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  • Location: London, Middlesex
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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 18, 1766, London, Middlesex THURSDAY SEPTEMBER k By For the BENEFIT of AT the OPERA HOUSE in the To the i9th will be per tormcd T H E O D O S I U S j Ths of Varanes by B A R R Mr Bardm Aikm Keen Davis 5 Leon Hunt Johnfton j by D A N C E With a As wi i be exprefled in the Bills of the Boxes i Kirn Gallery Upper Gallery Tie ihd galleries to be opwed at five the boxes t To begin exactly at Tick ts 10 be had of at butf lkuxeet andat the where r e boxes may be M A Y B O N G A R L N lnVHtt Muital Entertainments will end This I will be a new The doors ta be opened at anil the mufic to bein about Admittance one is tne laft night of fubferibers tickets being admit FINCHS GIOTTO EVENINING EN fERf AILMENTS of JL plate will end for this feaiuu THIS tiic iStli A SPRING STOLEN from the hop of Robert A fomtune inring in a black cafe orna mented with K offered to be pawned or ftop it and lie and you hall leceive five guineas from Robert in STATE 1766 0 five per deducted from the fhares and hut fix pounds from the ten netwithltanding ihey are fold at he loweft hi the grease It examined and paid as foon as by WENHAM and at their State Lottery ia ths Poul facing Grocers and were drawn prizes of ten thoufand pounds each in the laft and fola at this Schemes of the Lattery given gratw j aad letters Apoftpaid duly Our bers of may depend on their having 4heir and on the moft rea ibnable and tiie money remitted them for the prizes and blanks as foon as drawn j and all bufinefs relating to the Lottery traniafted with the greattlt care and drawing of the Lottery wil begin on Monday the of STATE SIX pounds difference in the fmalleft and in the lavgeft five Only five pounds deducted from the inftead of and no five per from fhares or chances the money paid here for fhares will be the in as tor whole and at the lowett and the greaieft regiftered and examined in thirty and ty at his lottery and near Dunftans HARRIS over the Tickets Four to a The blanks andjprizes to be transierrable aBmuities at the Bank ofEng bearing three per per and Spuih Sea with their fcveral India Navy and Victual Jing andall Kinds of Government bought and fold by The Lottery be gins drawing Monday the of Alt letters from town or country pert paid duly The public are defired to take that I am removed from my late Office in and Juve no connections AT HICKFORDs GREAT near the Hole in the this prefentEven will be by STEVENSS celebrated LECTURE upon Part the Cherokee Quack Horfe Lottery of any and every Bodys Coat of Va Paint and Heads of Flat tery and Part Riding Raneiagh Laughing and Crying Philolb Married Old Old Lafs of Sprit j two Hats and two Heads Part Diff nation on Sneezing and Snuff Life of a Woman of the Teatable Learned City Po Gamblers three Gamblers Funeral and Life of a Head of a well known with a Tabernacle To conclude with a Lecture on Pit Gallery The doors to be opened at and to begin at feven oclock Tickets to be had at the Hole in the Wall in Pan and at the Middlefex The following Petition was yefterday prefehted to the Court of Directors of the Ealt India Com la the Honourable the Court Diredors of the United Eqft India A General Quarterly Court being advertifed to be held the 24th inftant at the Ealt India on fpecial affairs we the underwritten Proprietors of Eaft India having the greateit reafon to from many that the faid General Quarterly Court of Proprietors will be very do requeit thit Mei chant or fome ether capacious be prepared for hold ing the faid General the Saleroom at the India Houfe being too fmali for that PETER WILLIAM RICHARD JAMES HQGLE JOHN JOHN which the Court made that they would provide a proper place for the DAVID THOMAS ROBERT CHARLES Taylor and in Albions nearWeftmore makes and in the and po liteft and at the moil Thefe Vho chufe to employ me iball meet with entire fa and may be waited on ia any part of town w by the direction of a line as to your humble fenrant j who is ready to ferve Noble ana at the following rea fonable prices A plain of the beft fupernne c middle half trimmed 53 a full triniraed a frock finall a frock coat for half trimmed a cloth without a pair of a good cloth furtout a fuperfine cloth fur teut iurtput com a dmi very good a Arab cloth coat a pair of Genoa velvet a pair of fattin velvet d a pair of filk ftocking a pair of woirted ftocking a baize liveries al the prices un dermentioned A half trimmed fyit of SL frock fuit ditto with fkag and wajftcoat ail drab furtout a box coat a fine thickfet coat and ditto coat and a fuftian frock ditto done at the above prices for ready money Ibis day is price ANEW PRACTICAL ESSAY on An account of the and different A detail of the general method cf commonly cailetl ra ional or A defcnption sf the re medies propofed by foms as but found to je either or inetftcluni with remarks on the Is annexed rhe emca and only certaiu method ef founded on and confirmed by To which is alfo a more and efficacious me hed of adniiniltring By Printed for the author and fold by near Templebar and facing Burhng Tbii day ispubliftedy price i to the Right Earl The FIFTH of 4R E VI E W of P I T T s AD 0 this Edition is added an containing a further Review of Pitts from his refigaation tor his acceptance of a and the poft of Lord Privy and a vindication of that He wifhes to lay open and reveal to the un erring both the and actions of every part of his Obfervations on theSpanifh Printed for in Pauls Churchyard and in iv Vis day is price e SECOND THE NATURE and GROUNDS of RELIGI OUS LIBERTY a preached be tore the Right Honourable the LORD the COURT of and the LIVERJKS of the fcveral COMPANIES of the dry of at Cathedral Church of en the fth of JOHN Morning Preacher of Trinity Conduit and Rector of Weft Printed fr at near Tcirple For the Itttertjisned A FRIEND tro the To the PRINTER of the AM forty to that the pre fent nuiniftry have no legal power to prohibit the exportation o corn but muft wait until the meeting of They have indeed manifelled their inclination to relieve the induftrious clafs of fubjefts by renewing the acts againft foretelling and monopolizing that commodity but however commendable thole their intentions yet I am ferry to that the good effects to be ex pected are very For which canaot be executed unlefs by the informa tion of one neighbour and tradefman againft an will never be executed at all to any effectual purpofe and this not only OR account of a fellew feeling for one but alfo becaufe the charac ter of an informer is fo little as fcaicely to obtain even the tkanks thofe who are benefited by his We fee by the Bakers how little fuch informations avail toward the fuppreflion of illegal acts in thofe wherein for every milling which a man pays by he gains a pound by It ftems therefore ridiculous to be every year repeating this practice of making fuch ineffectual as are only adapted to the ifland of Leputa 5 while theoretic politicians turn their wife b ains with fcheming out finefpun the rogues ftand by and at If then we would wifh in earneft to fupprefs mo nopolization in all its it muft not be by fuch as a falve only fkin over the fore a and leave the caufe of it Hill beneath but we muft go to the root of the diforder and in order to do it effectually in the prefent let us firft con fidsr whence the evil Now this we fhall find be from the exorbitantly large capitals in and conftquently the large ware now employed in the vending all articles of home When the vending any article is diltributed among a numerous body of fmall who have but fmall fums or credit to lay out in monopolization never can take place the prices of all commodities rnuft then ever rife or fall according to the real quantity to be difpofed or the real demand of the confumers for no fuch fmall trader can venture to purchafe more of any commo than he is certain he can find cuftomers to pur chafe it of him But when thofe engage in who are able to throw into it exorbitant capi they can venture to purchafe fo great a quan tity of any as fhall directly form an ar tificial or and thereby make the remainder rife in price which when they have ef they then retail their hoarded ftore in fuch fmall quantities at a as fhall never beat dcwn the price And this they da to fuch advan that we find they are both inclined and aba to afford to let fome part be fpoiled in their ware rather than fuffer the price to What then can be more than that it is by the aid of fuch exorbitant together with fuch ex tenfiVe warehouies and fhops wherein thty ftore up their goods it is I by which the fpirit of monopolization is and which therefore the root of the prefent univerfal When we once know the caufe ef the common fenfe foon points out the proper cure and this in the prefent muft be by fuppreflingj or at leaft the practice of employing fuch large capitals and New thefe may in fome cafes be fup preffed by layiag a heavy tax upon all fuch houfes as have fliops or and which fhall have more than ten or twelve windows in them and in thofe cafes where they are not but are able to continue their practice of hoarding notwith ftanding the yet they will be and a large fum will be raifed from the profits of their ini quity for the public The next eligible ob ject to the actual fuppreflion of fraud is to draw good out of and render private vices of public bene Nor indeed in any wife ftate ought the mode rate profits arifing from honefty and in to be taxed at until fuch time as that there remains no longer any poffibility to extract any thing more from the fruits of profligacy and If it cannot be but that the fpunge of illegal avarice will fuck up the vital fpirits of innocence and yet it is the bufinefs of the ftate to fqueeze the fpunge and convert the extract to the good of the But is this equitable object ever purfued or aimed at by the laws of our thofe laws which we are wont to celebrate fb which writers pretend and wit lefs readers believe to be the patterns of juftice and mercy No fo far is this from being the that in general it is quite the rcverfe for not only the irfdultrious and ingenious are themfelves negleftsd by but their good is counteracted by pub lic their perfons legally and their profits diminifhjed by public plans on the other fraudand uiury are permitted to triumph in the rewardsof Any notions indeed ef obtaining univerfal by any fyitern how ever muft be merely romantic and I have no fuch common place or in view But certainly thofe laws can never deferve com which do not endeavour to obtain even where it may bcobvioufly and eafrly Hence our relative to the impoiition of taxes in do in various cafes aid theinfolenceof illgotten to injure the weak and rather than affift the latter to make bead againft the ftrong and while monopolizers efcape untaxed at the induftrious are taxed in almoftall the neceflaries of common in and Hence the rnoit frugal fubjsdbare punifhed by equity of for the wanton and law Jefs wifk to havs fhoes to walk outwith a clean fhirt for and light to work by all the reft of the week and the taxes thus are ftill more mer cifully applied in paying fo high a as to pre vent them from having even bread to Such then are the mild and boafted laws of England thofe laws for which all ranks are to hlloo and cele encouraged to get drunk at and fpill their blood abroad by fea and Minifters in in the midft of the funfhineof power and for may be apt to with the Minifters of GQ ye are ye are idle but juftly might it be That they are not moft noble but do fpeak forth the words of truth and fobernefs nor can it reafonably be that thofe fubjedts fhould continue to love a where the government ceafes to love Not that they have any fuch extravagant as that taxes fhould be raifed only upon the wealthy for that would not be a wild but as unjuft on the other fide fince every man who enjoys the protection of eught to pay a tax for its fupport in proportion to his income but in no cafe ought who have to pay the moft j and never ought either to neither rich nor until all means are exhaufted of raifing money upon who are not only vicious as but alfo are ufelefs members of a ftate in a public view that thofe who gain exorbitant ekher by illegal or either by acting againft the laws of their or againft confcience and fpeculative Of this kind are all ranks and degrees of monopolizers that all thofe who endeavour to buy as and fell as dear as tney between the native of the fame under whatever or by whatever fpecious aame of trade they may difguife their re proper objects of taxation for they are by impofingupon others theyare ufelefs members of the fince they produce no thing by their own like manufacturers but only add o their own property by impofition that they occafion property to fhift hands among the fubjects of the farae which ii of no manner of ufe in a political Yet tlie manu facturers are oppreffed by taxes while fach mono polisers are not taxed at A miniitry therij which flial really wifn to verify the commendations 6 ufually bellowed upon the le giflative part of our ought in nothing more than in the leving of to in jultice thrt end of their purfuits for that is the fureit to Juftice is the beft guide to the profpcrity of a and a moft unerring mirk ef fir preferable to any fecret myfteries of and finifter pretences to deeper p lifrul knowledge than the reft of To dilcour e reafoa in words concerning the ititerefts of a imy be difficult but without reafoning at every mans nntutered fo difcovers isjuft between man and that it may be rather faid to be felt by clan found by reflec Nor is it more ealy in its tlian ulc ful in its tendency for even who jhall reafon the moft anil take the mull enlarged view of will at laft come to the very fame conciii with which they might ever is moft juft toward the nnv ie uiijccts df a is at dine the beneficial to the Whatever miniftcr fliall tais virtus his will have little occafion either to court the favour of or to fear the clamours of faction for thougli the felfiihnefs of a may at fir it lead the many into an error by yet the mift will foon be difpetfed for as foon the public feel the bltffiiigsof applaufe will fuc ceed and partial one firft dictates of natural juftice that every man fhould receive and enjoy himfelf as much as poffibly he without injuring the pro perties of others all the profits arifirtg from his own and induftry t and not that one fet of men jhoulJ while ano ther fet enjoy the fruits of Let us hen in a fubfe quent letter little this is fup portedand in the par ticular cafe of manufacturers and of ail de nominations and how little who like caterpillars prey upon the productions of are difcouraged in this which thrives by and pretends to without by its laws to or even to do common juftice to in wto has fent us alelt r a certain Deputy cannot pcfflly be admitted for true he may be the is the darker to the Printer would probably produce an nvbicb wight piffbly end the dijcharre of the and even the Conful fsr continuing ia employ fucb a To the PRINTER of the LTHOUGH I fhall never think m fclf obliged to give anfwers to the queliiors of anonymous yet as the perfbn who ligns in the Gazetteer of Tuefday has upon him to call both Efdaile and rrts to anfwer what I am daily interrogafeJ 1 nnifl beg you will pub lifh the following account of Ahat Ins Efdaile and relative to my being his Under During the lart three I have been frequently applied toby two of Eltiaile s defiring that I would ufe what little inter eft I might to get him and diofeone of the Sheriffs 0f London for that he havinggot his money under the and having bought eftates in feveral might be put on for She riff in one of at a dlfagreeaSls and be Mill liable in Accordingly finding tliar h veral of the and others of the corpora were willing to have two Commoners for the enfuing in the month of waited on one of the who is my client felling I thought this was the time we might ftand a good chance to have Efdaile if he was really in earneft he told he was weH fatisfud Efdaile would be much obliged to I then acquainted him I would fee the next morning but as I was drtifing both he and Efdaile came to me to thank nnd told me Efdaile was much obliged to nnd very ready to the I then explained to him the na ture of the and told him what expence might ferve it I then proceeded to in cafe he was I muft in the courie of my nfk him to have the honour of ferving him as Under to which he a low bow and one or both of them 10 be After thanking I told him it was then become that I fhould inform that the Under Sheriff gave a large ftcuriry fo the Sheriff and that therefore ic proper I fhonll mention to him what I had 11 propof head that the firft time I fervcd the t wo honourable gentlemen were fo extremely kind as go to my She riff and voluntarily oiler that the fame gen tlemen had fince been to do me the fame favour and that as I had the happiness cf daily experiencing their good will to me in other I had noreafcn tothinkthey would no wref ufe me that thegentlemen were Sir Richard Glyn and Alderwan Beckfoit to whicla he vay fecsrity I am very fully fatisfied and then I fiiould come and fpend a riy vvith him inisfTex that which I I let many of the corporation bf aldermen and and a great number of my acquaintance of the know how the mat ter was fettled before I left town to go BriftoJ and left orders about the proceedings witd my who drewiip an whicltwas fhewn to and approved by the rehtion who cams with him tome nnd was inferred in a rhediily pi and handbills were alfo and two por ters ftaticned to deliver tiieia at door ;