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  • Years Available: 1765 - 1770
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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 6, 1766, London, Middlesex r II S A T U R D AT SEPT Er M BE j 36 H Ay M AvR K B By JThe laft week of the Companys playing this By his M AJE SPYS Tthe OiERA in the HAV on the 8th of will performed The i by BARRY Hurtt 5 Aickin i L E E Being his zd appearance in character Kelfen 5 Matthews the Malter Palmer j MGeorge j Worley j IvkinMia by D A N CtE To which will be 7 MISS IN HER Fribble with a long in character SHUTER j MrMGeorge Palmer j Davis j M4 Quick byMifs GIL Boxes FirftXJaUery Upper Gallery Tfhe pit and to be opened at five the To begin exactly at No perfoncan he admitted behind the Ladies are defired to fend their fervants at four to keep Placet to be as of at the Vivant Rex On The CONSCIOUS With The MAYOR of GARR From tiie if O L 1 C exttnfcvt Sale 1 NEW DAILY ADVERTISER jobud to tbt variety ifthtntnli ttroHgb which it paffet bos lately means of detecting fo many and of ap irehending fo many fhtt it IH five THIS PVBLIC Htlt frr tbt Witf He inTHIS PAPBR anJ i TTcM iNFOKMATioNs are properly attended to by OF SECONBHAND roperies tuill tfeape tfpiciolly if ALL PERSONS make ufe of the tome paper to advertife their lofles Tbt every thing Up or toy dtftatcb toallfetutr T A1 T Er iO T T E k rrtBB Shares of and 1 Shares of are fold by HAZARD Stock at their under the Pi of the Royal and at their houfe in Tickets and Shares regiftered at fix pence per and the earifeft account of their ftcceft lent to any partofGreat Schemes of the Lottery given and letters poftpaid Four blanks td a The Lottery wgins hawing on Monday the ijtii of 3 Secoritiet bought an4 tkt Labouring Poor of of tno ftare are feme amohgft tf if we nay jirage from their to think I have already written two letters in 4 one in anfwer to the impudent Addrefs of my coun try the Noftbamptonjhire who wanttofaddle you with the hewing the unrealbnkblehefs of their defires i and another on tke lubject of the Exportation of fetting Forth the cruelty of the and endeavouring to prevent you from being through inftrumental to your own But I have a few more words to fay uport the to whicfi I beg your molt ferkms attention And that you may fay the the greater regard to what I I declare tojou that I have no other in the for Writing than incere defire to ferve by giving you a juft and right notion of the fubject j and to afcametl ot abetting the who areakeadyconvinced of its evil The former I is not very but whoever is acquainted with the purfuits aud principles of our great hacknied they are Jn an and in of confcience filthy lucres will think the faraewhat Should any one then tell you that the exportation of corn for the good of your plainly tell Jrim that he is a deceiver and mould he hold ar jftiment with pull out this newspaper and re ftefh your memory with the Following facts i Tfidt thV meafure is to raife the Value of t That it has produced that and actually enabled our landowners to rack their tenants to an and in tblerable That in producing this effect it has occaHoned anadranctiu the price of all kinds of grovifions of Ufe to double what it ought to That out of every mil Ivg pay for and is fo much taken out of your by means of fuch and put into the pockets of the That the money of the as well as that of the is paid away in the bounty j which circum itance is extremely considering how much the poor Sttiu is hurt by the meafme in evfery other in That thefe things have fo injured our manufac that we although vndtrfoW in every market in to a dejjfeey that if fomethipg is not fpeedily done to enable as to fend our goods to markej cur trade will be manufacturers Aniericar and fight 1 or be ftarved to death anddie in a dirch this true ftste cf as I firmly what fort of a ruuft he be who hall dare to tell the meaneft of yotl that the expor tation of corn is beneficial to the nation In whoever fays that the aggrandiiementof the Great is alone a fufficient compenfation all thefe muft be either a fool or a knavej and in either cafe an enemyto his But I fuppoie thefe fame bhaps think that no man below thedighity of ah or that ii not worth a ought to be Ibcked upon as one of the or that the interefts of fuch ought at all to be regarded What are we fince we are not foreigners Are we laves we have but too much reafon to from your treatment of that you look upon us in that as ftated a few fa5ls I will pro ceed to afk this advocate for the Hthj two or three plain and natural is man benefited by my Lords rents of his farms How is the poor man benefited by the deltruc tion of 6 or 8 farms being thrown into and by the eftablimment of fo many as our monopolizing farmers are How is the poor man benefited by paying and a pound for ofthree halfpence and and by being oblidged to give out of every fliilling he lays to his nch neigh bour How is the poor man benefited by being taxed in a heavier degree to make up the lofs of near a million a as I am fome years from tke by the corn bounty How is the nation benefited by the decreafe of our exports to foreign parts 1 donot mean to our own though that will foon follow which is entirely owifig to our being underfolcl and how will it hereafter be the entire lofs of fuch and the utter extirpation of our manufacturers He that that the exportation of and the are beneficial meafares to the muft prove toe things above recited to be beneficial before he is believed and that want is more defireable than flatty that the landed inrerift ought to ruin the trading and that our manufacturers and precluded lity jof getting tiitu ought JP die in a whilft tay Lord is taking his As I have faid I have heard it eftimated that the bountymoney is from five hundred thouland pounds to a million a year A fine cdm plimqnt this to interejt I flipald praife tbeir generofity as it they Though 1 ami but a poor I flatter no and never give my voice againjt my con 1 mould be glad to fee fome fuch compliment as half a million a year paid to the trading inte reft but I may look long enough before I fee The is quite the reverfej for there a and tiic ft and ing maxim of our Financiers to slap a tax directly Jid the rule hold good throughou it Would be well for usj my obferve the difference Trade is by which the and tradefman but a bounty is granted the exportation of to enable the landed gentlemen to their The manufaclurers and the labouring poor oi this do not really know their own Would it be do yom for this to lofe our and or our manufacturers and our laborious paor The thing is too evident to require an For my I grieve fmcerely when I hear of our artizans hipping themfelves off for and ftuixk every one of them that a drop of blood wrung from the heart of my But I muft confefe 1 flxuild rejoice were 500 Great Men could name to mipthemiehes oiFforthat or any other country with a determined refolution neverto rerurn here any I love and will remain in my mind at leaft and therefore cannot fay I approve of pecu liar I have regretted the death of a worthy but I cannot fay that I was ever forry when a title became extihcY in all But to return to my late additional duty upon which raifed porter from to a pot to our great grief to bring in about a Now the annual money paid to this bounty upon corn being often and fometimestriple that it that if no bounty had ever been the porter tax and many others thai you have long groaned needed never to have been laid But vtliat is pad cannot be helped let us hope thit more attention will be paid our interefts for time to In order to obtain this defireable let us not be deficient to but confider tliat we in the great fgpport and riches of the The great folks no more do without than you without them neither can thefe blood1 thefe and ihefc worrhits make a for which you amongft to re ward them without your Thefe Gentlemen are grjwn too rich upon the polls of tlieir and too to do the leaft work I believe there would be but very little corn and very little bountymoney cqnfequently we fliould then have greater plenty and fewer taxes werethey nbligeditomip it all with their own Do you ihink they would get out of their their itt their bones to work take my word for they none of them would I know them fup pofe It you that have brought all thfsdiftrefs upon the You have been inlJruinehtaVinbwnging hunger and ruin upon your own is higU time that your eyes be and that you mould fee the thiog in its proper ruinous Remember that if the labouring refufe icf lendyottr very litilecorn will be Therefore work riot for any maf ter that exports No man can compell you to work to your own ruin j ttndfelfpfeferyation is the firit And if by virtuoufly and nobly refufing to lend a helping haivd to the ruin of your you hould lofe one Hciubt not but that a kind Providence will raife you up another for as the Pfalmiit The Lord turneth him unto the prayer of the poor and and defpifeth not their Only that a few thou andquartersof corn infallibly raifesthe price of a quartern a whole A I obferve a letter in your paner of which the through ieems to think an anfwer my It contains nothing but and deierves to be pafled over in filence and contempt but he complains of the inequality of the lane1 aiui lays the principal ftrefs of his argument upon ihat I beg leave briefly remind that I faid an equal land tax was de voutly ts bt I only exprelfed a defire to have two millions raifed in time of nnd f in time of To an equal land tax of the be in and in the pounJ in So at all N would be a confiderable gainer oy the5 if it at prtfent t6 tie full fix mil lings in as this man would endeavour to make us Patience Sympathy is defired to excufe our in ferting his tetter to the Difcohfotate Mother us an opportunity of dropping that To the PRINriiR of the fDtfire you would acquaint in your paper of who denies your paragraphs of laft five in the firlt page that they are every one literally as a hort time will t L O N D O Yefterday arrived a mail from by which we have the following advices An Envoy from the Dey arid Regency of Tripoli is arrived at to compliment the Grand Duke on his advancement to the fovereignty of Tuf cany 5 and he H at the fame time furnimed with full powers to renew the treaty of peace between the two The French King has iilued a dated the ijth inviting foreigners p come and fettle in his in order to cultivate the wafte lands therein for which they are to an exemption from all taxes and impods whatever for the fpace df fifteen are to be reputed as and en titled to etery id vantage in common with the reit of the Kings Lewis Gabriel cle Knight and Grand Croix of the Ordtr of John of Go vernor of died at Paris the in the year of his By a new publifned ae Copenhagen the the Mafters of Dahifti veffels are enjoined to take that none of their people introduce con trabam4 tea into the ports of and to take all orienders at their return to are to be fentenced to a years The ordinance is intended to prevent the confifca tion of Danifh veflcls to which confifcation ihey are for ten pounds of tea in and in Ireland for Yefterday there was a levee at among many others were the Archbifhopof Canterbury and the Lord who came to town in the nforningfrom Camden We hear for Royal Highnefs Ptincefs Caroline Matilda will fet out for Denmark the zd of next month j and orders have been given for two yachts andaftorefhip to have every necefiary for her Royal Highnefs accommodation at We alfo that tKe Danim Envoy refiding here is appointedto conduct her Royal Highnefs to Den mark and Lady Mary Boulby will attend her Royal Highnefs totnat And it is thefe are orders fsnt to the head officers of the Hanoverian to be ready in Holland to condudl her Royal Highnefs into Ger many on her We hear that Serjeant Hewit has declined ac cepting the ofrer of being a in the Court of Kfeigs the room of Sir Vefterdiy the Right Saymour ETq a grand entertainment at us houfe in Pai mall at which were the Earl of andj many others of the Yefterday Jacob Efq member for Kert and LieutenantColonel of tbe militia for that arrived at his houfe in from his eat at TheKight Hon Stanleys Embafly ta is chiefly an eriibafly of honour j and we hear that gentlemans refidtnce at the Court of will not continue abdve fix It is that charged with the affairs of in the of the Count de has this week received full powers from his to fettle fome material differences be tween the two which have fubfiftcd for a confiderable time In of the late enquiry into our com mercial it has been dilco vered that trading to that have beerriiclvial fufierers to the amount of two Hundred thouland pounds and up byan illegal exaclion of dujjip on their mer contrary to treaties durAgthe lalt twenty Secretary to the Trench em is everyday in the city fettling the Britifh opeVtyin the Canada now in the courfe of yrnent at Whatfs the papers relative to the revival of the Arrtigifllican affair cannot be true the late treaty at Foiintainbleau releafes all known injuries done thegovernmentT orfubjeSs ot to fubjefts of Great antecedent to its But it from refpectable that the raifbm of Manilla will become the obje6t of a foirtted national The report in order to mend the prefent indifferent conftitution of the Board of Ad a grand PURGE is already and wil be abfolutely It Is that the Earl of Cimtliaui will have tfie firlt vacant blue It is ftilf any thing that has yet been to tJie chat ihre is a muft perfect bet Lor Chathart and his Sovereign Ins deter mined to fopport his Lordfltip s which is all the public want j fur while goo nnd g iicious univerfaliy beloved by hs wjli fop port countenance the meafures of a Minilier who has given iuch extraordinary proofs of his fliining and whofe popularity4ias fo now only lies covered with emtxis to bbze the more his Lordfliip may defy the of any fac tirn whatever that may he formed agunit him for the people at a fupport their Sovereign and his whenever their acts are for the ge neral good of the nation and this tie public will have ample reason to be convinced of betore Lady day The occaiion of the oTa rtobfi who premier to a cerram was notbecauliB he was neglected to befunimoned to as re bui from a difpute betvveea Esr and his about one which nrofe very In confequence of his Lordihip went to which was then not c hij being dcfired to take threedsiys to reconlider intention at the end his Loidiliip remaining in the fame bis K fignation was then accepted But in ays after his Lordihip altered his and would fumeJ his but was then told it was too hte and that there had besn many circumftances of that to becomplied with any We are that Kayai Highnefs the Duke of GFoucefter when he lately landed in France made an excursion incog as far as accompanied with attended by two fervants There was a review at which his Royal nefs was and afterwards Col Li Bonier his friend in thoievery terms were invite to take a repaft in a tentlet apart for thw Enghlli and but the invitation bring accepted His Royal Highnefs wasnow not jjubncly uul as lie Jo M cog fjne delicious frtiiis ami wuefent y ordtr of the French King to Ins Higimefss The next morning a chevalier waited oa from his an offer of two fine horJes to carry his and hiai to a grand review ai hut as the of being publicly known was by no means tlie compliment was handibmely liis Royal Higtriefs prceuly after fet out en his They were alio a onecf the atres thecvenuig of their arrival at Private letters from Lifoon that the vigo rous measures by Englund for a reilrels of wouid probably otcalion fome removes in minillry ot The i oyal Thomas froai is fafe arrived at Saturday the Lord How cutter took a half deck fchoaner laden with brandies and carried her into Thurlday no than five fhips with corn went down the bound to Hclhnd and Flan ders two more are nimoit loaded at It is faid the exportation of malt will 16ju be pro hibited by laft a Urge number of French furkiei were landed at Dover from which new fell about Canterbury and places at Jie rate of fourpcKce per A few days fince eleven private men of Lorl Lou dons regiment arrived from whom were yeiterday admitted on oiitpenfion they were feveu weeks on their they left the garrilon wis healthy arid ia good of the ijtli came 0ver with It is that an opulent Company would make a free gilt of one million in cafe of obtaining a renewal of We are that a fcneme is intended to be car ried into he uf will tftiictuatly pre vent a tingle pcund o la fmugled iiuo this kingdom r Holl We hMi thai Cr is Efq has planned an r better regulation oftlie coal the therein hsving furTatfd in their by bine of tlieiy brethrens imiiir adtices It is with we acquaint our rea that the vei Y j3 of making a Ilisw of the Indiin Ciiiefs an their Ladies is pur an end to by T are now to move no public place but by exrrds permillioa of toe of one of liis principal Secrciaries of State in conle juence of his Lordlhips orders it that they were on TiiflJiay laft at Sndlers at the very they wcie advertilid to be at another Hanipittacl is now become the feat of politics meetings of the principal officers of to confer with Lord being held there every It is reported that Sir Francis upon account of his ill flats of cUfire leave to decline for this the office oi Lord of this We hear that Arthur Efq will be appointjd under Sherill to Efq of the Sheriffs elect of this city and county of Mid The under Sheriff to Darling is not yet fixed This day will be held the annual election of Mafter and Wardens of the Woi mipful Company ij This will be a Gcnerul Court of the vernors of tiie City cf Bridewellaud upon fpeckil affairs relating to the latter It the reprefentatives for thewifj of who are concerned tonnin the corporation riglns on Great which place the great Lord in 451 his fourth to be witl a pan cfiue Tower of witiiin tie city apd hi the laid ward are laudaht to fupport ri motion in as weil to msinraiii the citizens rights of going toi fee within thtir own as to confider upon the legal necef fhry to recover the ami ofthrt respectable ward raid which ward by the city placed upan the back part of fme hjiifes in appears tj have been lately rjjat It is fbiaething that mtwithftanding city of London have long had a a number of other eminent City Council by the cjrprration at a coufiderable citizens by fovne unaccountable to have from time to been ;