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Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer (Newspaper) - December 1, 1854, Geelong, Victoria National Library of Australia is Fipple. Stes3i to a Melbourne. Stem t fast and Favourite Prince at Ibert 7 , will co tiny torn from the Lana tcha_t3ero Urne Ery monday trek a Rit. T l15v10 o clock and from Geelong h Ron tuesday thursday and Ozonur. Rale go the Ziomas & co., g Long. Train to Kiel borne. Thi Favourite Clyde built paid. Moc Shandon John an user com tender id Icen wrist Celo. Mccry bar engr , 2 it a a one ods . . ,� turn b eur cry late Day thus a Torin. Tho to ii drink & Smith. Ente. Lit mi-iop-otre., . A Steamer bread in. Grahame Coan Leonder. 3 the pubic Are y informed that his Favourite Aiea a the Vine com sitar pairs ail Recac trims Asu Vul a " Natl pc Rena for 3ti, Golnot Ao to i Eta and Friday. At it o clock a. A iry Olter at ital Sanhours the Erc is the fast cot t o t in the Trade hate ours a t comm oltion to to. To. Homsi.t., heal Elroi s ai1th,. Arenlt. S Teamer Duncan Hoyle sch o Leao. On Mander. The s Pahic Are Fly inon that the abuse opted d a doru odious att Antr s. Lean the were Geen of. Even Mon a a d Fredy at 11 o Nook Penis to s limn Clouatre alternate Day. Atthe Sante . C ban ister s agents. 8, a Hekmat squad be. Lorg. Lack Ball line. Passig s for Bonfant to a. d Blank Beall line of Aust Liao packet. a. A Tain. It Onclo . P 3 o is poo. 16 3 Ell 00me Schif. Irl Tobin Oli Lang . 120 of Anglia a a Pion of Thedac Walt e00 Anat Deboies . 24t0 Ltd Noe Ito . 101 011 Loath 1404 Jackson Benle ran Awn abet dead .210 i carry pm a e2o.00 Darlh other fit in sniper hip. Tail a Mot the England of Adelaide belong. Melbo Looe and y. Thes this Are constr Ute by the Fine d of the Day a Dige Kayo Ston and of Aberdeen pasta season of Rentto their friends Tot to these n.? ? Cand i elad., clan and and Wale ? i Yetene for in rate the above Weil Kenon Tiff 1ket ship. Which a tre Mote the que Cesta i my Seola cies and they May earn Date out a Lind by their friends Here within a the. Time of writing. for pase Roert in these chips arte Lena Tow kind. The provisions conf the and Ilehoy toll a. A to affied scr lean i0 Ato each and they Are conman to of Peri sure and ability to Hore made the on a Nyasa Testo to ran los. Ams of Mon t Lor Tot. Fote m one Pound too of tilted to rough thle a designed who it Dae upon their a tests in England payable it. I line hts conveyed a intern Leer of Joanne Knees to a than toy their in Tho kingdom and landed the in Tod health Lafter than meat to and rapid for brer to Soa apply t Willis Erry co 7=. , weat i Bonore it t p. Rorr 2ooe-Totai Lenot. For England. A Lack bait line of Stein in 1a pc it to the Ottem chief. # f Ltd Tol d , fort Rhino a to Serge Rand to t Toh non at the coerce. Will d in the nod and a limited a nutty of celebrated and capper so pm Mma co Polo. Latorr Era. W wild commander armed Ani v u0. Avion says. Thos Noble ship of nto in to s by Hacon Bandon Oder 700 Facson Gers in tit h a that in Peee Waun y d Ico hero owing to s Are do Tao int. Which rendered Hier Crnek and Nable to aloof three a Reoyo .pa."s, out a . In indic All arct were Ca In it1 Monts. And Dayl a feet never ? by any tailing ant and it Oid the Home will Fullyuil Aba s coie Remenn. Trooda Toons for Teao. A on in Fane a a noes Nare Ouren . 0o"eae a ? by the owners to Reader these hilp., second to line in Stis car Ehlin and a wooo Are Latda a in Nasty e2ance and in Evieo rely the of of steamers. Tin Terry Arel Nin Wetol and a cat q foral shed with every Quixote i to Dilig Tartt Etc accompany toe ship and in Eaf Flent it and Cooks is for coded. T Feis Doroto loaf decor it a Quick and comfortableto Erot Are invited to Lisp the Aero onto Oan the 3enpaolo, order for which blah an co in loathe Andrett card. Ens of Pasage Money scalding a lib Eta Tole of the Tat pros Iono Are 81 Ormo. .0o fetid Cabin. 40 tatted me. Ost Epa Nelc tilth a Bibeh the ships of thl Inare Ispell Koo Ahen the Day of along d the t,.ad will made. In Mac. Feight plans of Cabins. Apply to 0 01,0e5y & a 72, Flinders Lane we p. Bauer , Gloag. For London the Brig test 20 Tona Neshon Captain James by will at Aekin in o0 ant too Mil the i and .il1 f tile Nencet Orsort whip. The s Wili tar Mcnery Cepalo. freight Essae. Top y to Tolono. Itt n5onoher, 1534 straciia2i a co London. The known in ego a Tedor and a i Eli Pership p Irilli a Of tora will a Aray emr Rma to 1 00 non hating Congo Allen i i Hoelot in decor bar. ?1? orm Knelt it of a apply Nelo o Rac Faaoo co. To r packet s 5rtf10 Geelong to syd7iey, via Newcastle t following Superior yeast. Coil Dlyn Lehew an Ood top. " eco Cra. To Saim. o0nyph. 8. . avow Adys to. T. Hrc Linona to Lolma. Troj o of i do tit to i to Kennt do o in in Shaver Lent a onto 0.t?to teen. I filter co. I Iton . Zealand the at Theon atm t ? the Clotet ? a anyone Alianie Wilt hav a oink True hots d Cocoa a h.,v, ruler i to Topias Chi lib. Last. O of Tan o Oalipoltri it of to. Array a the ballot St Nln. N t Nas Bod in Hort Yof. ,.-z Lor. Ecer monday o Dato an the Whent onis wre alls ? . 1ae St Araton where on Satui Eay b a to. Willis 5ltephp5. Age Tat. Shipping Choon Erst mount Alex i _ Noel a t c . All mob .1 Fesi a 4bao George pfa.on\. Jo., eth orc Ems a. 0g34. The int. " for Hobart town direct 1 in a c to a Tot a is a Dar. For Teicht s ?. Oppy to Mier e to Msrtin ctr Var a Dalton agent. A Robe Tresket Relone. Of0r fist sail Schooner tech sol se11a and Lear Cato b in at the Steve wharf. For Sydney s. Vic tobit packet a " James 1mff,0t. Commander will Tail Posi Tir in full to next the i member. " for apply to Tiore Kimber co. W Hite Star line of liver p Pool user Pool Irea to Lordon at ship s eap Oene so _. The splendid rocket ship arabian to. Bannat hats commander. Loot tons niger has try Kern from Sierpe. Lin eighty flee Days i i a in Lille six Days deteni0on in the churl and ill Pat erd on return voyage on the tirade. Ember. " the arabian is the sixth Rte near Seket of the White Star line and in recent trip has proved herself a Remenar ably Infra Tyler. Bhe has ban fitted up with Tasso liberality As other ships of this Lar tire a d a a Pamer offer by induce meet to those Danron of Tringl to rent Brit Ala. The ship is now dying fast off the railway jetty Wherle inane log sister Arear ated to Ermine Mode Lens Byelene gluing their piss a. Captalia Ean Atye s Oral Anotn Chartey to at a Oara Tesla Tinon to ay Tate a Zemae in arabian will ego a Noty attention. Ii ship offers a Fine Ospar Tunita to hitters of cold and Wool having apart of Avengo already the same a not Pality in Ottiar Nai the Arhat in will bar eve As in spare ithe jacket an other packet of this dipper Fleet for freight paste apply to Olaofe p. Tain a Coa Tinie Ite the Karo y station to area slab Gib sat Macorio Terrace. Gielenz. Lack Wall line of Pac � Kefter. Loads s my pot Lirely Dice a Beano. A Sam thenry will a & on s and bake Lio pack Lett the Lippi clip k_ to a at lloy4 a 100 tens . George Coleman co Mander. The Etrat Ordinary Sleed which has ways the anb5e splendid mrele thrash All homa turd and oot wart Voyazis Bat rendered so a that More than us Competition. Inot Ding Patr item at curly Quetel to Tolke Early ?,.l i Contd Cabin 35 dupe. A.? amp Gaea the s Uip. pans of Arn Moar Art Ona. And Leeond Earl dietary ale. of of apply to w. P. W h i a. Be. Rne Henry tatti fahd. Tara steer. E my from Liverpool notice Caw wharf Aon a a Terrero. All a ods zot be. Ire 5 o it Keah toe ing Ami stored at their risk and expense. attus Proa Waht Tele a Light Levardi. And com minion Stelte Colo Terrac. 21st novnmber., p18r o p engr and shippers of 1 of a taller. For a Nooe Roladn at Tinky. The a 1.leon frigate Blit . The John Bell i10�00 to a bid Campell. . T Ommen Nurr. Hub Anniet rental the at Poi Naleny to a Ufeo and y Oom Meore Road spa Home wort Arego a Aeeui. the is one she Atvea Tat Ever East Etol this pert ondi a t Tirtlot and Are Tetly Eto it. In t Ness and Mik a Selecio of the Bethas in As Poe toe. An in ?0anzro Ream i Lelly apart for Iod spree. H the Kageals Toi i thatt take Aeao t of atan tre Mitae to Striper. An Eis Otla for Feight of god Rote team to made to hollies Wafie at cd., belong to Dickson Oit Chr it " co to Flok Dunoon. First a to s i., at loader 7 the Rete Smotel Pitenm Maytner. Iii sail foe the Shore poet in the Tat to zippers of got Wool and Ternent goods Tensel affords a Mot eligible Opportunity. Teommey Oratio of Panen trea spae Goa a a Antly fitted Sal exper need .Eon wit Aemma poor the strip. Por they Milars s to Feight and apply t catam Piche. On Loard holes. White co., to ?o?, Gilchris & Siet. Sri Bodney october its. F Sale the a 1 Schooner 6 ton to Mae Sarment lately arrived from Don of she in Cedon in every peer. Cretos memo to agn ight drae Aht of Amer my is Mali add the ? Trace. Utthi Rveal mapped at the Stool wharf Here a now . Apply to o c a. Tarraff S a a the Ketch As Otao Urlon. This i Well known in the Lig Terig Trade u to so tire comment on it elites. She Well food Asi Ging cg., and ready deliver at Aday i Otrice. She in know to Ospe rior Lony lighter now in pot Appa to w. Emter a. Fitchett. Mticha5d Suareo s a Sirralo Coria labour Arka. A t quare been Alp idles at the s torrent a tree. Bushne s i notices Hele in Cia cheap now Tihe Borer of the a. of Draper. And a , first shop from a Taal Sunnee in order to meet the a teen for olred ant Erey v at Ole it la i ant fentknn.a c ott.. At la reel pirs Aon Raamot to an mat. To Era town off Oreme h i to peed a turn goods it for Liat of Prienke . O my friends Oas enemies cd not Nisan Minatr tne., Ida Nae and Palo. .0.1 Elotry. At Ethele a very Man i Lotte an Leine go Roant infant my routes doors Ite iop Nath sore. Ashr Nof oae tilt a Yeeee Han Pala Oier the into along hate goo done. How Heron f,.ham .0 Nona. Neone to attend itt iced Luanda broke.i int rat to h Etore trim wheel i a.,Oaid Rith insane. Dulety in co. I t to Shor Otlo Willi ? Bystri be a. Comment so Pirot Why of the Puble of Eliot and the tent ,.-l-Uxtojt, Teehe to Etta. Coos Crno tar an Etar of h Imelda . The is of thin Yard is Mosk on late be. Attolate pc in Norrel in Ghr Conrey of Tiajhor a h the. Pm rut Oset Patte Lomat currant pc. Vieu rna Trees and , . A. Joons sail Ober te., Han removed geat , ,-., it a la Wayt an and business notices Ibuyan & ban ister Impe Fernr and do. In Ito. For and colonal rinse. V9 a. Rets in. E to yeat fully at to ledge the kid and Linnra. Aaron soon on test to Zapnla of the for Esth is . Ait he. to intimate that they Hioe Sdeohic Anaddio their , " ship t their order and secreted with Tco. Meet the Rome of than Markr. .? their Kano Leod Enid inn Orf Roods would exceed of Lim sofa Ploe Doe to Irmen it Rae Tess ant Cotile of the Pilunt Arnom and flavor . Pekier and presenes., of every Cri Tion salad 01, Fiah sauce and a variety of Drelic. A splendid parcel of Ste ont Aulon in the Walny in 11 and l1 tins warrent. In prime Nardito Nourt at Ahot by a hts pm Ando Loa Capo prefer Ord meat ours Green a eos and one a tick As can outta of Only at thin slab Ulhmer. An & Bia ister to meet Roesl regents of their acro Anz e,.coeltn, Bave Toa in Matt to their a Rind in the a Union that they aim repealed to scr All Tours p euros of o on the shite to notice. All promptly att to and Orden executed with path. R of. . loot to tax Sarnol Nono to Rita duos Pranod of Dan Nat Ninryo Jonn Naoso. Searcy begs to inform the above that is Era Inez a store a the Lauk Pond Oppie the Rabin Hanood Hote. Where Hoe Wil have a us of Omrein. Mohacey. An blog. Of the Best a trip Trioln Whit k will sell at town Prait tints to with their sup it. Onar Sesar St str. Seat Eror Derd. . Prolee Toht Ori Ahen on Exchange. G & w. H brow a opposite Western Andla mrohs. Here cram Hare the Honor to inform the p Lic. Of Asb Kidi Mare. Litte Ohad. Ans , that of first Tler will open their Newtain ulment with a a redid still of newly Imp rot a a for at Pietso Tao say ii of custom whom they most Repec fail invite to Talt the t the the o Tihe above. 6e001r0, 2d . 1t65. Govern Brent land item dict purr usern.-7hb burp to the Pas in. Hat Bhar area mete Bhe will tubed Otoe Daos Are Ore o Munnt land Sale. To rde Over with and Point oat to in teding be the a Rural . Walter F?i?,. Proveyer. Ban s Bua dig s Gret , East. A card. G Eorge Wright it Saarm and girl and a floor Loties Street Gelonda. Grand exhibition pier Claraee Eastern to nope by tens with a Syi Enid Ore Oaty of Rient fair tree at jobs 6tolceha h Speiden a uhf a mate of to Verne. 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Ord and Silver rates for to i Matato Roe ap., an i Noe other Atiel Foj Ettlmonn is stare the a Trot 00lerhnred Eloa tall to Torpet with the tit mama Stolon in the of Loviss. Lero Well the a Ldes to E p1 Kern Turret by Aerni. Balaag Victoria loan Perm. Uses building Ive Simenot so Thoma pro to. Lanotan a Eki ctn. Eap. Frolo in Jacarnol eoq.,-Ifa the second Trenis to Toyei Roant tom., a Earty in avember, pall Rocoo tint Orul required mine meat sat the monster. Not Tai Rutm St orday Oetlor 21s. Macen of there Moon s Noti to priory Aso the others i Thea order of their . Loeben oled a t Oena Dudy. Trane Pien a it Mike flon a Gurtne in poo lao Stams. tits a relied at Coy time erg a Toho it Enest a. Remitta ones nay made by tried alter Buffa Alidah. B. Cowd Eoo Meagner. 8 Fotios at not. East. j. A Cusack eo00. Test so can Rai agent to 2, Corr cases Oss Tison collected to. Ronreo cd tog in Ekro Seste Waltene with trn Mno to sect. A porn Orient Atlo Loret of in Stoltie top. 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Tax teen lors Mentch kind of roots and so Ese s Eriis to Unithen action of the?.ard., who tour thefig a t onal article of Dre Toa Speed in St to hit is at Oisin Art for " Roe pop oof Vit inv his up Endie St,., d t theauto Coo.. a Nersi and . At an steel for eates an ind not to b with else Cohete. work Etee tourer to All Ita Bench lasts filter u theteot. The advert Ful in fluent throne trial ill is ro. Teot Bhot ror i . Aull Orden Freol nil work pm not a at to a Bat Maleria Hin a Acea guaranteed. Cash. Ntow open the . boor of posit the tank Tret Quoratom a Wilkins. Jner., Hob just Ero Ivet a mod splendid Amor not of squirt goods from the inst hours ton Ondos. And Paris. Lajes ant of Clemoens Liel b Thes Lippe . A. Of the Estt to atty so at the Moat to Orat Lepej to s not a Tiso A jostled ote d ankle. Knee to d thigh Aorl a boor a at on Sele atnm0tlt 03 d acid-Street.e. Cony Reyance t been Schifle a Onrey Antoe i Levoe the Lal my botel Caner of and la Tro Therre. Etty Tot Saty and hot Day at o1 o co k a. Otlo. The follow Moon at Tren o cock tin. On saturday at 4 of Loek . Retrni. Ato Toek on monday Tomaio. ,.on Rolt Efro the Ronca at Tho Western Folte Mero-.- lion Isno do steel the Freemon s tavern. Malott Ano the Ohlf Way hobe. Wellington books at each p0a ". Fare do etch May 3toodie & Wood. Spro?9ret 1rs.� tvs Toria exhibition Iha Biou i 154.-t. To blog Are a ousted t Thake done that the Sahib to on to Melbourne will Clos As Oral Dolly up Lodonal instant. And. . Honorary a Titan Eyetoo . J. W. Bus k. Agent to the comme Wossne. Exhibit i loot. Willim tretto. 17 150. boing Day sports an prizes v icon Ion. Wato phone cola Roa. To Tomas Fitz id dts impressed with a Dietly Leombr same of old in la sport pastimes. So o t Oda to by oar 1ta to a Emest in dals of Floe n " Erric termed Lingol added hearts and sit tend Stlla to cation the in thin the land of atom too the and merry Kokinos that to been o Laoo up Hehl b the who. Pat has braved a Tho Ltd yeras the Batte ?.d i in Ato in that. On Tlove Day the Foll Sojit Rizi will contended for at t00lve o Zorh the sports ill rom tache wit a Hack Roc. For a of so tote and Tidle. To Filose by a Hack race for a Silver mounted o a Tho and spurs. The Mort i time will on tilt orc Cli the Oreb a pole ror a hat and a Vearley of old Eilish Spoor syst at too oink. Levrier. Ote a. Sports Illwood up with a p0 Rice pump Grassy titled to the pro to the for remember Exino by Thomas Pitzo btoto3, Victoria inn Woom Pondo col hour important notice Tozier Chlopik t Paikert and Othera. A account books in every variety of a Haling and Sinadin made to order o the pc 13. Pocket books merc Mats Bill eas&e.,& to Norer. By an Peter Eide to Atrice be. Turcek i Opito Olott Tonk. 3odaboo-&00 Aon to a and con a Tany. Lvery Sharile keepers. Vii Corla cur hat. So. Johnston & co. Have just j weird a very Superior lot of Ifa a Oathro and a Homo Hay in bae Abbot t it. ,. Behin the Pomodor a Etlen form at in Heads. The y Mot Noal Thain and the Gim Loty on Motel Vitae for to Martoi 00 othe More Hui. Bateboom. Geat Myers to neat West ithe Coatta. Of Aboe Toloah Atrit. highest v Price even for we Apply to Ann Noble . To Phillip & Brand. Root eos i qty. Lost. M 0 Ron y-.50 too.000 Pero Oai Ehold other Yetoy. Ca we. Thuaugust1854 " a it Whitley Rothes. Judt arrived. Niew Grear Nugget lpd�., to popular s do Dir ." composed exp rely for Anstrats to. A variety i of now songs too Dooe. To Ood at opposite the tank to the flock Malers 0f Victoria. The undersigned having those Arevat Promse at the Bromm breakwater. Is to Senor and class wools not them p for the Heuton Market. M the most tool teams i to Prepa top Orrlie sheep so s in 0unw a those a Hall. Wool Mare error sett Eor. An of Armyo wools att. Mph s i Wool Mart tier Greer Mill attend add to Oil the i Gremett doom Important to Ca this. Livery stable keeper and others. The unders to inform the a00e to they wre Rady pm Fol a. Chi Corot Taarna 0smolaz. other poo. Hooker and Ashton. Boom Olte tit Gate Othnel Tsoo it sf3 j. a. Touhl remind to a Hoosep Harmer of the Greot saying Edfored by Ohe f9 ad1 t t a Van . Ate by Good hyoid at Homes there they in Peel on that Chahel out of er7 Othrie i Meby Ald. 500 babo4recthod ame t Adelaide observer newspaper it Ota dosed at the tit org. 0n Moat to the unders tend Vagott is Victoria to pooped Norein h Delaude. Add Ertheon Wor Rore Fth by Bryce Rob a 4f 41. 8atmtoo-sure, melb Oarse also. The Sydne Emp of Soper notice of removal opening of thei to Loring it Kim . Hetts Sto announce to the dimers Florat rate Oody 0tha has Eno those xt01epremise is Oomen both Eleer . Of Joelowe ti.clak., Loe to Etc of clo . Lall Leot a a a. Morats o i go Eniego in the null Potter Phoi ram seared Silko. Do Treto. And platen Maey Unelus of my of the Best top Ethi tha preset the t who often a Lahb testy Eppo goed Bim. A Otic tithe path the a termly Eton to chit East Ahalt not Mary Cotom their fore use poor at thei retd Obi Iamo to non it the unlike signed Are a their ,. Rose a lust Youle to Oett o v teis t Yard. Tor age at current rates. R c. A so Rerp. Corot lne Tools porn , the to Oakner. by tooth. T0 Anotn a the Riepole a Tab Kirbt of lbs. irony Pren to Shuso Caytoo Sobrep Oblee in the Wool. 8i to . The Peon Tor Romeo Deleery Eod Vahtre for Moog. By Terr Roer hot it.10. The tobacco and Cigar shop of Boas of the . Vichari Caret ? also Abol Solell Colecio Moor i at business notices. A anti. Old Nio . Ke., a. Jacin Yosfi and Thompson most11j Ottily to inform the Muolic of a an. Its Vic Inry Tillat they hate Comman cd Bana a in the a eve in the adjoin i the Union Ina Carlo al0oto team. R. O and Hope by a prompt tent co to ,, morarhor a and Tihe file St of Workman huh a Treha a Taro of stir . Sci in Roth Thompson. I. 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A to prevent Etri oos imitations please to obverse that the words Keating s Pooh Are on the Roee Atrash stamp a each Box Wrt Elandt none Sre Petrr The Baldg Srp us to. It eclat. Stem a maker s . Ebla Smet. . B. D. Lab Chajat. Reduced fares to Ballarat. The proprietor of the . Hving . In Tod. From the Depes state of toe Trees to.deoae tit age to Dlane legs to inform the Pooie Tho t furs byte. Aboe Roecher i Hom this Dot it Bare Pon a Cay. Feel be. 1 "vl30. I0o. Medlong and Elbo railway sub Corse,.--q c Trasatt Alit of the abet in. on the duet a d the Type Laze. At. It High rates As Are Alt i the Loany. Wat Goosland plat suppl Ehl so mediate split ratio o Alin it. C loatcat., a deat . Lira rive. All apply aids must Santhin Monda november 154. Convey Afonce from Geelong Sto the Leig Evey Otter Day is Rig from the bal and not a a Limo by. W Day. And pit Idy. At elem Elk. Dir Early Marti g from the Lefaite at eight of clot .e., o . Thoday Aid saturday. Pair. 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