa, Edinburgh, Surprize, Invernefs, and Superbe, Jamaica Sloop, Haftings; Yefterday Morning died in the Tower, of the Bloody Flux, the Marquis of Tullibardine, Eldeft Brother to his Grace the Duke of Athol.-He was in the laft Rebellion againft his late Majefty, and in the prefent. Mr. George Rofs, upon Petition of the Lord Balmerino to the Houfe of Peers, is appointed his Sollicitor. The Scaffolding in Weftminfter-hail is fene'd round below the Common-Pleas, and the Floor is to be even with the Upper Step leading to the Court of Chancery. At the upper End of the Hall there is to be a Magnificent Throne erected for the Lord High Steward to fit for the Trial of the Peers, for levying War againft his Ma- There is a Place to be erected for his Majefty, if he fhall think fit to come. And Alfo another for the Royal Family, where the Judges come out from their Chamber into the Court of King's Bench. We hear that there are Orders given to the Board of Works ia the faid Hall, for the Reception of a Thoufand Perfons. Yefterday it was reported, that old Gordon of Glen-bucket is taken; but from what Authority we know not. On Tuefday Night laft the Bank Notes which have been fo long advertis'd, were found by Mr. Ozell in his own Lodgings, where he had miflaid them. A Difpenfation has paffed the Great Seal to enable Tobias Matthews, Clerk, M.A. Chaplain to the Right Hon. Edw. Noel Lord Wentworh, to hold the Vicarage of Thurnby in the County of Leicefter and Diocefe of Lin-, coin, together with the Reftory of Frowlefworth, in the| County and Diocefe aforefaid. j There is A*dvice, that the Adventure, Seward, from, Barbadoes for Pifcataqua, is loft $ but the Crew were all faved. The Duke cf Cumberland, Peardon, from Oporto for Lancafter, is loft near the Ifle of Man, and the Crew all' drown'd, except two. at Beaumaurice. NEWCASTLE, July 5. We have Accounts by feveral Letters from Edinburgh to Gentlemen in this Town, that the famous Mr. Murray of Broughton, the young Pretender's principal Secretary* was taken after the following Manner, viz. Four of St. George's Dragoons, difbanded, and on their Way home* having inlifted for fix Months only, happening to^cajft at-an Alehoufe in the Village of Pofcnuia*^The*LarRllady, after drinking herfelf a little merry with them, infprni'd them, that fhe could tell them a Secret, of a valuable Prize in the! Neighbourhood; and immediately they laid the Plot for taking of him thus : The Woman defired her Hulband, a Shepherd^ to go to the Houfe where Mr. Murray was conceal'd, and bring certain Advice whether he was there or not; which he doingj the Dragoons got an old Gun and Sword,'both rufted and in bad Order, and w^ntdirectly to the Houfe. The one that was arm'd went in to feize him, and the other three waited at the Door till their Prize was brought to Light. He had on, when taken, a Bonnet, a grey Coat, very mean, like a Peafant's, and Tartan Veft Breeches, &c, and had in his Pockets 109 Guineas, which the Soldiers parted before his Face, and caft Lots for his Gold Watch. At feveral Houfes on the Road, as the Dragoons were bringing Mr. Murray Pri-foner to Edinburgh, on Pretence of Civility ^ he endeavoured to make them drunk, in order to facilitate his Efcape, which he had form'd the Defign of; but, as his ill Luck would have it, he happened to fall into his own Snare, and got the worft drunk of any in�the Company. They brought him directly to the Caftle of Edinburgh, wherethe Governor refufed to receive him till he was examined and committed by a proper Magiftrate ; and fo he was carried to Lerd Juftice Clerk's Houfe. On the Way to it, 'the Mob gathered about the Dragoons and their Prifoner j and the Jacobites endeavoured to purfuade them they were miftaken of their Man, and fome of them had the Imprudence to hifs at them : But a fine Jacobite Lady happening to give Mr. Murray a low Courtefy, and he returning the Compliment with a more genteel Air than is common to Peafants, even feveral of the Mob begun to think he was a Perfon of Diftinftion. However, the Jacobites obftinately believed and affirmed he was not the Man, till a Gentleman, intimately acquainted with-hirn, affured them he was the very Perfon, as reported : On which they feem'd much dejected, and fome of them were feen to weep. He was fo very drunk, that they were oblig'd to let him fleep feveral Hours in Lord Juftice Clerk's Houfe, who committed him to the Caftle betwixt Twelve and One on Friday Night laft. 'Tis affured that the young Pretender was in his Company two or three Days before. We hear by a private Letter from Edinburgh, that two French Privateers are a little North ef the Firth of Forth; and that fome of the Edinburgh Merchants who have Goods coming from London, have offer'd 5 per Cent, for Infu-rance on them. We have Advice by a Letter from Ireland, to a Gentleman of this Town, that the Eagle Man of War, which lately retook |the Queen of Hungary Privateer of Briftol from the French, has alfo taken a St. Sebaftian's Privateer, of 16 Guns and 152 Men, which had reigned four Years, and had taken 35 Englifh and Irifh Merchant Ships. We hear from Liverpool, that on Wednefday fe'nnight laft, the Mafter of a Ship there having Caught one of his Boys ftealing Tobacco, and reprimanding him very fharp-ly for it, the Lad had the Impudence toiirike at his Mafter; for which he was fent to Prifon : But in the Evening a. great Mob arofe, who went to the Jail Window wherethe Boy was confined, broke the Bars of it, and releas'd him. Then they went to the Matter's Houfe, with an Intent to pull it down, and be revenged on him ; but the Captain made faft his Doors, fired fharp Shot amongft them, and wounded five of their Number ; one of which happening to be the Hero of the Caure [the Boy, as he was attempting to break open his, Mafter'sDoor) tne reft fhcered off di-rectly. ADVERTISEMENTS are taken ia for thje Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-Street. ;