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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 6, 1766, London, Middlesex MONDAY O C T O B 1766 R K E humbly requeft the Nobility and tp the Serious and Comic i for the they will pleafc to pay iagoriate Andrew Drummond and who will give proper receipts for the It humbly defired that the to the Boxes will pleafe to fend to the Oflfce of theTurf Theatre a the names of the belonging to their refpeahre or for for the unsparing of the to be jlivertd to each Subfcriber in proper LA N By hit M A J E S T Ys T tlie THEATRE in BRVRT X ItlC Tomorrow will be TV JEALOUS W Boxes Firft Upper to be taken of JohnftoJi at the N0 Hioaey to be roosted ai Norany money returned after the curtain COV E N T 0 A R T the THEATHS in COVBNT I wftHje revived The Se HENRY the TO V R T With tbe Hamoun of Sir JOHN Gibion Ponce of Rpfs jprihcejohn 5 Mow Morris j Sennet Arch bHhop ef Clarke Lord Mczeoi Cuftring by Hull Lord Cptet by Warw Gardner Jtfr Tnftiee Shallow for Lewis v by Pitt Doll J by Gardner j Sir John To which wHl be The FRO CESSION from the ABBEY at the C OR ON AT the of and the CEREMONTT of the Pit ftrft for theboxes to betaken of Sarjant at the No money ta tfe received at the nor any money afwthecurtain is drawncp c rr i Wifl M A k Y B O N E GAR D N By IHS be CONCERT of Vocal and Inftruthehtal MUSIC which with an OOE oh tne Royal Nuptials of 1 JEN of to a favourite its with additional on PRjNCrss a FIREWORK by ive the mufic to begin the KtifC Air of Han of th There will Thii Wit perferraance this admitted as iJlLL of drawn by Gabriel jofliun afldDrammond pay able to Cetiiia Seren two JtSteir fer dated the 4tK of Sep te fivft and fecond oTthe the other the SepwqsbeVf thlrb to define the holder of fc aad to cautioo that tkefecond may not be pegotJatedfr oy Ibit fritt THE LIFE ef the celribraud BENJAMIN who was tried and condemned lalt Sorry affixes for a and executed at VCufldford To which ii added a relatioa of hh and apprehen Printed Cimrles and fold 1y Meffc Wrifenand Lon for Confiderations on the Trade aad Finances se lift LETTER thus far confidered the Foundling Hofpital as the chief in the hands of Pro for preferving the infant poor of the bills of and endeavoured to recover the repu tation of with regard to the tniftakeri itaafure of tbe indiscriminate But thk alone will not avail j we myjl digeft a plan for their which will ftand tbe teftf and intti If I iemeittber Lock fays the thirft of iominion fitft paffion that invades the hu And we often fee the child and the man equally JHlfattertt Itis generally a hard frffcurto JMlinqHiftl ven when we know net 3o with Yet power when exercjifed Jhe immediate of man is but a more heroic foli a more exalted In every ftation it ii apt tQ iiKOxkartelitrle but can never injure and all that in it bufintfs before if it can be brought a few invl regulation as will produce the end ahd in it is of little moment to usas a and none to me who jt is that per forms the It cannot Se expected that every one ftduMhavfrit in his power to devojc portion oFTuS tifee to any other or what is The ufually occurs firft to thethink ing world hfrthis is to appropriate a certain poor rates within the of to be paid annually into the hands of the Governors oHM Foundling in able lo receivje sJlthfe iawnt poor be fent to thhn by the ofilcers of the tJpon in eye no trfKctr wMld fell to fend to ail the i tbe and fometimes a little beyond wbfchCould not be The afceitaining of the fum to be paid by each the force of which the Governors could prudentlyengage to take all the children who might befent to would be hard to It would be fubjea to abufe by the officer fend ing children belonging to the fuch though in a degree of ought not to be and which would not otherwift become the objffts of the parifli The danger of the officers receiving children from other parts of thekingdom knowing and yet fending them to the hofpital as their proper infant parifli To guard againft fuch the following may be obferved Let the quota bf children to be fent by each parifli be If by this regulation any children over and above the ftipuhted number on the hands of the garifti fuch as hall appear to or to ai magiftrate to havea good title to he might take care of fuch at the particular charge of the putting them but to nurfe in the country on the parifli in the manner hereafter If the hofpital ftrjuld receive private donations as to whichit would have a good in fuch cafe it might reeeive fome foundlings or caiinl children as though above quota iut as this feems to be a precarious expec as it might be conftrued into nothing more than relieving parimes who can by authority relieve it muft not be depended For which any fupernumes aries are fent to the a feparate pay for them muft be made adequate to the charge of fupporting In any cafe the fum paid muft encreafe annu as the children remain andas the num ber at leaft for tbcftrfl texjtart then the whole annual coft with the affiftances the hofpital might become nearly 4This method will be efpecially as the quotas to be fent may be eftiffiated upon the pUtation ef tbe ordinary number of infant poor ufu ally born in or received into each parifk If a number of children is fixed and each parifli pays a certain mj either in or four payments in a according to its quota of it will be the moft fmiple and the moft eafily executed plan for the hofpital will be freed from tbe trouble of producing any other than annual ac counts as that the public may fee what it has If the hofpital fliould be in want of on account ef the expense created by an encreafed pro portion it cannot be pre fumed that it will be left and fometking muft un avoidahy be left to The intentions of tbe Governors willbetcrjire fertfe every child to the utmoft of their And this method will in coft more than the pariflies multbe hereafter obliged to determirted they feall the poor children in To explain this more I refer you to the tablet of the charge which I fliall fend you in letter Another propofal Let every parifli be obliged to bring in all its infant poor from the birth tp four or five years of age to tbe and pay a certain rate per week fuppofe with for if they premiums to the the pay to ceafe in cafe of delivery to or or Here a difficulty mayarife oa the umverfaltty of the on all the not giving any of them any longer Charge of the lives of any of their own infant On either the parifli officer muft con vey infants to the hofpital with all due and great either by the hands of the xvho apply to or by trufty perfons whom they fliall appoint for that purpofe and it muftbe fappofed thefe will carry with them a writing for ad mittance into the In the performance of this it is the officer will not forget his or lofe a Kfe for a few hillings j hut by any the life is it may fave to the In the former plan this hazard is becaule fo much money certain is The time and manner of reception being afcer if the officer he will be fubjecl to give account why the child was efpeci ally if it happens he By the former plan this alfo is in a great meafure for it is intereft to bring his To fuppofe that he fliould be tempted to rafufe a child when brought to cafual or on the preemption as every one he received would have a fair chance of he muft be cautious how embarked the paridi n an This would imply a violation of all the of liumanity and good and a defi ance of all which is a very heavy Bqt on the former this duly the fupernu Onanyplaflj die more juJTcIons the the more ready he will fubmit to fuch a as fliall limit the time and manner of a child being conveyed to the And as he is tp be impofed as well as taerr in judg he may as readily fubmit to befumwoaed be fore a Juftice of the Peace or proper Magiftrate whenever he thinks it right and juft to refute a child offered to in erder that his reafons for fuch and that the validity of fuch rtftfons may be fairly and impartially examined parent or friead of a poor child will ns tuwlly endeavour tb obtain the advantage whichttie Bat where no parent norfriend ap OA tbt VAatf fiftha aim tbe effiaer happen to want fenfe or fo as to endanger its this regards anly pri the fornjir unlefs we fuppofe a favage unpro voked by to exift for filch fupernu what other provifion can be made againft this evil befids the fallowing The regifter already appointed by law is one fecurity to the public a further clanfe may alfo be inferted ia a parifli infant bill to make the penalty heavier than it now ftaiids in caf the regifter for be piefamed that this can hardly ha pen without a intention of injur ing a child and when it is it will what is become of the But this doth norreach the cafe where the child is not and where the party bringidg dares not make application to a Juilice of Peace fear of being otherwife puniftied by foifJ aftof parochial as been fome times known to be It doth not reach the cafe where the officer is not obliged by any parifh law now in being to take a though it hould be in the in fome cafes of wherein the pafijf hath title to parifli What can be but that there always will rosm for the exercife of humanuy independntly of worldy And we muft not ima gine but that men who undertake the trace when put in a train convenient to he they will do their Whatever claufts can be provided in j tnay otiferVt in the quality cf conduct if the and in cale reprefentations ajte neglected by the brerfeers or to lay the fame before tl e Qtiar certain fines and penaltifm to be infixed in cafe of fuch neglect as ftiillbe thought reprehini This will introduce fuch an awe and difcipUne as will be a fofficient fefcurify to th6 r anone of its children be ill or natural privilege If it fliould be thought expedient to th parities in queftion under onec mrnon from a difficulty of feparating themj though fnme inconveniences mould attend this wi 1 fcrely be far preferable to leaving the bufinefs in the courle it now is and it is very much to what ever may be done for a year or it upon a me dium of the favingof the hrft any fuch pro if two filthy or even a third lie infants they receive will under wtj bavefi many adults to unaccuftomed to rear children in thfj the ar gument turus in favour of leaving them no alttrna In every cafe much will depend on tie candor of the ofticsrs of what is belt for iht c ildren and their and beha viour juit execurivj part even of receiving and conveying children to the which the fs be rendered the be general or I hope that fuch they to be Let us by BO means lofe the main objeft for fear of loflng or for any accidental abufe of law which may be The eyes of the world will hireafter be more open to evils of this kind and I hope what the hofpital will perform will give fuch a ianclion to that all the powers ofdaiknefs will not be able to pre vail againft Let us that after fuch and fo many efforts not rightly every parifli of far from endeavouring to on the chearfully concur in promot ing any reafonable plan of this Thofe parifhes which have particular a6h irt their aftd alfo defire to retain tlie of their and give proof that they can and will take care of hey may plead a better or worfe title to ability of doing perhaps it be thought proper to try them Vvithout creating aay juft invpufation of partiality 5 and it may be fairly tritd which can do tbe beft for tlie the fo attempting or the The fame exemption hold for moft of the fmaller pariflies not the great ones of the city of one third part which within the walls da not appearto have infant poor they relieve the and the mother the ch Id and fome are farmed out atfixpence aday in with and I do not know that the farmer any unnatu ral profits on r But in tfait it muft be remembered what the nature of grievance and how king it hath prevailed us and that parifh officers are fo fluctuating a that there is no lecurity of their continuing Heady in any What they do right to day may be wrong In this view it is to be wifhed that all the pariflies within the bills of mcrf ality fliould fend all their infant poor fa dhofpiral to be upon an eftimate of tbe firft The educa tion of them to be alfotimler the diredtioh of the The charge muft by the re fpeclive every child being accountedfor at a certain tirtte when required fo as to create as little trouble as poflible to genlernen who work for no or thepaiifh officer who really intends to preferve the infant by every fair The children being fent by the Governors of the hofpital to the inoft wholefome parts oftbe and to the fcenes where agricultiue or by means of the increale of it may made to it nwft be beneficial to fhe charge will ceafe when the child djts or is placed If thefe parifli children fo prepared in pro cefs of think fit to ylfit tluirnativs thej will be as free as other recruit London and inftead bonaj being con Tigned to a they brrag their childrens children with fo much will thofe parifli officers acquire who further and promote this if the Governors and Gfterdians of expofed and deferted youngchildrenare empower ed to receive fuch infants as the relpeftive pariflies fend tg them upon fuch terms as h will be a politic and patriotic as will more fully If any as I have fhould defire to as having a particular aft of parliament in their or for any other particular good the greatoutriine of in fuch be to they may faon unhinge the That they Jhallftad their children to nurfe in Sie and to a diftauce not leis than fix miles frera That they hall not pay lefs for nuffing than per they fliall provide at leaft a year for cloathing and other Thatthey lhall ve the mirfe a premium ef orfeach alive after the firft fix mopths of every year the child being alive 4it being fHppoHd that if the nurfe be not a good will be That there Ihnlt be a number of perfons under the title of not lefs than one to be a phyficivTn or to belong to the or where there is oo the fame to be chofen from among tlie elders ef the with power tofupervife and rejsrefeut any defect they will he done which ttiall appear inoltadviieabkto the wifdom of the 1 your very humble HAN Rfdlipti 18 l66i In order to render an aft complete with regard to the cane of parifli eacli parifli re within the Bills of an nually give to the Company of Paridi or any other regiftry that may be a ac count according to a form of the fol lowing viz The childs time when brn or received under the care of the plate where vrhoiti placed ney given as an parents their anil whatever elfe might be may be a means of coin pleating a work which thi prcfent regifter leaves im And this might lay a foundation for a re gular in regatd tub claft of our fellowfub in Atprefent I mean fee how and which of the children regittered till tliey are four years of live to be of an age to be placed oat and are in reality placed Lttteri ttcritotdi Member of tte So ibtyof of the Magdt en To the PRW PER of GAZE f entering the to ntany Tbe man who led armies with uch and to change is very and at the feme HHcoverii which is Afier haying fought or and received bdidta being allowed penfion for his great to join our diuovers and Tnere needs no argument to that there muft e fome great enterprise by when they have taken the jreateft General of tbe into their at fo great a Ii weufil be abfurd to that they hire him to be there fore it is prudent to guard againft tlie TOM Saturday arrived a The public are very eager to fee every thing which i publilhel in favour of tiela and every body wifira that he may prove his He has lately wrote to his Majelty the following AN antient whJ has facraficed him felf forfixsndthirty yearstoth lervke of your Ma jefty and the welfare of the has been near eigtt with his in the of your caftles Taureau and without able hitherto to implore your becaufe hi Has not been permitted to write to j d ir nor to your MinifcetH ahho1 he has many times requefted fuch The his detention from what he learnrbyhis ae founded on abfo lute falfttif Two addrefT i tis to the Count de iu forger hsilrjounterfcired his writing your At torney Generaloffers to forfeit his if it can be proved that he either wrote or or caufe to be wrote or thofe anonymous or any tiling ike The third is a falfe information of a ourney the Count Kuguezec to the caf tle of belonging to tlie de la eight or fifteen days befbie the meeting ot the States of and of a pretended plot with that gentleman againft the affairs of your with tbe That j urney and that are equally fabulous there are neither nor evidence of them r and I have on exa that I never fet foot at Bofchet with Count de Kerguezec at that nor at any I am detained in and have been fo near eight with the greateft feveri I have contracted an illneft which will confi derably ihorten according to the crtifi cates of my ptolcians which the Count de rentine has laia iold But what flill nffefts me more than is the with which I am of your good There no other crime found againft my than thai ef loving and honouring his You permit the innocent to ps rifli and if we are your Majelty wil have the regret of having begun to treat us BS culpable in we art innocent 1 I depttnd only tbe liberty wbieh tlie htws grant to psrfons accused after and the power of taking at Remits the medicines of which I La ;