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  • Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser
  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 23, 1766, London, Middlesex iPhe Gazetteer and New Daily S E P T E M B E K Jfey Kings and GOR Titl nioflf humbly NobiUty and to the Serious and Comic Operas for ths enfuing will pleafetopay theirfubfcriptions to Andrew Du nmond and at Charing who will give proper receipts for the It is humbly defired that the to the Boxes will pleife to to the Office of the fad Theatre a lift of the names of the belonging to their or for for the preparing of the to be Sublcriber in proper All the principal and other Sirgers and Dancers arrived from The Opetas are to begin the nft of next D R U R Y L A N By his M A J E S T Ys AT the THEATRE ROYAL in DRURY DAY will be prefented H A M L E Haujfet for the firft time GAUTHERLY The Lava the Hranfby Packer 5 Baddeley iaeriesi Aickin Dodd Rofen Strange Fawcett Marr 3 Ackman Burton Player by Bibfifiet Gravediggersby Baddeley j To which bj defire Z A P ri S and A M I N T O YOUNG Mifs With dances incident the by Signer and Signcra Mifs A Soxes Pjt Firft Upper Places tor the bdxes to be taken of at the No money to be received at the Noraaymoney returned after the curtain is On Thurfday the BEGGARS O V N f G A R D E AT the THEATRE in COVEHT romorrow will EVERY MAN IN HIS Pit Firft Upper is foe tle boxes to be tafceri of Sarjant the to be received at the nor jBBJylinoney to be returned afterthecuriram is drawn up 70 the Portly COMMISSIONERS tke COURT of RB y E s T jar ibe and of Soiitli BEING informed rtiere is like to be vacancy in the place of one of the Clerks of your and as feveral perfons are making application for the fame if it hould fo I beg leavd to offer thougfc as a candidate for that and humbly requeft your votes and interefts therein and mouldl be fo happy as to I hall endea vour to manifcft my gratitude by a diligent and faith ful difcbarge of iny I Your moft obedient humble tldtt EUSEBIUS Late Brewer it otherwifc the maker not knowing where elfe to nor ihe confumer where elfe to they will never fail to make an advantageous market of But altho fuch venders be fo ufelefs in a and fa undeferving in a moral view yet thefe are the men who have many good things in and can fay one to let us and be Thefe are they who build country palaces fil for who ftep from behind the counter to loll in pompous equipages with fiioulderknotted foot io the and FREEHOLDERS of tin Caunty yf IS Majefty haying been gradoufly pleafed to Jfi appoint me jointly with Lord to be Paymafter of the my feat in parliament is thereby became vacant I therefore humbly intreat Ihe honour of your vote and intereft at the next alluring you of my fteady attachment to the laws and liberties of this and of my grateful attention to the and profperity of my who upon fo iiany fiiewn fuch an alTsilionate regard to Their and Moft obliged humble 6 GEORGE The misfortune I have met with in breaking iny I plead my excufe for not making a perfonU application at ij price AN ESSAY on in the ftyleand manner of Popes Easy on Man In Four Infcribed to the Rght of By a Member of a lend me your ears I come to not to PRAISE London Printed for the Author and fold by in Pauls and A A R Y B O H E G A R D E N w Defire ef fevers Perfons of the will be per forraedihe SEREWATA of i C t S Cotippfed by the late Tickets twee which may be of Kat in Covent iarefen j Bremners mufic in the Strand the in Corniuil j and of at The doors to be opened at the performance to btgin exaitty at The heavy Jpfs Lowe has fuflained by the bad icf the weather this he hopes will be a cient plea for his taking a particular night frr reif j he therefore intreats the favour of his friends ejjert in his the Jjfy the defire of feveral worthy fome ICenilemen will fing Brother Gildings Ode in Hu Iprtbrof IE Governor of the Ifljnd of near If the takes this early op portunity of returning his becoming and grateful ac tnewledgments to ali thofe ladies and who fiftve hououred him with their agreeable companies during this fummer is now near to In order therefore to render the Utter end as agree kble as the for the entertainment ot his both ladies and he has recreation on the faid iflanclj therefore intreats the favour of thofeladies and gen whofe kind indulgence he kas often expe to honour the ifland with their agreeable as particular perfons have given line leave to acquaint the ladies and that in the vocal endeavour to and make that afternoon I with pro found Ladies and lyour ever much obliged and very humble BRAFIELD Thofe who have no may have them at the bar at which gees in payment for X S T A T E L O T T R Shares of and Jl Shares of are fold by HAZARD Stock at their under the Pi azza of the Royal and at their houfe it and Shares tegifteredatfix toeoce per and the earlieft account of their Slfeccefs lent to any partirfGreat Schemes of the Lottery and letters Pour bhnks to a The Lottery Begins drawing on Monday the ijth of All kinds of Government Securities bought an 1 by 8 T A T E L O T T E R 1765 iIX pounds difference in the fniaHejfc and in the five Ofllv five pounds lofted from the inttead fof arid no per from Glares or chaaces tle money paid hew for faares end wiil be the as for wfcole and attheloweft aad thy groteft raftered Mid examined in thirty and at hit near HARRIS over the Tickets trlr FoiifTjanks to a The blanks and prizes o be transferable annuities at the Bank of bearing three per and Sourh Ssa thefc feveral India Navy and Viftua1 ling andall Kinds efGovernment and fold by sThe Lottery be gins drawing on Moudty tlie of AH ieitrjs from town or country peft paid duly To the PRINTER of the T was propofed in my lad to der the different fates of ingenious as ex emplified in the particular cafe of tbofe concerned in Now the general denomination of tra ders contains three very different forts not lefs different in point of promotion of their own than in their refpeftive abilities as or in the tendency of their feveral occupations to the public The firft fort are the ingenious artizans and manu fafturers of every who fabricate the various kjflds of who by their curious art nhize the crude unfhapen ekments of nature into whatever is neceffary or ornamental to civil By their induftry almoft a fecond creation is the barren wilderriefs turned into a and vvater fprings drawn out of the dry By the fuperfiaities of their pro ductions when either the produftiore of other climates are returned back to the or money to pay our fleets and failors bred up to man them forthe common How ufefnt then and necdlary members of focievy inch fubjeiis each mans common fenie muit point out anJ each mans fenfe of juftice ought equally to point out how defervng they are of the countenance fupport of government to enable them to difpole of the fruit of their own labour to the belt and to enjoy as much as pcfTible of the profits arming from But as thefe manufacturers cannot krep up with convenience a correlpondence with diftam the reign merchant becomes an ufeful member of and is juttly entitled to a hare of the profits arifingfrom the goodshe fhall ex He ought thertfore to be favoured with the countenance of There is ftill a third who more particularly have adoptedfalicl arrogated to themfelves the name although in facl they are really difcou rajers of and therefore are not entitled to fupport of government at all although under cer tain circmnftances they may and mult be asbeing at beft but neceflary Thefe with more propriety may be ftyled venders for home confump tion Such Thefe con tribute nothing toward the fabrication of any com modity but only pradtice a public by endea to buy as and fell as dear as they In order to accomplifh this equitable and they contrive among themfelves every fcheme to beat down the price to ihe manufacturer of the goods in which they or on the other hand to extort as much as poilible from the purcha Thefe venders therefore are mere who go between the maker amlt and thrive by pilhging and by taking advantage of the ne ceflity of the and the ignorance of the other in regardto the valde of what is This fort in PUPFV VlfW iir men and laced liveries like Jobfons are blind to their own and wonder at their own finery who the gentry at all public places who at leaft equal their and never fail to mimick their fafhions and and all things except their manners and breeding There are they who appoint Minifters of State who advertife for places at Court inftead of afking for and like iturdy beggars abufe the donors upon denial who diclate public meafures at and treaties with natins abroad who prefume that the landholders are their lawful and all the land of Britain deftined for the fervice of their Lordly tables in in whatever they or al jvays convert every thing to their own If wa jiOw turn our view to the manufacturers and arti whofe genius and daily labours fupport this magnificence of the what a different fcene do we behold the country clown lodged in a half thatched and the ingenious artift mounted I into a fhabby with a breeding or fickly empty and empty with a long fcore behind the How different then are the fates of the avaricious and induftrious How are beftrid and huff d By debtor and thofe countercafters 3 Who in good time fhall all Aldermen And God blefs the their worfliips Haves Is there any foundation for fo great a difference either from or wifdoni What I pretence has a vender to live and thrive better than a manufacturer f the vender ought in all rea fon to be the fervant to the manufacturer rather than the mafter there being juft as much difference be tween the genius exerted in the two as be tween the that dictates and the fcribes hand that pe ns it or as between a me tal clock and a wooden What idea then fhould we form of thatjuftice or which inftead of afiilting the opprefled to refilt the who pray upjan their mould on the contrary aft in concert with the latter and while greedy venders attack thofe ufeful fubjefts at one by taking from them their lawful they ihould at the j fame time be attacked at the other end by levying fuch injurious as raife the price of all the coarfeft necejOTarics of life thus force them to fly the kingdom or elfs be ground to death between injuftice and ufury Are thefe the rewards of thofe which rtligion teaches andfeciety demands I hope and truft that wi got a which underftands and degrees at tempt the removal of thefe brought oh by indolent and relaxed Their conduct in regard to taxes at the next meeting be the moft certain teftimony of the unfeen princi ples and maxims by which they intend to guide their actions And and all con cur in requiring that the taxss fhould be removed from off the induftrious clafs of that is from the uecefTiries of life and that they fhould by various modes be laid upon the venders in fuch as may extraft part of their prefent exorbi tant profits out of their to be converted to pub lic fervice j and thereby fupprefs or difcourage every degree ot One means by which this falutary purpofe may be and one mode of which will fqueeze that one fpecies of without raifmg the prices of any thing to the or lowering the price of la bour to and without leffenlng the demand in I have mentioned in my laft and fhall in my next letter fupport the propriety of it more ii have the above ciaifes ia each of the faid In the affs Philip and It is enacted that carry any Out of ihis kingdom without the Kings un dcrthe following he owners of the vei fels wherein the laid is tj fuifdt tlie faid vellel with everything thetcto The mariners ot vefftl feit all and to be imprisoned foi the fpace of cni the owner ci LU coming oil board fnch to torltit the of one moiety oi thele forfeitures is te Ivfithe and the ohsr to the will the Tbe public are defired to take tfcaf I rennoved from iny late Orace in and aye no of traders are confequently in every political the mtre of who live upon the labour of the bees and in every moral view they are avaricious whofe proleflion is craft and Wot but that they are in a cer fain degree nece0ary in order to bring maker and purchakr conveniently together and therefore they muft be but en couragement from government to encreafe either their number or profits on the the fewer there is of them the better for then theiriands be ing more fully thev can afford to vend for a lefs flme of the But then a worfeevil from paucity of for hereby they afe better able to agree together and the prices of ail at own will and So that upon whole it is better that they nnms roui and than fmali in number and rich Tothe PRINTER of the IT has been confidently that the King has no power to prohibit the exportation of notwithftancling as is certainly the cafe at this time the neceflity for fo doing be ever fo As I apprehend there is fonie foundation for being of different I have taken the liberty to fend you the following is pretty near ver batim in the undermentioned acls of And as it is faid to be a maxim in that no aft of parliament and that the common No perfon or do not bind though the ftatute is in the nega I cannot but hope His Majefty has at by virtue of his unrepealed Prerogative an undoubted right to iflue his proclamation to ftop the exportation of corn if immediately muft be of infinite fervice to the public in ge as well as to the Poor in A POOR Statute sfii Made for the continuance of divers Provided and be it enacled by the au thority of this that the Kings his heirs and may at all tines by bis or their writs oj to be piiblifhed ge nerally in the whole or in any of the counties of the where any ports are command that no perfons hall by virtue of this any manner of grain out of his Highnefss for fuch time as fhall bs therein limited and ap And it ball not be lawful for any perfon tocarry out any fuch contrary to the tenor of the laid umlrr fuch pains and for as by the laws and ftatutes of this realm have been 13 35 L O N D O We hear from tia n given for the oiiice s readinefs to meet her iloyrJ Ca Matilda at to concfu51 her Ft where few before Hie her pubut enry into Lof Tomorrow morning all the ing to her Royal to be theyatchts at Deptioi J alu the interior are appointed O and the yntchs are to ei for Harwicbt t j ihcii ior lite rcceptiojl of Koyal Yeilerday being the anaiverfary cf his there was a and nunierous Cvirt at when his received the com pliments of the and ctiu r perfbns of Her ivla jft y wa not at but received the oimany per fons of the firlt rank the Yefterday their JRoyu the Prince of Wales and Biflicp of were dined at Jamess They appearfd for fume at the window of their facng to a numerous company cf JheJPiince was drefllil in purple ano and the jpilBop in 3nkand quite and of the manufactue Old Among many great perfonsof rank at Court none appeared more elegance ExpeiJency Count de the Imytiia whole being cut 01 moirninj the late Emperor his fervaWs peared in the richeit liveries fcarletand On Saturday while the Right the Earl of t Fet out W he was fuddenty with the gout in his which ifoppsd his day his Lordihip was much but not weU go to Yefterday the Puke of Portland came to town frem his feat at Yefterday of went from his to his feat on Sir Alexander goae to not only to fee his aflates but to vifit the feveral royal boroughs lie h cf rspre fenting in pa It is ftaiids a candidate which vrac mnny years re prefintcd by his the ials Lord arid at by thi Stewart They ite from cf twenty faikes Turkiih laden with animunitijn and warlike had been taken by the in one of the fita ports of Mirsgreliaj litelyfuiprilsd by the army of Prince The following is part of a hittr written by ds Voltaire to one of his friends at on ths report of his intending to retire into the Trufliin ttnlto Itis I have been afftfted with ttte flrongeft but I hwe not tiken the refplunoii which has been Had I alid in I might done it hut at iny and in my prsfen ill itaieof removing from one country to is a matter ot itiactj Under of the trees which I have I fhall the moment when I fbali no Linger hear of thofe which induce us to prefer tile bears fli the mountains to apes and tigers difgiifed in the form of The report you fpeak cf was occa fioned by a declrration which made to by the Kingof that the defctndiints of the Ser a name given to the ancient bi welcome to a retreat in hij I returned that I would willingly ccnduft them thithtr and my compliment bfien mil taken for my own defire cf Sundry lait arrived at their moorings in the Stephen the Di Thomas from Oliend and the Thomas from Rousiir The Grofvenor and True Eaft Indiamcn are arrived in the Friday latt John youngeft fon of Yefterday wheat fold at from to the quarter wheat at L per and is exutiitett to be Great part of what was ibid yelleiduy was purchafed for foreign The rrport of nn being laid on Saturday laft on all fhips laden wheat in the and that exprefies of the like kind were lent to ail the pnt proves to be premature ws are tblsl it has ferved to double the diligence of thofe can cerned in exporting it oi many that fomethiiig of It is Hd to be under conlzderation fo obhgar all farnterS and graziers the to bring their own grain tattle to which will abcilfu jobbing At the aiiuiverlary nueiing of the CGiintyKor Edward Sir Sir Sir Tames H Thoaiaa Ambrofe j hn Charks John Robert Elquires and J te of and coruiJeration of tic of the poor from a icqnty of and othtr upon up to be owing to the frnall quantity brought to it was agreed by the men and Gentlemen that they utmci eiuieavotir to ;