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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 25, 1766, London, Middlesex The and New Daily ujt it U R S D A SEPTEMBER H A Y M ARK E Kings It and GOR moft humbly requeft the Nobility and Subfcribers to the Serious and Comic Operas for the enfuing will pieafe to pay their fiibfcriptions to Andrew Drunmond and at Charing who will give proper receipts for the ft defired that Subfcribers to the BoxdfewiU pieafe to fend to the Office of the fui 1 lift of the names of the company belonging to or for for the preparinjof the to be Delivered to each Subscriber in proper All the principal other Sirgers and are arrived from The are to begin the 31 ft of next D K UK Y L A N By his M A J E ST AT the THEATRE ROYAL in DRUHT THIS DAY will be prefented The B EG G A R Capfctfn Parfons j Mat Mri Kearj Burton j Playaif Strange by AbiBgtofli by Love Diana Bradfliaw j Mifs eondude wffcfa a Country Dan In AS A Hornpipe by To which will be P O L L Y H O N E Y C O M Scribble for the firft time j Branfty by Bradlhaw Bennet Mils Boxes Pit Firft Upper farthe boxes to be taken of at the Nonioney to be received at the Nor any money retoniedafterthecftrtainitdrawn up t VE ci A T the THEATR1 ROYAfc COVEHT Tomorrow will JUtfH A D tfce T H I R Plhrik Upper Galh for of Sarjant A received at the nor R T S O A R D B Hjfe the will be and G vrp The doors to ritopeoed at the performance to begin exactly The AffemWy Room wiil be prepared for company who ehufe to The heavy lofs Lowe has fuftainld by the bad nefs of the weather this he wiH be a Sufficient plea for Mistaking a particular night frr himielf he therefcW ihtreats the favour of to exert themfelves in his intereft on the For the BENEFIT of Signor and Signora P L A C ID AT THIS being the wiil be ex dbited VARIETY of NEW both fcrious and by Signor Gri Signor Signor Signora Mifs Mifs by and by and Mils Variety of curious per formances byjhe Venetian and his Se veral ot activity never feen in England before by Signor andSignora and Mafter Sigwora Placido wiH that night only entertain the audience with feveral new and ftirprifmg performances on the in a man ner entirely different from all After which fhe will alfo forthat night only exhibit feverai amazmg feats of activity on vaulting of Hack fuch as were never by any but her The whole to conclude with a new ment of mufic and called The CUSTOM of the The are all entirely Boxes Pit or Gallery Tobegin exactly at fix it Tickets ind places to be aadrOTSgpor i at in antlatthebar eftljeW For the letter JigufL THE MAN IX TRADE fie la To PHJLO flATRVER meant fa M we are furethat we muit lea ye things to chance and prefeflt or adopt a prin And it is feif evident that the more the common people are bred up in the fear of the more diligent and laborious they they will live capable Qf labour j the more they will marry and and better care they will take of their and their have alfo reafon tabelieve that the child inftrucled will be a much beiterfubjeittliau the child not ia his employment fliall As to his being put oat year fooneror it alfo appears to be ivbft corigruaup with reafon and children of tea or though xnay be rendsred of fome fsrvice fcirtlier jrenioved from temptations to paiifli children in Loniloftjand Weitininfter are not placed til they test thirteen ct but they give but trifiinj furas with Whan tiy are fent out very malters are npt to treat them improperlyi and when they are keptib long their are more difficult td fo that in every cafe a right judgment U attd the happy medium is generally the In fbrtle of my former letters I Cdttmeritei upon the as it appeared to of the years of apprenticefhip being extended to die ge of 14 in laborious and tee drudgery of Accord ing to freih I fiad ttjk is adhered to in moft parishes with tbn the indentures are nude cut tiHtbe BgAOf there is a further agreement annexed the mafter hall deUvwrup the r liWtthe IjUittjr of dlf cbargiog theprentice at tt egregious mifUkeis this with regard to awl meaning of the Aft of thc4j an aSfard part of the law is this which requires quibbling and evafion to be accommodated ttjeafonafld common fenfe If the rtacing out dlildnn till Ae sge of is tocsait a fettle tttwt the Artfl if the mafter at liberty to part wkh at u not Ctte prentice part with fhe mafter Or at what time thay they lefaify and yet the prentice be fecure of a fettiement I havefeena moft able opinib tin to the foufid which that atthotrgli U may be law ful to place them till he age of it is not therefore unlawful to place them till the age of ii If there is any real difficulty in this af with regard to I mould be glad to know the reafon why it is not rectified This point being clearly the bufinefs of apprenticefhip would go on more What can or ought to be done for the foundlings or pariih children in the country Gentlemen of landed efpecially fuch as have a6ted as ma giftrates or as guardians to the poor in the can hardly fail of being as good judges as any other perfens can As to all the foundlings in queftion are taught to and I hope to underttand what is fif ficicnt to keep them in the fear of They will certainly ftand in need of fo much And in this it is neceiTary to inform you of what I do not remember to have yet that tht hofpitals Ackwonh and Shrcwjbury will not canimodiouily contain above one chil with the reserving room for exti a ordinary There are many cafes in which cfcildrai ihauld be removed to Infirmaries and fent of the hofpital and others in whkh their cen vakfcence requires in the hofpitals diftinit rom theyther In the mean the crowding fuch hofpitals for the fake of or upon the necefllty accommodating as great num in its counttr aft tke Way for whifch they were If thejr all the good which the nature of them and they prove a great relief in of it cannot become disputable whether they are in ge neral and in their nature Ail the Ackworth and which are the only bui4ings creeled by the and bury and which are old will not contain half the foundlings living at this day To that you fee the where there are confideiable numbers cf children to provide to appoint more methods of education and maintenance than one granting that it would be as abfurd to think of con fining the education of fuch poor children entirely to as to reject hofpitrtls as unworthy of atten One perfon may maintain that no education of poor out of an hofpital is of any value ano that hofpital education is the worft that can be and both be equally In ccmmos life many things are expedient which are not there fore the This is the view in which I fee and the degree of which the poor have a title You mult be ienfible thM I take the fide of as far as toy light conducts To rectify the mif takes wbicKbare been committed on and re ftore things to their firft principles and the original good intentions of all is the taflc I have And though I declare war againft the tyranny of I am willing to that the pariih officers of 1766 or if they fee no profpeft of their work fo well in their will think thcmfelves happy to find a corporation which w31 take it off their though tbjBy fliould pay for its being done in the moft proper It i happy no law was enacted on the rtfoliitions I ksnre mentioned and as there has been fo much tiaU to oonfickr of we ftand the fairer chance obtaining the inore and effeftoal To believe ip a Uid be a is moft one and the fame it is obvious in the of Phrifle that good often ftrite out of as wefl as the and that a gnMer good grows out of a I confider the bill brought iwto in relation to the as t bitppy fuppofing it will be a means of prtxfocilif a right tinderftanding of the and of iMking U a nlwer the beft pu x Theabnfe of an inAitntion under Legiflntive is ao proof that it will be ufclefs under pro per The impolitic meafure of the was therefult of too bold an ef It the true objeft was timlJpipatf it to human We now find thref tpacious edifices built and ready fitted fo our and it is probable they may be of great not only for the children which now inhabit but hereafter for the infant poor of the Bills of or fame of when they reach fix years and earlier than children mould not be congregated in For my own part I think of no other children as proper objects of this And if the hefpitals are found or conveni ent tor the ufe of fuch of our young fellow citizens as arc fnatchedfrom the the it will be a moft happy It will itrike the fpecla tor with joy being in effift a refur reftion from the Therefore I humbly that whatever injunctions may take no law will be which mall Indicate as if the corpora tion of toe Foundling Hefpital were incapable of any farther ftf vice to the beyond the placing out the foundlings now on their And I art very mttch of opinion that the alienating thefe would wound the and perhaps prove a grave to the very hopes of prefer Ving the infant poor ia If te faving upon 1500 fliould not exceed 55 per thfr ordinary computation bfbogfct to five years ijor even which is iMkiag 55 dead in loo when be but 45 yet this will amount to per awrium confequently the two hofpitals ia queftion with this of inthertita tioB of feven or eight be we 1 flocked with 6x years bid and from this time other eft growing up annually to fix years of may be part and part placed ontj without coming to as the Governors may It hofpital education hath a tendency chil dren left Jf6 for laborious as lo tfie refolutions of the Houfe yd fuppofing we can make them the degree of the lalvsur they may be enabled to perform will depend on the trades to which they are Let us not condemn this mode of preferring children without a more attentive obfervation than any yet d wkh all its Ijet fee wliat can be done better for before we aban dot it and alfo can be known only by The events of things feldom correfpond exactly with our ideas of In the mean while whatever de term ination is not necejfary is fo far If in the courfe of eight or ten years there mould be accumulated fuch a glorious acquifition of chil dreji as I have by means of the cor at the very moment that all the world ap proved the Governors might findthemfelves diftrefled of the nfliltance of fuch f upon the enquiry it mould happen that fbtae of the parifhes in queltion fhouUI give good reafens for keeping their own children in their own yet the numbers of children put in by the other parifhes andpreftrvedby the would till render hofpitals uf If after repeated trials it mould be found that ilte corpf ivti n can do as well or better withootthe hof than it would then be the rsU of the ftill afltftg on the behalf of the to difpofe of fuch edifices If any Gentleman fltonld entertain a jeatottfy left buildings hculd prove the occafion of fafiiAg into the praclice olaa indifcrfaluaiti recep which has been fo defervedly all I can fay his fears eem to be This miftaken phyn took place osriy in Londo and can be carried ori onry by meant Of public mo ney 5 and may we not as boldly proftmnce that fncb for fuch a puroofe will not that parliament not build over the kingdom as was once intended for ory part I iio not lertain a thought of any Jecret nor yet of any of en except of the dilb efled iafant poor in Let us not refine above The pariih in fant the tender objefts of our are and it is meant to preferve or they are and need not be If they are we muft confider which are the beft means to tiTect the prefcivation in the moft eafy manner to tiioie who undertake as well as for the bencrit ct the In the mean time we are fure the prefent psrifli are for the moft part a fcene jf Let us farther that if the as diltinguilhcd from thele great is efiehtially ne cellary to the end it is alfo neceffary to re tain the members cf the men of fortune anil reputation who live in the and will af fift as committees in promoting the caufe of humanity with regard to the direction of the which they will chearfully affociated with the corpora tion that is and which they will not do with parifh who are changed Nor do I think it a matter of lefs in this general view of the duty of to fecure the already eftabliflied in feveral parts of the with perfon s of character and con dition of both fexes who have as infpeitors of whether it regard the life or the inftxuftion of Our refources are but Jet none of them be i JLetus carry this conftantly in that in thefe cities we are in a very fingular andtbat have learnt from indubitable with regard to many bbrn in that they require as much to be Airnifhed with a regular fupply of the means or neceflaries to fupport as that fome adulti labouring perfons Hand in need of the afiiftaace of hofpitals to fet their broken limbs or cure violent difeafes which threaten to cut them Let us fee things as tliey really And whether we confider hofpitals as calculated to mend fouls cr to promote or advance knowiedget win ft they have been countenanced in this we have become the greater and more formidable The higheft virtue is to be fought tnd found in private But it doth not follow but that public institutions often ferve as props to the fabrick of a which might otherwise mol der and in procefs of time tumble into What can be a proper coqnterpoife for folly and ini but the exercife of reafon and the fear of God Wherever tliefe have been and in danger of lofing tfieir in private in proportion as they have been found again and encouraged in pub lie Ichools and Seminaries of thefe have and in all have been confidereoVas bWT ings from Heaven j and If will deptad much on too manner of conductingthe hofpitals itt queftion to render them fubftantial and permanent The fame caufe wsli pvduce the fame wid the reafdri the poor in what tttj ought to learri it in prlvare In ptibiic cf HoT as the rlcli artd be tred ttt letters in wHatevcr isfftential t6 good orHtr and go vernment in their ftationsV Nor is It cf Any great moment if one 4ould fsafoh ast by infuttiou another talk as If or labotir ihf pan of mankind werebtit mere of burthen i a third afpiriitg at ideal feaionj deelarw at feeiiig tfaeriloftm crfriterns it Ufe exetfited to floteniyf thHt rtafan it TheTe i their turn jtrt conflder ard fuch plates for inftriiahig poqr as nUrKriej cf itnpiideTiee and Hut wLeti take vand their rnlerfi with all their ami the children they educate with the theufaadft who Ufhered into the world without any uiftntctloa undifcitJiined and be compelled to cry toffy th land ivtere every meant of ixflftiflicn abounds I your vary humble fervanrj 1 HAN To the PRINTER of the S I Ri your paper meets witb fo much encofiragg hient frosrf the is a duty you owe them not to bd thecaufe of and not to inflame the minds of the Poor by the extrava and fcandaiem relative to the exportation of that ever appeared ta in Saturdays you fayj It is fnid there are near one hundred aatHwemy Itlips with wheat now in the tmr Thames In to days TueMay loaded cornveffeli fell down thft river tb proceed on their j Now the real fafts thar fince the z6th of Au guft five fliips are c with j quarters of w and barrels of fl j threi ftiips are nearly and may take abotit 3600 quar ters of wheat and eo of flour In about 8855 quarters cf and ioo barrels bf flour by all the in the port of London Ani I may veotffre to fay n ot one more will be So you mnld be very and and more particularly at a time when the kingdom is in an how you fnfert vilewvd groft which feem to the of this country and of mankind To pteveat which for the take ttetr names of that they may be anfwer tWt for ttebr wicked THOMAS L O M D O YeflBrday there ww nnrnerofts hvia At On Saturday and StinsJty all the Privy in and out of were rrnnitionert taattend an rx traordinmry wliidv met yeCertay at two at the There were prefent the Archbimop of the Lord Chancellor who arrived ycftrrfay mtrning from Bath the Archbifcop of the Secreuiies of the of and with about thirty thr Privy which did not break up till nrar fix oclock and it is believed that an diate by fbme means or would be put the exportation Of An extra number of mef feneers were ordered in at in 01 it was to important rtfo lutions to different parts ot the TheLordPriyy ai not atend the Council on account if his Yelterday George Eq and Tho mas attended the Lords o the Council upon the matter of hear her Royal PiinrefjCarciineMi will be married uy proxy on VVedusfJsv nxt in the Chapel Tuefday arrived in town from who is appointed harbinger o her Royal Princds Caroline i We har that triumphal arches are nre on many parts of the roads urgi to the Danilh her Royal Princefs Caroline Matilda was to pafs through on her journey to TuefJay the provifioni drefTed ia the Rcval were feist on UonrJ yachts at Gravefeud her Royal Highiiefs Princefs baggage was yefltrday fsrit and the yachts failed lail night for Yefterday arrived at their houfe in Sh the Right the Earl and cf from their ftat in On lad Sir Waiter was mar ried at Workfop Manor in to daughter of the late Lord anJ a near relation to his Grace the Duke of to w liora his Grace was left It was yellerday morning that ihe laft difpatches from Madrid were by bjearts in regard to the terminating tji which continue to fubfift between Great Butiin and We hear a coramiifion is fent over frortr Governor for a fuperb crown to be intended a prefent to a power ful of Africf whofe friendfttip is ot mijeh confeupnce to our trauLe on the tfA Lffterjrvm ia 7 little we had the moft that his been felt in rhrt the fatal ode Koyal it ed full if nut firft which was a twror there were the andhswdhr every body m foort as thty at ope time it violent you covid not ftartd without and beufe pitched like a at Ount gocjrat of Oftetwd the tack when I faw the fore door elfeaAy to fovod with hef younf Cbtld WRTs and had got out all the of the ;